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Philips Norelco 1150X/40 Shaver 6100
Style Name: Retail Packaging without Beard Styler|Change
Price:$110.65+ Free shipping

VINE VOICEon September 26, 2010
Style Name: Retail Packaging without Beard Styler|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I'm 45, been shaving for ages now, and I have to say, of all the razors I've owned that are of an electric model, this one is the first one to do the complete job. What I mean by that is with electric razors of the past, I'd shave my cheeks and moustache area, and that'd all go well. When it came time to shave the hair on my neck, not so good. I'd have to do that part with a blade. Which kind of defeated the purpose really as I preferred electrics. I would replace the blades, tried a few models over the years, and I'd still have to do cleanup work (if not all the work depending on the specific unit) with a blade.

This new one though deals with the neck hair, too. I have thick course neck hair, a lot more course than the stuff on my cheeks, and I when I tried my neck hair with this new razor, I wasn't expecting much. To my surprise, it worked! I was stunned, as I've never had an electric that's done that for me before.

I give this thing five stars quite easily, and without exaggeration. Feels nice in my hand, too. The heads collapse and move around to contour to my face, which is probably why it works on the neck hair so well. A lot of my previous electrics were "hard heads", which didn't contour much - if at all.

If you have hard to shave neck hair, I suggest trying this razor - it worked for me!

UPDATE (Jan 20, 2011): I posted this review in September 2010, and after I wrote it, I continued to use the razor after that. I can add that the battery life was most excellent. I did not have to recharge it until early January, so the battery lasted for about 3.5 months. Now I didn't use it every single day, I'm a "shave every 3 days" kind of guy, but still. That was a long time between charges. I continue to be most impressed with this razor.

UPDATE (Nov 25, 2011): Still going strong. Replaced the heads a month or two ago, and is still my primary razor. Very happy with this one.

UPDATE (Jul 18, 2013): Still going as my primary razor.

UPDATE (Nov 9, 2014): Still going as my primary razor. :)
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on June 30, 2015
This is the second Norelco shaver I've owned. The first died after about 2 years of pretty much daily use.

No "break in" period. At least for me. From the very first shave it was close, comfortable and non-irritating
If used daily I get a very close shave. Not quite as smooth as a straight razor but good enough and without the razor burn.
Charge last two weeks or so with daily shaving
Travel lock feature so your shaver doesn't accidentally turn on while in your travel bag.
Use wet or dry. I prefer to shave wet with a good shaving butter. The thick shaving creams don't do as well.

Doesn't get the fine neck hairs. After I shave with the shaver I sometimes will touch up the neck area with a straight razor.
If I skip more than 2 days I need to knock down the growth with a beard trimmer, no guard or else the shaver will pull hairs. Daily use this is not an issue.

Overall I would recommend if you're looking for a good quality wet/dry electric shaver
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on January 26, 2014
For 4 years I have been using a Panasonic ES8109 electric razor. It worked well for the most part but the auto cleaning system it has always gets clogged and my jaw and neck always burned a little bit after shaving. It was time again for new blades but I decided to research what is new and buy something different. I had never used a rotary shaver so this style became my focus.

I set a budget of around $100, compared this that and the other, and ended up buying this Norelco 1150BT with the click on bead trimmer. I let my beard grow in for 5 days so I could really see what this thing could do.

Wow...just.....wow. I cannot believe I have been suffering for so long with that other razor! This thing cut through hair and gave me a great, close shave with ZERO razor burn! i didn't even need to use any after shave gel to cool things down. It even got the hair off my neck without having to use the trimmer first. I couldn't be happier with the way it feels, the way it shaves, the way it charges, and the trimmer is better than a stand alone trimmer I use!

I have a goatee and like to keep it trimmed very tight. I have a beard trimmer with 5 settings that I have used for years to accomplish this but it never could get to that area right under my nose. I had to use a trimmer without any attachments to get that trimmed down. Well, this beard trimmer attachment actually gets to that area perfectly! It has 5 settings as well to let you adjust how closely it trims and you can also pop off the attachment to put a perfect line on your side burns. I can't believe how precise the trimmer is on this thing!

Due to all the problems I had with my previous self cleaning razor I won't be buying one with a system like that again. But cleaning this razor is simple and takes 2 minutes, if that. They provide a couple of nice little brushes to help with that and you can of course get things wet if you want.

I will admit that my second shave did get me a slight burn on an area I over did things, but the instructions tell you this will happen as your face and skin get used to the new blades, etc. By week number 2 I was shaving without any burn what so ever. Anyway, I highly recommend this razor. I can't tell you that opting for the 3D version and spending more money is worth the extra cash over this one but I'm sure it's also fantastic. (I did read somewhere that you can buy the 3D head and it will fit on this model...)
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on January 1, 2017
This is the first Wet/dry electric Shaver that actually worked on me. I have tried others and was totally dissatisfied. This Philips Norelco Shaver 6400 gave me a very close shave, that I was impressed. I am so pleased with the performance of this Wet/dry electric Shaver. I used it dry and no pulling or burns or shaving bumps after first use. I have been using a razor and dreaded every time I had to shave. Now I will be looking forward to shaving with my new Wet/dry Philips Norelco Shaver 6400. I highly recommend it. The price was also excellent. Other places had it for far more than I paid here on AMAZON. Philips Norelco Shaver 6400 with Click-On Beard Styler (Model 1150BT/48)
review image review image review image
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on August 9, 2014
Umm.... NO. I tried this versus my Norelco I bought about five years ago. This weighs very little, indicating a switch from metal to plastic everywhere. That was immediately worrisome.

Second, the heads do seem to follow the contour of my face better, but they don't give as close a shave as my older model. I have no idea why that is. I shaved my left side with this, right with my older model, and had my wife feel and tell me which side was a better shave in a blind test. She chose the right side by a large margin.

Third, the charging stand is flimsy (entirely of plastic) and kept tipping over, banging the razor on the counter. This is a design flaw. Further, the cord is quite short, so if your outlet is far from the counter, you're out of luck.

Fourth, cleaning was not as easy as with my older model Norelco. Removing the head cover is not as simple as it could be.

Overall, they've gone el cheapo on the parts, and it shows in the quality of the shave.

Back it went to Amazon. Save yourself a step and simply avoid this razor. There are much better ones out there. While I like Norelco, they really missed the boat on this particular model.
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on August 3, 2014
I've been using Norelco's 3D model for 3 years, but when I looked to order a replacement head I found the price had jumped from $49 a year ago to nearly $100. So I decided to just buy a 2D model and try it because the entire shaver cost less than a replacement head for the 3D. In addition, replacement heads for the 2D are only $25. The replacement heads are supposed to last a year, and that has held true for me with the 3D heads. My experience is that both shave comparably for me. Barbers always tell me my hair is like horse hair, so that gives you some idea of the coarseness of my beard. The 2D shaves as fast and as close for me as the 3D, so unless you just feel like spending a lot more than you need to, I'd suggest you try a 2D model. I get a very close shave without irritation with both shavers. I always use ordinary bar soap to lather my face, and it has worked fine with no problems. The shave is closer and faster with soap and water lubricating my face than using the shaver on dry skin.
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on January 15, 2017
I purchased the shaver in April, 2016. I was pleased with the product until about three weeks ago. The blades quit giving a smooth cut and abraded upper lip and chin. I find it hard to believe that an electric blade life for an expensive razor is just eight months. I had been using the razor 3-4 times a week. On other days I used my Harry's razor or did not shave.
Haven't made up my mind about purchasing a replacement head---seems silly to get into a cycle of having to buy replacement heads twice a year.
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on December 18, 2015
-----*My Goal*-----
I was hunting for an electric razor that would give me a clean close cut, and allow me to use it in the shower.

------*What happened*-----
After reading reviews for this Philips razor, I thought it would be good enough to get the job done and bought it. After receiving it, I jumped in the shower that evening to give it a shot. Sadly it did not give a close cut to my liking, no matter how many times I went over my face. I thought "Maybe it performs better without water." So I gave it a shot after drying off, and sadly still wouldn't achieve that "close cut" I was wanting.

-----*What I think should change*-----
I want this razor to cut closer than my current razor, which does great for me Remington F5-5800 Rechargeable Foil with Interceptor Shaving Technology, Black ; But sadly the Remington is not Waterproof, and I can not use it in the shower. But I do get that lovely close cut with it. I strongly dislike the cradle. It's very hard to sit in and use to me. They can really make it more simple for us.

-----*What I think should stay*-----
I love the idea of using a razor in the shower. So I'd suggest keeping the waterproof design idea feature. I love the blue design and how I can just sit the razor into a cradle, but we need to fix the cradle design.

-----*What I suggest for the customer to do*-----
I honestly don't believe this razor cuts close enough for me. Where as I love the cut I get from Remington F5-5800 Rechargeable Foil with Interceptor Shaving Technology, Black. I would suggest comparing the two razors and see what you think aswell.

****If this review is helpful for you, then please click the “yes” button below. Thanks for taking the time to read my review.****
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on July 21, 2014
My rating is based on 1 to 5 stars (1 bad, 5 good):

Shave_____________5 stars *****
Charging___________1 star *
Cleaning___________1 star *
Noise level_________5 stars *****
Convenience________1 star *
Catching hairs_______2 stars **
Perceived quality____3 stars ***
On/off button_______2 stars **
Rebate (if used)_____1 star *

I found the actual shave to be excellent, I have always liked the "Lift&Cut" technology. It has a low noise level, and a good battery life. I have a light/medium facial hairs with a slight curve to them (they tend to grow inwards...i.e. = ingrown hairs).

But the shaver requires a space hogging charging stand (you HAVE to use the stand in order to charge it and you cannot use the shaver with it plugged in, VERY poor design). To use the trimmer you are required to remove the blades and attach a separate unit to the base. So now when you are using this shaver at home, you will need much more storage space, cleaning, maintenance, than the typical razor needs. Or if used when you are traveling, you get to take all these lovely extra items with you, nice huh? (sarcasm). Cleaning states to run shaver under HOT water for a few minutes, then take the head off and rinse it another 30 seconds to clean (that is a LOT of HOT water), then you need to dry the head, this is VERY inconvenient in my opinion. And they say that this should be done after EVERY shave, what a waste of hot water. I have also found that if you do not clean it each time, little hairs will fall down on you...not good. When wet, the water will run out of the bottom of the sealed shaver, manual says this is normal, but seems very weird for an electric appliance. The on/off button is under the shell case that contains the razor (you need to push on the plastic razor case to activate it), and it is hard to find unless you physically look for it, just another inconvenience. It should be a standard physical button making it easier to use and more reliable (see other reviews and pictures of this button failing).

If you average my ratings out, you would come to a little above 2, but since the most important part of a shaver is to shave, and the save was very good, I bumped this up to a rating of 2.5 stars. I am a generous guy.

But PLEASE read the following if you are dealing with a rebate:

Just look at the negative feedback history (click the one or two star reviews) to see the many buyers who were denied their rebates. And not just this model but MANY other models also. This is mind boggling.

This is the story:

On 12/15/2011 I mailed in a rebate to Philips for a $30 rebate on a Norelco SensoTouch shaver. I thoroughly read the rebate before the purchase and found nothing unusual.

After not hearing anything back from Philips on this rebate for 4 months on 4/13/2012 I called Philips at 1-800-243-3050 and talked to "xxxx" asking about the status. She stated she could find no information on this and would re-submit it. She did not ask for any personal information so I thought this was strange. When asked why she did not need my information on what was originally sent, she said that maybe I should re-submit my rebate by copying all my paperwork and I agreed. I emailed all paperwork to "philips@ca.ibm.com" on 4/13/2012. I confirmed this email address 3 times for its correctness with her.

On 5/1/2012 still not having received any information from Philips on this rebate I called Philips again at 1-800-243-3050 and talked to "xxxx". He said because the rebate stated "May not be combined with other offers" this was the reason that my rebate was denied. I said I thought that was very ambiguous and since Philips "offered" to sell this item, could that not also be a reason to be denied? What does the word "offers" really mean? Also it seems I have seen similar language on all rebate forms but I have never been denied before.

But really, that is not what upset me nor is it the reason I am writing this today. The problem is Philips decided they could just ignore the rebate and this would go away without informing anyone. NO attempt was ever made by Philips to inform me of this negative decision and nothing was ever sent to me of the status. Philips has my home address, phone number and email address but could not be bothered to let me know of its status by any of these methods. Instead I had to wait over 5 months just to be told, via a phone call which I had to make, that a statement in the rebate form was enough to deny me. If they had informed me, I would not have been happy, but I would not have written this review.

And NOTICE that Philips does NOT leave comments on their feedback received for sold products sold unlike most manufactures who try to help unhappy customers. They just do not seem to care. This is VERY important.

This is one of the worst rebate offers I have ever seen.

Just check all the other 1 star reviews to see the problems with rebates.

Not cool Philips, not cool at all..."Bad Policies = Bad Shaver"!
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on August 6, 2013
I've owned a few razors and the triple head Norelco have worked best for me. They never get as close as a regular bladed razor, but you never cut your self either. It's a trade off I am happy with. I don't use this in the shower, so I can't comment on how waterproof it is, but it looks well sealed. I got a great price so I am very happy. This great price also means that when it comes time to replace the blades the cost of the replacement blades will be substantial compared to the purchase price.

08/2013 update - I updated my review by dropping a star. The reason is due to poor design destined to fail, and it did. One of the nice features, which I never used and now never will, is that the shaver is waterproof. The entire front face of the shaver is cover by some sort of plastic. You turn it on and off by pressing a printed logo on the plastic. That means that the plastic has to flex every single time you turn it on and off. Unfortunately the plastic is not up to the task and the plastic cracked. The shaver still turns on and off and works as before, but since the plastic cracked it is no longer waterproof. In fact is worse because now the circuit board is exposed. I can see the crack continuing to open up till the plastic fails all around the switch. That will eventually leave a huge hole. It's too bad as this was otherwise a good shaver.
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