Customer Reviews: Pet Gear AT3 Generation 2 All- Terrain Pet Stroller for pets up to 60-Pounds, Red Poppy
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on July 31, 2010
I will try my best at giving the most detailed review possible for you potential buyers. Is this a wonderful stroller? No. Is this stroller the best dog stroller that I have seen? Yes. I did a fair amount of research and searching before purchasing a stroller & cost wasn't really a factor since I plan to use this at least 5x a week (including jogging). Well, the structure is very stable & the grip is very comfortable for all heights. I am 5' and my fiancé is 6' and we both had no discomfort in pushing the stroller. The handle has a nice cushioned grip for a more comfortable grip, a better grip & to avoid calluses. The cup holders will hold a soda can, but is too shallow for a water bottle. There is also a little rectangular insert in the middle to hold whatever you choose... treats or trail mix. The stroller maneuvers amazingly and can ride over small bumps (t-shirt laying on the floor) but use careful attention with more rocky terrain. The front wheel has a swivel option and a locked option for jogging. The cabin is a nice size for my 12-pound Chihuahua. I would not use this for a 60-pound dog like the manufacturer states is possible. There is a nice leash & clip attached inside in case you have a dog that is a darter. I was pleased with the canvas material and the mesh material is not bad or murky or too dark, as others have stated. It is just fine. I think my pup will enjoy riding with the mesh zipped up or with the screen folded down. The shaded rooftop can also be retracted, if needed. The storage underneath is sufficient. I feel that it will hold more than I need for my pup, yet it's not too bulky so that is in the way. Now, here is the part that I was disappointed in: the wheels. They are similar in material to a more sturdy type of plastic. I was hoping for more of an actual tire-type wheel for a jogging stroller so that it would be skid-proof. Assembly was a cinch and literally took about 3 minutes. You snap three things together and do not need any tools. Bottom line: Would I purchase this stroller again? Sure. Do I recommend this product to my fellow Amazon-ers? If you have money, go for it. It's not without flaws, but it is probably the best dog jogging stroller out there.
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on June 19, 2013
We purchased this for our 2 Shih Tzu's. One is about 18 lbs, the other around 15 lbs. Perfect for the 2 of them. They have room to sit comfortably and move around a bit too. The stroller has great suspension and feels very smooth when rolling over gravel or any other terrain that is not so smooth. Love the drink holder at the top. Very easy for me to collapse it and put in the back of the SUV. No regrets on this purchase!
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on June 12, 2011
I purchased this AT3 Generation 2 All-Terrain pet buggy to replace a $75 buggy that was worn out. I had misgivings about ordering this quality of a buggy, but the buggy is worth every penney. The buggy is effortless to push, even going uphill and fully loaded, and the handle is designed high enough that there is NO back discomfort or back fatigue whatsoever (as opposed to walking with a slightly stooped-over back with shorter buggies.) The smooth ride and shock absorbers make all the difference in the world to my old arthritic dog. He used to be worn out from the ride to the park before we ever even got there. Now in the new buggy, he bounces out fully rested from the ride and gets exercised the way he SHOULD get exercised, by using his muscles and joints running around in the park, not just getting worn out banging around inside the old stroller which had no shock absorbers. When we got caught in an unexpected Pacific Northwest rainstorm, I zipped the buggy closed and arrived home with a basically dry dog. Otherwise, he's a convertible-lover.
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on May 23, 2013
My dog is a little westie with short little legs. I like to walk 3 miles at a pretty good speed for exercise but Riley cannot walk that far or that fast. So we walk about a mile at his speed, then I put him in the stroller and we walk the other two miles at my speed. I generally keep the stroller open instead of zipping it up - Riley seems to prefer that. He either stands or sits the whole time ... looking around. I can close it if I feel a threat to him is around such as another dog that I don't know. He only tried to get out once. I do have the harness and strap to keep him tethered. I really think it increases my workout pushing a 22# westie around but with the stroller, you need to be careful of your posture -- tend to bend over more with it especially going uphill. It's high enough off the ground that I don't kick it when walking. It has a brake and the large wheels make it go over any surface I need safely and with very little effort (grass, pebbles, gravel). It seems awful expensive but makes it possible for me to take Riley with me and increases the likelihood that I'll do my walk. I love the storage place underneath the stroller ... use it for my keys, sunglasses, bottled water, phone. It has a couple of cupholders (sort of shallow) . You can make the front wheel so it's sort of locked forward which is better for when we're walking for exercise or you can make it so the wheel turns more easily if you're in an area where you make a lot of turns. Normally I keep it locked forward since I only use it for exercise. Definitely need a pillow or pad or something inside for the animal. I have never folded it up. Anyway ... I love it.
One more thing ... I cannot imagine a 60# dog in it.
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on October 22, 2013
I purchased this stroller for my 14 pound Italian Greyhound who was struck by a car. His back legs are very damaged and he can't walk. I got this size because I wanted both of my Iggies to ride together and this stoller says up to 45 pounds. This stroller was easy to assemble...the wheels literally popped right on. It is very well made and sturdy. It turns on a dime and is so easy to push and manoever. The interior is very roomy for both dogs, even with my injured dog lying on his side with a cast on his leg. The other reason I was attracted to this model is the size of the wheels and the shocks. It rides smooth even over grass (we have a huge park that our healthy Iggy likes to roam through) and there is very little bumping or problems pushing over rougher terrain. One comment is that the bottom of the carriage is hard so we had to purchase a separate kennel pad for cushioning. My elderly mom loves to take the pups out for "walkies" and she loves it because again...very easy to push and very sturdy for her balance (she almost uses it like an assist walking). There is a parent tray that has 2 cupholders and a spot for keys or baggies. I have also walked him up to the market and put apples and milk in the bottom basket. It doesn't hold a ton, but it will hold a blanket or small items. I am 5'2" and my hubby is 6'0" and both of us find the handle at a comfortable stooping for him. It also has brakes on the wheels and is very easy to collapse. I'm not a strong person and can lift it into the back of my Vibe without any problem or assistance needed. I could not be happier with this purchase and am so happy that my little guy can still get out for fresh air! Although I do not have any problems zipping up the cover, my elderly mom does. So that may be an issue for some folks who have grip problems (my mom has arthritis).
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on October 20, 2007
I have owned the Happy Trails Stroller by Pet Gear for 3 yrs. While my cat likes it, it's a little small for any real power walking. More for a little jaunt around the neighborhood. So I've been really looking forward to a bigger model and ordered the All Terrain Stroller by Pet Gear. It's actually easy to assemble with the exception of the plastic cup holding tray which should be easy to snap on and off but isn't, but the intructions suck. Until I put down the poorly illustrated and written manual I was confused and frusrtated. Then on your own it's pretty obvious. Size and performance are pretty good but I noticed that for a bigger vehicle the viewing windows are smaller than necessary and the net material thru which the pet looks out of the stroller is thicker than in the smaller stroller and though sturdier, not as transparent or easy to see out of and enjoy the scenery. Also the window is kind of small and high up compared to the smaller Happy Trails Stroller. Now I noticed on Amazon that they have 2 different photos of the SAME MODEL number and same price but in one photo the window in the front is bigger and goes all the way down so your pet can see better.They are the same price. Maybe a new and improved version. I'm wondering if they just pawned off the old model on me and I'm feeling a little ripped off. My cat is only 4 1/2 lbs and the bigger window that she doesn't have to sit up to see out of would have been better. See if you can get the one with the bigger front window or maybe wait for an improved design unless you REALLY want one now. Over all good but needs design improvements to warrant 5 stars. Pet Gear should at least discount the old model with the small front window, not sell them as equals, and should let you have the option of ordering the improved design perhaps at a higher price. (Instead of unloading them and letting you discover that you got the wrong one in retrospect). That goes for Amazon too. As a loyal customer I'm alittle disappointed that they'd do this to me.
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on April 14, 2015
I did a lot of research trying to find the best stroller possible for my angel. This stroller met all of my expectations! I have a 3.5 lb elderly chihuahua and she absolutely loves it! The zipper open back is great so she can easily jump in which I like because then I don't have to deal with the front. I feel secure running and also the fact that she still gets lots of sun and breeze with the mesh zipped up. she is safe from other animals and children which was a big deal. The ride is very smooth which was a main selling point due to her being elderly with arthritis. I read a lot of people complained about the cup holder but you can put a bottle of water in the under carriage and my togo coffee fits perfectly in the cup so that was even better. I use it every day there is good weather and my husband will even push her in it. easily assembled and lots of room! My girl moves around and even gets long naps on our adventures. GREAT STROLLER!!!
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon December 27, 2013
I received this for Christmas, and I absolutely love it so far. My dog is an older English Bulldog, with creaky joints. She loves to go on rides in the car and looks at everything.

The problem is that she has some joint problems and walking very far gives her problems. I've been joking with friends that I was going to buy her a stroller or wagon, and one of them gifted this to me.

The first time out, I asked if she wanted to go for a ride, and she perked up right away. She was expecting a ride in the car. She was a little leery of entering the jogger. There is a zipper that opens in the back and it's less than a 15" jump to enter. Actually it's lower than my bed which sits on the floor so she doesn't have to jump high and hurt herself.

With coaxing, she jumped in, and off we went. She was instantly enamored, and didn't try to jump out. I took her on a two mile walk and jogged about half of that. The jogger is very stable and easy to push. I was worried that it might tip, because my pup is 55 pounds. But it was fine.

It folds up very easily and is small enough to fit in the backseat of my car. It's fairly light weight, maybe about 20 pounds. It has a sun cover which is retractable, and a zippered front, which I left open. It also came with a rain cover which I haven't tried yet. Right below the jogger there is a very large mesh storage area.

I took her to the street fair yesterday, and all went well. I've taken her almost every week for a year, because she likes people and the attention they give her. However, the last few times, she got worn out after walking about a block.

Today, I experimented with taking my Border Collie along for a run. He's young and energetic, and my Bulldog has never been able to keep up with him. He trotted alongside for a mile, and my Bulldog kept looking out sideways watching him. She's never had the experience of running with him.

All in all, I think this is a wonderful solution for those with ageing dogs who still enjoy getting out. The tires are plastic like a Big Wheel, and that's the only thing I worry about. But if they wear out, I would gladly buy this again.

Very highly recommended!
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on February 4, 2015
Updated post:
I have to say that I am very pleased that the manufacturer decided to send me a brand new stroller. They could have made things more difficult but they stood behind their product and have corrected my issue with the stroller.
I am changing my rating from 1 star up to 4 stars in light of the speedy replacement without a huge hassle.
Original post:
I used this stroller for not even one month and the mesh window on the front just ripped out day after my "window" for returns with ended (of course).
My dog did not claw or bite at this mesh window nor did she even rip the mesh. Rather, she just pushed on the mesh window with her nose and the stitching that holds the mesh to the fabric covering started to rip apart along the seam. Considering that this stroller is rated for a dog up to 60 pounds (and mine is only 46) and they have the same stroller in a bigger version for significantly heavier dogs, surely the manufacturer knows that these dogs have a little more strength than a chihuahua yet it doesn't appear that their stitching took this into account.
Now I have a stroller that she can partially escape out the front window. Since she can't make it out all the way and instead gets stuck at the hips, this stroller is mostly unusable at this point. Who wants to break their back trying to hold on to a heavy dog that is thrashing about trying to get free and the only option is to attempt to push it backwards thru a small opening to the interior of the stroller?? I'm disabled. I can't.
Since I don't see any way to contact the manufacturer on the orders page, I'm just writing this review and hoping someone in authority sees it and rectifies this problem since I am extremely unhappy I spent nearly $200 and it didn't last a month.
BTW, I am not a complainer. I have purchased hundreds of items on over the years and this is one of the few negative reviews I've ever needed to post.
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on March 18, 2011
Bought this for my two 'girls'(cats) because I wanted them to enjoy my daily walk around the neighborhood. They absolutely love their daily walk in this stroller. Large viewing area and they love to sit in the front and look. One even hops into the stroller everytime I unzip the back. Very sturdy, easy to manuveur and easy to put together. This stroller will last for years and it puts a smile on my neighbors face when they see me 'walking' my 'girls'. Would definately recommend this stroller for anyone who loves to take walks and has cats or dogs.
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