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on December 30, 2011
I've used several other headlamps for running before and there was always SOMETHING that bothered me (strap too thin, slides around, light bobs around, too dim), but I am absolutely IN LOVE with this headlamp! The headband is wide but comfortable. The light's mount is contoured to fit against your forehead comfortably and padded just enough, which is a BIG thing! I also really love that there are 2 different light strength settings. The higher setting is great for country roads or trails where there are a lot of things to (hopefully) NOT trip over and the lower setting is perfect for running through town or where you have the occasional street light. With either setting, the beam is wide enough to cover your whole stride zone.

I can't wait to take this headlamp backpacking in the spring!
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on January 29, 2014
I bought two low cost lights, the tikkina 2 and the Black Diamond Gizmo. I love the tikkina 2 and I think I like the Gizmo. The tikkina 2 is 23 lumens and the Gizmo is 35. I expected the Gizmo to be like the tikkina 2 but brighter. But these lights are very different. The Tikkina 2 has a narrow beam that goes surprisingly far for a low lumen light. I like its positive clicking on/off function button. The Gizmo has a very wide and diffuse flood beam. It goes much less distance than the Tikkina 2 but illuminates a very wide swath (easily an entire roadway). The beam is not very bright, though, and I don't think it would serve a runner. I walk so both lights were fine for me. The Tikkina is plenty bright but a little narrow and the Gizmo is a little dim but it covers more width than I need. Something in the middle would be just right. The Gizmo has a non-clicking, non protruding on/off function switch (rubber membrane) that is sometimes tricky to actuate-very difficult with gloves on. It's just not very positive in its action and I much prefer the Tikkina function button. I'm also not a fan of the dimmer function on the Gizmo. I really only need a high or low setting and the dimming thing just slows things down and I don't like that the dimmer always reverts back to the brightest setting after a shut off. If I shut off the light for a bright section of my walk and turn the light back on I have to go through the dimming routing to get the light back to a low setting. Both lights work very well for reading lights, using their dim settings.

Really both lights are fine to me but I prefer the Tikkina 2.
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on February 7, 2016
Awesome headlamp! Great price and great color too. I bought this thing several years ago before the outset of a long distance bike trip. It has served me so well over those years. Rainy or clear, hazy or cold, I trust this thing with my life. It uses three AAA batteries, has a dim setting and a bright one, and fits my big fat head, all in all, this light rocks! I've used this thing for 52 days in the Appalachians, and 27 in the Rockies, single weekends and simple night hikes. It sits on my desk when not on a hike I use it almost daily to inspect, build, and create. Sometimes I throw it into my day bag if I may go on a hike or go out after work. This head lamp is awesome. It is light weight, adjustable (pivots up and down), and just the right brightness. I have had friends boast about their billion trillion lumens ones but I just feel a light that is too bright in the darkest of places just destroys your night vision anyways, making the experience of being alone in the wild all that much more frightening. This thing is perfect to read by, or carve by, or anything. If you need light at your hands and you want quality, for a good price, you just found your head lamp.
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on January 20, 2014
I paid approximately $20 for my Petzl, which is a reasonable price for a product expected to last for a long time. The headlamp itself only comes in bright blue, bright green, or bright red, which makes it look like a kid's toy. However, color does not matter in the dark.

The headlamp band on the Petzl is of high quality. It does not have any seams on the inside. The Petzl headlight assembly has loops that the band passes through, making the band one piece. The Petzl tilt assembly is sturdy and has a nice click to it. The battery compartment for the Petzl lamp opens easily. My lamp came with Duracell non-Duralock batteries manufactured, strangely, in China (most Duracell alkaline batteries are made in the USA). The lamp itself is made in Malaysia.

The headlamp is rain-resistant, although not suitable for submersion. Its construction is not particularly durable nor is it flimsy. The screen over the LEDs is slightly convex. The reflector behind the LEDs is mainly for decorative purposes. The switch is sturdy and water resistant. The headlamp assembly is rather lightweight.

The LED technology in this lamp is rather old, and there are many headlamps that put out far greater light intensity. The color of the beam is bluish in the center and yellowish around the edges. The lamp is advertised as 23 lumens on high mode. In reality, the output on high mode is nearly equivalent to my Photon microlight, rated at 10 lumens. Econ mode puts out about half the intensity of my Photon, or 5 lumens.

In layman's terms, do not use this light for cave exploration, running through the woods at night, mountain biking, search & rescue, surgery, or any other activity requiring high intensity light. This light is ideal for walking the dog, hiking down a trail, bicycling on a road, jogging down a road, reading a book, dealing with a power outage, or similar activities. It is excellent as a backup headlight for any activity. It puts out about as much light as a keychain flashlight with fresh batteries.

This lamp is advertised as having exceptional runtimes, 55 hours in high mode and 190 hours in econ mode. One may think that they can turn this lamp on and a week (168 hours) later they can return to see it shining just as brightly as before. This is not the case.

This lamp consumes approximately 110 mA on bright and 30 mA on econ mode using fully charged batteries. (Remember that bright mode only puts out about 10 lumens and dim mode 5 lumens.) Advertised runtimes are defined as running the lamp until the light becomes worthless (about 0.7 lumens or so), NOT running it until it starts getting dim. For example, after 30 hours on high mode, the light output will be 30% of the original (according to Petzl's data sheet). 3 lumens is the brightness of a rather dim keychain flashlight. Many will have difficulties reading at 3 lumens. Even if practical runtime for you is only 20 hours instead of 55, it is still a long time. 2 hours a night will still give you ten days of runtime on one set of batteries. If all you need is to see your way around and do some low intensity reading, use econ mode. 2 hours a night will get you almost 3 MONTHS of usage on one set of batteries.

This data is cumbersome and complicated to some, so I will try to tell it simply. This light is dim and bulky. You can get keychain flashlights the size of a quarter at a quarter the price that will be brighter than this headlamp. If you want a bright light, there are many other choices, either with Petzl or any other brand. However, if you care about runtime, this light is perfect for you. That keychain light will start dimming in 5 minutes, and be gone in about 45 minutes. You will need to buy a new set of batteries for $5 or even throw away the light and buy a new one. Meanwhile, this headlamp will run on in econ mode for over ten thousand minutes, on a set of batteries that can be obtained for a dollar.
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on January 1, 2015
I bought this item nearly two years ago. I just used it again, to get a good view of the bottom of my leaking garbage disposal, and once again I was impressed by two features: 1) how useful it is, and 2) what a nice product it is. These factors compelled me to write a review.

It has held up very nicely over two years, works and looks like new. The elastic band isn't degrading and losing its stuff, the light is still bright, and everything works well. Batteries seem to last a long time.

Keep in mind that you own one of these gadgets and you will find it so very helpful for a variety of tasks. For example, I used it last week, in my lighted but dim garage at night, to detail the interior of my car. It's just so helpful for so many little jobs like that.

If I somehow lost it or smashed it to smithereens, say by driving over it with my car, I would replace it with the same item.
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on December 29, 2009
This Petzl Tikkina 2 headlamp is not as bright as the more expensive models, but is excellent for kids and general camping/household use. If you are looking for a headlamp for caving or biking, this may not be the one for you, but this one is an incredible value and works as advertised. I am very impressed with the quality of each of the components of this headlamp as well as its design, operation, and fit and finish. The economy setting is perfect for reading, the battery compartment is easy to access but appears watertight, and the lamp's on/off switch is far superior to the sliding switches found on lesser models. The only improvement I could suggest is an auto-off feature to preserve the batteries from the forgetfulness of my 4 year-old. Highly recommended!
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on February 20, 2011
I bought this headlamp to run at night. It works really well and emites enough light to see about 100 - 200 meters ahead. My only complaint is that if you wear the lamp directly on your forehead it might be uncomfortable. The back of the light is a hard plastic and you have to wear it somewhat tight so it won't slip. I wear mine over a visor and it completely solved the problem so I would recommend either wearing a visor or sweatband underneath.
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on December 22, 2009
Unless you need a light that can be seen from outer space, this here headlamp is a great choice. I have a gigantic noggin(7 3/4") and it still adjust plenty big enough to be comfortable. I use it mainly for running, and it gets the job done. PETZL is a great, reliable brand, and the electric blue is stylin'. 20 bucks well spent.
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on February 7, 2012
purchased for my 4 year old daughter (it's pink!) for her birthday - mainly for our camping trips but low and behold... she uses it DAILY! the lumens isn't super high which is perfect for little kids who may accidentally shine the light into their eyes or their siblings' eyes - it's not blinding. the strap is nice and sturdy with a good amount of resistance so it stays on her head even when she's running around the house. she's also able to expand the strap and wear it around her waist which is perfect for walking in the evening while camping or in the neighborhood. it has 2 levels of brightness and we always have her use the lower level for reading - she looooves using this thing to read in bed! if you're wondering what to gift a young child, you'd be surprised how entertaining a headlamp can be - it's been our go-to gift for kids over 4 with positive results!
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on September 2, 2013
My girlfriend and I got this headlamp in preparation for a weekend long camping trip at a primitive camping site - no electricity or camp-provided lighting. We used this headlamp extensively when cooking and performing other tasks in the dark. I found that the adjustable hinge for the light works well, and could bend to whatever angle we needed the light at. The highest position was perfect for just walking around and wanting to see as far out as you could, while the lowest position was ideal for tasks right in front of you, like tying knots. The light has two intensities, a "hi-beam" and "low-beam" setting, which can be accessed using the button on top. I found the two settings to be sufficient for whatever we needed the lamp for, and the button on top of the light was easy to access.

The adjustable strap is comfortable, even for long periods of use, and can accommodate a wide variety of head sizes. I have a pretty big head, and it fits me nicely. The included batteries lasted the entire 3 day weekend, as well as me playing around with it for a bit in the attic at home. I can't speak as to the overall life of the batteries, but I know that LEDs are very efficient, and this lamp only has two. I may update this post with most info on the battery life as we use it more.

One night during our trip, a torrential downpour started suddenly and our tent started leaking. This is when the Petzl had a true test. We decided it was time to abandon ship, and get everything out of the tent and into the car. I wore this headlamp while running around trying to gather things at the campsite and put them into the car. The Petzl cut right through the rain with the "hi-beam" setting on, making it easy to see in pitch black. The rain also had no effect on the light itself, and the band stayed snug on my head the entire time. All in all, this headlamp worked great, and is a good deal at this price. Highly recommended.
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