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on July 3, 2015
Dr. Plechner has saved many animals for me over the past fifteen years, despite the fact that I live in Italy and he practices in Los Angeles! He is a true genius, and his is a system of genius for both preventing animals from getting sick, and saving them if they do. I can vouch for the fact that what he is saying is true. The problem is usually with getting vets who have conventional training to realize that Dr. Plechner, not their vet school training, is right! It can take years to break through vet's mental blocks, and get them to see the light. There may be no double blind trials of Dr. Plechner's work, but we have managed to reproduce his results many times far away here-- in Italy--and Dr. Plechner has been right absolutely every time. The conventional veterinary establishment has not further researched his work, because if you do what Dr. Plechner tells you to, you will spend far less money on veterinarians over the lifetime of your animal, and your animal will enjoy far better heath than it would have otherwise. I contend that Dr. Plechner's work has been proven "double blind" this way-- that anyone can accomplish the same results-- the numbers on the lab tests move the way he says they should, and the results we get in the animals far away here in Italy confirm that what he is saying is absolutely true. My animals have never lived so long before as they have on what, for convenience, we call, "the Plechner Protocl." Susie the cat got to 22 or 23. As I write, Ol' Billy Cat sits beside me at 18, and he has survived "the impossible." The vets cannot believe that Ol' Billy manages to purr on. The vet at the medical school had no hope for him. Nattie, another of our feline loves, has made it to 19, thanks to Dr. Plechner. This is the "must have "a book for saving the animal you love. And thank god, I got my own doctor to listen, though it took a fight, because the "Plechner Protocol saved my life--and my husband's, and my mother's, who reached 93 with all her wits, and sharp vision, thanks in part to Dr. Plechner's famous "Plechner Protocl." His system for keeping animals healthy, and saving them when they are ill, is the ultimate blend of using all the resources we have--modern lab testing, but then applying common sense, a healthy diet, a wholistic way of thinking--learning how to keep the hormonal "command" system in balance, which helps keep the immune system in balance, which keeps the fundamental biochemistry which sustains health in balance, and avoids illness. Thanks to Dr. Plechner, who is also, "the vet who never stops caring" evryone in this household has lived a longer and healthier life. Unfortunately, they broke the mold for the world's best veterinarian when they made Dr. Plechner, but at least you and your vet can learn his brilliant system for keeping your animals from getting sick. Avoid the bankrupting vet bills! Search for the vets who are open-minded and really love animals, and who, as Dr. Plechner says, "care more about curing your animal that curing their wallets.". Arrive with "Pets at Risk" in hand.
In "Pets at RIsk", Dr. Plechner will share his fifty years of knowledge, his experience gained from working on a hundred thousand animals, and teach you and your vet how to create a healthy diet for your pet, and keep your pet healthy, instead of having it sicken and die before its time, like so many animals do today. This is the most important vet book on the market--the literally, the "can't live without it" vet book.
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on July 28, 2013
July, 2013: My new Sheltie puppy had extreme food sensitivity, IBS and chronic diarrhea from the time I got him. He had been seeing my regular vet for several months, and after ruling out parasites, five rounds of antibiotic treatments, and trying several different diets, we were getting nowhere. After a chance meeting with a local dog trainer, she told me about this book and referred me to an immunologist in our area that works with Plechner animals. The results of his EI-1 test were shocking: extremely high cortisol (indicating defective/bound cortisol), high estrogen, low thyroid, and VERY low immune values. After a week on the drug protocol and changing to a diet recommended by this vet, his stool was normal for the first time since getting him at 11 weeks old (he is six months old now). We will re-test him in a week to see how his hormone levels have improved, and I can post another update. Be prepared for a backlash from regular vets and breeders. This puppy's breeder is in denial, saying the condition is not "real" and that my new vet is a "quack". Interestingly enough, she had never heard of Plechner's and so far has refused to read the book. She said she called every vet and specialist in her area, and no one had heard of it, so it must not be "real". You just can't argue with the blood panel results and the subsequent improvement in his IBS and stool after going on the drug protocol! Thank you, thank you, thank you Dr. Plechner!!!

March, 2014: So an update is long overdue. My Sheltie is doing fantastic! Early on, we were able to find a diet he could tolerate (Canine Caviar-Venison). We have re-tested him twice since his initial testing, and his hormone levels and immune levels have continued to improve (trending towards normal). His last test was in October of 2013, and his immune levels were still below the normal range (but much improved). I plan on re-testing him this April, and based on his lack of symptoms, I would expect to see further improvement. His stool is completely normal now, and he is now in agility training and doing very well. Just recently, I decided to add some of the ingredients from the home cooked diet I am feeding one of my other dogs, and so far, he has tolerated everything I have given him (my other dog has liver disease and is eating a hepatic diet). This is huge, because he had extreme food sensitivity when I first got him. Please keep in mind - most Plechner dogs with food sensitivity are NOT able to venture from their strict diets. Another thing I think has helped him is adding Transfer Factor to his diet (a supplement for immune compromised animals and recommended by my vet): The only residual issue I have with him is heat sensitivity and somewhat low stamina, so I am cognizant of this when he is training (I give him lots of breaks and I plan on getting him a cool (gel) coat for summer). I will post another update after his next testing.
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on May 17, 2016
Dr. Plechner is a pioneer in the field of hormonal imbalances that plague our pets. You will have to look long and hard for a veterinarian that will "get it". My sister was lucky and found a Holistic Vet who is following Dr. Plechner's treatment plan for her dog. Sammie has had digestive problems for years. All the vets wanted to do was give her antacids. That would have ruined her health like it is ruining the health so many people.
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on June 4, 2012
If your pet has "allergies", breaks out in "hotspots", chews his/her paws, constant ear and other infections, rubs his/her butt and is constantly at a long list of vets that all say there isn't much we can do to stop all this crap but you end up spending a ton of money on drugs, salves ect. that have minimum effect, GET THIS BOOK, CONTACT DR PLECHNER THRU HIS WEBSITE AND HE WILL HELP YOU FIND A VET IN YOUR AREA THAT CAN TREAT YOUR PET. You owe this to your pet and to yourself. Stop wasting your money and time on vets that don't have a clue, or refuse to acknowledge this condition and its treatment and START ENJOYING YOUR PET.
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on June 15, 2017
everyone should own and read and reference this book! PRICELESS
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on March 13, 2017
Fast! Efficient and product was AS ADVERTISED!
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on June 1, 2013
My English Bull Terrier is currently on Dr. Plechner's regime. In two weeks His numbers changed on a VERY low dose. Our dog has lost 6 pounds and has the energy he had as a puppy! An informative read for anyone who has a pet.
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on April 11, 2014
Great informational reading, a real eye opener. I have given it to our Vet. for his take on it, after only scanning a few pages, The Forward, he asked if I would please leave it with him as he is very interested in the authors opinions/prescriptions.
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on March 18, 2014
You will find some information that is important. I will recommend the book to others.
Wish everyone will look for this book and learn.
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on March 29, 2016
Gave it to my vet to read. Have not heard yet what she things.
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