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VINE VOICEon December 26, 2007
This really is an outstanding headlamp. It is exceedingly bright, and outshines and outlasts my other headlamps (both LED and incandescent).
It comes with minimal instructions, and while you really don't need them, there are a few things that took me a second or thirty to figure out.

1) The battery indicator LED -- it will start flashing a few seconds after you turn the headlamp on. I thought mine didn't work at first because I didn't wait long enough with the lamp on.
2) There is a nice little clip on the strap that will hold one extra lens - to remove the lens, you'll probably need to use your thumbnail to push it out from the back until it clicks, then you can use the slide tab to pull it out the rest of the way.
3) Multiple light modes -- when you initially turn the light on, you can hit the switch multiple times to change light modes. If you wait too long, the light will turn off the next time you hit the button, rather than switch to the next mode -- this is, in fact, good, so that if you want to kill the light quickly once you've been using it, you don't have to cycle through the other modes until it goes off.

Finally, the desert color is very nice -- it's sort of in between khaki and olive drab.
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on February 27, 2015
I purchased the pictured headlamp about eight months ago; it ran great until my lab decided that the headlamp would make a good chew toy. Hence, I purchased what I thought was an identical light to replace it; the light that arrived is completely different. The lighting button system on the one received is overly complex (requiring the user to hold down on the button for several seconds, and can be very hard to actuate with gloves and mittens), the headband is less durable, the light produced is less uniform, grittier and the light lacks replaceable colored filters. Sending it back; hopefully they'll exchange it for the headlamp advertised, if they do, I'll change my review.

Update: new light was shipped out, still not one posted in picture. However, since the one pictured is discontinued, I can't fault the distributor for not having the light. They sent me a newer model, which will make an excellent running light for early morning jogs and working after dark. My primary criticism-against the newer design still stands, however; I just cannot recommend a headlamp that might turn on in white light mode for a hunting or 'tactical' (Tactikka?) environment, where said white light could temporarily blind the user, or, worse, give away said users position. For all other applications, from exercise to car repair to navigating an equipment filled aircraft hanger to find a light switch in the corner, I can say it will definitely do the job! Plus the newer light's red light mode is actually red and not pink (like the older filtered light was).

Customer service is what is earning the 5 stars of this review; they are a good company and I hope nothing but the best for them.
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on June 7, 2014
I bought this headlamp as I left for Afghanistan. It has a feature that most don't - the ability to turn on and then off without ever flashing a white light. That's great.

Worked well for about a week before it failed. It would turn on fine, but then the light would dim and stay on no matter what. Pushing/holding either button would bring it up to its higher setting, and releasing the button would return it to dim. I spent a while playing with it, but there's only two buttons and there's only so many options there. The only way to turn it off was to pull out a battery, which, SURPRISE, is hard to do in the dark with gloves on and this strapped to my helmet. Thankfully it happened while inside my vehicle so it wasn't too bad, but could have been.

I wrote to the company and received an understanding response. Even better, they offered to send me a new one without receiving the old in return (takes a while to ship out with APO). That part was awesome.

Received the new one, and it failed in the same way on the first mission. This time, it was at a more compromising time when a light stuck on wasn't a great thing. And it's dim enough that you can not notice it's on until someone tells you. Was never dropped, gotten wet, or otherwise abused. Still looked brand new. At that point, I said screw it and went back to handheld light. Didn't yet write back to the company, but two failed products in a row told me all I needed.

TL;DR: Petzl staff/customer service gets 5 stars. This product gets 1.
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on December 31, 2012
I had mine for about a year and the battery case opened up a 1cm crack. I emailed Petzl and they promptly mailed me a dark red replacement cover.

- Charge indicator led, works.
- Easy to switch and toggle diffusers.
- easy to use buttons.
- Worked in saltwater sailing until crack, untested after.
- Petzl mailed a replacement battery cover.

- It cracked
- Battery life unimpressive.
- Amount of light through red diffuser is barely bright enough for walking.

- I consistently accidentally put it on upside-down, to the point where i wrote TOP on one side.

Overall, this would be a great sailing light with the red filter and water resistance. Other than the crack problem. Real sailors have epoxy at hand anyway.

In the end I got a Zebralight. It's lighter, the silicone holder is more comfortable and durable, the light comes off and can be used with a belt loop clip. Only no red light.
Zebralight H502 AA Flood Headlamp
review image review image
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on January 28, 2013
I own quite a few headlamps. I love them. Yes, you look goofy wearing one, but their practicality definitely outweighs their appearance. So far this Petzl is my favorite one. It has great spread when on flood mode (done by sliding the clear filter over), and works at great distances when in spot mode. The boost mode (which temporary brightens the light) is actually more useful than I expected it to be.

One of its biggest strengths is its comfort. I have worn this thing for hours on end in both really cold and really hot temperatures and I actually forget it's on my head. It's lightweight enough to get used to pretty quickly.

There are two things I don't like about it. It has a few different modes (full, half, blink) which you cycle through by pushing the same button (the on/off button) I primarily use it in High mode, so in order to turn it off quickly I need to push the button a few times in order to get it off. However, a way around this is to hold the button down for a few seconds, it then immediately goes off. I typically just click it a few times instead because it's a faster way to get it off (though slightly more work).

The second negative is the filters. While I will never use the blue or green ones, I use the flood and red ones quite a bit. You can only have one filter in the lamp at a time, and changing them is a bit annoying. You have to pop the front face off of the lamp, swap filters, and then pop the front face back on. While it seems pretty sturdy, I have a feeling it will crack on me eventually. If you only plan on using two filters it has a convenient carrying slot in the band. This helps greatly.

I would definitely recommend getting this headlamp. It is worth the money, and will last for a good long while if it's cared for properly.
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on March 3, 2013
I have had this product for a month borrowing it from someone else and have had it on the high beam (not the turbo button) for an average of 6 hours a night and the led still is indicating green for full batteries.

I have then ordered one for myself and I must say that this product is great. It also looks well with multicams. I had it shipped to APO and it was here in 10 days. Now that is fast! The packaging was also taken into good care. Other reciews say that the beam is narrow with colors and they are someehat correct. But look at the light itself, it is a round light, like a standard flashlight, so it is not narrow, it provides a circle in front of you of light on the ground.

The only con I can really see is the extra lense holder, It can only hold 1! but it comes with 4 total. 1 clear, red, green, and blue. So you have one on the light standing by for when you need it, one is the holder, and 2 in your pocket. I find this inconcienient being in Afghanistan, you lose small things rather easily, but I only need the red and white 75% of the time depending on what needs to be done.

The customer service is great as well. I have recieved an email after it was delivered asking if the product was correct, all pieces were there, and it everything worked.

But would I recommend this product? YES
Would I recommend this product to military? YES

I rate this product 5 out of 5
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on November 12, 2012
I recently bought a variety of headlamps for emergency prepardness which also included four different Streamlight headlamps--so this review is also a comparison of the Petzl E89 to those others. (FWIW: See also my review of the Streamlight 61052 for comments on the Streamlights.) The E89 is well designed and handy to use. With no filters in place it gives an excellent focused spotlight-type beam as good as the best Streamlights. What makes this headlamp a standout is the filters. This lamp holds one filter at a time. Changing from one filter to another is complex, but once a filter is in place, it is easy to use. The user just slides the filter accross the light with a little tab. The clear filter spreads the light beam over a broader area. The colored filters both spread the beam and give color. The red filter is particularly good for use at night to preserve night vision. I thought the shade of redness was okay--other reviewers have commented that it was orange or brown--I didn't see a problem there. This is a good, high-quality item.
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on December 1, 2010
Having been a fairly hardcore climber, hiker and hunter for the last couple decades, I have owned a great many headlamps from a variety of manufacturers and I am fairly hard on my gear. I expect a lot from it. This headlamp has not yet let me down. The advent of the LED has radically changed headlamps and I have given away all my old incandescent bulb headlamps long ago. I now own a few of these Tactikka XP headlamps (good to have spares for family and friends) and whether I am hiking in the dark up a steep talus slope with a heavy pack for an early start of a day of climbing or whether I am tracking an archery harvested deer in the evening, this headlamp has long ago become my go-to headlamp. Raging cold or putrid heat/humidity, rain, snow, nothing stops it. The battery indicator is super handy as well. The green filter is perfect for creeping into a treestand without spooking the deer before dawn and you can easily switch to white light if needed in an instant. This thing really is the state of the art of headlamps, at least for 2010. Who knows what they will come up with in the coming years. For now though, you won't be disappointed by this amazing piece of gear. I keep a spare one in my Bug Out Bag with some extra Lithium batteries and you should consider doing the same. I expect it will work as well for you as it has for me. A+ product. Chris T.
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on June 2, 2011
I bought this headlamp for my boyfriend. He had bought me the same one a while back and was still using his "cheap" one. I was looking for a headlamp that didn't have the top band. As a girl with longer hair that is put up while camping, it was bothersome to have that top strap rubbing on my pony tail.

I love that this headlamp comes with different colored lenses, including the clear one, to help spread the light better. It's light enough to have on my head (and my boyfriend's) for hours at a time. It does tend to leave a small red mark, but nothing that's super sensitive. We have used our Petzl headlamps hiking, camping, pretty much everything outdoorsy you can think of and it's held up well. We even use it inside to shed some light on those darker areas in the house, such as under the bed.

I like that there are different brightness options and it seems to make the battery last longer when using the lower settings. I typically leave mine on high at all times, but I do sometimes use the lower settings, if I'm out on a longer expedition and didn't have room to pack extra batteries. It also has the Boost feature, which I rarely use. It is however much brighter than the highest setting, I just haven't found a great need for it as of yet.

Overall, I really like this headlamp and my boyfriend likes his as well. We have other "cheap" ones that we lend to friends if they need one, but I wouldn't switch back from Petzl. I would recommend this brand to everyone.
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on December 4, 2016
The quality of this headlamp is great. The battery life is awesome as well. It feels sturdy and will built. It comes with extra colored lenses which is a nice add-on but I have to keep them in a separate pouch and I'm always a little concerned about losing them. It would be nice to have a small attachment to add them to the head band somewhere to keep everything together.
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