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on June 23, 2010
Julia Cook's books are an absolute hit with our students. I was ecstatic when I found Personal Space Camp. I'd already been using My Mouth Is A Volcano to reinforce school skills like raising your hand and waiting your turn to talk. But what about when kids are in each others space during 'carpet time' or pushing and shoving in the cafeteria line? These behaviors can make instruction difficult and cause a lot of teacher angst. I don't know how many times I've had to say, 'Please, keep your hands to yourself.' Personal Space Camp is a life saver book. Angst will be decreased!

Okay, so in defense of the kids - developmentally it's really difficult to sometimes be in control of yourself. Kids need to move and wiggle around. However, they need extra guidance building awareness of themselves and those around them before the wiggling offends another student. When there are 20 some bodies in a classroom - we have to learn to work and live together. And newsflash - negative reinforcement doesn't build awareness - it just makes kiddos feel bad. I use Personal Space Camp as a social awareness teaching tool because it makes kids feel GOOD about themselves. They love learning about the concept of personal space and how it can affect others positively and negatively. Most importantly, the story is engaging and Louis is a VERY likeable character. We also copy Louis and use the same strategies in the book. The kids love being jammed into a hula hoop and reflection gets those light bulbs flashing about personal space. And here is the best part, author Julia Cook wrote a supplementary activity and idea book!! Activities galore! I got my hands on it this Spring and started integrating the lessons in small groups. The main reason the guide rocks is because the activities provide cool visuals for the students. Yep, your lessons on personal space just got even MORE engaging! Educators, get this one on your shelf. When teaching classroom routines, make this part of your curriculum.
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on June 6, 2015
This is a terrific book to help children understand the need that we all have for personal boundaries. I teach first grade and my students got the point of this story pretty quickly and laughed when Louis, the main character, did not! My students thought it was wildly funny that throughout the principal's camp, Louis thought he was going to "outer" space camp when in reality he was going to "personal" space camp (i.e., he thought he was being measured for a space suit when he was asked to lie down to have someone trace his body to show how much floor space his body took). I especially like the activities that the principal employed with Louis (i.e., the hula hoop to show how much space others need, the body drawings to help illustrate why they ALL can't lie on the floor). I also did these activities with my own students which really brought the point home. Now I regularly overhear my students tell their classmates, "Please be careful, you are entering my personal space." It truly is a book all primary teachers should have in their library.
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on July 14, 2014
I bought this for our son who has sensory integration disorder. This book is wonderful, and we did some of the activities (done in the book) at home. It would have probably worked better if the teacher would have read it when I sent it to school and used some of the language.

I liked this book so much I brought it to work (Head Start) and read it to the children. Wonderful! I hear children talking about it all the time!
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on April 25, 2017
I loved this book. I work with a lot of kids on the spectrum and with behavioral issues. This book managed a tricky subject with humor and warmth, in terms a young child can understand. Excellent for professionals and parents.
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on August 14, 2013
This book is fine, I guess, for teaching the basics of personal space...my very friendly 4.5 year old has really liked it since I first introduced it about a year ago, but I think some of the message has maybe missed its mark. I've read this to her approximately fifty times, and I always find it annoying. She really wants it to be a book about space, and can't really grasp the double meaning of the title (much like the main character). I just think this book tries really hard to be "witty" in a way that I think is dull.... Maybe my girl is a little young for the "wit" part, and I am a little "old" but I really wish this book was lighter on the attempts at humor, and heavier on developing an actual story that engages kids and doesn't bore adults. My 3 year old runs away whenever her sister wants to read this, so that is indicative of it's engaging qualities.
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on May 28, 2015
“Personal Space Camp is an excellent resource is a marvelous book by Julia Cook titled, .” With a deft sense of humor and zany illustrations by Carrie Hartman, this book tackles the complicated concept of personal space. Louis, the confused main character loves the world of outer space. But when it comes to personal boundaries, Louis is clueless. His frustrated teacher arranges for him to attend “Personal Space Camp.” This thrills Louis. He is surprised to learn that he will not be an astronaut exploring.
Louis is, however, entering unexplored territory: the world of personal space boundaries. “Personal Space Camp” is entertaining and informative without being preachy. It conveys important information that will assist kids that lack an understanding of social cues. --Gayle H.Swift, "ABC, Adoption & Me: A Multicultural Picture Book"
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on August 16, 2017
I use this book in my classroom with a student that has personal space issuea. It is easy for a 5yr old to understand and tell me what it means, and what he should be doing differently.
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on October 30, 2016
As long as I don't read this book word for word to my young kindergarten and 1st grade students, it is a good book. They relate to the problem of people being in their space, and being in their way but that are way too many words for young children to handle. What I have done, to get through the entire book is to break it up into shorter lessons and then to get out hula hoops to use as visuals. It is well-written but I do wish it were written in a little simpler way.
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on April 28, 2014
I'm new to the world of teaching K-2nd graders Health and PE. I bought this book hoping to reinforce the concept of PERSONAL SPACE during an Environmental Health unit (yep, it's a bit or a stretch, but "environment" is "environment" and, as I'd imagine any primary level teacher can tell you, PERSONAL SPACE can't be taught/reinforced enough!) with my 2nd graders. I love it!

The book is quite entertaining (both for my students AND me) and really helps to introduce/reinforce the concept of PERSONAL SPACE. I bought the companion "workbook" and used quite a few of the activities. I wish Julia Cook had a book for all of my units!
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on December 13, 2012
We were having a hard time trying to explain to our four year old son that he needed to stay out of people's space. It just didn't seem to make sense to him that people may not want him so close to them. This book was perfect!He was fascinated by the story and you could really see things start to click for him. We are sure to use some of the buzz terms found in the book when he's in our "space bubble". We also brought the book to his pre-school (who after an earlier conversation) read the book during story time and then did a few of the exercises that Louis does in the story. Within a week there was a remarkable improvement. What a great resource for parents and teachers!!!
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