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on August 1, 2012
This is my first time purchasing bike specific clothing. What drew me to these shorts was that they can be worn underneath regular shorts. I previously thought regular shorts and underwear would be adequate for multi mile bike rides. Even with a wider comfort seat on my bike, I would experience discomfort after 1-2 miles wearing regular shorts. I wore these shorts underneath a regular pair of shorts the same day I received them and went for a ride, to test them out. All I can say is...WOW! These shorts made all the difference in terms of comfort. Combined with my upgraded seat, riding was much much more comfortable due to the ample padding in all the right places. I have a 38" waist and the XL fits me like a glove. I am amazed at how well they fit me. I would recommend these shorts to anybody. Great product!
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on April 26, 2012
I have never been comfortable with wearing skin tight cycling shorts, but wanted something I could wear under a pair of regular shorts that would offer the same padding and chaffing elimination advantages that cycling shorts offer. This product looked like the best bet to me and it does indeed serve those purposes.

The shorts are well made and high quality. The sweat wicking properties of the fabric work as advertised and I did not have any problems with chaffing after my ride in these. These appear to be "built to last" and I don't forsee any issues with them disintegrating or tearing in the future as long as they are cared for as instructed by the manufacturer. Pearl Izumi makes quality stuff and I have a bunch of their products included with my cycling wardrobe.

The reason I knocked off one star is because I just can't get quite comfortable in these. There is a padded section in the rear and crotch area that is shaped like a bicycle seat that I found to be very awkward to walk around in and felt a bit weird riding on as well. Additionally, these really constrict my package which is really bothersome for me. I do not like being bound in that area and like to be free down there. Having said that, I can't really blame Pearl Izumi for this because these are my own personal preferences.

I am an ample sized man and ordered an extra large. My build is very thick and muscular and I have very large thighs, so I figured I would need to order a size up because I usually need to do so with any item of clothing that is skin tight. Upon receiving the shorts and trying them on I found that the fit on my legs and around my waist was fine, but the padded area extended down a bit too far from my crotch. After seeing this I ordered another pair in large and they fit just fine. If you are ordering these, order true to fit and not a size up like I did for the first pair.

I will still use these, although I have ordered some other underwear that have the same materials without the padding for my rides. If you already have a good padded bike seat than you would probably be better off doing the same and skipping this product. If you have constant issues with pain in the rear and crotch area from riding then these would probably be beneficial for you to wear when riding as long as you do not have the same discomfort issues in regards to binding and the odd sensation of the rear and crotch padding while walking that I do.
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on October 4, 2017
I needed liners, but these are completely transparent. I was hoping to wear them without shorts on. Now these are only for cold weather. The seller offered to take them back, but if I paid for shipping. I opted to keep, but I rarely wear.
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on March 29, 2016
These shorts are great. I recently got into cycling on occasion for exercise. I ride maybe 5-10 miles at a time, a few times a week currently. These shorts have helped immensely. I'm not into the whole spandex body suit look of road cyclists. I ride a mountain bike also, so the fact that I can slip these on under some athletic shorts and have nobody notice I'm wearing them is great. The extra cushion helps a lot, and the chamois really absorbs all the sweat in those areas. I hang mine to dry out after every ride and as of yet, have had no issues with odor. Of course washing on a fairly regular basis is recommended. Very comfortable even off the bike for what they are (they do feel a bit funny). I'd have no issue wearing these inside a store or gas station during a ride.
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on August 28, 2012
I have only had one other brand of liner and as another viewer mentioned that liner bunched up and was not comfortable at all, at 10 miles it even got worse. When you get the correct size of the Pearl Izumi's LINERS you will have a great ride well beyond 30+. If you have the correct size they will stay where they belong.
One thing to note, I have road with just the liner at night and not had any issues revealing anything, but care should be taken if you should decide to do so. As one mentioned here these might be revealing as they were intened to be LINERS.
These work great as underwear (no other underware) along with regular shorts or tights and are very breathable.
The material that makes contact with your skin is very well made and I have never gotten a rash when using them. Make sure you wash them after each ride or have spares. I live in AZ where the day time temps are well over 110F degrees and these fit the bill. I ware a medium with a waist size of 33-34 @ 190.
I just wish I could pick up more for the purchase cost of 22 USD per pair from last summer 2011. I have 4 pairs now and I would purchase a couple more for spares.
As of this writing the S, M, L are 34.99 USD and cost more than the XL and XXL which are 24.99 USD? I don't think these should cost more than the shorts that already have the liner built in. 22-25 per pair is a good deal, but I'm now looking at other options or until the price comes down then I will be buying more.

Edit: I have now been using these for about two years, and I still love these liners. The other day I put on another brand liner when it was the first one out of the drawer and decided to go with it, wow what a difference from these. Needless to say that pair has been tossed in the back of the closest. The Peril liners are the still the best liners that I have tried. They are still in good condition after many wash loads, I do have 4 pairs so that might help, but I use very little detergent and make sure that it's the recommend type and I hang to dry (never in the dryer), they dry in about a second here in the desert anyway LOL. If you have not purchased these yet, you should give them a try, but get the correct size, if they are moving around while you riding then you got the wrong size.
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on April 15, 2013
I love being out on my road bike. I also love having some padding and support for the longer rides.

However, I am not one to go out in public wearing a form-fitting spandex kit from head to toe. It's just not for me. If you feel the same way, and if you also prefer to wear a looser-fitting short, then you NEED a good padded liner.

I wore these on a 4-hour plus ride and I was very comfortable and thankful for the additional support. Sure, when you first put them on it feels like you're wearing a diaper..but when you saddle up they feel natural, like they belong there.

I considered another brand with a "gel" pad, but after reading some reviews I decided on these Pearl Izumi's with a foam pad. It seems like the gel tends to feel a bit "wiggly", where the foam stays in place. Also, the gel pads will break down and even leak out over time. I just feel that the foam will be longer lasting.

I would absolutely recommend these liners, and I would buy them again. Have fun out there and be safe!
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on October 31, 2013
I tried these after using some other cycling shorts and found them a big improvement. The large pad feels awkward (I assume like wearing a diaper) when walking around, but on the bike, I never notice it at all. Definitely helps with longer rides, though after a long ride, I still get sore in the saddle, especially early in the season, so it is not a cure-all. I haven't had any problems with chafing while wearing these.

Compared to my non-liner Pearl Izumi shorts, these are a bit shorter, though they still cover most of the thigh. They also have a slightly less aggressive elastic cuff (no anti-slip rubber).

The mesh is quite nice in the summer, though it can be a bit chilly for cool weather riding.

I normally wear these with normal mesh athletic shorts over them, but sometimes also with thermal tights, and neither causes discomfort. The entire body of the short except for the pad is mesh, so you will of course have to wear something over it.

They are machine washable but need to be line dried. All of the material, including the pad dries quickly though, so I haven't found that to be a problem.
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on September 2, 2013
I bought these liners when I also bought some Canari Cyclewear Men's Velo Padded Cycling Shorts. When comparing them to each other, I actually prefer these liners.

When comparing them to each other after a 25 mile ride, these Pearl Izumi liners gave me a lot more cushion. I was still a little sore after the ride but I believe that's to be expected. I was certainly a lot less sore compared to the Canari bike shorts.

When I put the shorts on the first time, I could certainly feel the padding. It felt a little funny walking around in them for the first time. Once I got on the bike, the awkward padding-feeling went away and I immediately noticed the extra cushion once I sat down on the saddle. FYI, I have a stock Bontrager saddle for my 2013 Trek 2.1.

I was tempted to buy a new saddle for my bike. However going on a few rides with these, I think I'll hold off on buying a new saddle. I've done at least 4 ~20 miler bike rides with these shorts. I'll try to update my review after riding a planned 50 miler later in the month.
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on April 7, 2011
Before these, I tried another brand that would bunch up in every direction imaginable. These have grippy legs, so they don't ride up. The pad itself is great - it has padding where you need it, and none where you don't. This is important as it prevents bunching and discomfort. The liners are very well made, the waist band is very comfortable and substantial. You could get away with wearing these without an over short if you needed to. Highly recommended.
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on March 19, 2013
I'm rather new to cycling, and though I've been going on rides pretty frequently to try to harden my bone down there, I was hoping that I could find something to offer more cushion. Other cyclists I know had warned me against using a product like this as they thought that it would just offer more potential for rubbing and irritation. However, after going on some fairly long rides while wearing both these liner shorts as well as other cycling shorts on top of these, I have had no issues and thoroughly enjoy the added protection.

I plan to use these on day two of a very long, two day bike ride coming up shortly. I feel like after the first day, I'm going to need the extra padding to want to get back on the bike the second day. I'll update this review with my findings, but so far, I'm confident I won't have any issues. Overall, great liner shorts.
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