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on December 30, 2013
I wanted a wireless mouse because I use my laptop to watch movies on TV. This mouse is great... it is easily detected and does not have any problem with connection even if the mouse is away from the laptop (10-15 feet radius). The USB stick that goes into the laptop is very small and does not protrude out. The thing that I love the most about it is the auto off feature.. If the mouse is idle it will shutoff automatically thereby saving battery. I previously owned a Logitech wireless mouse and it would eat up the batteries. I had to remember to manually turn it off when I was not using it.. but not with this one. And turning it on from auto off is also very easy just one click and it is on again.. very convenient. I am very happy with this product!
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on October 28, 2013
Once the mouse goes into power save mode, all my Logitech wireless mice will wake up as soon as I touch it. I'm guessing they have built-in accelerometer or something and can wake up based on a movement.

Perixx mouse does *not* wake up unless I press a button or rotate the scroll wheel.

I'm sort of getting used to this, but the Logitech behavior is far more intuitive and natural in my opinion.

Other than that, range is good and motion is smooth, so no other complaints. But if I were buying another wireless mouse, I'm probably going to get something that can wake up based on movement.
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on March 24, 2014
+quite light
+different DPI settings

-doesn't work with Mac
-connectivity issues with PC -- it will randomly freeze for a few moments, then jump around the screen, like the commands got stuck and released all of a sudden. Took an incredibly long time to connect initially as well; I thought I had a defective product. Online search for solution/help revealed many other users with similar issues.
-USB nub doesn't fit completely in the mouse body; it sticks out awkwardly and isn't secured by anything other than friction.

If you are in dire straights and there is nothing else available, this mouse is serviceable.
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on November 20, 2014
My favorite mouse I've used yet. I take my laptop with me to school everyday and this thing have survived at the bottom of my book bag with daily traveling for over a year now. The on off switch will occasionally need to be toyed with but has never given me any real problems.

PROS: very low profile and small enough to throw in any bookbag compartment/pocket. The click is quieter then most I've used. Simple installation and use. Durable

CONS: Occasional on/off switch issues (again hasn't given me any real problems so far, just have to toy with it for like 4 seconds for it to turn on)
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on February 28, 2013
Device is fine, but I find that it turns itself off (to preserve battery) too quickly and I find myself having to turn it off-and-on (via switch on the bottom) too often. So, I'm unlikely to use this as my primary mouse for my laptop and only when I am travelling.

I appreciate that with a wireless device, there is going to be a battery-drain issue so auto-turn-off is a good feature - but it should turn on when I move it or click it or something easier than a switch on the bottom...

I have a query into the manufacturer (Perixx) to see if that can be configured. I'll update this review based on what I learn.

Manufacturer got back to me very quickly (which was great). Unfortunately, you can't configure the "sleep" time. It's a reasonable trade-off of slower-sleep-time vs. battery-life, so I'll take this up to four stars...
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on November 14, 2012
I purchased this mouse and found that it was a comfortable, small but easy to use mouse. The wheel scrolls well and there is a useful DPI button that can switch resolutions on the fly. I like the soft-touch plastic/rubber on the upper surface of the mouse and the fact that it came w/ a non-generic battery. Can't beat the price. Using it on Windows XP w/o any issue.
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on May 31, 2012
I purchased another inexpensive wireless usb mouse on Amazon before. Can't remember name of the product but it served its purpose but did feel cheap. So I decided to get this.

First off it feels well built for its price. Doesn't feel like it will break in a few weeks like the other wireless mouse I purchased.

Mouse feels comfortable in my hands and I feel that mouse keys have a nice responsiveness when I press on them.

Only knock on this mouse is how you have to place the batteries in. Trust me when you get this you will see what I am talking about. Both the positive connection for where you place the battery are facing the same exact direction. So you think you have to put both batteries facing the same direction as opposed to opposite directions like all other battery operated devices.

The mouse looks cool, looks like it would cost a bit more than under $10 that I paid for so it is well worth it to me and so far so good.
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on April 16, 2013
I highly recommend this wireless mouse to anyone not wanting to bother with the trackpad on a netbook or notebook.
I have ChrUbuntu 12.04 installed on the Acer Chromebook that sells at a well known electronics retailer for a great price!
Talk about instantly improving the bang for your buck with this netbook! I have used Ubuntu for quite a while and it is no less valuable with this Chromebook.

I no longer use the Chrome OS it came with needless to say.

There are just a few minor bugs with this piece of hardware, one of which is the trackpad which becomes annoying to deal with at times.

Enter the Perixx mouse! Since I have been using it the point and click experience has been a dream!

Great functionality with ChrUbuntu 12.04 and it is recognized immediately!
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on January 6, 2014
It's an attractive white wireless mouse. It was autoinstalled on my Windows XP laptop I use to watch Netflix on my TV. I also installed it on my Windows 7 current gaming laptop with no problem. The distance I use it from the computer to watch Netflix is 6-8 feet and it has not had a discernable problem with mouse control in the week or two that I have owned it. It does sleep fairly quickly, but clicking any mouse button wakes it up assuming the slide switch on the bottom is at the on position. This should help the battery to last a long time. So far, I am happy with this mouse. It works on the black wood coffee table and on my leg or the leather sofa we sit it. The wheel also works as expected. In other words, absolutely no complaints.
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on November 23, 2013
This mouse replaced an orouchi razer that finally gave up the ghost.
I bought the razer (in 2008 or so) because it was advertised as being high resolution. I found that the delay in the razer was really annoying and you had to constantly move the razer to prevent it from going to power saving (delay) mode.. This mouse has no discernible delay. It does go to sleep after few minutes, but a right click seamlessly awakens it.
Oh... it is waaaaaayyyyyyy cheaper than the razer (by about $140, IIRC)
I originally focused on Bluetooth mice because I thought the dongle would be hazardously fragile sticking out of my notebook's USB port. That turned out not to be the case. The dongle protrudes about 3/8" and is mechanically stable
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