Customer Reviews: PetZoom Pet Park Deluxe 3-Piece Dog Relief System
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TOP 500 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon September 2, 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )

What makes this "deluxe" version stand out is the removable tray.

The PetZoom is the only model where the pee drains into a removable tray (see pic), which is MUCH easier to empty. In all the other models (including the cheaper PetZoom models), you have to carry the WHOLE unit (a big 2-foot tray of pee) to the bathroom to empty it, and cross your fingers you don't spill any. Simply put, it's a better design - the pee drains away, so the astro-turf isn't sitting in a pool of pee all day, soaking it up.

The pad dimensions are 18"x24" (external dimensions of 20"x25"). This is currently priced at $99, when the "regular" PetZoom pad is $26-$34 ... again, with the only difference being the removable tray. It's a very nice feature, but I'm not sure it triples the value of the product.


My dog thinks these things are beds! LOL ... none of them have worked for us (yet).

He's getting older, and maybe once a week we have an accident where he can't hold it. He actually has taken to sleeping on top of the PetZoom (forget about the expensive Martha Stewart doggie bed we bought him! LOL) ... and got *OFF* it to pee on the floor, then hopped back on to go back to sleep!

I don't know that I can fault the products (it seems to work for maybe half the dogs out there, 50/50) so buying an astro-turf pet pad may be worth a shot if you need a solution.


We compared 5 units (see below), and most of them had the same problems.

The first problem is, the astro-turf slides off easily (on all 5 units) - if your dog jumps on it, if a child trips on it, etc. It also means, a precocious dog could chew on the corners, pull the astro-turf mat right off the unit, etc. The edges should really be reinforced. The Potty Patch had the most durable astro-turf and least likely to slide off.

The second problem is, in 4 of the 5 units, the VOC's in the astro-turf are off the charts, & really smells. So even if your dog thinks it feels real, it definitely doesn't smell like anything in nature! So when you get it, rinse it over & over, then let it air out in direct sunlight for a few hours. The Potty Patch had the least offensive odor of them all.

The ideal scenario would be put the Potty Patch astro-turf on the PetZoom product, but the dimensions don't quite match up.

SIDE-BY-SIDE COMPARISON (with links & prices):

(#2-#3) The "basic" PetZoom & the Pet Park

These units are nearly identical, with current price range of $25-$30, with free Amazon shipping.

These are probably the least expensive models you'll find, and may be a good place to start if you're not sure about it. They have no frills at all (cheap astro-turf, and no removable tray).

(#4) The Potty Patch by the American Kennel Club

Currently $33 with free Amazon shipping.

The major advantage of the Potty Patch is the higher quality anti-microbial, odor-fighting grass surface. All the others have basically the same astro-turf, which can get smelly, is less realistic, and some people complain their dogs don't like the texture. But again, it does not have the removable tray.

(#5) Ingrass Puppy Potty, with Free Spray Bottle of Puppy Attraction

The most expensive model on Amazon (currently $80), and also the largest. However, the other models should be fine for dogs up to 40 or 45 pounds. This model comes with a bottle of attractant, which I have mixed feeling about - is this supposed to be the place your dog always pees? Or is it for emergencies only? Also, the spray may encourage them to pee on the *side* of the box to mark it and cover up the odor (instead of peeing *in* the box).


Hope this helps save you some time & money!
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on July 18, 2013
I live in a 2nd floor apartment. My male Shih Tzu took to this immediately. We leave it out on the balcony with the door open (using the bug off instant screen!) and he uses it when we're at work. The removable tray is a life and carpet saver. I had another less expensive system but the entire tray needed to be moved for cleaning. Needless to say it took one spill to get me to find a replacement. Its easy to clean the removable tray daily. I also clean the entire tray weekly. I do replace the grass periodically because you just shouldn't keep it around for too long. Bottom line, my dog uses it, it's practical, effective and the removable tray is worth the extra expense.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
What a wonderful concept; a designated place for dogs to relieve themselves when going outside isn't practical. It's much like the idea of a kitty litter box but, without the mess of the litter. The unit's three pieces appear to be well-made. The faux grass is one piece that fits right into a removable plastic tray. In this instance, your pet's urine goes through the `grass' and the plastic it sits in. Both pieces are held in the tray (the third piece) below. Your pet stands on an almost 2' X 2' area that's less than 3" high. That makes it accessible to virtually all but the largest dogs.

Solid waste is removed from the `grass' as you would if you were out walking your dog and removing it from a public area. The three parts of the unit (`grass', tray, and base) can be hosed to clean them.

In theory, housebreaking a pet should be more convenient. And once trained, this means no more rushing home to walk your dog; the Pet Park suffices until your return. Also, Poochie will suffer less stress during rainstorms, intense heat, blizzards, tornadoes, hurricanes, etc.

I wish it were this clear for my little dog, Maxx. He just won't cooperate. He's sniffed and turned up his cute little nose at doggie pads, a `pee pee post', and the Pet Park. At this point, I'm almost wishing he'd do it in the house so I can put the `grass' into the puddle, retaining the scent for him. After eight years of doing it his way, I'm beginning to believe that, you really can't teach an old(er) dog new tricks.

Despite liking the concept and the quality of the product, the price seems excessive, especially if your pooch will use the Pet Park infrequently. Perhaps if you are a pet owner who uses the disposable pads daily (and for several years), the cost (much like buying disposable diapers) is far more than for the Pet Park.

The questions to ask yourself are:
1. Will my pet be able to adapt to using the Pet Park?
2. Do I want to have my pet use an indoor facility versus going outdoors?
3. Do I want to clean the Pet Park after its use?
4. Where will the Pet Park be placed in my home?(It needs to remain in the same spot.)
5. Am I willing to pay the manufacturer's price for the product?

If your answers to questions 1, 2, 3, and 5 are `yes', then the Pet Park is just what your pooch needs.
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VINE VOICEon August 29, 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
We have chihuahuas who hate the rain, and even more, despise the snow. I have used "potty pads" for them, but there is something "uncool" about having something that looks like an open diaper sitting on my floor when company comes.

This little park looks much nicer, although it is much more chihuahua size than German Shepherd size. And, unless you put a little fire hydrant on it, I'm not sure if you could convince a male dog to use it correctly, I can see them spraying the wall instead of the pad. But for our two little girls, it works nicely, and even our 16 year old can make the little step up.

It comes in three pieces, and can be sprayed down to clean it. However, especially during the winter, when garden hoses are frozen, I will be keeping a pad underneith the grass, to minimize clean up. This is easy to do, since it comes in three pieces, the grass, the stand that holds the grass (with little feet to hold the grass out of urine), and a drawer where the urine can drain, that also can be removed and cleaned.

It is a nice product, but its usefulness is somewhat limited.
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on May 17, 2014
Pros: the deluxe is better than the regular because of the removable tray. My toy poodle that was 9 weeks at the time started using this after a week of it being in the house. The removable tray is the only pro. The cons are: the potty grass and the removable tray holds a very strong urine Oder even after u clean it. Another con is that the grass part can slide off if the dog pulls on it. My dog does pull it off the tray and then urines on it which make the pee get on the floor. He also chews on it which leaves strings of grass on the floor. So I put the tray outside and if it's windy the wind will take the grass part off of the tray. I tried using some type of clips to hold the grass part on to the tray but the tray part is too wide for any clip to stay on it. Another thing is that the potty patch still holds a very strong Oder outside too even after it rained for 2 days. So all in all my dog will use it but it stinks and is a lot of work to maintain it.
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on September 3, 2013
The setup is easy. I washed out the grass and let it dry before first use as suggested by another person.. Don't forget to wash it first. Maintenance is easy. I suggest washing the unit 1 once a week if you can , but not to let it go more the 2 weeks if you want to keep your house smelling good. I save a crap ton of money now by using this unit instead of the puppy pads all the time.. I save the pads to use when I wash the unit until i'm ready to put it back to use.

Yes my down does sit on it every once in a while, but its not like her bed. I know others have had issue with their dog laying on the unit instead of using it. I would treat the unit like crate training. Enclose your puppy with the unit if you can and spray that wee-wee spray smell on the unit if you have it. Give it a week of going on the unit and no major misfires and you are ready for full time use.
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on September 2, 2014
WORKS GREAT!! It is IMPORTANT that the dog Owner is as patient as need be.Was Very Concerned that I was doing something wrong. ONLY Took about 3 weeks for my 17 yr old Lhasa Apao to use. He was used to going in our backyard for his entire life. Moved to condo, 14th floor. Would not relieve himself outside where other doggies left mark, although I took him for hour long walks. Must stick to rewarding and Never getting tense. I decided to get Maxi to pee pee, by putting in bathtub and running some water. It worked. I slowly moved it to terrace. Now he's finally just standing there a few minutes until he can automatically do it. KEPT him on there, but he kept getting off and relieving himself NEAR it & told him he was good, but no cookie EVER, until he Went right on it! Know what your pet's favorite 'thing' is and use that as a reward. Wish I had looked up other reviews for help. Did Google search and saw lots of ANGRY people. So sad for their pets.You must be patient and consistent and watch your pet to know when to put him on Pet Park. I still take him for walks. UPDATE:Now Maxi is trained. I was very relieved (no pun intended). Now, I discovered that I could not stand the smell of highly concentrated Urine in the pan and of the grass, if not washed often. So my SOLUTION: I purchased WEE WEE pads (See my Review) from Amazon and tried to Retrain him to go on those instead. Poor doggie was so confused. So, I decided to put the WEE WEE Pads on top of the grass.Maxi was so used to climbing up on the grass, but with the Pad on top, He wasn't sure of what to do..I also think he became used to smelling the Grass. It Can be cleaned so Humans don't smell it, but of course Dogs can. Still, Everything smelled like Urine. So I put the WEE WEE pad UNDER the Grass and Under the Pet Park. No more emptying pans. Just throw out the pad after a day or two, wash the grass in the shower, and everything is fresh again. Much easier. I also bought a spare grass, but don't know where to store the other one after it is washed, since it always have an odor. So, If anyone has any suggestions, I would appreciate it.
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VINE VOICEon August 29, 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I couldn't be happier that the very first night my puppy went to this product during the night instead of going on my carpet! The fake grass is convincing enough for him and the fact that he is a Chihuahua mix and very hard to potty train makes this perfect. Highly recommend!
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on May 16, 2015
Really works. Our dogs all will use it without much encouragement on our part at all. Easy to clean. Adequate size for most medium to small dogs. The cons are... very light weight so it scoots around too much that I'm trying to come up with a non-slip solution on tile and wood floor. Nothing is worse than bumping it with your toe when the tray if full. The grass is just a lose square that doesn't even have the edges stitched so it won't ravel. My 3 yorkies found the grass to be a marvelously fun toy to pull off, chew the corners & get all stinky with. Which brings me to the other problem... the grass stink that never washes out. That and when they poop sometimes it sticks to the grass so I have to take it out with a large floor brush and scrub it down. Takes forever to dry out down here in Houston, Texas with this humidity. Once dry, the grass still stinks if you put your nose within 10 inches of it but you can't smell it in the house so that's not a deal breaker. I can foresee replacing the grass often. BUT... all that said... you still can't beat this clever solution for inside going dogs or for kennels. This thing made our puppy raising actually fun instead of a chore, even if the "number 2" was still a mess to deal with. I just wish they made one twice as large as this with a grass mat that stays put & has no raw edges to chew on. That would be an instant seller for me.
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on June 3, 2016
We recently bought a 10x10 kennel outside for the dog for while we are at work. He is in it usually 5-6 hours at a time during the day. I was worried about him not being able to hold it while in the kennel and starting to go on the floor inside there. The problem I saw with that was there is a wood floor on the kennel and I have wood floors in my house so I didn't want him to start having issues or becoming unhouse-broken. I bought this thinking it would help me out by giving him a designated place to go in the kennel and still knowing its not okay to go on the floors.

The first two days I had it outside in the kennel with him, he proceeded to lay on it all day. He has a large dog house plus a bed out there but seems happy to sleep on this instead. On the third day he finally started to use it to go to the bathroom on. However, he also is going on the floor about an equal amount of times. I don't think the turf is really long enough to simulate real grass. Plus I found it to be slightly pokey and hard. I think if the turf was a little longer and softer it would be more similar to real grass and then my dog would get it better that its supposed to be a grassy area for him to go to the bathroom.

Another flaw for having it outside is that on windy days the turf part lifts off and moves around on the base. It would make it a little more difficult to clean but it would be nice if it came with some sort of hook or Velcro so the turf stayed in place on windy days. This probably isn't a problem for most people though because they are probably buying this for indoor use. However, if your buying for a kennel or balcony, you might have this issue also.

Ultimately, it works and seems to help and will be better once I get my dog more acclimated. However two big flaws (for me) are that the turf moved around to much and if it was more real grass it might make my dog more inclined to use it better. I can fix that last issue with training, so its just really the turf moving that I don't like.
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