Customer Reviews: Peg-Perego Prima Pappa Best High Chair, Paloma
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on October 2, 2011
I recently purchased an older Prima Pappa High Chair on Craigslist. The manufacture date was April of 1999 and the chair was pretty dingy looking when I got it home. After cleaning the chair up I was amazed at how well it has held up both inside and out. None of the screws were showing signs of corrosion. Even the cables and rivets inside of the chair looked in great shape. None of the plastic, even at high stress points, was cracked, weak, or flexing. After cleaning the chair still looks like new. I posted some pictures so you can see how well it has held up.

I read many complaints about the gaps, nooks, and crannies in this chair being impossible to get clean. This just isn't true. You may need to grab a screwdriver and remove a few screws, but you can completely disassemble the chair and clean it inside and out if you have a hard time keeping it clean while using it. The first thing I did was take the vinyl seat off and wipe it down. A little OxiClean solution and the seat looks like new again aside from being torn near the base. Then I began disassembling parts of the chair. If I saw a screw I took it off. I pried the tray apart and cleaned it inside and out. I was amazed out how well the cable inside the tray still looked. Everything was corrosion free and all of the plastic tabs that keep the cable inline were intact and looked no worse for wear. I removed all the straps and soaked them in an OxiClean solution for a few minutes. The receiving end of the tray on the chair itself was the area that had collected the most food over the years from the previous owner. I removed the thin plastic flashing and then removed the screws underneath and was able to pry the pieces out and get them as clean as they were when the chair was made. Everything on this chair can come apart, or be wiggled free for cleaning if you are determined enough to do so.

As many moving parts as there are, the chair comes apart and goes back together pretty easily. If you have a big accident and get something deep into the mechanisms of the chair don't worry. You can get it apart and clean it back out if you area anal about it. The internal design is simple enough that you can get it back together and nothing is going to gunk it up so bad that the chair will stop functioning properly.

The chair is really well built and stands the test of time and abuse. Nothing is one size fits all, but if you want quality this chair definitely has it. Our daughter fits the chair just fine, but she has been in the 95+ percentile for her age in height since we began using it. My biggest concern is durability and safety, and I don't worry about either with the Peg Perego.
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on October 31, 2008
I am busy and never take the time to review products, but I felt I wanted to tell people about the things that didn't work for us with this high chair so they can make a better decision than we did! (someone just gave us a Fischer Price high chair that is fabulous so I can see how inconvenient the Peg Perego was) The tray height is still too high for our daughter, she is 2. The tray slides in and out very stickily- I reccommend just getting the 2-hand trays that click on and off. There is a big gap between tray and daughter's belly- tons of food got on her lap every meal, and she would stand up on the chair b/c she wasn't held in by the tray and hated being strapped in. The tray is too big and thus doesn't fit into the dishwasher- no need to have it stick out so far- their arms aren't that long! When I think about it, I think the gap thing was the most inconvenient- we had dinner last night with her in the fischer price and it held her in so nicely, tray snug to her belly- how nice! I say go for the FP- it still has wheels, recliner, vinyl cover, adj. height... and three snap-on trays!
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on November 7, 2014
I am a nanny and three of the families I have worked for own this chair. I hate it so much that I would resort to sitting on the floor or kids table when feeding them. The cover is a pain in the *** to remove and I ended up ripping one because of the countless times I had to remove it to clean it because one of the parents didn't clean it when I wasn't home. One of them I actually took outside squirted soap all over it and hosed it down with a pressure nozzle. Too many little crevices for food to get stuck that even a tooth pick couldn't work to get food out. Wost off its so hard to remove the straps and any thing else from it but I managed and threw the straps to wash and lay flat to dry. As for the fit this chair is bulky and the straps are always loose and the tray sticks out too far. The only good thing is that the try that pops off to wash though is a bit too bulky trying to clean it in the sink that I just taken it to the tub. I would recommend a simple wooden chair with a plastic tray and cloth cover you can wash easily. Just too darn complicatied!
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on September 17, 2015
When first purchased I would have given this chair 4 stars. But after 1.5 years, my opinion is much different. I like the wheels, the locking and folding mechanism, the tray size, the pocket on the back of the chair for bibs and the sturdiness of the chair. What I dont like is that for the price, the seat cover falls apart in 1- 2 years of purchase. The replacement cover is soooo expensive so I had to order one from etsy. $50! But it was still cheaper than going with the real deal. The tray is also not a one handed mechanism. Smaller babies sit really low but you can buy a booster- still more $. For the price, the chair should include the booster seat and be made from a material that doesn't disintegrate. Oh and cleaning the actual seat is horrible!!! Once kids start feeding themselves you will hate cleaning it!!
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on May 7, 2014
Yes, it is a big chair for the average baby. My baby in particular is more petit than most, and I bought a little flower pillow to put in the seat for a while, until she felt more comfortable in it and less "lost" in the space. However the other side of the coin is too small to grow with it for toddlers. My sister has the Graco Blossom 4 in 1, and her baby stopped fitting in it securely at 18 months, the baby seemed like it would fall out of it. Not on this Peg Perego, even without the straps. Also compared it to the other chair my sister has which is a Chicco Polly High Chair, same effect as the Graco, again, the Peg Perego works much better.

Im not saying Graco or Chicco are bad chairs, they are certainly great price and quality, they were just small after 18 months. So if you would like to use your high chair for a little longer, this one is perfect. The chair is much more comfortable and soft than regular high chairs have, and take on most regular all purpose cleaners without fail or color falling, or any negative effect. Now I take off the tray and approach my daughter to the table and she eats with us comfortably and with safety. I don't have sturdy kitchen chairs that you can use for a booster seat, so the fact that the high chair allows me to still keep her in it at 20 months old, and still have space to spare, is a huge plus for me.

On a side note, this chair is by far the best quality chair out there short of the Boon line (which is insanely small anyway), and provides true high quality looking, with the plus side of being all washable. The recline levels are comfortable enough, the back pocket is super practical, as is the double tray (which is big for small dishwashers).
Transportation of the chair is easy and practical, its not super light, but its certainly compact and easy to fold.

I hope you find this helpful. Good luck to all.
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on June 30, 2015
Did anyone experience this? The entire skin of leather cover cracked and fell off. The cost of the replacement is more than I can get another pretty new used set. Sounds it doesn't make sense to keep the chair... , but it's such a wast if I just throw it away since everything is still new beside the cover... Any suggestion?

This product is pricy; however it doesn't last. Not recommended and will not buy again.
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on February 4, 2011
We originally purchased a Peg-Perego chair for our first grandchild. Yes, the chair holds the child. Yes, it rolls around. But from a cleaning perspective it is a total failure. There are too many crevices, cracks, corners, folds, etc. to be able to clean the chair. It will accumulate food and stuff that you will not be able to routinely clean. If you want your child to spend its first years sitting in bacteria from old food this is the chair to get, if not you would be better off looking for one that is more cleanable.
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on February 15, 2016
Very great quality and the brake option is nice for even the most active toddlers. We replaced a cheaper graco model and you can really appreciate how much better quality this brand is. We now have the "Prima Pappa Best" and the more expensive "tatamia" model both in tan/white. We have two kitchens in our home and needed one for each. We love them both!
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on August 2, 2013
I didn't realize how bad this high chair is, until I just got a new high chair. My Prima Pappa was an older version, but I've seen the latest, and I can't tell that anything has changed in the last 10 years, other than they have made the cushion more padded. I used this high chair for 5 kids and when I was forced to get my third replacement cover at the cost of $80, I figured I would consider a new high chair. I did get a new high chair and I'm in heaven with how much better it is.

Here's a synopsis of my experience with the Prima Pappa:

*Tray and seat adjust easily

*Tray is too far from baby
*Tray is too high for baby
*Cracks and crevices collect everything
*VERY hard to clean
*Leatherette does not last
*Straps are not removable and get filthy
*Isn't very compact when folded

The design of this chair is BAD!! I had no idea that tray position was such a huge influence at minimizing clean up. With the tray so far from the baby, food collects non-stop in the seat, which ruins the leather very quickly. Food constantly gets under the cushion as well.

Also, with the tray so far from the baby, the baby easily turns and gets the back of the chair messy as well.

Let me tell you about the dang crevices!! I have to take a toothbrush and toothpick to clean gunk that gets in the crack around the tray, in the crack in the footrest, in the poorly designed seat belt latch and in tons of crevices under the cushion. There are deep groves on the side of the arm rest that food and gunk falls into that is impossible to get out without using a outside power hose to shoot it out. All the food that collects, of course make the straps filthy. Since they aren't removable you have to hand scrub and it's near impossible to get them really clean.

One would think I have particularly messy kids, but my new high chair hardly gets messy at all. I can wipe it once a week instead of after every meal. I got the Graco Blossom and it was worth every penny!
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on January 7, 2013
Great chair but does not last long. Dont plan on using it for more than one child. The leatherette cover disenagrates and a replacement cover is very expensive. Called customer service and they were not very friendly or helpful. Peg perego knows this is an issue but does not stand behind their products. I wish I would have read the negative reviews before buying this. Called customer service and they were not very helpful. Get a fisher price or peg perego with cloth cover. Peg perego you just lost me as a repeat customer.
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