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on September 3, 2011
I never wore gloves for riding before I owned this set. I recently went from a mountain bike a road bike earlier this year. I would typically spend ninety minutes in the saddle on my old mountain bike. I find myself spending between 2 - 4 hours in the saddle the on my road bike. I noticed some hand cramping starting to occur as I reached the two hour mark and it would get progressively worse as time went on after that point. My LBS recommended padded cycling gloves to cure this issue. I opted to purchase this pair of gloves from Amazon because they were considerably less expensive than my LBS or other online retailers.

The gloves have made a huge difference in ride comfort and over grip. I was surprised that these gloves actually improved my grip and also eliminated sweaty hands. I was very concerned about my hands overheating and sweating because I tend to run hot. These actually reduced the sweat and my hands do not feel warm or hot wearing them. I have put about 600 miles on this set and they are showing no signs of wear. FYI... I watch them once a week as well.

I highly recommend these gloves to any road cyclist. They are comfortable, durable, and enhance your grip.
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on May 22, 2012
I wear size XXL, this review may not be accurate for other sizes.

So I've had good luck with Pearl Izumi gloves in the past and as my old ones have worn out (which apparently are no longer for sale) I decided to give these a try.

To put it bluntly these are horrible for me. I do 90%+ of my riding on the hoods. I like using either bullhorn style or drop bars. The bulk of my riding actually puts pressure on heal of my hands BUT riding on the hoods your gloves will pull and put stress typically between your thumb and forefinger. My old gloves handled this wonderfully and there was great positioning of the seams and cushioning in that area.

These on the other hand are worse than wearing no gloves at all. While the Gel certainly works for heal of my hand these gloves have irritated and inflamed the soft skin between my thumb and forefinger. Feels almost like someone used sandpaper on that area, I know that if I hadn't removed the gloves I'd have very quickly developed blisters in that area.

My old gloves are fantastic in this area. I've no idea why they changed the design but it looks like I'm going to have to look elsewhere for gloves now.

If anyone has any suggestions replies to this post are more then welcome.
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on July 13, 2013
These gloves are pretty good but if you had any numbness before you'll still have it with these. Now these are my first pair of new gloves in a really long time so I'm not the perfect reviewer. They are really cool in the hot weather we have here in CA so of that's what you're after these are really good gloves. I never really had a problem not wearing gloves on my road bike but my experiance on motorcycles I know the importance of gloves in the event of a crash. Do these hold up to a crash? I hope to not find out but at least it's some protection for my hands which is what you always try to catch yourself with. Would I buy these again? Yes but only because they do keep your hands cool in hot weather and they hopefully will offer protection to my hands in the event of a crash. If you have big issues with numbness these will NOT cure that. Move your hands around more while ridining for that :)
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on May 10, 2012
I bought these gloves to go along with a 5 year old pair gloves from Specialized. Although the Specialized Gloves are somewhat old looking they are holding up quite well and comfortable, I just wanted two pair of gloves to be able to trade from ride to ride.

These PI gloves are very cool and comfortable, however, they are snug and the fingers are short - this combination makes them very difficult to remove (especially when sweaty). They have an "Easy Off Pull Tab" but I'm pretty sure this would tear the fabric if this was used often (and it only works around the finger that has that feature).

They feel good and I want to like them but after about 40 days after purchase the stitching is coming apart (after about 15 hours of use). Note that the stitching is coming apart on the top of glove between the thumb and index finger (I don't believe this is related to the stress of removing them).

It is my opinion that a premium priced product like these should be made better - thus the one star rating. I really like my other PI bike clothing, but the gloves just aren't made as well.
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on June 10, 2014
I have about 4 different pairs from different vendors and like these the best. They are flexible but also protect your hands. I ride in the mountains most of the time and that calls for changes in temperatures from the beginning to the end. These gloves make it a better ride....Got get them
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on August 4, 2012
So I'm a big PI fan generally speaking. I wear PI select hi-vis jerseys and love them. I love the visibility and i really love the quality of the fabric. Based on this experience, i purchased these PI gloves and have to say that they haven't delivered.

Here's the deal: They work. They're vented with a nice mesh and they have decent (but not stellar) cushioning. BTW, it's much more what i would consider foam vs. a gel. However, i noticed on my third ride with them that the mesh had torn over the foam directly beneath one of my index fingers. Think the flesh of the Terminator getting torn/burned off - it's still functional but all scarred up. I still use them but the ripped up mesh means the gloves will come apart much faster than expected and i'll be searching for a new pair fairly soon. I don't have any previous experience with PI gloves so don't know if this is an isolated issue or commonplace. I will likely look elsewhere when i purchase the next pair.
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on November 11, 2012
First I'll say that these gloves are wonderful out of the box. Part of my experience is probably due to having large hands (I barely fit the XXL glove), but I found that the mesh on the back of the hand (the colored part of the glove) tends to stretch and lose elasticity fairly quickly. Once that happens, the fit isn't as snug and it feels a bit flimsy. Kind of annoying, since I do really like these gloves. I should also mention that the loss of elasticity happened within about 6 months, but those 6 months saw daily use of the gloves (I'm a cycle commuter to work and I ride for fun on the weekends).

I guess the most telling thing I can say on there is that I just replaced these with another pair of pearl izumi gloves, since nobody does it better.
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on April 22, 2012
Stitching at the end of each finger opening began to unravel almost immediately. Reflective "Pearl Izumi" lettering peeled off the glove after 1 ride. Similar to another reviewer, a piece of the material used for the finger openings actually came off between my fingers as I removed the glove from my hand. I ride almost exclusively in Pearl Izumi clothing but this is the second pair of >$40 gloves where the quality was really poor.
review image review image
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on April 15, 2013
FIts well and works as I would expect a pair of gloves to - in an unobtrusive way. However, the padding isn't really what I would call "gel". It was more a flexible piece without much give, rather than a cushioning piece. However, given that my handlebar grip has some cushioning, the feel was something I got used to.

Also, have not experienced any thread giving way issues that some other reviewers had experienced (used for maybe about 20 times so far).
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on January 3, 2013
I was looking for some nice padded gloves to reduce hand numbing on long MTB rides. While I thought these were a little pricey, they definitely do the trick. Very stylish - I got the black. They are lightweight but appear to be of solid construction. I've probably ridden about 50 miles with them so far and they are holding up well. They fit my hands perfectly which is a big plus for me as I usually have a hard time finding well fitting gloves (queue the OJ jokes).
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