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on August 31, 2014
Rachel learns obligatory life lessons while she plays dead and cuts herself off from her magic and all that comes with it (the demon collective, the Everafter etc) as she tags some members from a mysterious hate group.

I bought this book way back when it first came out and have repeatedly tried (and failed) to get through it over the YEARS since then. I finally finished it and am happy to report that from about 60% on it finally gets a lot more interesting---plus the books that come after this one are even better so it was worth it!

But I still gotta say I hated this book because it makes absolutely no sense that Rachel would suddenly (and inexplicably) decide to cut herself off from her magic and the collective. She has always used magic and she has always used it responsibly so much of this book felt obligatory--like the author was trying way too hard to prove that Rachel was "growing up" and experiencing character development but wtf, we are 10 books in and it's already happened so it's a little late to start doing it all over again!

In an effort to show us that Rachel was all growed up the author just made her seem like a clueless idiot and sometimes like a completely different person. For instance, Rachel spends a very painful 50% of this book in the captivity of humans and keeps becoming shocked again and again that she's powerless without her power. She keeps having the revelation that whoa it would be way easier if she had access to her magic---BUT NO, then she keeps bringing up her fears about Al and the Everafter and decides it's better to be powerless. How does this even make any sense? It's like the author expects us to just ignore the fact that Al and her resolved their issues at least 3 books ago! Seriously, in the last book she was saving Al's life and and becoming his friend and now she's suddenly terrified of him for no real reason? Her decisions and revelations only made sense if you ignore all the character development and revelations that already happened in the previous 9 books! As someone who has read all of these books this was just insulting.

The "mystery" in this one was also laughably transparent--so much so that I was actually confused by it. Like I was confused when Rachel finally had a revelation and figured out who the "bad guys" were because it was already so obvious who they were that I had assumed she already knew it. I can't help thinking that some of the things that happened over the course of apprehending her tags and solving the mystery were just plain weird and out of character too, but whatever, I gave it 3 stars because I DO think that the author managed to make it work in the end and I get what she was trying to do (well I guess what I mean is it worked out better than you'd think given how bad it started out).

The truly redeeming part of this book was Trent. There is a new tension between Rachel and Trent and it's fun to watch them be all awkward with each other. That alone made the book worth reading for me, not to mention if I'd known how good the next 2 books were I would've forced myself to finish it WAY sooner.
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on February 24, 2012
I have been a huge fan of every book in this series and eagerly awaited the release of this one. I'm still trying to decide if the editing was really bad or the story just too slow. There were several instances where things were explained to the reader multiple times as if we hadn't just read about it two chapters earlier. And way, way, way too many "bunny-earred kiss-kisses". Rachel spent two thirds of the book wishing she had her magic back, but the anticipated ass-kicking she wanted to do never happened. She was just as helpless after she got her magic back and still had to be rescued! Every other book, I wonder how Rachel is going to save the day and she always pulls something crazy and surprising out of thin air. This one, there was no anticipation, just a lot of strange unfinished dialogue that didn't go anywhere.
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on February 26, 2012
As a series, I give the Hallows 5 stars, I really enjoyed the characters and story lines, but this last book, and don't read further if you don't want any spoilers, I would give 2.5 maybe 3. I'll tell you why.

But first, I must mention that I thought Rachel was out of character at the end of the last book, Pale Demon. I fully expected her to demand Trent remove the armband ASAP so she could save Peirce.

Rachel was always going into life-threatening situations to save people; even people she didn't really like. (Trent, for example) But she was content to let Peirce be tortured by Al, because Al believed him to be responsible for her death?!!

This situation I thought would be rectified early in the next book, but no. Five months pass, in which she hopes Peirce is still alive, feels guilty for his possible death/ or continued torture, but leaves the armband in place.

On top of that, because she is magically helpless, she gets her backside handed to her multiple times, by mere humans. Humans who could jump out of the way of her splat gun, not once but many times. I mean, the only time she successfully hit anyone, was when she took out an out of control vamp, who also happens to be on their side.

This book irritated me no end and I admit, I skimmed over those areas that bugged me the most. Honestly, Rachel, who has been able to handle fights with Inderlanders, was a bumbling boob against humans, even after she finally has Trent remove the band.

I was expecting her to finally kick butt with her magic available to her; after all, she held own against the day-walking demon in Pale Demon, but no. She's once again beaten badly, and would have been killed if Trent hadn't shown up.
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on June 25, 2017
I cannot express in mere words, how much I immensely enjoy this series!
Every single character is phenomenally created, each with perfection, that I feel as if they're real, and know them personally!
I love each character and their personality!
Even the demon, Al!
Humorous, heartwarming, suspenseful, intriguing and edge of your seat exciting, this series does NOT disappoint!

Bravo, once again, Kim Harrison!
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on January 24, 2014
Finally finished Kim Harrison's latest A Perfect Blood! Just weeks before it goes paperback! Whew!

As with all Kim's Hollow books it was awesome! Rachel finds herself in yet another pickle! She is wearing her band of silver, cut off from her powers. Yet she can still kick ass! Just not at the DMV apparently, where all of Rachel's problems begin!

Soon she finds herself working with the I.S. and FIB trying to find a group of humans, know as HAPA, who hate Inderlanders and everything supernatural. Rachel is deep into the case, trying to track down the bad guys when she gets caught by them. Whoops.

Rachel soon realizes just how evil some humans can be. She is more determined than ever to escape and bring these bad guys to justice. And escape she does...eventually!

Trent is back! We all had our Trent love in Pale Demon and that seems to continue--for me at least--here! Trent really comes through for Rachel on several counts as they work to bring down the bad guys and find out who's helping them.

A Perfect Blood was a perfect read! Yeah, couldn't resist! I loooove the Hollows! Would so visit there myself and enjoy a slice of pizza with Rachel, Ivy and Jenks! Jenks is as wonderful as ever! His snarkiness never ceases to amaze me and I lol'd several times at his outbursts!

The pacing was perfect! There's usually one major problem Rachel focuses on and then a little thing or two pops up, but there's incredible buildup to the problems and other problems stemming from that! And yet, at the end all is resolved. Of course you get the glimmer of things to come, we know that Rachel isn't in for a HEA just yet!

This is definitely one of my all time favorite series, being one of the first I started when I began reading adult books so many years ago! Think Kim was at book 2 at that time! I look forward to seeing how she wraps the series up as I believe there is only 2 more books, but I can't recall at the moment!

I highly recommend this series if you're looking for an action packed, mystery base story filled with colorful supernatural characters and of course the witty snarkiness that is Jenks! And Rachel can be pretty snark too!
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on February 21, 2012
I was a big fan of the direction the series took, concerning Rachel's true identity and her place in the world. At the end of the last book we read a rather satisfying conclusion to that character arc with Rachel accepting the fact that she is a demon and declaring herself to the world as such. Naturally, in the next book, I was expecting more explorations on where our heroine will fit into the world, in both sides of the lines. However, what I got instead was A Perfect Blood.

I was expecting Rachel to take off the charmed silver quickly once danger reared its head, but frustratingly enough, it stayed on for more than half of the book. Granted, the lack of Rachel's powers made the action scenes more tense and there was some good character growth surrounding her decision to eventually take it off, but the ramifications of this was that the most interesting chapters about the interactions between Rachel and Trent/Al were crammed into the last third of the book. (There were no ever-after visits at all!) In the end, the character growth arc in this book felt like less of an arc and more of a dribbling, left over tail from the previous book.

In addition, the Big Bads and the mystery organization introduced in this book almost felt incidental. The plot line definitely hints at bigger things happening behind the picture for some possibly very exciting books to come, but the set up and the building does not have much of a climax in this book, leaving readers a bit disappointed. I hope the next book moves the plot forward a little further than A Perfect Blood did. Regardless, A Perfect Blood is an entertaining read for Hollows fans.
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on October 6, 2012
I'm afraid to say this is not one of the better Rachel Morgan books.

At her best, Rachel is a compelling, if flawed, heroine, and at her worst is an irritating menace to those around her.

First, let me make two points semi-unrelated to the plot of the book.

1) We get an in-story-famous "Humans Only" terrorist movement in this book, and it comes out of nowhere. Like "shunning", it was never mentioned until it became a plot point. Ideally, both should have been mentioned in passing in previous books. This way, it feels like Harrison just made up a new menace out of thin air (which makes sense, since that's what she did).

2) Daryl. Once again, as with Pierce, Harrison has apparently introduced a major character in some short story somewhere off the main series of novels. That's bad enough, but for those of us (like me..) who missed it, the first we hear of Daryl is that Ivy, Glenn and Daryl are now menage-a-trois of lovers. Fair enough, I suppose, but it wasn't until more than halfway through the book that "Daryl" was established as a woman. Now, I can see it working either way with Ivy, but it had certainly caused me to re-evaluate what I thought I knew about Glenn up until that point. Kind of an important detail!


Now, one of the main themes of the book was that "The Hero must accept her own true self to prevail", and that's classic enough, but great-guns, Rachel's own true self is annoying. Rachel is apparently unable to have a normal conversation without pregnant pauses, endless internal debates over what to let slip, and an apparent unwillingness to get to the point until it is past time for the other part to leave. It's just exhausting every time she starts to talk.

Her choices get harder and harder to defend as well, especially given her new-found determination to accept help from friends. At a key point during the climax of the book, she refuses to reach out to Glenn, who is in the process of realizing his agency has been infiltrated from the top by the terrorists. By doing so, she probably could have cemented her place with the FIB *and* saved Ivy's relationship with her lovers. Instead she, unforgivably, beats her bodyguard senseless (an action that's not even deemed worth following up on in the coda) and gives her trust to an untrustworty man who betrays her. Way to go Rachel!

Other minuses: The roles of Jenks & Ivy continue to shrink.

Plusses: No Pierce
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on December 4, 2013
I feel like Kim Harrison is losing track of the characters she's created and has hit a creative road block. She spent the first three chapters going on and on and on about the pheromones and how this affects Rachel. OK - we get it. She is all about the vampire bite. Do you really need to tell us every other sentence? Not to mention Rachel is getting crabbier with each book. She has little temper tantrums and is becoming rather snarky. Her constant dance with Trent is getting old. How long is this going to go on? Also, if Kim Harrison wants Rachel to become a lesbian lover with Ivy then get it over with already. The jealously and constant remarks to Rachel eyeing Ivy and her sexiness are just annoying. It's time to make some serious decisions with all of these characters instead of just re-hashing, insinuating and doing an incredibly poor job of developing anything real. It's been a while since I read a Kim Harrison book and I realize now that I'm not missing much. She started strong but with each consecutive book she becomes weaker. Enough already. My advice to author - first off get a better proofreader because my Kindle version had a ton of grammar mistakes and secondly take some much needed time off and actually come up with character/plot development. All this fluff just to add in pages is just that - fluff. It's doesn't move the story along and it doesn't help the involve the reader in your book. Oh, and I get it - she has a charmed bracelet - again - ENOUGH. Quit telling us the same thing over and over and over and over and over and over and over......
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on March 2, 2012
I wanted to love this book because this is my favorite Urban Fantasy series, however, I didn't quite make it to love.

I know there will only be two more books in the series, and after this book I am more confued as to what ending is in sight for Rachel. In this book some prior characters show up but not in any meaningful way. Rachel's relationship with Ivy and Jenks seems to be waning and Trent is like a completely different person.

I was perturbed that a new mystery agency exists that is more powerful than the IS and FIB together and not even Trent knew about it. HAPA (Humans Against Paranormal Association) is introduced which I hope has some future relevance. It REALLY bugged me that four HUMANS kicked Rachel's ass more than once.

Something was just off in this book. I gauge a good book by how long I can set it down. Usually I can't put this series down until I have finished the book. It took me a week to read "A Perfect Blood" and it was anti-climatic.
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on May 24, 2013
When I need a welcome respite from the weariness of life this is one book I can count on. It s perfectly hilarious, with alot of fantasy and action. This book and the series never fails to lift my spirirts. All my copies are dogearred and falling apart. Even though theyve been read repeatedly they never get boring. Since making several purchases on the Amazon Prime program , I now look at Amazon first for all my purchases, no matter how trivial. Buying this way saves me gas and the time it takes to go out and buy it myself. And I recieved it the next day! I am in no way affiliated with Amazon, just extremely satisfied with their Prime program and other services. Obviously Im very happy with my purchase and will continue to buy anything Kim Harrison writes.
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