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on August 8, 2017
These pushups work out my shoulders more than regular pushup! By rotating my wrists while doing push ups, I am able to strengthen all four rotator cuff muscles. Much more challenging than a regular pushup ... I love em!
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on December 20, 2014
Perfect Pushup is ridiculously legit. It's as if they activate more of my muscle fibers or something... when I wake up and use the Perfect Pushups to bang out a few Perfect Pushups, my day always seems to go amazingly well after that.

It's even possible that the Perfect Pushups are a placebo, and the only real value they offer is to encourage you to take your pushups seriously. I think before I had the Perfect Pushups, I wasn't as aware of my form when I was doing push-ups. Now, though, with the Perfect Pushups, I think my Pushups are – dare I say...Perfect?

Without the Perfect Pushups, my push-ups provoked a poverty of perspiration – presently, though, my Pectoral Prestige and Pushup Perfection ensured I impress all the girls with my chest.

Quite simply – the Perfect Pushups are the best of the best.
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on February 29, 2012
I have used these now for four years - Still have the original set, still use them on a regular basis.

I enjoy using them and they are extremely effective at giving you an excellent arm workout and enhancing your pushup potential.

- Very easy to use. The no-slip pad on the base works well. I have used these all over the world with no problems.
- turning motion is still smooth after four years of use.
- height is just right - gets you further off the ground, makes your form better and ensures a true full range of motion.
- the padded grips and turning motion not only make the pushup more comfortable on the wrists, it engages more muscles.
- lightweight for travel.

- These are not the travel model - I have come close to purchasing that model due to bulky design.
- The handles have never come loose, however with regular use they do spread a bit and I have to tap them back.

Overall very pleased customer after long time use. I use these to keep my PRT (Navy) pushup scores maxed out. Certainly well worth the investment!
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on July 27, 2015
If you love to do pushups, but would like to protect your wrists, get the Perfect Pushups. Don't expect them to somehow motivate you to do pushups if you are not already doing them, they do not make them any easier, and will not make you ripped without any effort. So, if you don't expect miracles, you will be very happy with them.
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on April 10, 2010
I have been using this product several times per week for a bit over two months and really like it....it does indeed provide a more intense workout than 'standard' pushups and I've as yet found nothing about it to quarrel with. I actually find it to be far MORE comfortable than standard pushups, particularly for my wrists, which I can now orient in a straighter alignment which causes me far less pain and discomfort than with my palms flat on the ground.

The main purpose of my desire to write a review, however, is to comment on some recurring themes that I've seen among some other reviews here at Amazon, some of which are in dramatic contrast to my experiences with the product:

Poor construction quality: I haven't found this to be true at all. I am a BIG guy and the product feels rock-solid, instilling complete confidence in me as I use it. They rotate smoothly and the large handles are quite solid and comfortable in my grip. I have big hands and there is plenty of room to spare all 'round. This is not a product designed around and for petite people, and I believe that people of any size can buy this, confident that it will be able to accommodate anyone at all who is not suffering from a physical handicap. The rubber bottoms of the bases are wonderful in that they provide an additional layer of security, preventing the product from sliding around as you work out. I'm guessing that the people who are complaining about poor construction quality may have purchased a cheap knock-off from an off-brand manufacturer and have been greeted with the expected results. Even at full price, this is not an expensive item in the grand scheme of things and prospective buyers would be well-advised to spend the few dollars extra that it takes to get the real, original thing.

Rotator cuff injuries: These complaints shocked me, as the entire design focus of this device was to allow a more natural rotation of the arms during your workout, precisely with the goal of preventing injuries. Of course I can't speak to the way that others have used them, but I would urge users to read ALL instructions quite carefully, and follow the instructions, the recommended arm placements as well as the recommended workout routines EXACTLY. Watch the included DVD several times and take careful note of EXACTLY how your body needs to be positioned. It's not at all difficult, but it is something that you need to pay close attention to in order to gain the best results. Keep and re-read all printed instructions and charts that come with the product....take it seriously and don't discount the instructions as meaningless for you, regardless of your workout skill or experience level.

Included items: The Original Perfect Pushup that I received from Amazon came with an extremely helpful and informative instructional DVD as well as a fold-out color chart which clearly illustrates the recommended body positions on one side and provides detailed workout recommendations on the other. Although the manufacturer makes other products and accessories available, nothing was omitted from my product package which prevented me from getting good use and value out of the Perfect Pushup right out of the box.
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on July 24, 2008
I have seen other reviews of people afraid since its plastic, let me give you the details on it. Yes each pushup piece is heavy duty plastic, that can hold anyone just about any weight...with ease, so you do not need to be the nervous about it breaking.

As for the technique, I agree that having the hands slide 45 degrees would be more natural according to how GOD made our bodies. I realy can't see so much real benefit from being able to push the round part 180'. (if these degrees sound confusing they are not, real simple if 12 o'clock is 0 degrees then 1:30pm would be 45 degrees, 6pm would be 180' degrees and 9pm would be 270 degrees etc). Any guesses what 3pm would be?...... That's right 90 degrees.

So for myself, in order to do a regular pushup there is some strain on my wrist each pushup, otherwise it would just turn to 180 degrees on its own. I am happy for the ones that found it perfect for them.

Note: The customer service at this store is fantastic. Good luck with your workouts!! And remember at the end of the day, just like we all need food, clothing and shelter, we all just want to be appreciated, respected and loved, so give it out freely to each other and lets create a better world one person, and one pushup at a time.
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on August 12, 2007
Normally, I wouldn't go near a promotion like the perfect pushup, but I decided to give them a try after seeing the positive reviews on Amazon.

I use to do heavy bench pressing, but after shoulder surgery, my ability to do the bench became far more limited. I turned to push ups at first, but I couldn't get the same burn that I did when I weightlifted. Hence, I decided to give the perfect push up a try to see if I could get a better work out that wouldn't strain my old shoulder injury.

I have completed the 21 day workout and I gave it a five star rating for the following reasons:

1). Muscle work out- Very few exercises have the same muscle "burn" as weightlifting, but my workouts for the perfect pushup gave me the same type of burn as a bench press....without the stress on the joints. You are definitely a bit more sore in all the right places around your chest, tricep, and shoulder areas after this workout, which I found incredibly surprising because I couldn't get this same workout with push ups alone. For this reason alone, I like the product. I don't feel the burn in the stomache or bicep areas as much, so I supplement this workout with other upper body exercises throughout the week.

2). Stress on the joints- there is very limited stress on the joints and the motions are much safer than standard weightlifting.

3). The program- It is a very efficient program that essentially includes 3 to 4 sets of supersets of push ups a day. I found that if you are efficient, you can complete these in under 20 minutes, though you will be very tired. I often integrate other parts of a workout while I wait in between sets, but the point here is that you can can pretty easily follow the program. It also isolates different parts of the chest muscles (close and wide pushups) and after an extended period, more strenuous pushups (chair). The fact that I followed their program is a minor miracle because I rarely follow

4). results- I have followed the program exactly and was able to add an additional 10 pushups onto my max after a 21 day period. This is a faster grade of increase than I experienced in weights.

Don't be fooled that you can do a million of these push ups right out of the box- this is a challenging work out and definitely worth the $40. You'll be lucky to do 20 even if you have been weightlifting for a long time. Stay with the program though because it does seem to work

The one caveat- as with any push up exercise, you may want to be careful if you have elbow problems. However, if you don't have any problems doing regular push ups, this product should work for you.

Final note-they are making a travel version of the pushups later this year- if you want something more portable for travel (the bars will fold down on the travel version) you may want to wait for this version. The one here is pretty portable (fits in a shoe box).
Good luck.
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on July 28, 2017
helps with your wrist ovement
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on January 2, 2008
I used to be serious about staying in shape, but as I got older, I got lazy and pretty much gave up on spending time working out. Lately, I've been trying to get back into it, but everything I tried such as gym passes, never did enough to motivate me to get back into shape...

... that all changed with the Perfect Pushup. I've never felt a simple workout do so much for me. After doing the proper amount of sets and reps of the regular, wide, and close pushups in a row, I get such a great pump as if I'm working with heavy weights.

Normally I can do 40+ pushups in a row. With these Perfect Pushups, I can only do about 25-30 in a row, but when I started I could only do 20. I've also noticed that my arms have gained about an inch (1") growing from 13.5" to 14'5", and that's only with 2 months of use.

Also, I would like to note that the day after, not only are my arms and chest sore (surprising since even with free weights, I rarely get sore), but my abs, and back are also sore. No pain, no gain right?
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on October 30, 2007
Based on other reviews, I had mixed feelings about buying this product. But after receiving it those mixed feelings have turned to being very very pleased with the product.
It works good on at least my short shag carpet, they are light, and even with the slight learning curve easily mastered.
I do strongly suggest that you get the 10 card, if you want a real workout from these. I did not buy into all the hype about weight loss. I simply bought them to challenge my body and to do what I thought looked like good alternative push ups as well as the old standards. Be sure to FOLLOW the instructions.
I do not want to step on any toes here, but generally I find when someone talks bad about certain things it is because they did not follow instructions, use the product faithfully, or expected something for nothing.
Are you going to be able to set them on the floor and instantly do the push ups in the picture? NO! Will it tax your body? YES. Will you get dramatic results from using this product alone? NO! You MUST and I emphasize MUST eat right (5-6 times a day) and do other exercises. How do I know. I've went from 350 lbs and 52% body fat to 230 lbs and 25% body fat in 2 years.
Make these part of your exercise routine and you will not be disappointed.
But don't expect it to be your magic bullet for the body you've always wanted, or look like the fitness model in the picture. That takes work, no pills or single piece of equipment will do that for you.
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