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on April 3, 2013
Over the years, I've had a number of electric shavers, most of them made by Norelco. I bought this one because it was more convenient to have a cordless one when I was recovering from an injury. This one is so quiet that, at first, I wasn't sure it was working! It also cuts closer and better that previous Norelco's I've owned. They must have re-designed the heads or something to get it to cut so smoothly and quietly.
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on November 19, 2015
This is a pretty good razor. It is obviously not the best that money can buy but it gets the job done. I let it charge overnight and by the morning it was fully charged. The manual says that it should last 30 minutes on a single charge and I have found that to be true. It seems as the battery gets lower the blades start to spin a little slower and the motors tends to bog down while shaving. It takes a week for your face to get used to shaving with an electric razor if you have been using a traditional razor in the past.

The hair trimmer in the back works well for sideburns and trimming the hair around my ears.

If you are looking to try an electric razor to save you time and money on disposable blades this one would be a good place to start. It won't shave as close as a blade but it gets me through the day.
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on December 17, 2015
First impression is that this is a decent shaver. I have a medium beard and this shaver is totally adequate. But there's quite a bit of backtracking if you let your beard go for a couple days. When I first turned it on, I'll admit I was concerned because I didn't hear the high-pitched whine that I'm familiar with created by faster revolutions of the heads (as judged by past shavers). Obviously more revolutions means more cutting. But, like I said, it does the job and no chaffing so far.
If you're in a super rush in your morning routine (as many folks are, simply by preference) you may find that this isn't the shaver for you because of the slight need for backtracking. Or if you have a heavier growth, look for something with a more powerful motor - I haven't tried any myself, but the P-Norelco series 7000 and up have about 3 times the RPMs of their lower models. For a shaver under $30, however, I can't imagine you'd find anything better.
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on January 5, 2016
It seems impossible to get reliable information on shavers. I have been a steady Norelco user for decades. I have tried mid-price foil shavers, the kind my father preferred, but always return to Norelcos. In the past, I got the cheapest model. In my experience, the product lines were similar, and the simplest model worked as well and lasted as long as the higher-priced ones.

When my old Norelco seemed to be shaving less closely, I decided to replace it with the 2100 series. This Shaver 2100 is a good product. But it is noticeably inferior to the old one that I was using. The old one shaved more closely than the brand-new one, and the motor on the 2100 series is less powerful.

My conclusion: shaver 2100 is probably better than many other brands on the market, and it is a worthy replacement for a blade. This explains the high consumer ratings. BUT I returned mine and spent more for the Norleco model with the "dual precision" blades. I am glad I did.

Norelco honors its warranty.
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on February 17, 2017
After years of knicking and cutting myself with traditional razors (I have sensitive skin), I decided to give an electric shaver a try. I went back and forth and held off for a while because of reading negative reviews, but I couldn't be happier. Now, I not only don't cut myself, but my skin feels just as smooth (if not smoother) when I use this shaver as it did with other razors.
The battery charges in about eight hours and I can usually get two or three good shaves out of it before I need to recharge. I don't have a problem with that.
It has another small pullout razor that can be used to trim up sideburns or neck hair.
It's portable, quite, holds a good charge, is easy to clean, and does a great job of shaving!

Buy it, try it, or you'll never know!
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on August 7, 2016
Not a great product at all. Wasn't a close shave, didn't shave correctly (meaning it shaves in spots), also very painful in my opinion. The only good thing was it held a decent charge.
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on January 14, 2016
Works pretty well. I've shaved with blades for years and finally wanted something portable, take in the car if need-be, low hassle and electric. Also, I was tired of bleeding after a blade shave. My expectations in this purchase and results were:

Good Value +1
Good warranty +1
Good build quality +1
Feels good in the hand/good balance/lightweight +1
Quiet +1
As good a shave as a blade -1
As good a shave as I'd hope for in this razer -1
Easy to maintain +1
Acceptable battery life +1
Quick charging -1
No Wall Wart charger (ie direct plug into 110v) +1

I got in on the $5 coupon deal so - for the money - I'd rate it pretty high. I'm going 4 stars overall. I do believe that the shaving head RPM's on this shaver, which are faster on higher end Norelco's, are probably the reason the shave quality isn't as good as I was hoping for - but, I'm happy and consider this to be a good purchase. It does come with a money back guarantee. All things considered, it gets my recommendation.
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on September 29, 2016
I'm not to go too deeply into reviewing a different product; so, I'll be quick about Gillette:

At my age of 33, I am not a novice when it comes to shaving and yet, it went wrong... Yet, even though I installed a new set of blades, I bled quite badly after it cut me...

They've lost a customer, what else can I say?

Anyway, Gillette lost a customer, whereas Philips gained one and yet, it's not the very first electrical shaver I have used.


+ No more risk of getting cut
+ No more soaping
+ No more rinsing the blades every few seconds
+ Blades need to be replaced much, much less frequently
+ I just approach a mirror and shave without preparing my skin for it anyhow; so, I can be done in about 5 minutes
+ Shaving can be done faster if I move the shaver along my face in circular motion (Good luck trying that one with Gillette...)
+ Works either corded or cordless, if you choose to pre-charge it


- It needs to be cleaned with a brush (included in the package) after every shave, or if you have one of them usb-powered vacuum cleaners, besides cleaning your keyboard with it, you can clean this shaver as well.
- If you don't shave every couple of days, your facial hair grows too long and then this shaver is going to pinch your hair more often than not; however, thanks to the popup trimmer this shaver has, you can take care of them long bristles on your face
- Due to the way heads are designed, it will not shave you as close as Gillette does; however, once again, it will not cut you either

Overall, six positives vs three semi-negatives: it's been a great deal for me!
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on February 4, 2016
This razor gets the job done, but it's not really a smooth shave really, compared to my last electric shaver which I'm not sure what the brand was.

I get a pretty mild amount of stubble for a guy, and I wanted one of these I could use when I don't have time to use a regular razor.

I'll spend more next time and get something better.

I'd also like to have a charger for my car, which this doesn't have.

Update September 2016:

It's still working, but I just don't feel like it works that well. I don't even get a ton of stubble, and it seems to take forever to shave, and the shave isn't super. Currently researching it's replacement.
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on December 24, 2015
I've been a Norelco user for many decades and must say that this is a great, replacement shaver! I've tried a Norelco 4600, which was slow, didn't shave as close, can't be plugged in and used it if the battery is low, and cost more than triple the amount of this 2100. That's right, the performance of this shaver is far superior over the more expensive Norelco. Also, saw the positive reviews for this shaver and am glad I got this one. Highly recommended!
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