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on January 1, 2017
Right off the bat, don't believe the high reviews. The positive reviews are mostly based on the older sock design and construction. These are a 'new' style and are aweful in comparison.

I had purchsed these socks 2 years ago and absolutely loved them. I wore them daily through all seasons because they kept my feet dry and my shins covered in my boots. After 2 years of washing them after every use (inside out as recommended) they finally reached the end of their useful life.

I needed some new pairs so I happily ordered more only to discover that the 'new' socks are junk.

- They are much more thin than my older ones. I can see my skin through them as I put them on.

- They are shorter than my older ones and are no longer tall enough to cover my shins in my boots.

- They cost $5 more than my older ones did for poorer quality.

Overall, I am incredibly disappointed in this new style and really wish they hadn't changed them. I returned the new pairs because they aren't worth the money and won't hold up like the older ones did.
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on December 8, 2016
These socks are much thinner than they used to be. I've been wearing people socks daily for more than two years. The pairs I just bought are so thin they are almost sheer. I won't be buying this brand again.

Several reviewers have made this same point and seller keeps claiming that the loom and yarn is the same, seemingly implying that if the loom and yarn are the same, the product must be the same. There are obvious physical differences between the old and new socks, for example the PS logo on the calf, so the socks HAVE changed and in my opinion they are inferior to what they once were.
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on April 28, 2015
First a little background. My feet are in horrible shape. They crack. They bleed. They itch. They smell horrible. Two of my toenails have fungus. I've been fighting all of these things for over a year and not once have I thought that maybe wearing cheap hanes socks might have something to do with it. I use anti fungal and anti bacterial soap when showering. I've tried creams, powders, lotions, soaking my feet in a foot bath, but don't have the time to maintain these treatments 2 times a day as directed unfortunately. Walking on carpet barefoot is unbearably painful because of the horrible shape my feet are in. I'm also very stubborn about going to doctors about this kind of thing so I wanted to try everything I could first before seeing a podiatrist.

I've googled and googled foot care over and over and I thought to myself, "Well my socks are cotton. They shouldn't have anything to do with it." Finally, after trying a ton of other medicines, soaps, soaks, etc, I thought I'd give wool socks a try. Here's what I have to say about People Socks:

I have a size 12 foot on the wide side and these socks fit my feet perfectly. They are the most comfortable socks I've ever worn. I could tell the second I put them on that I would be happy with them. My feet do not sweat whatsoever in these socks and my feet have a tendency to sweat even when I'm sitting down doing nothing that involves a lot of walking or running when wearing cheap hanes socks. The tops of the shoes I wear daily are made of mesh, and when it rained here yesterday, I found myself walking through large puddles of water that would normally soak my feet and leave them cold. With these socks on my feet stayed completely dry, they felt a little cold as if water was trying to get in, but my feet stayed bone dry. I couldn't believe it. Also the pain in my feet has gone away. The itching has stopped. The cracking has reduced and my feet and shoes do not smell like a horrible bowel movement.

All of this has occurred in the TWO DAYS I have worn these socks. I cannot believe the change in my foot condition just from wearing wool socks. This being said, I cannot recommend these socks enough. whether it be for work, or heavy activity, or just every day lounging, these socks have blown me away.
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on February 28, 2015
I'm loving these socks.

When I deployed to Afghanistan, a buddy recommended I stock up on wool socks. After the first time slipping my feet into a pair, I was sold - never going back to cotton/poly blends. I decided to buy a bunch of pairs of wool socks. Learned they don't come cheap. So, I shopped around quite a bit to find the best bang for the buck - when you're a single dude in the military, you're not exactly rolling in the dough.

My research discovered the best wool socks out there (IMO) were the Redhead brand that Bass Pro shop sells - $10-15 for a pair. And that's where I've always gone to buy wool socks. But it's out of the way - 20 miles away.

So, since Ive pretty much sold my soul to the Amazon gods and purchase more and more of my goods via the Amazon app, I decided to take a look at what wool socks options were on here. Stumbled across these socks and was pleasantly surprised to see 4 pairs for so cheap. Naturally, I was skeptical. But then I realized this was one of those times being a Prime member really pays off. 66% off?!! Heck yes!

About these socks...
-They fit just right. A little tight on me (I don't skip leg day at the gym), but not uncomfortably so.
-They arrived promptly, minimal packaging - respect to the environment, y'all!
-They're made in Amer'ka! F ya!
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on December 26, 2015
These are moderately warm and cushiony. Your feet aren't going to be burning up in summer, and they're not going to be miracle hot in winter either, but they are definitely an improvement over cotton socks.

They're not too hot for summer hikes either while keeping your feet cushioned in your hiking shoes. Noticeable improvement on toe & sole blisters.
I am a repeat customer who's bought the low cut socks for summer hiking and the crew socks for winter.
These are my only experience with wool socks so I can't compare it to other brands, but the price was too good to pass up since REI had wool socks for sale for $15 for just 1 pair, yeesh.
To make sure I wear them all out evenly, I don't wash or wear any of my socks until all pairs have been worn, then i'll wash the batch of them and allow them to air dry before wearing them again.
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on December 22, 2016
I bought these socks in March, 2015 and I can honestly say that they suck. Yes they're warm and comfy but they start falling apart after six months. I've include some photos to show their current condition. Don't buy these socks, they're crap!
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on March 4, 2017
These are budget wool socks so I understand these won't match up to a company like Darn Tough. However I was disappointed in what I received. Immediately one of the socks had what looked like a dark ink stain near the toe. Now I don't mind that if it's just an aesthetic thing, but that area was incredibly thin compared to the rest of the sock and felt weird on the toe. I chalked it up to a manufacturing error and went on with the rest of the socks.

Within a couple washes another sock already has a dime sized hole in it. Another has a seam that looks like it's close to busting. The socks just don't seem that well put together. Now I'm not tough on these socks either. They get worn around the house and in shoes for normal use. I washed them in cold water and air dried them (did put them in the dryer for a mintue to fluff them up). I can't imagine them holding up well to heavy use.

On a positive note they are wool and about as good a price as you'll get for that amount of wool. They also fit well. Maybe I just received a bad batch. But I've tried other budget wool socks like Button and Pleats which seemed to be of higher quality and not have these manufacturing flaws. I'd recommend passing on these.
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on April 10, 2017
I just repurchased another set of these today, obviously I've found them to be very good socks.

My experience has been that the weight, comfort, fit and durability of these have been superior to other socks I have, even others with the high concentration of Merino wool and/or other advertised modernities.

These are multi-day wear socks as I can take them on trips and pack few pair because I can wear them more than a single day between washes. They don't get all sweated-up and crunchy after even a couple days wear like other socks do.

So, per my experience I would recommend. I like the 4 pack with multiple colors, makes it simple in my sock drawer.

I live in the Northeast and wear these mostly as a colder weather sock, but they are comfortable and probably work just fine in summer except I am a no sock sandal guy in warm weather.

Good luck to you.
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on February 4, 2016
I was afraid these socks might be a little small for my "huge" size 13 feet, but it turns out they've got just the right amount of stretchiness so the fit is great and they don't slide down your calves to your ankles so easily. Unlike the cheap socks I've been used to wearing, these wool socks are thicker, warmer, better-smelling-for-longer (yes, really), and will hopefully last longer.

So, don't fret if you're a shoe size 13, size 14, size 15, or possibly a bit larger, as these socks should fit fine. Attached is a photo of a brand new sock on my foot next to its never-worn twin.
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on May 9, 2016
I purchased two packs of these socks in 2012 for nothing more to keep my feet warm in bed in the winter. Not hiking. Not long walks. Mostly indoor use, normal washing. VERY LIGHT use even because I have 3 full sock drawers. The Same laundry detergent I use with all my similar socks. COMPARE - after 4 years, not one set left - Exclamation Point - They ALL developed numerous holes in them. IN Comparison, I purchased at the same time in 2012 Cahartt heavy wool socks for same use and 4 years later, same washing detergent same light use, not one problem. Buy the Cahartt, BUT CONSIDER buying these for the reason below.

MAY 16, 2016 UPDATE
I Changed my rating from One Star to Four Stars solely because the Company is a rare thing, Without a warranty, it stands behinds its products and cares about its customers. Without asking, they emailed me and asked for a copy of my Amazon Invoice, informed me they stand behind their products, and sent me 4 pair replacements. They did not ask me to amend or change my review. They asked for nothing in exchange at all, other than apologizing for my experience, asking if I had the defective products for them to give their factory to get better (I did not have them), confirming my address, then sending replacements. While I don't know if the replacements will stand the test of time, the company's actions are worthy and show integrity.
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