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on December 8, 2016
These socks are much thinner than they used to be. I've been wearing people socks daily for more than two years. The pairs I just bought are so thin they are almost sheer. I won't be buying this brand again.

Several reviewers have made this same point and seller keeps claiming that the loom and yarn is the same, seemingly implying that if the loom and yarn are the same, the product must be the same. There are obvious physical differences between the old and new socks, for example the PS logo on the calf, so the socks HAVE changed and in my opinion they are inferior to what they once were.
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on February 28, 2015
I'm loving these socks.

When I deployed to Afghanistan, a buddy recommended I stock up on wool socks. After the first time slipping my feet into a pair, I was sold - never going back to cotton/poly blends. I decided to buy a bunch of pairs of wool socks. Learned they don't come cheap. So, I shopped around quite a bit to find the best bang for the buck - when you're a single dude in the military, you're not exactly rolling in the dough.

My research discovered the best wool socks out there (IMO) were the Redhead brand that Bass Pro shop sells - $10-15 for a pair. And that's where I've always gone to buy wool socks. But it's out of the way - 20 miles away.

So, since Ive pretty much sold my soul to the Amazon gods and purchase more and more of my goods via the Amazon app, I decided to take a look at what wool socks options were on here. Stumbled across these socks and was pleasantly surprised to see 4 pairs for so cheap. Naturally, I was skeptical. But then I realized this was one of those times being a Prime member really pays off. 66% off?!! Heck yes!

About these socks...
-They fit just right. A little tight on me (I don't skip leg day at the gym), but not uncomfortably so.
-They arrived promptly, minimal packaging - respect to the environment, y'all!
-They're made in Amer'ka! F ya!
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on April 28, 2015
First a little background. My feet are in horrible shape. They crack. They bleed. They itch. They smell horrible. Two of my toenails have fungus. I've been fighting all of these things for over a year and not once have I thought that maybe wearing cheap hanes socks might have something to do with it. I use anti fungal and anti bacterial soap when showering. I've tried creams, powders, lotions, soaking my feet in a foot bath, but don't have the time to maintain these treatments 2 times a day as directed unfortunately. Walking on carpet barefoot is unbearably painful because of the horrible shape my feet are in. I'm also very stubborn about going to doctors about this kind of thing so I wanted to try everything I could first before seeing a podiatrist.

I've googled and googled foot care over and over and I thought to myself, "Well my socks are cotton. They shouldn't have anything to do with it." Finally, after trying a ton of other medicines, soaps, soaks, etc, I thought I'd give wool socks a try. Here's what I have to say about People Socks:

I have a size 12 foot on the wide side and these socks fit my feet perfectly. They are the most comfortable socks I've ever worn. I could tell the second I put them on that I would be happy with them. My feet do not sweat whatsoever in these socks and my feet have a tendency to sweat even when I'm sitting down doing nothing that involves a lot of walking or running when wearing cheap hanes socks. The tops of the shoes I wear daily are made of mesh, and when it rained here yesterday, I found myself walking through large puddles of water that would normally soak my feet and leave them cold. With these socks on my feet stayed completely dry, they felt a little cold as if water was trying to get in, but my feet stayed bone dry. I couldn't believe it. Also the pain in my feet has gone away. The itching has stopped. The cracking has reduced and my feet and shoes do not smell like a horrible bowel movement.

All of this has occurred in the TWO DAYS I have worn these socks. I cannot believe the change in my foot condition just from wearing wool socks. This being said, I cannot recommend these socks enough. whether it be for work, or heavy activity, or just every day lounging, these socks have blown me away.
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on January 14, 2015
I don't have huge feet. Smaller than normal men's feet. Am a size 8 shoe size. So these ended up being a bit larger. They are warm, no doubt but I wish they came in a variety of sizes. Quality is good. Though there are socks with a higher merino wool content, the wool content with these is less and cost less too. I own a pair of 85% merino wool socks, and they fit perfectly. So maybe it's the snug fit but I find the 85% socks warmer than these. But at the end of the day, these do not disappoint. On a winter's day, feet stay warm and cozy.

-- updated nov 2015
So here I am with an update. This is the 2nd fall/winter I am wearing them. The heels are giving way. Pics included. I am deducting one star. These are socks after all and I don't expect them to last forever. However I didn't think these would last only 2 winters. And I am not a power user of these socks. Moderate use around the house. They are warm but heels could have been better.
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on November 18, 2015
I am very disappointed with my recent order and feel the quality has dropped dramatically. I have ordered these socks previously, back in June and love them. I have worn them everyday for 12+ hours at work in the woods and they are holding up great.

I decided to purchase some more and disappointed to find that the weight, thickness, and stitching has completely changed. Comparing them to the same socks are ordered 6 months ago the quality isn't even close. The socks I just ordered are not even close to medium weight, and feel more like Hanes crew socks. The logo and stitching is also different from the same socks I have previously ordered. I decided to give one pair a try today and ended up with blisters after 4 hours because how thin they are. I had to go back to the truck and put on the People's Socks I ordered 6 months ago. Night and Day difference.

What happened to the quality??? Maybe the picture will help. The sock on top is 6 months old and holding up great, the new sock is on the bottom.
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on August 8, 2013
I read lots of reviews about how warm these socks are. I live in the low desert near Phoenix, AZ where summer temperatures range from a comfortable 100 degrees to a bit toasty 120 degrees. Pavement temperature can easily hit 140. I wear net topped shoes (New Balance 1540) to get maximum ventilation in an office casual environment. We usually get a couple frosts a year if it is a hard winter. So, warm is not what I was looking for.

Still, I hear lots of survivalists insist on having wool socks available during bad situations. I wanted some wool for a Get Home bag and my Bug Out bag. So, I tried these thick crew length socks for daily wear in the Sonoran Desert.

I am impressed wool allows nice ventilation. Maybe because of evaporative cooling, these socks are no warmer than the Thorlos socks I have been wearing. They are thick enough to feel cushioned. I also wear Under Armor Heat Gear shirts that are best air dried. Wash and air drying wool socks won't be a problem. Only surprise is the black socks are more light gray. The picture is accurate.

My wife feels empowered to throw out my clothes when she decides they are too old. My socks have been slowly disappearing. Looks like I will be converting my sock drawer to these wool socks.

People Socks replied within hours to my prepurchase questions. Shipping was fast. Thanks for a nice first purchase experience.

Second order -

I'm a value conscious buyer. Quality and durability are more important than lowest price. Cheap stuff usually costs lots more than quality stuff, especially when you have to throw out the cheap stuff you bought and buy the quality stuff anyway. But, it is nice to find quality durable wool socks that are inexpensive too. Worth my hard earned dollars.
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on December 22, 2016
I bought these socks in March, 2015 and I can honestly say that they suck. Yes they're warm and comfy but they start falling apart after six months. I've include some photos to show their current condition. Don't buy these socks, they're crap!
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on August 16, 2016
I got 4 pairs a little less than a year ago to compliment my new obsession with wearing boots. 2 socks have already been tossed and the rest are put in pairs according to how much wear they are showing (something like a sock survival of the fittest). Wool socks certainly don't come cheap, but I would rather spend the extra money than get a few pairs that will last me less than a year.
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on November 1, 2016
These socks are disappointing. At first they are warm and comfortable. Soon after they begin to get noticeable wear on the heel and ball areas of my foot, they are not as comfortable when those areas get thin, and not nearly as warm. How soon? I checked and have ordered 12 pairs of the long socks, and 16 pairs of the quarter length, since November of 2015 (one calendar year). I actually came on to order more pairs after realizing my current stock are getting holes in them again, my wife mentioned I go through them too fast so I checked my order history. For what it is worth, I am fairly active and sometimes wear one pair over the other.

I love these socks as they fit great, don't fall down, are warm etc. But I can't recommend them, I wonder why they have so many great reviews with a few like mine scattered throughout? Maybe I have "abrasive" feet? Sadly i'm off to find another brand.

Update a few months later: I tried a few other brands, even the high dollar Darn Tough socks. I am back, and ordering another year supply I figure 16 pairs ought to do it...

Another thing worth mentioning, I didn't realize before but these PS socks stay up on my calfs (I'm fit, I feel my calfs are larger than the average guy) better than any of the other brands I tried, I was not aware how annoying it is to pull my socks up all the time until I tried other brands.
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on December 16, 2016
Update 4/12/2017

The first 2 orders of socks I purchased were fantastic so I decided to order another. This last order of socks seemed like some cheap knockoff. The material was thin and the weaves were loose. It's like the company tried to outsource the product. I am so disappointed that I couldn't get what I paid for. I am returning this last order and will search for a better company. The sock on the left is the substandard sock and the sock on the right came from the first order.


The material seems quality, the feel is very soft and nice. My girlfriend wears a size 5 shoe and I wear anything from an 8-9 mens and the socks fit us both comfortably. I received the small/medium green socks as a gift.

The socks do keep my feet warmer and my feet do not sweat. I don't have any feet issues, just wanted to try out these socks.

One thing I noticed is that the socks rub on my boots and cause some material buildup on the outside of the socks. I am hoping that this is just part of a break-in process. The socks are a little high priced, but they are quality socks.
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