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on July 19, 2017
I bought these in January of 2016 and I still wear them almost every day. I use them with sock liners, from Dick's and Cabelas (the better of the two), and my feet are never cold, which they usually are, even in hot weather. They wear like iron. 1.5 years and they are just beginning to show wear. Another plus is the price is great. They average 8-9 dollars a pair. Try and find this kind of quality at this price in a store. I've already bought more and if they ever wear out, I'll buy them again. BTW, I wear them with these Timberland Men's 18128 Flume Boot,Dark Brown,11 M US
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Top Contributor: Cookingon December 21, 2016
I love these socks. They aren't super-heavy, but they are a vast improvement over cushion cotton socks.

I bought these to use as a hiking sock, with hiking boots. But they work so well I've been using them for everyday use. Your feet stay dry no matter how sweaty you may get. Hadn't realized how much of a difference that makes to your feet at the end of the day.

I can be sensitive to wool itch but I have had zero problems with these.

Since this brand lacks kids sizes (as far as I can see), I had to get a couple of more expensive "smartwool" pairs for my daughter. She had a itchiness problem with them, and in comparison these "people socks" are softer, more comfortable.

I need to get more of them, but the price has increased $5 since I bought them a few months ago and I'm hoping they'll return to the earlier price... but even if they don't, they are still an incredible value compared to other brands, which can run $20 for a single pair...

Let's not forget that these were made in the USA, if that matters to you.
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on August 13, 2017
These socks are simply just great for hiking. I even used them for long (20 miles) hot weather (90F) trips while wearing boots and my feet love them.
The fabric is 71% merino wool and 21% nylon. The first is itch-free compared to other types of ragg wool socks, regulates temperature well to keep my feet from getting sweaty, and is naturally antimicrobial (ie tends to retain smells less than synthetic fabrics). Nylon adds durability and improves drying times.
Finally, the shaped cushioning in the foot bed adds extra comfort without bulk and helps to prevent blisters.

I spent hours in stores and on websites looking for socks and nothing can beat their quality and price ratio.
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on December 22, 2016
I bought these socks in March, 2015 and I can honestly say that they suck. Yes they're warm and comfy but they start falling apart after six months. I've include some photos to show their current condition. Don't buy these socks, they're crap!
review imagereview imagereview imagereview image
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Living in New England it gets pretty chilly during the winter. Many of the wool socks I've had in the past gets worn quickly on the bottom for a thicker socks and it didn't exactly keep me warm. These socks were just right. Not too thick and not too thin. I was worried about the bottom wearing out but it's been couple months worn everyday at work and have been holding up grade. None of the four pairs have holes.

I wear them with steel toe boots during weekdays. If I'm going outside in the cold I'll wear the combo as well. It's comfortable enough and not slippery wearing them indoors on our wood floor doesn't feel too slippery either. Easy to wash and comes out clean every time. For the price, if it lasts me couple years I'll be very happy.

The temperature worn with these socks are in the 15-39°F range and kept me warm but not hot. I have not really worn them when it's single digit temperature or colder so I can't say how they will do in a very frigid climate.
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on October 5, 2014
I have bought these socks several times over the last few years and they have always been reasonably priced and of good quality. This recent order was clearly substandard. Thinner socks with fewer loops of fabric inside than ever before. These used to be about $20 for 4 pair and were so thick it was kind of a space problem inside your dresser drawer. These new ones are thin, low quality, and not nearly as comfortable and warm as they used to be.

Such a shame, I started buying these because I wanted to support an American company. Now that company has jacked up the price and cut quality in half! Typical bait and switch that got US auto manufacturers in trouble. Build a solid reputation on quality and value, then jack up the price, cut back on quality and materials, and ride on the reputation until the wheels fall off. Very disappointing, I sent these back and won't be ordering any more from this company!!

In my photo you can ser for yourself how 4 new pair stack up against 4 old pair (about 1 year old and worn frequently!!).
review image
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on November 24, 2016
These are NOT the same socks I bought over a year ago. They are MUCH thinner and MUCH shorter up the calf. Unfortunately the boxes and socks were wet from being left outside at our rural security gate and cannot return. Why the maker decided to skimp on material and change a really warm sock to an INFERIOR (read price saving for company) "unisex" smaller sock is beyond me. At one time these were great in cold weather. Now so thin you can see through them. And they have the audacity to label the box Below Zero. Someone probably got a bonus to make these at a reduced cost==cheap crap.
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on January 4, 2017
I purchased four pairs of the people's socks December 2014. I Wore two Pairs right away for about less than 2 months after which the heels on both pairs wore right through with large gaping holes. It was too late to return the last two pair so I put them in the back of my sock drawer until a couple months ago when I ran out of my other socks. Again this second set of socks from people's socks wore. Gaping holes in the heels again.
The Sox are extremely comfortable however they are poorly made with very little support in the heel of the socks. This socks are very thick however the material in the heel is very very thin and that's why they wear through so quickly.
Hopefully they can redesign knee socks and increase the strength of the Heels.
review image
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on September 27, 2016
These socks are AMAZING and very conformable for anyone that are looking to keep their feet dry. My husband has eczema and was looking to find a product to help with such a case. The packing was great and shipped quickly. The biggest concern that we may have had about the socks were if they were going to be too tight around the ankle and the calf area. The were perfect and didn't cause any uncomfortable pressure from the area. We loved them so much we ordered two more pairs. I am a customer for life. Anyone with eczema or psoriasis‎ that is looking for a sock that will keep your feet dry, I say go with these and you will notice a difference!

The price was a bit steep but I would rather pay for quality of a material than quantity.

//this company did NOT pay me for this review.
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on December 21, 2016
I work for a general contractor doing construction work and my feet were always cold in the winter. If your foot happens to get wet, then you were pretty much screwed. Starting the day before the sun rises and before 9am your toes would be going numb in a pair of cotton socks. I resorted to doubling up socks to combat the cold. After doing some research into how to make my toes cozy in the winter, I came across these socks. The difference between wool socks and cotton is like night and day. My feet are actually the warmest part on my body now. I even had the unfortunate event of water spilling on my foot the other day and it soaking through my shoe on a 40 degree day. While you can tell that your foot is wet, it doesn't suck the warmth out of your foot like cotton socks do when wet. They seemed to dry fast too. I forgot I had gotten water on my foot. I was concerned with the price because I'm a cheap skate but they are worth every penny. I said all that to say this, these socks are awesome. If you're looking to keep your feet warm in the winter then splurge and buy these. I even wear them around the house now.
review image
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