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"Person of Interest" is a tense, taut crime/technological thriller that immediately engages and compels viewers with its highly innovative stories and superb acting from a first-rate cast that includes Michael Emerson, Jim Caviezel, Taraji P. Henson, Kevin Chapman, Amy Acker, and many others.

All 23 episodes of "Person of Interest's" first season very quickly established this as a series very different from every other drama on network TV. The show's main characters are Harold Finch (Emerson) and John Reese (Caviezel), two men who live in the shadows. Finch is a multi-billionaire computer designer and software developer who created a super-computer for the government; Reese is a former CIA agent and Special Forces soldier, now working for Finch as a "fixer" and enforcer.

Finch's super-computer, which he calls "The Machine," can sift through trillions of megabytes of data and then predict terrorist crimes against the United States. But Finch's "machine" not only can predict all future terrorist threats; it can also foretell every other future crime as well - felonies the government considers "too insignificant" to do anything about.

Finch, suffering from a severe permanent physical injury, feels honor-bound to do something to help stop those "insignificant" crimes before they happen. He enlists the assistance of a down-and-out, homeless, alcoholic Reese, who reluctantly agrees to be Finch's agent in the field.

Complicating matters for both Finch and Reese is the fact that Reese is being hunted by both the CIA and the FBI, who consider him a major threat to national security; and by the NYPD, who suspects him of committing a series of unsolved murders.

"Person of Interest" is a terrific show on many levels. The acting is superb. Emerson and Caviezel maintain a quiet, reserved demeanor, a characteristic that adds tremendous credibility to each character's persona. Supporting actors, especially Taraji P. Henson who plays NYPD Detective Carter, and Kevin Chapman, who plays Detective Fusco, are equally good in their roles.

But what sets "Person of Interest" apart from other new shows (most of which try to bring something "fresh" and "different" to their story lines) is that this show actually does that. Each episode creates a chilling, almost paranoid atmosphere from beginning to end.

All of this adds up to a show that quietly and poses a question we all must grapple with: is vigilante justice ever an acceptable means of preventing or solving crimes? It's a question the show's creators and producers have wisely left unanswered, for even though viewers can see the positive results of Reese's and Finch's efforts, they should carefully consider the means used to achieve their desired ends. Highly recommended.
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on May 7, 2016
I have been a James (Jim) Caviezel lover since he was in All My Children. I knew this would be a wonderful series because he was in it. I never thought I'd get hooked on it and fall in love with Michael Emerson "Finch." He is so warm, gentle, caring and I think cute. Maybe not "HOT" but then again he is easy on the eyes (rate him a 8. As the show develops and the police get involved it only adds to the suspense and drama that pulls you into season one. Truly looking forward to season 2.
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on January 13, 2013
I bought the blu-ray/DVD combo pack, and it was worth every penny. The visual quality of the blu-rays looks great on my HDTV through my PS3. Everything looks very crisp, the colors look vibrant and cool when they're supposed to. Everything you'd expect in a high quality blu-ray. The audio is excellent, too. Jim Caviezel was kind of hard to hear sometimes when I was watching the program on air since he speaks in a low voice a lot, but the audio is clearer on the blu-ray, imo. I have not experienced any hiccups or artifacting anywhere, so rest assured that you'll be getting great playback.

This may seem silly, but the menus are very intuitive and easy to navigate. I love how while I'm watching an episode, I can press the UP button on my PS3 controller to pull up the menus, see which episode I'm on, etc. all while being non-intrusive on the episode. I haven't tried this on a regular blu-ray, but it works well if you are playing your disc through a PS3. The menus are also broken down into tiers, so submenus pop up as a line right above the main menus, which I prefer instead of clicking a menu and going to a whole other screen.

The show doesn't have a ton of extras on these discs, but at least there are some. There are some commentary extras and such. Not too many behind the scenes. I think there is an extended pilot, which I have yet to watch, but all in all, I'm happy with what they put on the discs. If you were looking forward to a ton of extras content, then you may be disappointed in this department, but I found it to be satisfactory.

The packaging is pretty nice. It comes in a well constructed slip cover, and then all the discs are housed in a booklet format. Blu-rays, then the DVD discs. There is also a paper for anyone who wants UltraViolet copies (I personally hate UV from prior experiences, but that's just me). It's hard to explain, but I'm sure most people have had packaging where the discs are difficult to get out. When you push down on the middle section to release the disc, and sometimes there isn't a good place to grip the edge of the disc or the mid-section just won't let go--this is not the case with this package. All the discs are secure, while also being easy to take out for quick disc swapping. It just goes to show that whoever made the packaging put some thought and care into it, and that this is a quality product.

Lastly, I typically focus on the product itself since people buying a season/film already know all about it, but I just wanted to write a brief blurb about my opinions on the show. I watched this series from day one because I am a huge fan of the Nolan brothers' work (Jonathan is the brother of Christopher Nolan who co-wrote and directed the recent Batman trilogy, Inception, The Prestige). If you enjoy their films, then it is extremely likely that you will enjoy this show. The protagonist, John Reese, is an ex-military agent who specialized in counter-terrorist hit jobs, living off the radar. He is a mysterious and dark anti-hero, much in the vein of Batman. His partner, Harold Finch, is a reclusive billionaire and computer genius who built a machine for the government to basically spy on the entire country through 24/7 wiretaps, surveillance camera footage, etc. It is built to detect and prevent acts of terror, but it ignores other premeditated acts of crime. Finch finds John and they become partners in trying to stop violent crimes. Early on, John recruits a dirty cop, Fusco, who, as the show progresses, reveals himself to be a respectable man who actually cares about helping people. Another detective, Carter, chases "the man in a suit," what the police say when referring to John. Carter is a straight cop who does not put up with corruption, or vigilantism.

All of these characters, along with many minor and recurring characters build a suspenseful, character-rich, and intricate storyline with multiple sub-plots. In my summary, it becomes pretty clear that there are many connections between this show and the Batman trilogy, so if you want a complex crime drama (I'd say this show is most closely akin to The Dark Knight), then this show will surely not disappoint. The acting is superb, too, with a great cast. Many of the actors are immediately recognizable (Jim Caviezel, Michael Emerson, Michael Kelly) and all the rest play their parts very well. It's an intelligently written and directed series that will always have you wanting more, as each episode ends with a question, cliff-hanger, or a satisfying character engagement that leaves the audience wanting to explore their world even more.

Basically: I highly recommend this series, and this blu-ray copy of it. Both top notch!!
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on January 22, 2013
Five stars for the series for sure! *****Awesome series with very complex multiple plots, on-going subplots and graphics that require your undivided attention. A real thinking person's drama! Images and dialog go by so fast you can miss alot of details if you can't stop and replay scenes and graphics from time to time. My husband and I felt it was well worth the price to buy the whole season's CD collection to rewatch the episodes very carefully to finally get all the details you missed in the actual airings. Pay close attention to "the Machine" 's graphics as it is constantly evaluating the situation and giving you information about characters you may not have understood very well just watching the drama unfold. The whole set was of excellent quality picture and sound but..
As for marketing the actual product... We had one "pro and one "con" The Pro was that Amazon continues to offer the very best prices for anything digital or electronic you could ever want. Our local mega video store had the same 1st season series in "regular" dvd for $60! And since it is a very popular item, it was kept in the locked cabinet section of the video sales section! What a ripoff! Amazon saved us $40 bucks over that listed price.We did spend a little bit more by ordering it for 3day delivery so we could watch an all-day marathon over christmas vacation. That was worth it and it did show up on the exact date you said it would despite tons of Christmas deliveries clogging the system. The "con" was that there was no difference in the two types of sets offered. This is not Amazon's issue as we know you have no control over the product. It was the deception of the dvd manufacturer. We thought we were buying an upgraded product by buying Blu-ray but surprisingly this was a misconception and cost us a few extra bucks we could have saved for the higher shipping cost. The Blu-ray set contains a "regular" DVD set and a "Blu-ray set" 2 separate disc sets in one package. Stupid waste really...10 discs altogether that we could not see any difference in picture quality. The Blu-ray set was condensed into 4 discs including the "special features" videos while the regular DVD was in 6. We played them both on our Blu-ray player but couldn't see any difference at all. Blu-ray technology when it first came out was supposed to be the new HD digital state of the art. However, that was several years ago. Now that ALL broadcasting is digital, plus all video content sold today is burned in digital format plus we all have big screen HD TVs, the "regular" DVD is of the same excellent quality as the original Blu-ray. So don't be fooled into buying one format over the other or in our case,both. (We didn't know we were getting both sets) Regular digital is excellent in color, HD and sound.
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on March 25, 2013
so this will be short and to the point. this box set houses all of season 1. its basically a thick bluray book case with 4 discs for the bluray side and 6 discs for the dvd side. it also comes with a code for ultraviolet which i actually think was a great idea. this is a first, as i've never seen tv series be bundled as a bluray/dvd combo before, and i think thats a great idea. less money on the manufacturers who make them to market them separately, and really it benefits us the consumers. for those who only want the dvds, this set is great as it'll give you a chance as well in the future to watch the bluray when you do decide to upgrade to HD. no need to repurchase said series on bluray. for those who already done the upgrade, you'd primarily want the blurays obviously, but the dvds are great for us in case someone else in the house wants to see on their own pace and there for you don't need to lend out your blurays. all in all its a great set.

i was slightly upset that the dvds only come in english and guess what? PORTUGUESE! what the hell? its not even one of the three top languages in north america! thats what lead me to give it 4 stars only. i mean come on?! it should of been eng., french AND spanish! no one listens in portuguese! BUT, the blurays come in, eng, french, spanish(Castilian) and portuguese. its not south american spanish audio but there really is no difference between how the people in spain speak it to how south americans speak it. the only real difference is their accents. but its basically spanish audio for the blurays thats included. so if you were wondering about that, you can at least listen to it in spanish. i really have no idea why the companies did not include spanish audio on the dvd side. it really is a slap in our faces. i know that dvds cant hold as much data as blurays, but at least have eng. and spanish audio tracks avail on the dvd side of things. not just on the bluray side. not everyone has a bluray player and my mom really wanted to watch this series in spanish, so she had to upgrade for this set.

other than that, there are some special features, but i have yet to look at them. once i do i'll post them here.
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on January 13, 2014
A high-concept show that isn't afraid to get down and dirty, this latest exercise in paranoid worldbuilding from producer J.J. Abrams provides an addictive combination of action and future tech. Series creator Jonathan Nolan (brother of Christopher) lays out the premise at a furious clip: an eccentric tech genius (Lost's Michael Emerson) enlists a shadowy soldier-of-fortune (Jim Caviezel) to help with his pet project--a machine with seemingly endless surveillance capabilities. Utilizing the device's ability to identify threats before they happen, they set out to right future wrongs, attracting the attention of a dogged New York cop (Taraji P. Henson) in the process. Were Person of Interest content to remain at the level of weekly procedural, it would be a very good one, with every installment boasting well-choreographed fight scenes, Emerson's impeccably weird comedy timing, and a thorny morality that keeps the methods of the protagonists edging into the black. (A standout early episode, featuring Linda Cardinelli as a doctor with a hidden past, boasts an open-ended resolution that would do Elmore Leonard proud.) Thankfully, however, Nolan and co. also show an ability to play the long game, cannily inserting flashbacks that hint at a bigger mystery, introducing a strangely empathetic recurring supervillain, and laying out minor plot elements that pay off big further down the line. The show's impressive planning also extends to the supporting cast, with Henson given a character arc that many leading characters would envy. (Kudos as well to Kevin Chapman, as a former dirty cop whose slowly growing conscience provides many of the best moments.) The best element of the show, however, may well be The Machine itself, an initially implausible gimmick that quickly becomes a character in its own right; an omnipresent asset that--pay close attention to the evolving graphics overlays--may not be quite as passive an observer as its creator insists. By the time the final cliffhanger episode of the season rolls around, it's apparent that the show's mythology still has plenty of unexplored depths to delve. Extras include a lengthier cut of the pilot, a fascinating/scary look at the current state of surveillance tech, and a brief gag reel showcasing Caviezel's ability to do a killer Christopher Walken.
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This show is an excellent production. From the very start POI delivers a taught story each episode as ex- Spec Ops/CIA operator John Reese (James Caviezel) and billionaire computer genius Harold Finch (Michael Emerson) team up as our heroes. They use information received from the post 9/11 electronic surveillance system Harold designed and built for the gov't to assist strangers identified as being at risk of harm or thwart potential evil doers. It's a clever premise and the supporting cast is very good- the team is aided by a couple of NYC detectives and later by another ex-CIA black ops operator, a sexy "fixer", and a would-be cyber crook they have saved before, not to mention their adopted Belgian Malinois retired military working K9, Bear. This is an exciting program and has a dry sense of humor with well crafted writing. All 3 seasons are winners and the show does not disappoint, I've already got Season 4 DVD on my Amazon wish list.
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on January 15, 2017
I've only seen reruns of Person of Interest randomly on TV, and honestly I wasn't terribly into it at first due to the fact I have never seen it from the beginning. The plot is thick and well thought out, but if you don't follow it in sequence, it can be confusing. Well, once I started watching it from the first episode forward, everything made much more sense! Now I'm hooked, as I was with Burn Notice, NCIS, and so many other TV series. It can be serious and light hearted at the same time, and I like the subtle humor thrown into each storyline. Now I'm waiting to get the next season when I can afford it.
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on May 5, 2013
Neat concept. Saw a couple of episodes and stopped watching it at first. They had Harold kidnapped by a nutjob ( good actress playing her part ) and after a couple of episodes I stopped watching the show. But then I caught an episode were they were back in business rescuing people and I was hooked. Got the first season to catch-up on what I have missed and cannot wait for 2nd season to come to DVD/Blue Ray! My Wife and Daughter did not like it at first either but now they are hooked on the show also! ( only fair, they got me liking NCIS and I did not like it at 1st either ) Kind of reminds me of Bourne but also not. Actor James Caviezel ( John ) does a terrific role and the cast works well together. Michael Emerson( Harold )Taraji P. Henson ( Det.Carter N.Y.P.D.) & Kevin Chapman ( Det. Fusco ) are the main characters. The 4th disc on the blue ray has outtakes and WOW does James Caviezel do an amazing Christopher Walken impersonation !!! If you want to download copies for portable use you have to register with ultraviolet and flixster. What a pain!! Every time I try to download the flixster site tells me to change my password and even then I cannot download. Not the first time but it will be the last. Never going to buy another digital copy from anyone that requires me to register with a web site before I can get my portable copy and then download it. Rather just take the discs with me and play it on my portable DVD players. I do not mind registering my copies but it is ridiculous that my copies are not already included on the discs!
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on May 28, 2013
At first, this show seemed to me to be just interesting enough to keep my mind occupied after a minor surgery, when I wasn't able to get up and about. Then, when I got better, I put it aside. A few months later, I resumed watching it. After episode #7 ("The Witness"), I decided that this show is really good. It seems that the plots are getting cleverer and more complex, and that there is now more continuity from episode to episode. And the three main actors (who portray Reese, Finch, and Carter) are perfectly cast and superbly portray their roles. I am about to start Disc #3 (Blu-ray) as I write.

Now, even with JJ Abrams et al involved, don't expect another "Lost," which was outrageously "out there" and had a large ensemble cast. But I kind of like having a few characters that you can begin to get to know as you progress through the episodes. My curiosity about each of them is heightened as I continue to watch. Questions become answered, but the answers raise new questions, too.

Here's a packaging feature that I like about this combo set: it contains a printed "program" of episodes and which discs they are on, for both Blu-ray and DVD. Makes it easier to resume where you left off, if you switch back & forth between Blu-ray & DVD players, as I do.
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