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on March 15, 2017
If you are a peanut fan you will probably want all the peanuts movies. And while I don't regret buying the movie as it is a cute peanuts movie, I wish it were longer. It seemed to end way too soon. But overall it was a good movie that gave us some background info on snoopy that we didn't know.
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on March 15, 2016
Everyone should watch Snoopy's Reunion video. A story about Snoopy where he was born and how many owners adopted Snoopy. After a year, Snoopy wanted to get together with his brothers and sister at the farm where he was born. Snoopy was in for a big surprise. Watch the video and find out what happened.
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on December 14, 2013
As the title says, I am not a parent or grandparent, but I still adore anything Snoopy and Peanuts and enjoy collecting books, DVD's, and other associated items. Peanuts books were the core of my reading as a child and re-reading the strips as well as watching these wonderful videos takes me back to a simpler time in my life and as an adult brings joy to my heart and allows me to escape from the daily grinds and toils of the day. I don't think one could ask for much more from a 25 minute cartoon than that. "Snoopy's Reunion" is my favorite of the two presentations featured on this DVD. It is really fun and contains some classic Snoopy moments such as Charlie Brown building Snoopy's dog house and loading the inside with straw for him to sleep in only to find that Snoopy chooses to sleep on top, and Snoopy donning his World War I Flying Ace cap, goggles, and scarf and firing up the trusty Sopwith Camel in order to fly all his relatives home again after their reunion and musical jam. Simply fun! "Flashbeagle" was a mixed bag for me; loved seeing Snoopy prepping for a night out (curling his ears, "shaving", finding his best Flashbeagle get-up, and of course the performance on the disco dance floor, but some of songs seemed to go a little long. It is definitely a reflection of it's time (the 80's) though and I did find that enjoyable as a child of the 80's myself. Overall, this DVD is great fun and highly recommended for anyone's Peanuts collection. Enjoy the memories and the escape!
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on February 10, 2014
What a treat!

I mainly ordered this DVD for Flashbeagle, which I had not seen since I was little. I remembered that episode from the 80s and was never able to find the DVD of it anywhere. So when I read that this movie also came with Flashbeagle, I ordered it straightaway, and the movie was everything that I remembered.

In regards to Snoopy's Reunion, I never saw that episode before and I thoroughly enjoyed it as well. Aside from Spike, we never saw nor knew anything of Snoopy's other siblings; I didn't even know that he had any other siblings. It was interesting to see Snoopy as a puppy with his musical siblings, and also to see how he came to be adopted by Charlie Brown.
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on September 23, 2009
I have been a long time fan of the peanuts gang, charlie brown, snoopy and everythng and everyone included. But I grew up in a very rural part of the south where tvs were rare and tv stations were even rarer if you can imagine that. So when I saw one of the movies on tv it was like christmas all over again (imagine that seeing something made you so happy even if you didn't get to keep it). Later on as an adult I realised and even wrote a letter to renowned world famous and I think he should have gotten a medal from congress or the president for all the wonderfulness his characters did in this world, for adults and children alike. Much to my suprise and amazement, the author and creator himself wrote me back a letter I cherish to these days. I am the parent of special needs children and even on their best day its so hard to explain things, but they absolutely adored watching any snoopy or peanuts book or movie I can get my hands on for them. It isn't filled with tons of unwanted over abused advertised, violent or bad humor and unwanted grief like alot of cartoons are these days. Good wholesome family values they have. They also explain where some dogs and animals we end up with as pets, that there are people out there that care and just don't give animals to anyone but actually look for good homes for them. Others help others and sometimes you learn by trial and error but that is okay, its absolutely wonderful and it deals with alot of issues basic ones that kids deal with even to this day but it shows that no matter what, Charlie Brown doesn't give up.. and Snoopy irregardless of how far out his family members are spread out in the world. They always remember and love each other irregardless. so thank you amazon for making more of these avalible to the general public.
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on March 10, 2016
Another Winner, this is a nostalgic look at where Snoopy came from. It was great moment when they all boarded his Doghouse for a flight home. As a child in the 70's I had the Snoopy Vs the Red Baron Alubum while flying his doghouse. It made A great treat for the whole family. Thanks Amazon Prime.
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on February 10, 2017
Best purchase for the price! My son loves snoopy and Charlie Brown and his favorite is the Lucy says song and peppermint patty fitness program song! He loves to sing and dance and it's hard to find those on DVD but this comes with both!! Great find! Can't wait to give it to him for Valentine's Day!
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on April 14, 2009
Snoopy's Reunion offers a rare look at almost all of Snoopy's family, including his five brothers, two sisters, and mother! (And just FYI, Snoopy's father appeared in a strip). It's a touching story describing the origins of the world's strangest beagle, including his time with Lila, the little girl from "Snoopy Come Home", though admittedly, this also sets up a contradiction with Charlie Brown's backstory as described in that film. Only two of the siblings never appeared in the strip, and here's the chance to finally see them all!

Also included is "It's FlashBeagle, Charlie Brown", a personal favorite of mine, as I loved dancing when I was young. The picture quality was somewhat better than a VHS copy, but one thing that disappoints me is that they removed the 'music video' effects that were in this special when it aired on TV - such as spinning the frame around, freeze-framing Snoopy as he danced in five mini-screens, and pixelating him in the classroom. But aside from that, I'm overjoyed to add this disc to my collection!
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on December 30, 2016
Yeah, I know it didn't follow the original story completely but it was cute (and sad and funny). Most of all it had Snoopy!
Somehow, I missed this when it was on television way back. Glad I finally had a chance to catch up. :)
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on February 20, 2015
The Ultimate Family Reunion at the Daisy Hills Puppy Farm reminds us that above all family comes first.
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