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on November 28, 2012
I wasn't sure what to expect when I ordered this package. The reviews looked mostly positive and the package contained the components I needed for product photography. When it arrived I was pleased to see everything packaged up in a relatively lightweight, padded case. Perhaps I didn't read the listing thoroughly, but the case was a pleasant surprise. While not a high quality case, it does adequately store and transport the product from office to location as needed. The included components allowed me to achieve my best product photos to date with less effort than I would have anticipated.

Here's an itemized breakdown of the kit with the pros and cons of each piece:

1) Tents - The large 30x30x30 and small 12x12x12 light tents are packaged in their own pouches for easy transportation. They opened easily enough. However, the first time or two closing them up will prove to be a challenge for most. It requires a bit of technique, finesse and process to achieve a refolded tent. However, after one or two tries and watching an online tutorial it will be easy.

The tents themselves are high quality and well sewn. They fabric is heavy enough to seem durable. The metal hoops that create the structure appear to be solid and durable enough for many opening and closings.

The backdrops conveniently use hook and loop fasteners to attach to the rear wall and floor. They are folded, so each will require significant ironing for a flawless background. The variety of included backdrop colors allows you to do high key or low key photos for a professional final result. Once you have your backdrops ironed roll them up on an old tube from wrapping paper.

2) Lights, Bulbs and Stands - Many reviews complained that the lights weren't strong enough. Well, those reviewers are just wrong. The lights more than adequately lit the entire interior of each tent. One will need to know how to use their camera to achieve correct exposure. The bulbs are labeled as Square Perfect brand and worked well. Some reviewers have complained that the light stands are flimsy. Again, they are wrong. The stands are perfectly adequate for the job and are configurable for an infinite variety of positions to achieve optimal lighting. The bulbs and shades hardly have any weight at all. The stands securely hold the lights in whatever position they're set. Any larger, heavier or higher quality stand would be overkill and a waste of resources. One caveat. The stands are short, so if you have the tent on a small table that doesn't also have room for the stands, you will need taller stands. The solution: Use a long table such as a board room table or conference room table. No table like that available? Move things to the floor. This may only be an issue for some when using the 30x30x30.

3) Camera tripod - This will be just fine for many hobbyists and home photographers using lightweight point and shoot cameras. If you use a professional DSLR consider using a more substantial tripod. Longer exposures require a complete lack of movement and I'm not confident that this tripod will perform to those standards. Its a freebie so don't feel bad about not using it. Donate it to your local goodwill or gift it to someone without a tripod at all.

4) The case - The zippers are cheap and the padding is minimal. I wouldn't consider traveling with this case if I were to check it on a plane or put it with other luggage. While the entire setup is easily stowed in the bag it doesn't provide anything more than adequate basic protection. The front of the case had a chalk marked "02" on it near the logo. I'm not sure how or when that would have occurred but that is the way it came. A minor annoyance, but not anything I'd send it back for.


All in all this product still gets five star rating. For most experienced photographers you'll have a few more pieces than you may need but the overall value is excellent. You could piece together a similar kit, but you probably wont' save any money and you won't have a specially designed case. You could buy a similar kit for $300+, but why? If you're shopping for similar kits on Adorama, B&H, etc, just save your $ and get this one. It will do just fine.
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on November 30, 2014
I have had nothing but trouble with this product.....I ordered it on November 1 and received it with broken bulbs.....returned it and received a replacement in a very timely fashion....I unpacked the replacement and went to plug in one of the lights and it has two Large prongs, instead of the standard electrical setup(the second light is ok) with one large and one small it is worthless......I am not going to deal with the hassle and delays of sending the entire collection of gadgets back again.....I will contact an electrician to replace the terribly built light careful with the quality of this item!!!
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on July 20, 2012
When I purchase a product like this, a discounted product that normally sells for quite a bit more at say, my local camera shop, I don't go in to it with many expectations. In one sentence here is my review: it does the basic job that a light tent should.

I did at least expect that the light tents themselves would work for what I needed, and that is definitely the case. They diffuse the light, the hold the background just fine, the fold up and fit into the packaging as they should. The 30" tent is huge. Looking at 30" on a tape measure is in no way representative of what the tent looks like on my dining room table. This is fine though because it makes it versatile.

The backgrounds will wrinkle and crease. Taking photos here at home isn't such a big deal, I just iron them and they are ready to go. I've tried to think of a way to store them without folding them,, like rolling them around the outside of a cardboard tube. This works a little better, but then if you want the background furthest inside, I have to unroll the whole thing to get it out.

My biggest complaint is probably the same as everyone else's: the lights are not very bright. The documentation gives suggestions for DSLR camera settings, but I found that they were way off from what I needed -- the bottom line is that a tripod is necessary because the shutter has to be open for long enough that you will get blurry photos otherwise. Even the documentation recommends using a remote or 2-second delay to avoid camera movement. I will explore using other bulbs, but for right now it's doing alright.

Oh, one thing I've done when possible is to take the light tent outside to shoot. Direct sunlight diffuses pretty well through it and lights fairly evenly so this is a nice way to avoid all the set up, slower exposure times, and to get some sun on my skin.

The packaging is okay. It comes with a case to store everything. It's decent although I opted to store it all in a smallish hard-sided plastic tote for better protection and so that I could keep the bulbs in the lamps and the lamps on their stands. Using the included packaging would mean having to store the bulbs inside their boxes, inside styrofoam and having to assemble/disassemble everything for each photo shoot. I needed to have a faster way to set up and tear down when I'm doing shots for Etsy products.

As other people said, the overall quality of the stands and tripod aren't great with things like plastic fittings. I have a much better tripod and haven't even bothered with this one. The light stands are sufficient and I'll just know to handle them with a bit of care.

So, as I said in the title, this product works, but could use a few improvements. Overall I'm pretty happy with it and will continue to use it.
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on October 22, 2013
If you enjoy getting robbed then this is definitely the company from which you should order. When I opened it, one light stand was broken and one light bulb was broken. Called their 'customer service' line several time and left several messages. Not once did I hear back from them. Eventually had to go through Amazon, like a babysitter for their company, to get any resolution. HORRIBLE business ethics and cheaply made products.
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on August 16, 2014
I thought this would be a good solution and a good buy, but as I have used the equipment, I can no longer use the camera tri-pod unless it is at the very lowest setting. The top is great and holds my camera well, however when I try to raise it up, it falls back to the lowest position. It will not hold in place. There is an adjustment piece to hold it in place but I haven't been able get that piece to move at all. I have to hold it in place after cranking it to the position I need, otherwise it falls back to the starting position.
Just recently, August 2014, I had the plastic piece that is connected to the light fixture that you use to mount the light on to a tripod break off. It broke off at the point where it is attached to the light fixture so I can no longer use that light at all.
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on June 20, 2017
We are a business that has hundreds of products in an online store that gets updated frequently. We needed something to take photos of the various small electrical components that we sell, and this little booth has been perfect. It eliminates shadows, makes it easy to photograph various components and is very portable/lightweight. You can easily move it from place to place, and use it on a tabletop without much fuss. We liked it enough to buy a 2nd one!
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on December 10, 2013
Package arrived quickly. The pieces all come nicely boxed, foamed cushioned to protect from any mishandling in the mailing of it. So far I was impressed. I opened the smaller cubed white tent which was easy enough to open and set up. I used the black backing, but as others have mentioned, a little light ironing to get the creases out would be in order.

I set up the lights and the tripod. I noticed one of the light fixtures was not centered well but hey, minor stuff. The cube tent did not stay stable on the table. It wobbled; tried turning it upside down to see if that made a difference but no luck. I just dealt with it. I turned on the lights which illuminated beautifully, but not too long into testing the lights and cube, one of the lights blew. There are no replacements that come with the arsenal of pieces. Also, the tripod couldn't hold my camera very well when vertically setting the camera on the shoe portion of the tripod. I tightened all the screws, but no luck once again.

I think the tripod is good enough for a lightweight camera, but I was a little nervous that the tripod would not be able to hold my Nikon camera w/o my supporting it.
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on December 5, 2013
I have been really pleased with this Studio in a Box. It's perfect for photographing small and medium sized objects. Within a short time of receiving it, I had it set up and was able to accomplish what I intended. The interior backgrounds are nice and the best part is that they are washable in the delicate cycle of a machine. They do need to be steam ironed before using and after washing, but hold up well. The adjustable, collapsible lights are a cooler fluorescent which present more of a natural outdoor light but I replace the bulbs as necessary with other types to match my needs. I also use additional lighting. The lightweight, adjustable tripod has been performing well and has level bubble displays, a quick release lever. It's best for smaller, lightweight cameras. The set is packed in a nice carrying case, and although I haven't quite figured out how to get the cube folded back into the case, I usually just fold it flat and store it separately. I use it both indoors and out and the results have been good and met my needs. I did do some research before buying it and the reviews here on Amazon were very helpful.
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on May 19, 2015
This light box makes all of my products look "dead", or washed out. The nylon softens the light to the point that the images look awful and light is reflected into the camera lens.
The tri-pod is unusable. I am fine with cheapo tri-pods, but this is the worst of the worst of the worst.

I even tried this with better bulbs-still crap.

I would avoid this with jewelry or anything that you want to pop. Aside from shooting zombie body parts, I don't know what you could use this for.

The three fabrics it comes with are sort of velvety, so they get dirty right away and attract fibers. I wound up using paper to avoid doing re-touching on my second shoot.

I wish I could return this, but I waited too long to try it. Total waste of money. Buy yourself some cheap lights, and a roll of white paper. I am throwing this away after a couple of rounds of shooting with it and getting dead product shots with too much ambient light. Amazon should let people return this scammy garbage even after the return date, it is so useless. Like a toy.
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on January 16, 2014
i have to say that i am very happy with square perfect products they have great prices and this product in particular is excellent everything came in the box, the lamps are great (everything is aluminum except for the adjustment clamps they are hard plastic) the tripod its meeeh ok but i did not buy this for that, the light boxes are great and the size perfect the 60x60 its like a little tent for kids, i don't get why users find them difficult to fold they same way you unfolded you folded its that simple they have sides that indicate where to fold and where not to fold, one side its free and the other side its attach really hard one another (i mean each side of the light box), you have to iron the back color clothes and hang them with a hanger inside a closet (or at least the bigger ones), but over-roll i am really happy with this product and get the job done (i recommend you get another lamp for the upper part of the light box and more powerful bulbs for the big one)
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