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on November 5, 2013
Worked fine with Windows 8.0 will not work with Windows 8.1 upgrade. I have sent e-mail to Perixx support website but so far no answer. I want to know if there is updated driver that will work with 8.1. So far I have not heard
anything from them.

I really like the mouse and it worked fine until I switched to 8.1. Will not recognize the mouse at all.

I got it for a Christmas present. It was ordered from Amazon by my Grandson but I do not have the receipt etc so
can't return it.

Has anyone been able to use it with Windows 8.1?
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on June 18, 2012
This is the second Perixx product I have purchased from Amazon. Both items have met, and exceeded, my expectations. The quality is flawless, and the instruction manuals are clear and concise.
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on May 28, 2012
I usually prefer to use a trackball instead of a mouse.I was looking to replace an old trackball but thought I would try a mouse this time. I liked that it is wireless and a small size. I just web surf, check e-mails and such. I use a small keyboard and with this small mouse I like that they don't take up a lot of desk space. I also like that this mouse unlike older ones I have used does not require a lot of space to move the curser on screen. I like the on/off switch on the bottom to conserve battery life. My keyboard has a usb connection so distance from the mouse to dongle is not an issue. Seems to be well made and comfortable. Scroll wheel works fine for my needs.

UPDATE: 03/18/2013. Mouse stopped working properly. Became erratic. Changed batteries several times and different brands but mouse continued to fail. I really liked the Perixx wireless mouse until it failed . I am trying a Microsoft 800 wireless keyboard/mouse combination now.
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on August 12, 2012
OVERVIEW: This is a really good mouse and I'm glad I got it. These would make a nice inexpensive gift too. It performs far better and looks classier than I expected it to for the price or than the Amazon photo looks! If you are accustomed to a fat mouse you'll find a Perixx 710B feeling a tad thin. The diameter however closer to that of a standard wired desktop mouse than the thickness. The thinness of the device is both a plus and a minus. The plus is that it takes up less room in a laptop bag but the minus is that the flatter feel takes some getting used to. Palming this mouse leads to an awkward wrist angle that could become painful after a while, so it is better to use it as a fingertip type controller.

The weight of this unit is enough to insure smoothness of operation, meaning it glides well and tracks smoothly. In fact this mouse tracks on a variety of surfaces including ones no mouse was designed to accommodate. I've tried bare wood, sofa/chair cushions and armrests, a cotton bedspread, a magazine cover, low pile carpet, a Formica counter, my Targus laptop bag and of course a mouse pad. The problem surface is a glass tabletop as no laser mouse I've tried will track well on glass.

The rubberized area where your fingers contact on top feel great and not slick at all which adds ease of use and a similar rubberized treatment on the sides would be a plus.

A DESIGN MARVEL: I can't comment on battery or product life as I've only had mine a few days. But I can comment on the design which is excellent from a convenience aspect. Battery install is simplified as the entire rubberized top is held on magnetically and you just lift it up gently from the end away from the click buttons. There you find a little thumbnail groove and if you pull the top up gently the entire top easily comes right off. The battery compartment is a bit tricky to work the batteries into because the design of the unit itself helps retain the batteries in the correct position so a drop or jar won't cause them to pop out. Inset the batteries per the polarity orientation indicated by the markings in the battery slots and slide to the battery back into the slot then snap the front of each battery down.

The required pair of AAA batteries are included and they are Energizer brand alkaline. Just put the cover back on top and the magnetic action takes over to secure it.

The USB dongle receiver device is a miniature thing so that you can just leave it plugged into your computer all the time unless your laptop is a super tight fit in the bag. The mini-dongle is why I tried this instead of the wireless Intellimouse 7000 which has a much larger flash-drive sized dongle. In the event you don't want to leave it plugged into your machine you can just store the receiver dongle in the magnetic storage compartment on the underside of the mouse. The slide on/off mini-switch is on the bottom also.

As has been pointed out before, this mouse is one swell piece of engineering which has already led me to looking at other Perixx products to give a tryout. I have a great deal of respect for Perixx's capabilities now which is remarkable considering 2 weeks ago I'd never even heard of Perixx. I have always used the Microsoft Intellimouse and MS keyboards too, so I was looking for a wireless MS mouse when I saw this one with such good reviews. The other reviewers are right, this thing is a keeper.

WORKS LIKE A CHARM: To operate, turn the mouse on and inset the dongle receiver device in an open USB port and you are in mousing after a quick automatic Windows 7 driver install. It took just a few seconds and it's ready. If you leave the mouse unused for a while it goes to sleep to extend battery life and will not respond until you click one of the buttons which instantly powers it back up. Some people say they pick it up and turn it off and then turn it back on, but that really isn't necessary and clicking any of the buttons will turn it back on. When packing it away remember to make sure it is turned off as the buttons can get pressed while in the laptop bag turning it back on and wasting batteries. It has a DPI (Dots Per Inch) switch which can make the cursor speed quicker on a high resolution screen or slower for a low resolution screen. which is a nice feature, especially if using it with an HD monitor. I like a fast tracking mouse cursor and the DPI feature enables fast tracking on either an HD or SD monitor.

NOTHING'S PERFECT: I have found three things less than perfect for me with this item. 1-My concern about possible magnetic emissions of the device. 2-Inaccuracies and/or omissions of information in the manual. 3- The general thinness of the unit when using it.

The magnetic properties enable the simple battery compartment access and handy dongle storage but I hope any magnetic field it emits is not a problem for my machine's hard drive when the two are in the laptop bag. I keep the mouse is a compartment of the bag as far from the machine as possible, but that is only about an inch away at most. As a general rule hard drives and magnets don't mix. The manual has very brief instructions on battery installation, which is not quite accurate, how to turn it on and little else in about 18 languages. The flatness you get used to very quickly using it.

SUMMARY: Based on my initial few days of use this is at least a 4 and one-half star mouse and every bit as responsive, sure and swift as my previously favored Microsoft wired mouse which I'd give 5 stars but no longer made. I'm ordering more of the Perixx units soon for gifts and to have one of my own as a spare. A really useful, super affordable and well designed gizmo I'm happy with and you may also like. If and when it breaks or gives any problems I'll try to update this review if the item is still available.
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on August 14, 2012
Based on a high rating I ordered this device because of the value. After finally determining that only 3 items came with the order, the mouse, the bluetooth device to plug into the laptop, etc., and the batteries, I realized there was nothing missing and the mouse wouldn't work no matter what I tried to "pair" it with. I could get it to pop-up on my devices page for both laptops and my Samsung Blue-Ray but no "pairing" screen would pop-up. I have a logitech wireless mouse I currently use on of the laptops and I have no problems with it. It may be because it is European and the configuration or something is not entered into the driver(I'm not a tech-y,just want auto-config to work the way it's supposed to, the way logitech did).
Regardless, I couldn't get it to work no matter what I did and had to return it yesterday. Amazon was great, however, about giving me a RA code and shipping label to print so I wasn't out of pocket anything for making the purchase. So don't be afraid to try something that's guaranteed by Amazon. For some people this worked great. Just not sure what the success rate is in the USA. My IdeaPad Z575 is a brand new computer btw, and my ThinkPad is a few years old, Windows 7 and Windows XP, and neither OS's driver detected it.
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on June 2, 2012
OK, I am very picky when it comes to "mice". I want wireless, SMOOTH tracking on all surfaces, NOT compact (that one limits my choices quite a bit), good battery life, "nano" size receiver, smooth scroll wheel and (not terribly expensive).
A perfect mouse is something that I have not found. I've tried many models from many different brands, including all the major ones like microsoft, logitech, kensington, hp...
Some are pretty darn nice, but not perfect.
As far as a DESKTOP mouse goes, I think the perfect mouse is a Microsoft Mobile Mouse 6000. But I can't rate that one very highly, as it's marketed as a MOBILE mouse. And as a MOBILE mouse, it doesn't track very well on many common surfaces. Leave it on a nice flat desktop surface though, and it ROCKS!
For Notebook use, the best "mice" I have found are Kensington K72401US and HP 2.4GHZ Wireless Optical Mouse VK481AA#ABA. The Kensington is perfect sized (not too small, like 99% or more of wireless mice) for comfortable long-term use. I just wish it would track a little smoother, and the battery life isn't the greatest. The HP VK481 is pretty darn nice, but too small for comfortable long-term use. If HP ever comes out with a wireless mouse the size of the Kensington K72401US, that will be a PERFECT mouse.
But back to the Perixx 710...
A couple months ago, I wanted a mouse to use for work. I was looking for cheap specifically as I didn't want to feel too bad if it got up and walked away...
I found the Perixx on sale for a really low price (at the time) and found it had good reviews. I gave it a shot.
I really, REALLY like the Perixx 710B. Until recently, I didn't even know that Germans made computer "mice". Perixx is a German brand. We're talking the BMW of "mice" here. And the build quality and performance are about what you'd expect if BMW made a mouse.
- Long wireless range
- Long battery life due to ultra-agressive energy saving features
- Silky smooth and FAST (high resolution) tracking on just about any surface
- Incredibly nice build quality
- This mouse is a real joy to use!!!
I liked it so much, I decided to buy another one to use at replace my work-horse Kensington 72401US.
Only downside of the 710B is that it's a little too small for (truly) comfortable long-term use.
That, and it appears to be discontinued.
It looks like Perixx is coming out with a replacement model 707. From the pictures, it appears the 707 might be slightly larger, along with having two more buttons (on the side).
If the features and build quality of the 707 are similar to what the 710 was, the Perixx 707 might possibly be the PERFECT mouse I've been looking for for years.
But then, it's not in retail channels yet...
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on August 13, 2012
I have several other Perixx products and they perform well. Designed in Germany. This happens to be a replacement for one that died, but things do happen. It is a major pain, however, to return a ten dollar item to Amazon - if I weren't stubborn, I'd just chuck it and forget the whole thing!
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on September 23, 2012
The mouse is a little bigger than I may have wanted but is working out fine with my laptop. Windows XP had no problems recognizing the device and I was up and running in just a few minutes. I use the Logitech Corded Mouse (M500) on my desktop so the flatter surface of the Perixx felt a little odd at first but it is comfortable enough and I like the wireless to avoid yet another cable hanging across my desk.

The Perixx has a power save feature that should help battery life. It shuts itself off when not being used (about 5-10 minutes is my guess). The advertised 30 foot operating range is probably a conservative number, I was two rooms away and was still getting mouse movement. Not something you would normally worry about unless you were using to control a presentation at a meeting.

Overall, a good mouse for the money although there are a couple of other things worth mentioning. When installing the battery, I noticed that the battery outline did not match the correct polarization (see my posted image). The plus (+) and minus (-) symbols are correct. My only other gripe, and this is not just aimed at Perixx, is the amount of packaging. At some point manufacturers need to consider packaging waste. Non-recyclable materials and wasted inserts (the instruction booklet was not really helpful even if in 16 different languages). We should strive for less waste in our landfills.
review image
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on May 1, 2014
Great mouse for the money. The piano surface is not as pleasing to the touch as its sibling's matted surface (I have both) but it doesn't detract from its functionality. I've only used it with MS Windows and have not had any problems. I've used it on a wide range of surfaces (tables, books, leather couch, my leg) without any issues. Although I have large hands I still manage navigating this little beast. It's a keeper (until I step on it or lose the USB dongle).
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on April 9, 2013
For a $10 mouse, it gets the job done, though being that its cheap, you shouldnt expect much out of it.

its just there to make it easier to use a laptop, its not in any way good for intensive uses like gaming, also it is not intended for super frequent use as well, as the construction is quite cheaply made, to the point where the picture indicating which direction you should put the battery in is actually opposite to how the battery should be placed in... also, batteries tend to drain fast if you leave the mouse on when not in use.

if you need something cheap to make it much more comfortable to use your laptop, but dont need to use it every single day, this is a great option, just dont expect too much from it or else you may be disappointed.
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