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on July 8, 2013
I have purchased both mice and this is my honest review comparing the 2 as well as some other thoughts.

The 2 are actually almost identical. Only differences are:

(Perixx vs Anker)
Glossy buttons vs matte rubbery buttons
up to 2000 DPI vs 1600 DPI
red LED DPI indicator vs blue LED DPI indicator

another thing to note is that the forward/back and DPI buttons feel sturdier on the Perixx but the Anker mouse has a slightly faster scroll wheel.

I would personally go with the Anker mouse only because I like the matte finish better and I like the slightly smoother scroll wheel. Yes matte finish will be affected by finger oils but I don't really mind. This is mostly just preference. Not a matter of superiority.

As for the DPI I couldn't really notice the difference. Tracking also feels the same. And for those of you wondering (I didn't know this till I got it) the curved LED strip doesn't light up cus these mouses are wireless and take batteries. It only blinks to indicate DPI changes.

As for form factor, I use this mouse more for work and web browsing. I cannot game with it. This is because when I am gaming, I need my hand to rest on the mouse. With this mouse, I need to squeeze/pinch it, requiring the use of a bit of thumb force from the back when pressing down the right, left, and middle click buttons. I feel this lowers my APM (actions per minute). I know you're looking at this mouse for ergonomics and not gaming, but I thought you should know in case some were curious.

I have also written a review for the Anker mouse which is slightly more detailed. I also gave that mouse the same rating. Reason I docked a star is because I feel it could be better. Widening it a bit will help negate thumb force and making it a bit more vertical will help lower wrist pain even more.

Overall, still a great mouse considering the price. Good quality and button placement. It doesn't really get better than this currently unless you buy an Evoluent.

UPDATE** (07/26/13)
My Anker malfunctioned a couple weeks ago and Anker replaced it. I noticed that the feedback for the scroll wheel on the new mouse was inbetween my previous Anker and the Perixx. Being made by the same manufacturer, I guess the scroll wheels were also meant to be identical (in terms of feel). Another reviewer said his Perixx had smoother scrolling than his Anker. Guess it just differs from mouse to mouse. Even so, the forward/backward buttons on the Perixx still seem more pronounced (not a good thing or a bad thing).
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on November 22, 2013
I've had this mouse for a little over a month. Overall, it's a very decent model that's helped relieve some of my ergonomic woes. I knew I was probably heading for a Repetitive Strain Injury and was having some major forearm pain from spending too much time clicking around in my work.

This wireless mouse has helped a great deal in soothing my poor arm. It's curved to be relatively comfortable and works just as well as any other wireless mouse I have owned. Maybe a little better. I appreciate the way it turns its laser off after being idle too long. This definitely helps save on battery juice.

My only complaint is that the scroll wheel is a little jerky, as others have mentioned. This is not the mouse for you if you intend to use it for precision work like graphic design or 3D gaming. But for most jobs and casual browsing, this ergonomic mouse is just perfect.

4/5 stars for the Perixx PERIMICE-713.
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on March 19, 2014
So I got this mouse after I started using a TV stand as my main table. I have 3 laptops which I use simoultaneoulsy and as I ran out of desk space I put 2 tables ( 1 table and one computer stand ) together as an L-shape to work better. Problem was that the TV stand is a little higher than a normal table and so my wrist was angled when using the mouse. Afraid that this would lead to median nerve compression and carpal tunnel I got the Perixx mouse.

First off the mouse is easy to setup and use. It has 5 buttons - left, right, middle, and a forward and backward button. It also has a DPI button which adjusts sensitivity such that you have to move the mouse less physically to get the pointer from one end of the screen to the other.

It also has a red light in the arc on the left side of the mouse which lights up during connecting and when clicking the DPI button. At other times the led light is off.

This mouse is also I'm assuming a laser mouse with the absence of the red light at the bottom near the optical sensor.

Another thing that I noticed about the mouse is that it goes into power save mode after some time of not using it, such that the pointer does not respond when the mouse is moved, one has to click one of the buttons to wake it up. This is actually pretty cool and would explain how it would save battery power, which my other mouse (the Microsoft laser mouse 7000) fails to do !

This mouse is comfortable to use, unless you have large hands, in which case the right edge of your palm will scrape on the table, unless you hold the mouse in sort of a hooking grasp from the top, which gets tiring after a while.

Another thing is that it would take a while to get used to the design, hopefully not too long though.
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on November 1, 2013
Carpal tunnel is serious business and if you work with a computer a large part of the day (like I do) you should seriously consider getting some ergo gear. Especially a mouse.

It doesn't feel quite as "solid" as the much more expensive Evoluent mouse I use at work, but for a fraction of the cost it still performs pretty darn great. The scroll wheel is a bit temperamental at times, resulting in twitchy-less-than-smooth scrolling but nothing too bad. It's also a bit hard to press but it gets better with use.

Overall a good mouse but if the price creeps up I'd seriously consider spending a few extra bucks and upgrading to a higher-end model.

---------EDIT (11/10/13)---------
Echoing what other reviews have stated, the scroll wheel gave up within a few weeks. What was originally a slightly stuttering, which I could deal with, become outright jumping around a page which renders the mouse unusable, especially when using programs like Blender.

It's a shame since the mouse itself if very comfortable and great otherwise. I still need an ergo mouse though so I think I'll give the Anker vertical mouse a try; my brother has had one for months and hasn't run into any issues. Hoping I have better luck this time.
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on March 10, 2014
Improvements and Pros:
Quite a few of the previous reviews commented negatively about the scroll wheel. The unit I got doesn't have any of those mentioned problems. Perhaps the manufacturer has fixed the problem with this latest iteration. Another issue that got brought up a few times was that the mouse became non-responsive after a while. I did some experiments and timed it. It will go into a sleep mode after 10 minutes (plus/minus a couple of seconds) of inactivity. To wake it up, you can either move the scroll wheel a bit or press a mouse button. Moving the mouse doesn't wake it up, and I think that's a good feature. At the end of the day when I'm done and have forgotten to turn it off, it will go to sleep to save battery. It won't wake up If the mouse gets bumped or the table shakes a little, which could happen a lot if you're in a cramped environment. All the other "pro" qualities mentioned by other reviewers are my experience as well: outstanding ergonomic, good look, light weight, wireless, battery included, well constructed, etc.

I would like it more if it's less of a "blade" shape and more of a rounder, chunkier form. The Microsoft Wireless Laser Mouse as part of the Ergonomic Desktop 7000 (discontinued) offers that chunky feel. It fills up my palm and my fingers can truly rest in their naturally curled, relaxed form. However, the Microsoft one is not as "vertical" as the Perixx. I have used both and now use the Perixx almost exclusively because being more vertical offers just a tad more comfort than being more chunky but less vertical. And, of course, the Perixx is 1/3 the price of the Microsoft one. Also, the Perixx is only optical and not laser, like the Microsoft one.

It's a personal preference, but I deducted one star from five anyway. I feel that 5-star ratings should be given to the best-in-class.
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on October 21, 2013
I've been suffering increasing wrist and thumb pain from using a mouse the better part of the day at work. I started looking into the vertical mouse options and found many have the same known issue since around August of this year, the defective scroll. I had to do something and noticed this mouse had little mention of this issue so I gave it a shot. Wow, really helped the pain and liked the comfort, so I ordered a 2nd one for home 3 days after the first. Low and behold the first one started acting up after about 5 days. The scroll is erratic and jumps up or down or not at all. The 2nd one arrived and it's been about a week and still working well. I noticed it actually had a lower serial number then the first, so I think the earlier models were without this issue, then likely an internal component used by many different manufacturers became defective at some point.

I hope they get this ironed out and I see the Anker version is still not available, so I'm guessing the new supply of scrolls is not in yet. I've requested a replacement and will update the review after I receive it...hopefully it's an older one as well.
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on November 9, 2013
I really wanted to like this mouse and maybe that was a mistake. I should have returned it as soon as I started noticing issues with it. I will start with the positives and then move on to the negatives. Hopefully, this will help someone else make a decision.
I really wanted a nice ergonomic mouse that is easy on my wrist. I have the Microsoft ergonomic mouse and I don't find that one doing much for me. This one puts your wrist in a nice position, so much that even towards the end of the day, it still feels comfortable and I don't feel strain in my wrist. The width of the mouse is perfect and the curve that sits between your thumb and palm is well thought out too. The wireless receiver works great and the mouse has a really nice battery saving feature. If you don't use it for a few minutes, it will turn itself off and you would have to press a button to activate it. I really like that, since now I know I am not just wasting my batteries.
Now here are the problems with this mouse:
The first thing I noticed after getting the mouse is that the mouse is too long. That means that for you to press the buttons comfortably, you would have to grab it really close and extend your fingers forward as much as possible to feel the buttons comfortably. This may not be a problem for people with large hands, but for people with average or smaller hands, this will be uncomfortable. After realizing that, I decided to still give the mouse a chance thinking that maybe I'm just not used to it and that after some use, I will be OK. It turned out that I adjusted myself to it a bit, but this still bothers me after using it for nearly two months.
Another issue with the design is that because of the angle of the grip, the mouse won't feel comfortable if you use it on a normal flat surface. If you look on the pictures you will notice that the grip angle starts high and goes lower as you move forward towards the buttons. This means that the perfect use is with a mouse pad that has a wrist pad to keep your wrist raised. This wasn't the deal breaker for me, since I already have such a mouse pad to keep my wrist up.
However, the thing that just killed this mouse was the scroll wheel. It worked fine for up to a week after the return period expired and started being choppy. It progressively got worse to a point where it won't even scroll up or down.
After realizing that I can't return the mouse on Amazon anymore, I went to perixx's website and tried to find customer service number. I couldn't find one in the US. The only numbers they have are in Germany. Their RMA form is a simple excel sheet that you need to fill out and mail to them together with the item, but you need to contact them first to obtain an RMA number. It just looks like terrible waste of time.

Well, I was pleasantly surprised by Perixx today. I contacted the US based seller that is listed on Amazon. They will give me a full refund on the item and not even require to ship the item back. They said that there is a problem with an electrical component that has been fixed and should have new inventory on Amazon at the end of November. Stellar customer service brings the rating up to 3 stars I would give this 3.5 stars, if Amazon would allow me, but since I can't I am leaving the rating at 3 stars. I am knocking 1.5 stars since I find the mouse too long. However, I want to stress that with the fixed scroll wheel I would definitely recommend the mouse to someone looking for an ergonomic mouse. The size may not be a problem for you and considering the great Amazon return policy, you don't have much to lose.
Thank you for your purchase of Perixx product. Our product team has identify that there was a possible electronic problem with the scrolling of the PERIMICE-713. This problem may affect some items that was produce and ship between July and September 2013.

Starting from October, we replenish the item with new electronic design. I suggest you to re-order it at the end of Nov because Amazon may still have some old item kept in warehouse. Amazon is not able to sort out the item for us, so we have to manually handle each request.

We feel sorry about this problem, and a full refund of PERIMICE-713 has been arranged. You should receive the notice shortly from Amazon. For the defect item, you may dispose it as you wish.

Best Regards,

Perixx USA
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on July 2, 2013
In the small category of wireless, vertical mice this one takes the cake. The main competition to this product is the more popular Anker Vertical Mouse however the Perixx model is much better. This Perixx mouse features up to 2000dpi, higher than the Anker model. It also has a different finish on the buttons which feels much better. Overall I love this mouse and I believe it is very underrated, especially at the great price of $18. Anyone looking for a vertical mouse, stop here.
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on July 30, 2016
I purchased this ergonomic wireless mouse after getting cramps in my hand from the conventional mouse I was using.It's plug and play on Windows 7 Home Premium. As odd as it looks it took little time to adjust to it's physical layout. Buttons are in the right place, it's large but comfortable and controls mouse speed, back and forward buttons, scroll buttons allow you adjust how many lines to scroll and the wheel also scrolls sidewards back and forth. Overall this was a pleasant purchase quick delivery and simple plug and play. It doesn't get any easier or better.
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on August 8, 2014
I ordered this as a replacement for a broken ergonomic mouse. I have had deQuervain's release surgery for my right hand, so anything that requires pinching or movement with my thumb or palm down rotation causes stress and pain in my forearm and hand. Most ergonomic mice are designed for carpal tunnel issues and I have found that the thumb rest areas continue to be a problem for comfort. This mouse fits my hand well with a natural feeling distance between the thumb and finger areas and it is absolutely perfectly angled. However, it could be a little shorter from roller wheel to the back of the mouse for easier use. If you have a small hand or short fingers, this would not be a good mouse to purchase. Seems to be designed for medium to larger hands.
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