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Philips Norelco 1150X/40 Shaver 6100
Style Name: Retail Packaging without Beard Styler|Change
Price:$110.00+ Free shipping

on August 3, 2014
I've been using Norelco's 3D model for 3 years, but when I looked to order a replacement head I found the price had jumped from $49 a year ago to nearly $100. So I decided to just buy a 2D model and try it because the entire shaver cost less than a replacement head for the 3D. In addition, replacement heads for the 2D are only $25. The replacement heads are supposed to last a year, and that has held true for me with the 3D heads. My experience is that both shave comparably for me. Barbers always tell me my hair is like horse hair, so that gives you some idea of the coarseness of my beard. The 2D shaves as fast and as close for me as the 3D, so unless you just feel like spending a lot more than you need to, I'd suggest you try a 2D model. I get a very close shave without irritation with both shavers. I always use ordinary bar soap to lather my face, and it has worked fine with no problems. The shave is closer and faster with soap and water lubricating my face than using the shaver on dry skin.
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on November 3, 2015
Moving from Gillette fusion over to a double edged razor was fun. Ended up buying an expensive double edged razor and the blades on recommendation from a lot of sites. After the initial excitement waned I realized that I did spend a lot of time prepping my skin in order to get a good shave. Granted the shaves were extremely close, but they were also bloody if I did not prep the skin properly. After a year of shaving using double edged razors, I decided on a whim to try electric shaving. Online reviews pointed this to be the best model under 100 bucks and I decided to pull the trigger on this one. Now close to a year of using this razor I think its time to tell the world how it has done.

Experience with electric shavers
I have tried an electric shaver earlier in my life, but was young and gave up too easily before the 3 weeks provided by manufacturer for the skin to get used to the razor. This was mostly due to over consumption of beer and not reading the manual. Now that I am older, and can put in the time to read the instructions, decided to give the product the full 3 weeks. Using a double edged razor made the transition a lot easier as it took about a week before the my skin adjusted to this razor. No more pulling or redness.

The Shave -
I was pretty alarmed when I did my first shave as there were spots were the shaver missed, and my face looked like a deforestation attempt gone wrong. After a week however the shaves became really good. So good in fact that it was close to a shave using the gillette fusion blade. The astounding part happened when I used shaving cream, and tried wet shaving. The shave was as close as shaving using a double edged razor. My skin was smooth as the proverbial babies butt.


A couple of things really make this shaver work wonders. A good pre electric shaver lotion like the Williams electric or Afta pre shave lotion work really well if you are dry shaving. It has taken me a couple of minutes to get a great shave when shaving dry during the beginning of the day.
For a thorough shave with closeness like a double edged blade, you do need to wet shave with a shaving cream or gel, preferably with hot water. Do not want to recommend a particular cream as I have tried different creams and the shaver performed well with all of them.

This part is real easy. just pop off the shaving head and rinse it under water after your shave. I do it after every shave and let it air dry. Keeps the blades nice and clean. Close to a year and no sign of the blades fading out me with shaving almost every day. I do one additional cleaning every weekend. Just toss it into a water bath. You can use your soap dish as a soaking device. After a couple of minutes of soaking you can remove it and rinse it. I feel water does the job well. I have not used the solution that they sell for cleaning and hence cannot review it.


If there is one thing that is wrong with this particular model, it is the charging station. Granted it does fold down to a smaller size, but you need to carry that extra piece with you when you travel as the shaver needs the station for charging. I however don't think it is a big enough issue for me to dock a star down on the review. If you are person who travels often over multiple weeks (see charging section below) then look for a different model.

I charge it at the end of the week and the charge seems to be good for the whole week. Your mileage may vary depending on the time you use for shaving. My averages are about 2-5 minutes/shave.

100% buy if you are on the fence for a electric shaver. This is a great model for getting yourself accustomed to the world of electric shavers without breaking the bank. Great product by phillips. You have a customer for life.
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on September 22, 2015
I have been using Phillips Fusion and have been yearning to make a switch to electrical - I really liked the this shaver. The features makes it more noteworthy.

It fits very comfortably in the hand because of it's curved body and puts very little pressure on your face. The shaver has only one button on it, the power button, which is flush with the front of the shaver face. On the shaver front are also three indicator lights. They display low battery, battery charging, and control lock status. The control lock lets you disable the power button to prevent it from accidentally turning on. Charging and cleaning is as easy as it can be.

I have used it regularly with small and large beard (1-2 inch) and was surprised that it shaved pretty well in either case and never snagged. However, when I try to use on neck that's another story - It never gives a smooth result in case of medium to long beard. And I always have to use my Gillete fusion, which defeats the purpose of having electronic shaver.

When I bought this, it was mentioned that it will 2-3 weeks for the shaver to adjust to your skin but by that time, return period was already gone. So, I still use for it gives a very close shave but I do need to use my Fusion on neck.
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on April 20, 2017
The shaver is excellent in what it does. The drawback is that one will have to re purchase the shaving heads once per year. (about 25 bucks) After a year and half, the beard trimmer had a part that destroyed itself. It is the plastic piece on it. One has to remove it to clean the blades. This plastic piece cannot be purchased without buying a new beard trimmer. This will cost between 25-30 dollars. I refused to do this. I ended up buying a stand alone beard trimmer. Personally, I think the whole Norelco shaver system is a high dollar expense for a close shave. There has to be a better product. I will NOT purchase anymore from them.
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on December 5, 2016
This is an excellent shaver! It is very user-friendly. Very easy to use & maintain. Cleaning by simply popping off the upper head portion and rinsing under hot water is a cinch. The individual heads can also be removed for more detailed cleaning. Charging only takes about an hour, but can also do a quick-charge for a 3 (or more) minute shave. Haven't used the trimmer accessory yet, so I can't say how well it works or not. But, it is as well made as the main shaver is. I keep it ready in it's changing cradle for the next shave. I'm very happy with this purchase.
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on June 12, 2017
Really wanted to like this shaver. My beard hair and face are such that only rotary shavers work for me; I tried Braun, Panasonic, they don't cut it (my stubble, that is). I had several Norelco's over the years, this was the most disappointing of the lot. The good: the Li ion battery on the 6400 really shines. The bad: shaved worse than my years old Norelco that barely holds a charge nowadays. After 4-5 minutes with this new 6400 model, plenty of stubble was left, which was dealt successfully by the old shaver. Too bad, back to my search for a decent replacement of my old Norelco. Any suggestions?
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on January 26, 2017
I am oh so tired of shaving. Luckily my beard grows slow, so I could get away with going a week in between shaves. That said, I got tired of that scruffy look that comes around day 5, so I decided to try an electric razor. My skin is as sensitive as anybody's...razor bumps, dryness, you name it. I bought this along with some shaving gel (this razor is wet/dry) to give it a it. Electric razors have come quite far in the days since I last used one. If done right, it really can be as close as a blade - and this one will do it.
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on June 22, 2013
Quick word about me - I don't have a super heavy beard, but if I go a day without shaving everyone is going to know. In a shaver I'm not looking for anything fancy, just a smooth face. I use the shaver dry.

I replaced my shaver after someone stole my old one out of my car. The thief did me a favor. This shaver is quieter and leaves my face smoother than the old one ever did. Some people have said it seems to run more slowly, but if it gets the job done, who cares? It gets the curves well (ok, so I do puff out my cheeks a little to get them better, but how hard is that?) and never leaves my face feeling burned, no matter how close a cut I get.

I tried using the shaver with shaving cream, but it didn't cut as well. I've never used a shaver wet before, so maybe I didn't do it right, or maybe I used the wrong cream. I only tried it one time, then went back to shaving dry. Dry works great, is simpler, and isn't messy, so I don't see any reason to go another way.

I haven't been scientific about testing the charge, but it seems to give the number of shaves beteween charges that are advertised. You do have to be a little careful when setting it up in the charging station to make sure it stays connected, but it hasn't been a big deal.

Bottom line, I can't figure out what some people don't like about this shaver. It works great for me.
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on March 2, 2015
I have used Philips Norelco shavers since 1967 and this is the first one that is junk. I bought it to replace a Norelco Speed XL, I regret that. It requires a bulky inconvenient stand to charge, that makes it bad for travel, it gives a poor shave and it is difficult to clean (my old Norelco flipped out and rinsed clean in a flash). It also feels bad in hand which probably contributes to the poor shaving experience. I think Philips/Norelco makes good shavers, but this is not one of them. This one goes in the dustbin of bad purchases, avoid it.

Update: Convinced that Norelco made good shavers, I returned the 6100 and purchased a 4500, what a difference! The 4500 shaves better, does not require a bulky charging stand that is very inconvenient to pack and the head opens with traditional convenience for cleaning, Bravo Norelco! It also fits my hand much better.
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on December 7, 2015
At first I was not too crazy with it. I get irritated skin from shaving, and my gillette fusion proglide would still irritate me. After using this, i had some hard times getting all the hairs on my neck. It says in the manual that it takes some time for your skin to adjust. So i gave it a chance. After finding a dry powder shaving compound (kind of like baby powder), it has worked flawlessly. It cuts all my hairs, leaves little to no irritation, and give me a smooth shave. Battery on this thing seems to last forever. I still have not had it run down on me, but in confusion will every now and then throw it on the charger. While I don't think this is for everyone, I am enjoying the comfort of this compared to shaving with a razor.
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