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on January 1, 2014
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Sizzling Pages Romance Reviews

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While I loved the main plot of this story so much. A cancer survivor learning to accept the love and protection of her overbearing ex husband and him also learning to sometimes let her take care of herself. I was so frustrated with the heroines backtracking that I almost quit reading. He very very very early on in this book told her plain was day "I want to try again..I want us back" She 3 pages later says..what if he's married and doesn't want me anymore? ..Then hed tell her again how he wants to make things work and start over and she'd again say to herself that maybe she is not hearing him correctly or something. She would get mad if he wanted stay and then get mad once he left. She was a walking contradiction. When these two came together it was beautiful raw and real which really saved the story for me. There were other parts that bored me to tears..not at all the authors fault..I just found no interest in the in depth history of the birds/coal stuff. I found that parts of it were very interesting but then it would drag on with too much information that my brain shut down. I am glad I finished and saw them to their HEA and don't regret reading this at all. I appreciate the opportunity to review this book.
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on December 27, 2013
4.5 Stars!

This is my second novel by Christi Williams and it's safe to say that her books get better and better. I absolutely LOVE the fact that they are completely realistic. HUGE PLUS for me. This allows me, as a reader, to connect with the story lines.

"Noah loved Perri. He would always love her. But he would let her go, precisely because he loved her."

Five years ago, Perris and Noah Dalton had been married and very much in love. Then, Perris got breast cancer. Noah started seeing her as a very fragile thing. He wanted to protect her, help her, shelter her. But what he didn't count on, was losing his ability to make love to her because of all this. He had unconsciously stopped seeing her as the woman he married... the woman he desired. Unfortunately, Perris was well aware of how her husband saw her now. Heartbroken and devastated, she made one of the toughest decisions ever... she filed for divorce. Now, I must clarify for those that don't read books that cover topics like cancer. The book does not go into the details regarding her days of battling cancer or anything like that. We get all this as background information.

Well anyway, after the divorce, Perris had left town. Now, a stronger and 'new' woman, she had recently moved back for her new job at a mining company. She never expected for an environmental demonstration to spiral out of control and use her as their punching bag for their attacks. She certainly never expected Sheriff Noah Dalton to have to step in.

You see, Benjamin Collins, leader of the environmental activists, was a TAD CRAZY and he would stop at nothing until he got his way. Even though Benjamin scared Perris, she would never let it show. Perris was very stubborn and had her mind made up -- SHE would protect herself. She sure as hell did not need Noah or anyone else for that matter, to protect her.

"She hadn't wanted him riding in like a white knight to save her. She especially didn't want him feeling sorry for her."

Perris had left once because she hated how Noah pitied her, how he basically trampled her trying to help her. So now, having returned a stronger and even more stubborn woman, Noah was about to meet one heck of a tough challenge. How could he protect the woman he loved when she made it near damn impossible? Well, by recruiting the help of her father and younger brother. In Noah's defense, Perris left him no choice!!! It was clear as day that this Benjamin guy was dangerous, yet Perris would get angry every time Noah intervened... or tried to at least. See, Noah was up for re-election as the town's Sheriff, so he had to be super careful with everything he did. He couldn't publicly pick sides and had to be fair and neutral. So in a way, Perris made his job a tad more difficult, in my opinion. Because like I said, he was madly in love with her, but she wouldn't take his advice. She wanted to do everything on her own and sometimes, got herself in situations that warranted Noah's worry.

"He loved her. Always had, and probably always would. The problem was, he didn't understand her. But that didn't mean he didn't want to try."

Gosh. I loved Noah. He wanted Perris back and he wasn't giving up. He tried and tried and tried. Lets just say, I would've given into Noah WAY sooner than Perris did! Hahaha!! But once she did, though...ohmygosh. Their passion bled through the pages. I never once doubted their love for each other because honestly, their chemistry was undeniable.

"It makes me happy to see you still fighting for the life you want." His voice hushed. "I'm just sorry you thought you had to do it all alone." - Noah

Of course, getting over one of their issues didn't mean they were both ready to dive into their relationship head first. Noah still wanted to protect Perris at all costs, while she wanted nothing but to do it herself. They also still had to work through the fact that Perris' body wasn't like any other. She was still self-conscious over it, especially remembering Noah's little problem when they were married. I truly felt bad for her. I won't pretend to understand how having one breast would feel like, because I sure as hell don't know, but the way Christi Williams carefully developed this subject, made me sympathize with Perris. It made me want even more for her and Noah to work things out and finally get their well deserved happy ending. And they did. :) They sure did.

I look forward to reading more from this author. I've come to realize that I love reading Western romances and Christi Williams' books have a uniqueness that I truly like -- they are realistic yet an enjoyable escape.

I recommend this book!

"There's always been the two of us, no matter where we were physically. We're eternal, Perri." - Noah

*** A copy of Perilous Promises was provided by author in exchange for an honest review. Thanks, Christi!
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on December 19, 2013
Perilous Promises is a refreshing realistic romance, full of imperfect characters with real life problems.

The opening of the story really had me in shock and I had to stop and think, put myself in Perri’s shoes and ask how I would deal with a horrible decease like breast cancer and a suffocating husband. What really broke my heart was how much her husband Noah loved her. He loved her so much that he was able to see there was a problem, he just couldn’t figure out how to fix it, so of course he blames himself.

Now don’t get me wrong I loved both these characters though at times I could just throttle Perri. She obviously is a very independent well educated woman, but her stubbornness really got in the way of her love for Noah. She loves him so very much but I think the cancer took a good part of both of them in the fight to survive it. This I can relate to. My husband currently has stage 4 cancer and is facing a long battle ahead. We are only 2 months into his treatment and the effects although may not be visible now to just anyone, I can already see a difference in my husband. It is heartbreaking and the feeling of not being able to help or cure him just rips my heart out.

So in many ways it was very easy for me to relate to Noah’s character and understand his side. This is what made the book work for me. I have never been able to relate to the male character in a book so closely. Author Christi Williams did an absolutely fabulous job at expressing what a spouse goes through during the fight for your loved ones life.

But wait, there’s more. Not only do we get deep, complex characters but also a story outside their romance. This is where you get to see the more protective side of Noah and Perri’s struggle to allow him to protect her. And let’s face it this woman needs the protection for the loony protesters at the mining cave. Whether she wants it or not.

Perilous Promises takes readers on a long, and sometime frustrating journey but one that shows the emotional fight against cancer. But most importantly that yes there is answer to the “What now?” after you have won the battle.

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on November 8, 2013
This was my second book by Christi Williams and it definitely blew me away just as the first had done. There is so much between the main characters that it is hard to tell if they can overcome it!! You can read my review of Take a Chance on Love and trust me BOTH books are worth the time!!! As a side note....this cover is so perfect for this book! This is exactly how I would picture Noah and Perris! :-)

Christi has a way of dragging you right into the middle of a character and all their issues. Perris is a woman who had the love of her life, but then cancer stepped in. Unable to take the way her husband handles her after the cancer she leaves all of it behind. She builds a life for herself and learns to rely on NO ONE! She is a strong woman and she doesn't need anyone to come in and save the day. The chip that has landed on her shoulder is huge, but when Noah decides to go after her, he refuses to let anything stand in the way. But can he get through that tough girl exterior? Can Perris let go enough to let Noah and her family help protect her? This book is MUST read!!!

Read more at [...]
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on November 5, 2013
"The emotions between Perris and Noah are sweet, their commitment to each other is clear, regardless of their resistance to revisit what they once shared. 5 years is a long time to work through the issues and barriers that ended their marriage in the first place, without factoring in the fact they had both moved on, grown and matured (well at least a little bit)."

For the full review visit

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on November 3, 2013
Perris fought and survived breast cancer, and despite the efforts of her father, brother and husband to support her, she flees her hometown to begin a new life, including divorcing her husband Noah. She wants to live her life, NOT be stuck in the past with what she perceives as pity from those who love her.

Noah loves Perris, yet when she asks for a divorce, he doesn’t fight her, but he also doesn’t stop loving her.

When Perris returns to her home town for her job, threats from an overzealous environmental demonstrator bring the men who love her running to her aid. She wants to stand on her own and fight her own battles, but these men, including the ex-husband with plans to win her back, have other ideas.

Christi Williams has a gift for bringing the reader into her stories and making you feel right along with the characters. They are real people fighting real life battles, just like you and I. They miscommunicate and misunderstand, but when they finally open up to each other, perceptions are changed as are lives.

I fell in love with Christi’s writing with her first book and devoured “Perilous Promises” as soon as it was available, and I anxiously await what she will have for readers in the future.

If you love stories with sexy cowboy heroes and strong heroines you definitely need to add “Perilous Promises” to your to be read list.
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on October 27, 2013
* Book provided by author in exchange for an honest review

Rarely do I read romance novels with heavy, realistic or even controversial themes, they're not my style. However Christi Williams' Perilous Promises was a book I made an exception for. Perilous Promises is the story of a woman named Perris's journey after breast cancer, who she wants to be, and the painful, but necessary decision to divorce her loving but suffocating husband (and love of her life), Noah. It shows that though people may have the best intentions, their actions might in fact, have the opposite result.

Perris Dalton is refreshingly flawed. At times it seemed like even she didn't know what she wanted out of life. Did I wish I could slap Perri at times? Absolutely. At one point she acts as if the men in her life are mind readers and should know when she wants to be saved and when she wants them to back off. She lets fear influence her decisions as well, which was annoying but again, realistic. Most of us, for good or bad, would react like Perri in those situations. I truly did admire Perri for having the strength to put herself before her relationship with Noah. As painful as it was for her to do it, Perri had to get away from him unless she wanted to spend her whole life being treated like an invalid. That's what kept her from becoming a TSTL (Too Stupid To Live) character in my eyes. Her commitment to her well being above any relationship, even if she does do more harm than good by closing herself off to her loved ones

Noah's love for Perri was admirable, he took care of her while she was fighting cancer and that made me love him. What didn't make me love him was how smothering he was after Perri was better. I understand the need to protect what he perceives as a "weaker" person, but sometimes he was over the top and the modern woman in me just cringed and felt suffocated (which is why I totally sympathized with Perri). Never fear though, he is an amazing man, just an imperfect one. Every male character in Perilous Promises has one huge thing in common, they don't know how to adjust to Perri being healthy again and the fear that she might find herself fighting for her life again makes them panic and do the stupidest things.

Author Christi Williams doesn't gloss over Perri's battle with breast cancer. She brings to light the range of emotions that a cancer patient and their loved ones go through: anger, fear, resentment, acceptance and hope. Perri's battle didn't end with the cancer, she struggled with a big question: What now? She spent so much time and energy fighting the cancer that once she beat it it was like she didn't know what to do with the time and energy she now had to herself. What she was sure of, was that she didn't want or need to be smothered by her well meaning but at times clueless husband Noah.

Perilous Promises takes readers on a long, sometimes frustrating journey but if you like less than perfect, well meaning characters then you'll enjoy this book. I do recommend it to breast cancer survivors and their family members because it's great that an author like Christi Williams made Perri's battle and recovery from breast cancer as realistic as possible without making the book all about the dark side of cancer.
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on September 29, 2013
I expected an interesting love story but instead this was an engaging page turner from beginning to the end.
I was inspired by Perris' strength as she became a breast cancer survivor. She was strong willed as she was trying to adapt and adjust to the hard blows she was dealt when she felt she had to go it alone. Her marriage fell apart and Perris came from a home where she lost her mother and her father didn't show emotions. Her independence made her tough, taught her to be brave even when she was most terrified.
Perris was willing to take a chance after enduring a great deal of heartache. I was afraid for Perris and Noah, knowing their was heartbreak after their breakup, but in the end I believe their relationship was a right one.

Christi Williams makes her books very exciting. To keep a person attached to a book takes a lot of talent and she's got it. The personalities of the men and women, her characters, struggle with the way things really are with issues of every day!
Christi has become one of my favorite authors and I am waiting for her next western romance!!
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on September 23, 2013
I really enjoyed this book. The book was an easy read with an entertaining twist and humorous undertone. A great love story with a lot of real life problems and a great ending. all necessary to me for a good romance. I love this author.
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It seems much more recently but in 2004 my dad was diagnosed with cancer. He fought and won for three wonderful years but once we all heard the initial diagnosis, nothing ever was the same. Two years ago, my mother-in-law was diagnosed with breast cancer. She is still fighting and winning but as her family has tried to adapt and adjust, we have all made time to be with her as much as possible. Bottom line: Cancer is terrifying for the patient AND those who love them.

Adapting to the new 'normal' takes time and patience. In this story, no one deals with that fear well - not Perris who runs before she can become a burden or be 'unwanted' and not her physically strong and assertive husband Noah who with good intent becomes dense and overbearing.

I loved the way the author brought clearly to the surface all of the feelings of terror, loss, mortality and rage that cancer patients feel. Everyone reacts differently. Perris reacted by pushing others away and recreating her life so there was no one to lean on, no one to need her and she could have her dream job, being strong and self-supporting. There were times where Perris was acting like a brat but I imagine some of that is understandable. Eventually, when something happens with a scary protester, she finally runs to her ex-husband for the first time in 5 years. Of course, the story and events do not end there and it still takes time for Perris, Noah and everyone who loves her to come to grips with it all and work out the kinks. Yes, there is a HEA but you will have to read the book to experience how they get there. *wink*

I really want to applaud Christi Williams for including such a painful and pertinent subject (breast cancer) in this story. That is huge, especially for a Romance book and yet how many women would flock to this story because they can relate? And how many of us would welcome the inspiration we can find in Perris and her men? Kudos Christi!

There were a few times that the books tempo slowed a bit more than I would have liked and it helps if you have an interest in the Hawk Springs, Wyoming area and the lifestyle and land there. I will be on the look out for more of the Hawk Springs Romances personally and would think that Contemporary Western Romance lovers, women who have survived breast cancer and their loved ones would enjoy this book.

**4 STARS**

**NOTE: I received this book in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. All opinions are my own and no further compensation was received.
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