Pearl River Bridge

From east to west, from China to the world, PRB is leading the way as a quality oriental ingredients supplier in the international markets. Today, PRB products can be found in over 100 countries and regions. The PRB brand not only brings memories of home to overseas Chinese, but enchants people around the world as it introduces the delights of Chinese cuisine. 

As a high-quality Chinese condiment and food manufacturer and supplier, PRB Bio-Tech is committed to providing a one-stop purchase solution for families, food service and industrial food manufacturers around the world. PRB sees itself as an ambassador for Oriental and Fusion cuisine around the world, bridging the gap between Eastern and Western cuisines. 

Pearl River Bridge products are synonymous with good, quality Chinese cooking and its soy sauces are considered the premier Chinese soy sauce. Maintaining the 100% natural fermentation process passed down through China's culinary history, Pearl River Bridge soy sauces are worthy of the popular Chinese slogan "Whenever you cook, you need Pearl River Bridge soy sauce." Regularly tested and certified by independent and leading global laboratory RHM Technology Ltd. in England, Pearl River Bridge products also comply with EU and US FDA standards for quality.