Customer Reviews: Philips Norelco 1150X/40 Shaver 6100
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I'm 45, been shaving for ages now, and I have to say, of all the razors I've owned that are of an electric model, this one is the first one to do the complete job. What I mean by that is with electric razors of the past, I'd shave my cheeks and moustache area, and that'd all go well. When it came time to shave the hair on my neck, not so good. I'd have to do that part with a blade. Which kind of defeated the purpose really as I preferred electrics. I would replace the blades, tried a few models over the years, and I'd still have to do cleanup work (if not all the work depending on the specific unit) with a blade.

This new one though deals with the neck hair, too. I have thick course neck hair, a lot more course than the stuff on my cheeks, and I when I tried my neck hair with this new razor, I wasn't expecting much. To my surprise, it worked! I was stunned, as I've never had an electric that's done that for me before.

I give this thing five stars quite easily, and without exaggeration. Feels nice in my hand, too. The heads collapse and move around to contour to my face, which is probably why it works on the neck hair so well. A lot of my previous electrics were "hard heads", which didn't contour much - if at all.

If you have hard to shave neck hair, I suggest trying this razor - it worked for me!

UPDATE (Jan 20, 2011): I posted this review in September 2010, and after I wrote it, I continued to use the razor after that. I can add that the battery life was most excellent. I did not have to recharge it until early January, so the battery lasted for about 3.5 months. Now I didn't use it every single day, I'm a "shave every 3 days" kind of guy, but still. That was a long time between charges. I continue to be most impressed with this razor.

UPDATE (Nov 25, 2011): Still going strong. Replaced the heads a month or two ago, and is still my primary razor. Very happy with this one.

UPDATE (Jul 18, 2013): Still going as my primary razor.

UPDATE (Nov 9, 2014): Still going as my primary razor. :)
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VINE VOICEon September 12, 2010
I've been using a Philips Norelco arcitec 1090 Men's Shaving System since December, 2007. I've enjoyed the 1090 and use it regularly whenever I use an electric shaver rather than a blade. This review will serve as a comparison between the two Norelco shavers.

Cost: The 1150 is considerably less exepensive without taking any special offers or discounts that may become available into account.

Bells and Whistles: The 1090 has more bells and whistles. It has an LED display that shows you how much time is left before recharging is necessary. The 1150 does not. The sideburn trimmer is attached to the 1090. With the 1150 you need to change the shaving head to attach the trimmer. The 1090 is a bit easier to clean. You can just flip up the shaving heads and clean it quite easily. With the 1150 you need to remove the cleaning head off the body of the razor in order to clean it out. It isn't difficult by any means but it does take just a little more time for cleaning.

The Shave: My experience has been that the 1150 gives me a much cleaner shave and does so in less time and with less effort than the 1090. This may be due to the curved shaving heads that seems to follow the contours with more efficieny. This is particularly true in those areas underneath the chin and jaw-line. I have to do less stretching and craning of the neck to make sure the shave is completed.

Bottom line: For me the lower cost and the more effective shaving experience outweighs the bells and whistles found on the 1090. For those who like the bells and whistles you may prefer the 1090. So if I'm looking to pick one to take on a trip or for when I need a quick shave I'll take the 1150.
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The Philips Norelco SensoTouch electric shaver is very nicely designed and constructed. It shaves closely, but does have a few annoying design elements.

The design on the SensoTouch is quite futuristic, with a blue front, curved body, and perched shave head. It fits comfortably in the hand, and has a rubber ridge that runs around the edge for added grip (especially useful when using the shaver wet). The shaver has only one button on it, the power button, which is flush with the front of the shaver face. On the shaver front are also three indicator lights. They display low battery, battery charging, and control lock status. The control lock lets you disable the power button to prevent it from accidentally turning on (when traveling for instance). One annoying aspect of the shaver's design, however, is that it is close to impossible to lay the shaver down without it turning on its side, and then dumping out some shavings onto the counter. You just have to remember to place the shaver back in the charging base if you have to stop mid-shave.

Speaking of, the shaver charges somewhat unconventionally. It has a base that you drop it into and it charges through contacts on the side of the shaver. A complete charge takes 1 hour, and lasts 40 minutes. The low battery light alerts you when there are 5 minutes of shave time left. The only disadvantage to this system is that you cannot use the shaver while it is plugged in. If you're like me and put off charging till the last minute, you may find yourself out of juice when you need to shave in a hurry. A quick charge feature allows you to charge the shaver for 5 minutes, and get 3 minutes of shaving time, but sometimes 5 minutes is more than I have when I'm in a rush. It would be nice if there was a charging port on the shaver itself to use it corded as well.

Shaving with the SensoTouch is kind of odd at first. The shaver puts very little pressure on your face. At first I didn't think I was pushing hard enough to get a close shave, but it was shaving just as close as any other electric shaver I've ever used. Indeed, you can push as hard as you like, but it never feels like you're pushing down hard. I've learned to use the SensoTouch with a light touch, and the payoff is a close shave with less irritation. The shaver head pivots smoothly in all directions, and the three shaving heads pivot individually as well. The shaver screens have holes for shorts hairs and slots for longer hairs. Indeed, I had no problem getting a close shave on the contours of my face and around my goatee. The shaver can be used wet or dry or with shaving cream. I only ever used it dry, as I had no need to attempt a closer shave, and liked the convenience of a dry shave. Lastly, you can pull off the shaver head and pop on a trimmer head. The downside to this setup is that the trimmer is a separate piece, whereas most shavers have the trimmer integrated into the shaver itself.

Cleaning the shaver could not be easier, after each use you simply pull off the top plate of the shaver head and run water through it and the shaver head. When a more intense cleaning is needed you can disassemble the entire shaver assembly and clean out each rotary blade individually with the included brush (I actually throw the blades and heads into the dishwasher on a sanitize cycle to get them extra clean).

All in all... a smarty styled shaver that gives a close and comfortable shave.

09/27/2010 Update: I've noticed that even if I don't shave, and let me beard grow for a few days, the shaver still shaves very closely and does not snag on the longer hairs. My old shavers used to snag when I didn't shave every few days.
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on August 27, 2010
I REALLY wanted to like this electric razor. I've been shaving since 1955, and have had everything from an Eversharp Shick Electric Razor to the first two-rotor blade Norelco to a Panasonic that was a wet/dry (which sounds like a vacuum cleaner in more ways than one). My most recent electric was purchased about 20 years ago, and it's a Braun which is all I can compare to this Norelco 1150.

Overall, the price of blade shaving has been quite a bit higher because of the price of blades (it's very much like color printers and ink), but one of the instructions on the Norelco box was to replace the shaving head once a year. In the area of cost, the edge - so to speak - goes to blades depending upon how tough a beard you have and how often you have to shave and change blades.

My preference has remained blade shaving, starting with a GEM of all things, and then to Gillette Blue Blade, Thins, Atra, and on and on up to the M3 Power Gillette. Along with Absolute Comfort Shave, there's just nothing as close or comfortable than a blade. And yet there's always this hope that someone will come out with an electric that can compete.

Now comes the Norelco 1150, the low end ($99 versus $359) of their newest line. Although it said that a carrying bag was included, I found none ... and I looked four times. Since it's only a "bag," I figured I could always use a sock to protect it while traveling. I've actually shaved four times, once with cream in four days, and here are my findings:


1. It has a quick-charge feature which is only 3 minutes, and a full charge in 40 minutes. That's fantastic IF your need the quick charge. (My Braun is a cord model.)

2. It is extremely quiet. In fact, having become used to the raucous hum of older electric razors, the Norelco doesn't SOUND powerful enough to shave.

3. It can be used wet or dry. I highly recommend "wet" using a heavy (what used to be called "brushless") shaving cream which with electrics can be messy.

4. The manual states that you should give the razor three weeks before you start complaining. Okay, it doesn't say that exactly, but it does say to use it for 21 days to get your skin used to this electric razor. Since I use my Braun every two or three weeks for quick touch-ups, I didn't think this was necessary. Besides, I've ALWAYS had razor rash from electrics, and to some extent blame electrics for "training" my beard to go in all different directions.

5. That said, this was VERY comfortable until I overdid the neck area. A little powder has always been soothing, and I sometimes recommend using powder BEFORE using an electric razor.

6. The trimmer actually trims sideburns nicely and straight, but (read CONS)

7. There's a 45 day money-back guarantee.

Before I get to the negatives, please take into consideration that I've always had a heavy beard and sensitive skin. And now that my beard is half-gray, the gray hairs are even more wiry than the black. (I must say that my two sons-in-law who were "consulted," said the following: the one with a light beard said that he got razor rash from any electric. Then there's Paul who, when he's on a speaking tour, has to shave two to three times a day, can't use an electric because the heads wear out in a month and he does not get a close shave. No, he's no relation to King Kong, but fair warning to those of you who understand this situation.)


1. Sorry, but the Norelco 1150 simply could not shave neck hair that was more than a quarter- to a half-inch long, and it was not good in what is becoming a NECK with creases.

2. It was my attempts to get these longer hairs at the base of the neck and between my lower lip and chin that culminated in a rash. It was not as severe as my previous electrics, but it still was a .... pain in the neck. In the old days, for me this would have led to ingrown hairs. I think if you have a light beard and shave daily with this Norelco, you'll get better results and may well love it.

3. As I said, the razor is good, but even better with shaving cream. However, cleaning is a chore. You can wash the head after easily removing it, and you can brush the hair out of the receptacle under the heads. But, when you come right down to it, I can shave with a blade and clean up faster than with the Norelco (or any other wet/dry electric.

4. As I said, the trimmer actually does trim and does it well. However, you have to take the head off and insert the trimmer in order to just do sideburns. This isn't terribly time-consuming, but it is an added step in the shaving process. It also gives you another thing to clean.

5. It has a large footprint: The base for the razor isn't huge, but it does take up enough counter space. The base has three small suction cups, two of which did not hold on our marble top even after cleaning the top. Bigger suction cups would be good, but in a bathroom where there is powder and other things that get on the counter, I wouldn't leave it out providing I have a drawer that can take a razor that is light but bulky.

6. Both the Norelco and my Braun do a great job on the cheeks, but the Braun does a better job on the neck. The Norelco is more comfortable, and there's a irresistible urge to go over and over the same spots, especially now that it's almost silent. And, surprise, the Norelco actually does a good job of getting ear hair. (Nose hair? Use a small scissors.) It's comfortable to hold.

It's not entirely fair to ask ME if I would recommend the Norelco 1150. I've been shaving with a blade for 55 years, and only intermittently with electrics. Considering that while I absolutely hate shaving, but don't feel clean without having shaved, I'll stick to the soap and lather and my trusty blades which now last a little longer than they used to. But a hundred bucks for a razor? Or go for a steam cleaned Norelco for $350? That's a lot of bucks under any circumstances.

I believe that the statistics are 72% blade, 20% electric, and the rest with beards (I guess). My father-in-law NEVER in 70 years used anything but an electric, and he always seemed clean shaven. If he were still alive, I might well have given him this Norelco for Christmas. In many respects - unfortunately other than closeness - there's a certain WOW factor to the Norelco.

That's as fair as I can get.
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#1 HALL OF FAMEVINE VOICEon September 11, 2010
The Philips Norelco 1150x/40 SensoTouch 2d Electric Shaver, Metallic Blue is a good electric razor for those looking to buy a SensoTouch model. For those who don't need the better detail trimmer, the Philips Norelco 7310XL Men's Shaving System offers a decent shave for less. The trade-offs are the better features and longer battery life. The 1150 operates faster and quieter than the 7310, and it has a better trimmer than either the 7310 or the 1250.

The 1150 is the best value you can get in the SensoTouch line. Like the Philips Norelco 1250cc/42 SensoTouch 3d it is best designed for daily use of shorter facial hair. If you let your hairs get too long it requires too many passes to get them all. It doesn't take long to produce noticeable neck irritation. The discomfort did subside with longer term use. However, there was always some discomfort when shaving the neck area.

The 1150x doesn't include the 3D heads of the 1250x and the cleaning station of the 1250cc. The battery also lasts for 40 minutes instead of 60. But for half the investment, this unit is worth consideration despite the missing features.

++ Good performance for an electric shaver
++ Best for daily shaving of shorter facial hair
++ The attachment trimmer works better than the 1250's pop-up trimmer
++ Smooth and quiet operation compared to most electric razors
++ Charging is quick
++ Can be used wet or dry, and with or without shaving cream or gel
++ The shaving heads can be cleaned under water
++ The included soft case makes it easy to transport
++ The charging base is compact and has suction cups for mounting
++ The device is attractive and sleek
++ Comprehensive manual covers a lot, including usage, maintenance and parts replacement

-- Leaves longer hairs behind when shaving
-- Alternatives like the 7310 still offer a better value for most of the same features
-- The trimmer requires manual attachment, though it's worth it since it functions better than the pop-up on the 1250
-- The battery lasts less time than all other SensoTouch models
-- Recommended annual blade replacements add significant cost
-- There is no indicator for blade replacement or cleaning
-- The battery indicator includes 2 stages instead of the 5 on the 1250
-- The battery is not user-replaceable and will limit the unit's life
-- Does not include the jet cleaning system
-- The soft pouch is not as nice as the carrying case included with other models


For most users, lower end models like the 7310 will work sufficiently well. The 1150 is a compromise, but unless you really need the detail trimmer give the entry level units a try first.

Those who want the Jet Clean system should try the 1250, as long as they are willing to pay the premium and don't mind the hassle and expense of changing the fluid.

I would still recommend this over the 1250. For a much more reasonable investment of time and funds, you can have an almost equivalent shaving experience.

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on April 9, 2011
I shave my face and head everyday. I have done this for MANY years. If you look back at some of my previous reviews, you'll see I've tried most things out there for shaving. Just off the top of my head I have used Atra, Sensor, Tracer, Headblade, Mach 3 , Proglide, Hydro5 and yes even Bic and "Good News" razors. I have also used Braun, Norelco and Panasonic electrics. One can get a pretty good shave out of most items out there.

I usually use a blade during the winter months and an electric during the summer real reason other than I like variety, and in the summer I water my lawn so I don't want to use as much water in the shower or shaving. We can make electricty, but we can't make more water. :-). When I am in blade shave mode the Schick Hydro5 is my tool of choice, best blade hands down for me, however this new Norelco 1150x/40 is going to have me using it more than I ever thought possible.

Just so you know, I have used the following electric razors:

Norelco 4401LC, 7145XL--Overall I am a Norelco fan. They work well for my daily routine and work fast. My 4401LC is a 20 yr old corded model that still does a very nice job/close shave, with HQ4 heads, but I have to be gentle or I'll get razor burn on my neck.

Panasonic EA-SA40, ES7037 and ES 7103---Panny makes really, really nice razors. Great wet/dry use. With the amount/type of surface area I have to cover, the rotary seems to be a better fit for my shaving routine. The newer Panasonic do have larger cutting surfaces that I may have to try someday.

Braun Syncho5, 1-150-----Braun just DOES NOT work for my beard and head. Gives me the worst shave ever. Missed hairs everywhere, cheeks, neck, razor burn, you name it. I will never buy another Braun. These two shavers could not handle a stoud beard or the "workload" a heavy shaver like me demands.

FYI--I also brush out my shaving heads every week no matter what shaver I use. It makes the heads last much longer.

I like electric shavers because they don't cause bumps at the base of the back of my neck like blade shaving does. I also like to shave on the go.
I prefer a wet/dry razor because just being able to rinse it out everyday is my preferred (and most cost effective) cleaning method.

Okay, so I get my new 1150. First impression was, oh wow it looks amazing!!!!! 100% wow factor there. The base is fantastic, I love it! No tossing this razor in a drawer or cabinet. Having a lithium battery is a big plus as well! AND MADE IN THE NETHERLANDS, not China! COOL!

Um wait a minute, the Series 8 heads look JUST LIKE my 7145XL! Is this really an upgrade? Also, the head base seems to flex the same as my 7145...heck this may not be much of a difference of a shave. Well, wait, now the 1150x has this new neck pivot device. Hmmmm. This razor was charged when it arrived and I had some stubble so, HERE IS THE IMPORTANT PART-- I gave it a test run. For some reason with my beard, I only get average results with a dry shave and this razor was no different. RIght side of face, dry shave eh, okay....but my preshave of choice is Afta Pre-Electric (better than Lectric Shave or Face-Saver for me), and on the left side of my face with the Afta...WOW, nano-near as close as a blade!!!!! So put some Afta on my scalp...holy moley, this 1150 contours my scalp/and head like no other razor or blade I have ever used!!! SO CLOSE and SO COMFORTABLE! Also ZERO razor burn on my neck!

No matter how soft or how hard you push, I did not get burn, the "cushion" in the floating heads adjusted for a great shave over all surfaces! After using this shaver, I then took a blade and went over the same spots to see if I could get any closer.....not really. Using the circular pattern (with and against the grain) with this or any Norelco shaver really gives on a close shave. I have used the 1150x for a while, my shave time is getting less and less, and it is very apparent, this is a big step up in comfort and overall shaving experience.

---September 2011....I see some folks have gotten this razor for @ $50!!! What a deal on a great razor. This razor is still performing very well. I use it mainly on my face but have also used it on my head. I found that on my face, using Afta preshave makes a nice shave even better. Lectric shave also works very very well. I tried the Remington shave stick which produced a really nice shave, but gosh the residual powder gummed up the razor. I have to say this is still the best electric I have ever used. Close shave,no neck irritation which has always been a big issue for me with other products. I clean the heads by taking it apart and just running the heads under water. They are still sharp and performing well.

--- Dec 2014 No other electric I have ever owned is as smooth as this, but my current fave electric shaver is the Remongton F5. 5800.
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VINE VOICEon September 14, 2010
Electric shavers
If you buying an electric shaver for the first time, skip this section and read the next

Electric shavers basically come in 2 types - Rotary (philips norelco) & foil (braun & panasonic)

Rotaries are good for cutting longer hairs let us say you skip to shave over a holiday then start shaving on Monday morning. Foil shavers are faster and easier to adapt to, since they are very much like your gilette razors, but there are a few downsides - foils are difficult to clean since the hair gets trapped in the inner chamber and foil shavers give you more burn compared to rotary blades.

This is a rotary shaver

About Philips 1150x/40
This is an excellent shaver for this price level, it is rechargeable, comes with battery power display and can be used with/without shaving cream, but I would recommend using some kind of a moisturizer to stop getting razor burns.

Overall, it is pretty effective, quiet, battery lasts more than a week and pretty good around the neck
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on September 28, 2010
Received this shaver yesterday, and had a chance to play around with it. It is very ergonomic, easy to hold. None of my other electrics have ever done well on my neck, yet this 1150x has no problem. The head does a wonderful job of adapting to your face to get as many hairs as possible; you can even use it in the shower! The shaver gets 5 stars. However, to plug it in, you must dock it in the cradle. This may make it hard to travel with, although this is somewhat mitigated by a 40min battery. It also doesn't come with a case. One other qualm is the trimmer. The head of the shaver pops out and can be replaced with a trimmer instead of the trimmer being on the back of the unit. This however does make it a bit easier to use the trimmer, since the unit is so easy to hold. I love this shaver so much I am contemplating getting another for travelling. You won't be disappointed with this shaver, and if you are, Norelco offers a 45 day guarantee.
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on July 21, 2013
I found this razor under the women's section? This is not a woman's razor. I've had three electric razors over about 30 years. They were all Braun. Hand razors don't last with me. I've got very coarse hair and I can get one, maybe two shaves per blade. I would have kept using my Braun but I could not find a refill cutting head for it any longer. About a month ago I purchased my first Norelco. What a difference! I got this model because I wanted to be able to use it in the shower so that I could soften whiskers before cutting and I thought maybe it would cut better in the shower.

The first instant I turned it on I realized that I'd been listening to a chain saw on my face by noise comparison. The Norelco has about a third the noise of all the Braun's I've had. This makes a lot of sense in that Braun turns circular motion into reciprocating motion. There is no way for any shaver that operates this way to be as quiet as one that uses straight circular motion. This should also make the Norelco outlast the Braun.

I also immediately noticed that my face is much softer than before, with absolutely no pain while shaving. Even with new blades in the Braun, this was not the case. I can also shave faster. There is no shaving stubble dropping all over me either. The Norelco has a stubble holder and nothing seems to escape it while shaving. So far I love this razor. I like it so much that I thought I should post this review, even though I bought it at WalMart.

If you have a reciprocating blade shaver you should see a big difference if you go with a circular shaver instead. This is a great razor. I've yet to charge it since its initial charge. I'm still testing to see just how long it will go before needing one.

UPDATE: Still love this razor. Purchased in June, charged once and still have not recharged it. It is now Oct 10. Four months so far on its first charge and still going! I can shave in so little time that I'm not using up the battery. It works much better dry than wet. At least for me. I can't imagine a razor working any better than this and I'm reminded of it every morning when I use it.
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on February 17, 2011
I purchased the Panasonic ES8103S and the Norelco 1150x at the same time and this review is a comparison of these 2 shavers side-by-side. I used both shavers for 3 weeks, shaving one side of my face with the Panasonic and the other side of my face with the Norelco. I didn't switch sides during the test to allow time to adapt to each shaver. Both of these shavers rated nearly the same amongst other Amazon reviewers and were the top-2 rated shavers under $100. I evaluated both shavers on a number of criteria:

-- Shaving Performance: I found that both shavers did a relatively good job overall. However, the Panasonic performed slightly better on the flat cheek areas whereas the Norelco did slightly better on the curved areas around the jaw bone and neck. I found that the shavers required different shaving techniques. The Panasonic, being a foil shaver, required an up-and-down or side-to-side motion whereas the Norelco, being a rotary shaver, required a circular motion. No matter how I shaved with the Norelco I could not get quite as close as the Panasonic. After some time I did find a technique with the Panasonic that allowed me to shave my neck and jaw bone area as close as the Norelco. I tried shaving both wet & dry and found no difference. I almost always shave dry and I found the Norelco didn't move as smoothly across the skin as the Panasonic. Overall, I give the edge to Panasonic for a better overall shave.

-- Return Guarantee: The Panasonic has a 30-day return policy, the Norelco is 45 days. I actually purchased the shavers from Target and they offer a 90-day return policy.

-- Warranty: The Panasonic has a 1 yr warranty, Norelco is 2 years.

-- Cutter Replacement: both shavers recommend replacing the cutters at specific intervals. Panasonic recommends replacing the foil every year ($24) and the blade every 2 years ($17). Norelco has only one replaceable part which they recommend you replace every year ($39). If you look at the cost over 3 years, the Panasonic would cost $65 whereas the Norelco would cost $117 which exceeds the original cost of the shaver ($100).

-- Charging: The Panasonic has an A/C adapter that can be plugged directly into the shaver and the shaver can be used with the cord attached. The Norelco can only be charged in the included charging cradle. If the battery in the Norelco goes dead you'll need to recharge it before you can use it. Also, the Panasonic has a digital LCD battery gauge whereas the Norelco simply uses LEDs.

-- Cleaning: Both shavers can be rinsed under water for simple cleaning. I found the Norelco shaving head somewhat difficult to remove whereas the Panasonic foil was very easy to remove/replace.

-- Price: Both shavers sell for under $100. Best price I found on the Panasonic was $80 @ Target. I saw the Norelco for $90 @ WalMart.

-- Other: The Panasonic has a built-in trimmer, the Norelco requires that you remove the shaving head and pop on the trimmer head. The Panasonic includes a carrying case, the Norelco does not.

In summary, the Panasonic rated higher than the Norelco in all areas with the exception of the warranty. My only real complaint with the Panasonic would be the noise. It is much louder than the Norelco but not so much so that I would return it. Based on my experience, I will be returning the Norelco and keeping the Panasonic.
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