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on April 26, 2015
Probably my first and only dog bag. This bag is amazing. I live in the north where it gets pretty cold and I feel safe to know that my Yorkie is comfy in there. He is 8 lbs but has short legs so he can lay in there comfortably. He practically jumps in the bag himself and often it is hard getting him out of it. He peaks out, sticks his nose out, or just has his whole head out. I will post pictures of all the angles of the bag with my dog in it.

My favorite part about this bag is how stylish it is. I love the colors and it's hard to tell its a dog bag. Would recommend and have told a lot of people about it who ask me where to get it when they see my dog in it on social media or just walking around. I want to buy their other products but I'm nervous. Took me a long time to pick this on out.
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on December 5, 2011
This bag is very well made. The cloth wrapping that goes around the handles is probably my favorite part as it provides a significant amount of cushioning to the shoulder. I only wish that it was sewn on somehow rather than a loose piece, but that's something I can probably take care of own my own.

The bag seems cozy for my 7 lb chihuahua and he's able to rest his head on the side cutouts with ease. While at the stores he just rests his head and looks around. He's still adjusting to the concept of a bag, but the comforts of this bag have caused the transition to go smoothly.

The orange is very vibrant, and the brown is muted, which is aesthetically pleasing. It can attract animal hair, but its not bad - as it has some of my white cats fur on it, but I'm used to his fur being nearly everywhere.
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on October 3, 2011
I have a 7 year old 11 lb maltese and he LOVES THIS BAG... He will actually hop into it on his own and when we get to our destination and I put the bag down and unzip it so he can come out, he'll actually cuddle up and stay inside for awhile!
Its his dog bed away from home!
I love how easy the inside is to clean and the feel of the bag is great. Its comfy to carry on my shoulder and I have taken him on the subways of NYC with this bag and its been fine!
The size is great for small dogs... I definitely wouldnt recommend for anyone with a dog over 12 lbs!!!!

Definitely happy with the purchase and would highly recommend!
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on April 21, 2016
Very good quality and nice looking pet carrier! My Maltese George was thrilled and jumped in right away! He is 8 lbs, but the weight doesn't mean that the bag will fit for any dog that is 8 lbs. I am happy that fits him just right. We had the Argo Teafco in Maldivi Blue size Medium before and he was wiggling from one side to another in it so carrying around wasn't that convenient, that bag was great for air and car travel and also had more pockets and compartments, but we needed a carrier for those chilly snowy days to go out and get some fresh air and also for long visits to the shopping malls. If you need a carrier for the same reason then this is the perfect one for you, it might work for the car too but we prefer using a high booster seat when going for a ride so he can see out the window. It will not work for air travel since it cannot be fully closed, but I saw some really good ones from the same manufacturer for that purpose. Also I wouldn't recommend it if you live in warm place or to use it in the summer.
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on October 16, 2012
I'm trying to be better about writing product reviews as I rely on them so much as part of my purchase decision.

Wanted to let you know that I'm very happy with this purchase. I just moved from Boston to the more dog-friendly L.A. area. I wanted to have a bag that I could put my dog in if I needed to run into a shop. This bag is great! And more importantly my dog loves it. She jumps into it the minute she sees it. The padding is so comfy that she's usually asleep within minutes.

The bag is extremely light wait so its not a burden to carry her around in it.

For context:
I have an 8lb MaltiPoo. When laying down she's about 17 inches long. I don't know that a dog much longer would be all that comfortable as she does take up most of the bag.

The bag does zip and I can zip it about half way, but not may more. This is a non-issue for me. With the internal latch, she's in no danger of jumping out of the bag.

I've been keeping the bag in the car and using it as a make shift car seat. The seat belt can fit through one if the loops on the side of the bag.

The only 'con' I have so far is what another reviewer mentioned - the padded Velcro strap would be so much better if it were attached. Tiny bit annoying to have to make sure it doesn't fall off when you are getting the dog settled. That being said, that product feature is not a reason to not purchase this bag.
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on October 4, 2012
This bag is much smaller than the dimensions listed when you are measuring the interior space. It is more like 14 x 5 x 10, and that's being generous to measure half way to the bottom of the bag. It is even smaller at the top. If you dog gets in and immediately lies down maybe the bottom of the bag will be the dimensions that count, but mine doesn't want to lie down, she wants to stand, and then it is much too narrow to zip up. And she's small, only 10 pounds.

The issues are that 1) the bag tapers from bottom to top, and 2) the bag is very thick. There is over an inch, maybe two, that is the thickness of the bag, so the dimensions they give measuring from the outside at the widest part of the bag are just way off from what your dog will actually experience.

Another issue with the thickness is, the bag had my girl panting after just 10 minutes. It is really warm. Now if I had just brought her back from the groomer on a cold cold day, that would be great. But most of the time I'm running around with her on my arm is a warmer day. On a cold day she would rather just stay home in her crate in the cozy house, and I'd rather get to and fro and home again as quickly as possible myself, without lugging a dog around.

The bag is attractive and a quality construction it would appear, but I'm unlikely to get much use out of it. My dog kept trying to get out of the thing, and only that I'd clipper her harness in at the bottom kept her there long enough to be able to eventually get her up onto my arm and zipped in up to her neck so that she couldn't hop out again. I don't really blame her. This will be solely for the trip home from the groomer in the winter months.

As a small side note, would it have killed them to affix the strap pad to one of the straps instead of just providing this loose sleeve you have to keep with the bag and hold both straps, dog weighing on your arm, while also getting the thing velcro'd closed? If it was attached it would be a one hand job. Taking it off is the same issue. You've got to manage the dog and the strap pad in order to unzip everything.
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on November 30, 2016
I love my perfectly sized travel bag for my 3 1/2 pound Teacup Yorkie. The elastic hook was a little too long, so I put a few knots in it to make sure he doesn't jump out. It would be great if the entire bag zipped closed because Teacup would prefer to sit in my lap than be in a purse under the airplane seat. Because the front and back have small openings, he will always try to escape if he thinks I would hold him instead. However, this is the best bag yet. I have tried several others. This one wins for appearance. It is warm & comfortable for our beloved &
the straps are great. I love the smart design. This bag fits perfectly under an airplane seat & leaves plenty of room for my feet.
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on November 9, 2016
I just received the bag and it is very cute and well made. It is the perfect size for me as I didn't want a bulky long bag. My 8 lb Maltese fits perfectly in it, not too snug not too big. The inside of the bag is soft and comfortable and my dog seems to love it . The strap is the perfect length for me (5'5"), not too long not too short and it is very comfortable on the shoulder with the padded attachment....I agree with some of the reviews I read that it would be much easier to attach it if it was sewn to the shoulder strap. I managed to put my little guy in the bag after attaching the strap pad with the zipper open all the way. The outside of the bag is soft and feels comfortable against my skin. My doggie seems very comfortable in it. I had to force him out of the bag 😀 The bag is not for warm weather but I purchased it for our winter trip to North Carolina. I am very happy with the bag overall.
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on June 15, 2011
I have been searching for something to carry my 9 pound rat terrier and have ordered several different 'ideas', only to return them all. I really wanted this bag to work and I did like the concept. My dog liked being in it but for myself, it didn't work. If the straps were longer and more adjustable, it may have. I wanted them to cross the body and they are too short to do that. It would not work well as it would aggravate my shoulder, neck and back after a short time. A lighter dog would probably work but the bag might then be too big. The product is well made and comes in great colors. Similar to a diaper bag and I may try one of those. They have longer straps.
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on January 1, 2015
I just received this bag a few days ago, but so far I just love it. I have six Pomeranians. I took out my 6.5 pound boy in it to three different stores the other day. He had never been in a bag before and he did wonderfully! He was sleeping in it as well as enjoying the sites. This bag is very well made with copious amounts of comfortable padding. My baby was very comfortable! I would highly recommend this bag.
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