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Petmate Two Door Top Load 24-Inch Pet Kennel, Metallic Pearl Ash Blue and Coffee Ground Bottom
Price:$39.95+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on February 27, 2015
About a year ago, my boyfriend and I adopted a six month old kitten and of course, we needed a carrier for her, so we got a smaller Petmate carrier. As she grew, we realized it was getting a little small for her. We took her on a trip to Florida in it and although she could lay down fine, there was absolutely no room for her to stand. When we adopted our second kitten last September, we knew that we had to get something bigger so we could put both of the cats in it if we needed to.

At the end of November, we decided we were going to Minnesota for Christmas and were bringing the cats with us, so I got on Amazon and started looking at carriers. We were debating between this and the Aspen Pet Taxi Fashion Kennel, also by Petmate, because it was a bigger version of our old one. Both of the carriers we looked at were of the larger size, NOT small. The size of this carrier was the 24". We liked the Aspen Pet Taxi because it had two compartments on the top for holding treats, which was great, but we ultimately decided on this carrier because of the two door option. I must say, this was absolutely the right choice. The top door allows more light in and makes the carrier feel more open instead of a cramped little compartment. Also, the two door option allows us two different ways to put the cats in, which we have found using the top door makes life much easier (not as much struggling!). The biggest plus is that not only can a cat sit up in this carrier, both of our cats fit comfortably in it with plenty of room to move around. The cats stayed in the carrier for the majority of the trip to Minnesota, but I think that had to do with them feeling more comfortable in the carrier than out in the open car since we would leave the carrier open at home and let them explore as they wanted.

I bought this carrier for only $28, which was an absolute steal in my opinion, and am waiting for the price to come down closer to $30 to buy another one since it would be nice for each cat to have her own. The only downside is that because it is so large and the cat has room to move around, it is very unsteady to carry it since the cat moves her weight back and forth from the front to the back. However, this is a very small issue that does not affect my rating of this carrier. As far as the price goes on Amazon compared to other stores (PetSmart, PetCo, Walmart, etc.) it is about the same everywhere I looked, maybe a little cheaper on Amazon. Overall, I would HIGHLY recommend this carrier, not only for cats but for smaller dogs as well. Even at $36, it is still a good deal.

Since I've had some comments about having two cats in one carrier, I thought I'd clarify a little in my review. The one cat was a year and a half and the other a six month old kitten who wasn't full grown yet. We only had the carrier doors closed when we were getting in and out of the car and when we were in high traffic areas. Other than that, the cats had free roam of the car and access to a litter box but chose to sleep in the carrier together most of the time. Once our kitten had reached adult size, we bought another one of these carriers and currently use both when traveling or taking the cats to the vet. We could probably manage to use one carrier for both cats when making short trips, the vet's office for example, but the carrier can get quite heavy and hard to carry with two cats inside.
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on August 5, 2015
As you can see, my cat loves the carrier. The top loading and side loading is great. The screw-together format for the top and bottom keeps the carrier together much better compared to the 'clip' together that other carriers have.
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on December 5, 2015
Having just adopted brother and sister kittens that are so adorable they deserve nothing but the best, I chose the Petmate two door top load pet kennel. When the two kennels arrived I felt like I had won the lottery. There are so many to choose from and I wanted one that was safe, secure and attractive and the Petmates checked the box on each level. To get the 5 month old kittens used to the kennels, I put them on the floor, side by side, with the front doors open. It only took minutes for them to look them over and decide to walk inside. I had also ordered MidWest Quiet Time Pet Beds (fleece~~22" x 13") for them and they fit perfectly. The side-by-side kennels reminded me of travel trailers (which they are in the end) so we call the space they occupy the "Trailer Park". The kittens are often in their "trailer homes" napping and I feel sure when I need to take them to the Vet's they won't be as spooked as if it was brand new. I heartily recommend you consider this product and the bed as well.
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on November 9, 2016
Just got this today, I finally got something better suited for my large cat. We are a military family so move often and this will work great for our upcoming move this summer. I was having a hard time finding something I liked, was a decent price and big enough but not too big. I was skeptical on ordering this, afraid it may be too small or end up with the wrong bolts as many reviews stated but everything worked out great. Make sure to order it from Amazon as the seller and i think that takes care of the bolt issue some were having. Size.. I can't say exactly his weight but i know he's about 15lbs, he has plenty of room to stand up and turn around if he'd like, with some toys. He's never had a crate before but surprisingly seems to like it, I have it left out for him to come and go as he pleases so when its time to shut him in maybe it won't be so traumatic (He has a very hard time traveling!) Love that the top opens up as i know that tends to be easier to use when they are a bit panicked (like at the vet). He's 7 years old and set in his ways so I'm glad to see he's taken a liking to it. I'll post some pics to hopefully help others with size questions as i found photo reviews the most helpful for me
review imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview image
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on November 15, 2012
Good sturdy pet carrier but much smaller overall than the 24 inch kennel. I would suggest going up to the next size if you have an adult cat over 8 lbs., especially if you have a long drive to the vet or they need to be in it for an extended period of time. This is a good size for a kitten or toy size puppy.
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on May 15, 2012
I wish I got this a long time ago. The plastic is a lot thicker than I thought it would be, I didn't imagine this to be as heavy duty as it is. I hardly ever use the side door, the top door is so much easier. Gone are the days of shoving my cat in upside down and sideways and narrowly avoiding claws in my face. With the top loading all I have to do is pick up the cat and drop her in without her even realizing what happened. It is also a pretty big carrier, so if you have a larger cat I would suggest getting this. My cat is a female maine coon mix so she weighs almost 10 lbs at her skinny weight. The other cat carriers made for typical house cats were too small for her. This is maybe a little big for her but it's better than the one that was too small. The top loading door is also pretty sturdy, I was worried that it would bend when I picked up the carrier but I've had no problems with it moving at all.
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on June 4, 2016
This carrier met my expectation and actually it was awesome carrying my 12 pound rabbit to and from the Vet or any other place i bring him too... Measurements are true to size and the top opening is convinient . Its very easy to assemble and even my vet was impressed the material and door latch is awesome .
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on June 8, 2012
We bought this carrier at a local pet discount chain to use with our younger cat, who gets completely traumatized by a visit to the vet. In the past, I've had to put the conventional carriers on end with the open door facing up and load a not-too-happy cat into them (cats can make themselves really big, with legs and claws out, when they don't want to be put in a carrier). This carrier makes the whole process so easy. Our cats are 10 and 12 lbs each and there is plenty of room inside for either one (but not both).

We leave the carrier out all the time at home, with the front door secured open and a towel inside, and the cats take turns curling up and sleeping in it. So when we went to the vet this morning, the carrier already smelled like friendly cats, and I added a little spritz of Feliway comfort pheremone spray for good measure. We took our anxious cat, who had been very lightly sedated, and gently put her in through the top. She hardly made a peep during the ride to the vet and survived a half-hour wait in the car (the vet was running behind schedule and the waiting room was full of dogs). The visit went well and when it was over, back in through the top she went. Painless, for a change.

This carrier has been such a success that I'll be ordering another one and we'll donate our conventional carriers to our favorite pet rescue. A very worthwhile purchase.
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on August 23, 2016
GREAT! This is absolutley the best carrier I have ever owned. It's very sturdy, a cute color, and it's big! The bolts were a tad difficult to screw in but it's definitely worth the extra 10 minutes! When I was unable to get the screw completely in (where it was flat), I would just keep screwing the bolts while screwing the bottom black part. After doing that, the screws came straight down into the carrier. I love the top load door because now I don't have to feel bad when putting my kitty in! Before I rescued him he was badly abused and he's scared to get into cages and crates. It's very easy just to pick him up and lift him down instead of having to push him head first :( Definitely worth the money! I also bought the Quiet Time Pet Bed. It's 22inches and considered the x-small. Fits perfectly. Does seem smaller in person but it fits to every inch of the carrier! Extremely comfortable. White one doesn't shed as bad as the gray one does. Would definitely recommend both!
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on January 23, 2017
It got here today. I love it. But I didn't receive any nuts and bolts to attach the top and bottom pieces. So I am exchanging. 1 star, as this seems to be a pretty common occurrence with this product according to other reviewers. If my exchange comes through 100% I'll update my opinion accordingly.
Update: my exchange came through very quickly! Amazon sent me a whole new kennel with all the necessary pieces to put it together.
We've used it several times now. It's a great carrier; very sturdy and lots of space to accommodate my 12lb fur baby. Love the top door; makes trips to the vet and the groomer quick and easy for everyone.
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