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on June 12, 2012
Alright, this is what's up. So I needed to replace a pair of "normal" P.I. Select gloves, and after reading already iffy reviews for this glove I decided to take a small risk getting them. Thinking if I pay more for a great glove then it should be better, right? %^@# NO! I will explain my displeasure with this glove for the following reasons.

(1) Poor QC/build quality: Despite their awesome looks I had to mend one of the gloves after just one ride. The stitching in the index finger of the left glove started unraveling. My expert mending skills help squelch this menace. Next!

(2) Select Gel vs. Select?: I know this is what everyone wants to know, so I will simply spit it out. THE SELECTS ARE BETTER (and cheaper btw)! The gel does not afford you any more comfort as PI leads you to believe. It is a thinner material, and since it is also made of a denser cushioning material, I found it to be less shock absorbing than the Select glove's foam cushioning. There is just no way I will consider these gloves to be more effective at cushioning and shock absorbing than their cheaper and equally effective brethren. It's a scam IMHO.

(3) Smell factor: This alone should be the final nail in the coffin for these gloves. They stink! Brand new out of the bag they stink. After one ride they stink. Hey, guess what? After a week of riding daily to school they stink even worse! In class I could smell them through the zippered compartment of my backpack. Think of sweaty gym socks/underwear you forgot to take out of your gym bag. The smell initially is of the gel material, and when mixed with sweat and grime, creates a decadent mix of nauseating odors that play in your nostrils for days. I would also like to mention, your hands will smell like this until you wash them.

I will probably never use the Select Gels again except as an emergency back-up pair to my emergency back-up pair, and have since purchased another pair of the Selects as my go-to. I am currently a happy camper with the Selects and hope you enjoyed this review.
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on July 6, 2011
I bought a pair of these gloves (the orange ones) just because I thought they looked nice. Well, unfortunately the padding is only so-so, they have a nasty plastic smell that has remained for months, and the large white areas turned a nasty brown/gray within only a couple of rides due to minimal road grime (and this was in summer 2011).
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on April 18, 2011
I purchased these gloves based on the description thinking they would provide a soft gel pad between me and the bike. I suffer from numb tingling hands from pressure on the palm nerves.
First off the gloves run very small. I bought the large and I am a small guy. They fit very snug but they are new and may stretch.
They gel padding is very thin and I hardly know they are there. I have only used gloves with conventional padding and found them to be thicker with more cushion than these.
If you are looking for a 'Cushion' for your palms then these are not for you.
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on May 6, 2013
This is my first pair of biking gloves, and I do like them. They do help alleviate the pressure on the palms of my hands, but I could hope for a bit more gel padding for more comfort.

The material is thin and quite elastic, and probably won't hold up long to the stretching force required to remove them, if you don't use the provided tab of thicker material, found on the outside of your fourth finger. Bring the gloves maybe half way off from the heel of your palm, and then grab the little tab to pull the glove fully off your hand.

I am riding almost every day, and often twice a day. I enjoy these gloves.
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on August 11, 2011
- No detectable gel in the gloves despite the title
- Padding is basic
+ Enough coverage for general protection from a fall or brush (excluding the finger ends/knuckles)
+ Mostly breathable
+ Soft, cloth-like section near the thumb for wiping sweat
+ Gets the grip I need on my grips and untaped bar ends
+ Aesthetics

Note: They run rather small. Buy 1 size up if you're on the low to mid-end of a common size spectrum (medium gloves fit loose or fit okay), 2 sizes up if you tend to experience/prefer a snug fit on a common size.

I bought these for the primary purpose of grasping bicycle grips and bar ends which get slippery on long rides as sweat accumulates. They work perfect for that purpose and they look good. They also confer some protection in the event of a fall or a close encounter with low trail-side brush.

These gloves are not suitable for hand numbness and have no trace of gel. I don't blame the gloves for the numbness issue since flared/platformed hand grips (like Ergons or mtb bar-ends) are more suitable for that purpose. However, advertising the gloves as "gel" is a stretch to say the least.

I secured my intended use out of them and they look good (3 stars). I docked the gloves 1 star due to the misleading gel title. I docked another star for the consequential overpriced nature of otherwise basic cycling gloves. Good? Yes. Great? No.
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on February 26, 2013
Cycling gloves are like bicycle seats - one size / style does NOT fit all! Just like some people prefer a tractor seat on their bike while others will prefer a slender saddle, so will some prefer massive padding in their gloves while others are just after something that will wick moisture.

I fault Pearl Izumi for being less than exhaustive in the descriptions of their products, especially when it comes to feature comparison.

So for what this glove is and what it's intended to be, it's a great product. This is a minimally padded glove, perfect for the person (like me) who finds excessive padding to be just as painful no padding (or more so, especially on 50+ mile rides). The material breathes well and keeps my hands cool. The stitching is well done, and I expect these to last at least 2 seasons.

As noted in the other reviews here, these are sized a tad small, and I was initially put-off by how tight they were - but as it turns out, they stretch and after 3 rides, they're actually a good fit. I would advise ordering to PI's fit guide and wearing them a bit before you make any judgments.

To address the smell, yes, they're made of synthetic materials, and they should be washed before being worn the first time. After that, they're going to absorb dirt, sweat, oil, and who knows what else - on every ride. They need to be cleaned on a regular basis - arguably after every ride (although I normally only do so myself after every couple short rides). I wash these in my wife's lingerie bag in cold water on the shortest gentlest settings and then air dry. (As a rule, never use fabric softener of any kind on your tech gear, and never warm dry.)

I really only have one complaint about these gloves: they come with a "Soft low-profile wiping surface on thumb", and they aren't kidding about the "low-profile". By comparison to other gloves I've owned where the wiping surface runs the entire length of the them and / or all the way down to the wrist, these come with a very small wiping area - and it's not terribly absorbent.
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on July 7, 2013
I would expect better quality from Pearl Izumi. I bought a cheap pair of Altus gloves from Meijer years ago and they lasted for 5 years. Then I bought these Pearl Izumi gloves to replace them. These are cheap, cheap, cheap. First and foremost - these gloves have very poor stitching. The seams keep coming apart and I have had to sew them back together several times now after just a few months of use. The finger ends keep ripping. There isn't much I can do about that. I don't think these gloves will last more than a year. If you only ride 2 or 3 times a year, these gloves will be fine. If you ride every day, these will frustrate you. I think that Pearl Izumi must have let their quality standards go down recently. This poor quality is not what I would expect from them. As far as the fit - they are tight at first, but so are all gloves. They stretch out after a few weeks. The positives: the gel pads are nice and so are the quick-pull tabs for removing the gloves from your hands. In summary, if you are looking for durable fingerless gloves - look somewhere else. These are just not made well.
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on July 23, 2012
First off, these run super small. If You usually wear large, you better get xl, I see now why they have XL, and XXL... those are for the regular non-child people. (and yes, I used the measurement procedure as dictated by their sizing instructions).

secondly, the pading on these are not thick at all. They are about the same as the Bell brand from Wal-mart. If you're buying to help stop your hands from going numb, keep looking, because I don't see these helping anyone.

Thirdly, build quality. These were very poorly sewn together. Each finger end was frazled, and very cheap looking, they looked NOTHING like they do in the photo.

After getting these in the mail, I was quite disgusted. I instead spent the extra money and bought some quality gloves from my local bike store. I got BG gel specialized gloves. almost twice the price, but worth every penny. Not only are they much thicker, and more area of your hand covered by the thicker padding, but the build is very nice, and you can tell the quality will last a long time.
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on January 2, 2014
I ordered small, since I have small men's hands (if I was to order female gloves I take medium or large), I almost couldn't get them on, I handed them to my wife (who has really narrow and thin hand) and she got them just OK... so go for large size if you have a small hand.

Regarding the glove itself:
- it has no straps between the fingers to pull it off, you have to peel it off.
- it has big filling patches on the palms (I didn't get to use it, but it felt as if you would have large pieces of rubber between the glove and the handlebar, I'm used to silicone or rubber gloves, but the ones I used before were more natural)
- no velcro closing strap and it fits just on the edge of the palm (I like the strap, so I can get it on easily and strap it harder if the road is bumpier, also I like to have the wrist base covered)
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on October 16, 2011
When I saw these gloves on-line I really liked the way they looked, and when I got them in the mail I was not disappointed with the styling. The material on the back side of the glove is a nicely styled, expansile polyester weave that feels good on your hand and breaths well. The plamar surface is a simulated leather-like material with small, strategically-placed gel pads that are about 1/8th of an inch thick. These pads, while not offering the cushioning factor the name implies, they nonetheless are designed to protect the joints which they do adequately. Where they fail is that they do not have enough gel to make you say, "Ooooooooo, cushy wonderful gel!". If they were twice as thick they would feel that way, but I think the gloves sacrifice cushioning for better grip control. That is the only short-coming of these gloves. They look great, fit snuggly, and have a nice litte notch on the 4th digit to help removing them. The gloves, as others have mentioned, are about 1-2 sizes smaller than you might expect so be sure to take this into account when ordering.

Pros: Great styling, sleek, snug fit.

Cons: Could use twice as much gel to offer better cushioning. Sizing is on the small-side.

If I had to do it all over again, I would just go to a bike shop and check out the gloves before buying so you know exactly what you are getting.
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