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on August 7, 2014
My dog has had a yeast infection on her belly for two years - to which the vet was never worried and didnt pay it much attention. Switching Vets, was my first step, anyway, the new vet prescribed some Keto shampoo and daily baths- which did absolutely nothing, and cost $45 a bottle. I have tried for the past 2yrs every single thing I could think of, creams, coconut oil, powders, blah blah blah- and none of it EVER did anything to even help, at all!!!

After using the Zymox shampoo for 2-3wks - bathing once every few days (5 days in between baths, to be exact) and using the Zymox rinse right after the baths and, its gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot explain in words how happy i am that this worked!! Her whole belly was black before and now its back to normal color! One thing also that I'm sure helps is that I blow dry her now and make sure her belly is completely dry after baths.
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on September 20, 2016
Had tried different shampoo and conditioner this summer. Finally found our favorite! I use this along with Zymox shampoo. My puppy has itchy skin. While the itching/scratching hasn't gone away completely ( I learned most dogs like to roll in the grass/on the wall anyway.) it seems he scratches less often. Also as others suggested I diluted the rinse and use it as leave in conditioner. It smells wonderful (reminds me of Johnson n Johnson's baby product scent) and it leaves his fur super soft. A little pricey but will buy again.
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on March 20, 2016
I like the fact the rinse does not get rinsed out so it's working around the clock. My dog suffers from yeast infections which makes her smell bad. We changed her food from store bought to home cooked(ground turkey, chicken livers, brown rice and veggies). And we changed her grooming products to contain enzymes. Already it has changed her scent and has helped eliminate her hot spots. Wish we found it sooner.
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on March 5, 2017
This stuff it like magic. Healed my dogs HORRIBLE cuts! My dog had a rash on his neck which cause him to cut open his whole neck from scratching so much. We didn't realize till we saw blood! With insanely low funds we could not afford a vet trip. So we cleaned him up everyday with some dog shampoo and used this and both of their other two products and my dog was FEELING AND LOOKING better after just two days! For a completely healed wound it took about two weeks.
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on November 12, 2015
My corgi contracted ringworm at the dog park when he was around 10 months old. It went away after 6 weeks of twice weekly bathing with Malaseb, but unfortunately he was re-exposed to ringworm again. Over the next 6 months, we used Malaseb antifungal shampoo, had several different antifungal sprays from the vet, messy sulfur products, oral fluconazole, and militantly cleaned the house and his bedding with bleach and Xtreme Cleen. Frustratingly, monthly vet checkups showed that he still had ringworm on his tummy, back, and bottom. Since neither my dog nor anyone who was exposed to him had any ringworm lesions (weird), I was about to give up and just stop the insanity of rigorous washing and cleaning.

Towards the end of summer, the monthly flea drops were not as effective and my dog was quite itchy from bites, seasonal allergies, and constant bathing. I was browsing Amazon, looking for some soothing shampoo and stumbled across this product. I've purchased Zymox brand products before and have been impressed with their quality, so when I saw the description that it "destroys" bacteria and fungi and the other good reviews, I bit the bullet.

Instructions: "Zymox Conditioning Rinse may be applied directly to wet fur or diluted at a ratio of 3 oz Rinse to 1 gallon water. Completely cover animal with Zymox Conditioning Rinse. Leave on to dry or rinse lightly. For problem areas, Zymox Conditioning Rinse may be applied full strength as a lotion and left on to dry."

How I used it: the first time I tried the product, I bathed my dog in Malaseb, towel dried him, blow dried him a bit more, then applied the Zymox directly to his trouble areas as a leave-in conditioner, trying to reach his skin past his thick fur. I did that twice over the next 2 weeks. After confirmation of no more ringworm, I apply this as a conditioner, massage it into his fur and skin, let it sit for a few minutes, then lightly rinse.

Product: it's white and fairly thick, much like a deep conditioner. The scent is very strong, it smells like a room full of old ladies that doused themselves in perfume and baby powder. I was surprised that people liked the scent, I normally am not one to be bothered by smells, but I do find this one a bit strong and wish it was either unscented or had a different scent. It lingers for a while on his coat, but dissipates by the next morning. Surprisingly, applying it as a leave-in conditioner without rinsing it off did not make his fur sticky, oily, or greasy. It just seemed to soak in and leave his fur extremely soft, without any yucky residue.

Efficacy: After using the product for almost a month, along with Malaseb, my dog is no longer itchy! The icing on the cake was that the vet found no sign of ringworm at his most recent appointment! I cannot say for sure if the Zymox rinse directly contributed to getting rid of the ringworm, but it definitely improved his skin and quality of life. I will continue to use this product each time I bathe him.

Overall, I would recommend this product for dogs with skin issues.
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on December 11, 2013
I have an elderly rescue puggle that has had a skin problem that even my vet can't figure out. He gets these large scabby spots all over his neck, back, and stomach that cause all the fur to come off in big bald patches. Sometimes the spots have a slight puss, some of them are moist and some of them are dry, He always looks moth-eaten and is always shedding furry scabs. I've tried EVERYTHING to no avail, whether spray, ointment, shampoo or medications and nothing ever really helped. The vet said the sample he took showed no signs of yeast, bacterial or viral infection so I was beside myself as to what to do for him. I just ordered this spray along with the shampoo and rinse, and after only a day I could see healing. I don't know haw this stuff works, but I'm just grateful it does.
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on January 25, 2017
Smells pleasant, seems to help dogs skin. It is expensive (hence 4 stars instead of 5) but a little goes a long way. I used to use after shampooing and then just do a light rinse out, but now I just use it on any areas of irritation and for that it's great.

Does seem greasy when applied, but does soak in quite quickly and I haven't noticed any stained fabrics from where my dog has had it applied.
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on December 7, 2014
Before I go into my lengthy review here is all you need to know: if your dog has itchy red skin that doesn't seem to go away, this will help him.

I was very skeptical before using this product because well, I've tried almost everything for my poor dog to help his itchy red skin that he would often scratch at so bad that it would bleed and become infected.

After going to the vet countless times to no avail I finally went to one that figured it out. My dog has a severe flea allergy and although this diagnosis helped a lot along with changing his flea preventative it wasn't enough.

He seemed to get better during a course of antibiotics but after I stopped, it flared up again. I did some research and I bought this product hoping that it would keep all the excess bacteria and yeast at bay. It worked! I guess after so many courses of antibiotics his body was overcompensating with extra yeast and bacteria.

I use it both as an after bath rinse and a leave in product. If I see that he is scratching a lot in one area I apply this and he almost immediately stops scratching. Plus, it smells really good. He no longer smells like a yeasty "dead dog" after a week. He just smells like dog! And he is much happier (and so am I!)
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on August 16, 2015
Best I've used. Helps heal my dogs chronic skin issues. Makes her smell good and feel so soft, shiny. I wet her down (let her swim in pool) then fill bucket half full with warm tap water, add generous squeeze of this, swish it with my hand then gradually pour and rub all over her. Make her step in bucket one foot at a time to wash legs. I am careful around head so it doesn't go in eyes. I do not rinse it off' leave on. I don't use the shampoo most of the time because the conditioning rinse alone is so good. She is a large German shepherd by the way. For small dogs you'll use a lot less. Towel dry gently.
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on August 18, 2014
This rinse as far as I am concerned is a wonder! My Labrador suffers from terrible seasonal allergies, and breaks out in itchy sores up his legs and underside area! I have spent a lot of money at the vets with him getting cortisone and antibiotic injections! When he broke out again I used the zymox enzymatic shampoo. I thoroughly washed him and rinsed him off and then I applied the zymox enzymatic rinse full strength on his hot spots! It actually says you can use it full strength as a cream anyway. I left him to air dry naturally! A day later there has been no more itching and his hot spots are starting to heal! I will continue to apply the enzymatic rinse as a cream on a daily basis as it provides a protective barrier against skin inflammations, until he is fully healed. I would also highly recommend the zymox ear solution as well as the zymox topical cream!
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