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on January 19, 2012
cannot tell you how much researching and wasted time i have spent debating for the perfect set of headlights to replace my stock bulbs. the sad fact is that bulbs are bulbs, any after market bulbs are going to be an improvement than the ones you have in now. if your someone looking to drop $50 to $100 for greater output gains there are many options out there but for me, functionality, reliability and at a great price was my overall goal. it came down to the battle of Silver Star, Philips and GE. i have tried them all with my top picks being Philips X-tremes and GE nighthawks, silver star are a great product but they are still over priced and do not last as long as i would expect from a company that says they produce the best replacement bulb. silver star ultra's are more a performance looking bulb with a tint of blue/purple look to them. i was overall happy with the X-trmes, offered a true bright white light with a more centered beam that increases a wider and longer visual display a night. do not expect 80% brighter or any other gimmicks that persuade you towards one band over the other, if i had to give a percentage of gains, would say 30 to 40 percent brightness. for being the cheapest out of all three and for the gains i got, i was impressed. i would recommend these bulbs to anyone wanting a simple solution to enhance driving visibility without breaking the bank.
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on December 31, 2010
I own 2005 Mazda MPV, while it's been gently used, I notice the headlight bulbs have become dimmer so I got these philips bulbs instead. They draw 67 watts, brighter and not the fake hid blue-ish (which will be harder to see during rainy days), these are slightly whiter. I also compared with other newer cars, my car now has the brighter headlights. I will definitely search for these bulbs for my fogs and I will be ordering them soon. $10 Mfr. rebate is an icing on the cake!
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VINE VOICEon December 27, 2012
I purchased these bulbs to replace the 11 year old, original bulbs for a Ford Taurus. Installing the bulbs was straightforward and took about 15 minutes once I figured out how to remove the headlight assembly to access the bulbs. An internet search resulted in much better instructions for the removal of the headlamps than the owners manual.

The color of the light produced by the Philips X-treme Power Headlight bulbs is white, not blue or yellow. This alone is an improvement over the bulbs which originally came with the car which produced a light that was more yellow and therefore didnt appear as bright.

In my opinion, these bulbs are an improvement over the original bulbs that came with the car. The improvement however is certainly not as dramatic as the advertising for the X-treme Power bulbs claims, but still an improvement. However, I think that for the 11 year old car, a bigger improvement could have been gained by replacing the headlamp assembly. The glass of the headlamps is cratered from small objects hitting them over the years and there is a film visible inside the headlamps. So, money may have been better spent on replacing the whole assembly.

For the current cost of these bulbs on Amazon, I think that cost wise the improvement in visibility with these bulbs is worth the expense. However, just dont expect a dramatic improvement in visibility.
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on August 15, 2013
They are exactly what they claim to be: slightly brighter (i,e, hotter) than standard halogen bulbs. They are substantially similar to any of the other 'upgrade' bulbs for which you pay two or three times the price and have to replace almost twice as often. You money is better invested in polish for the headlight covers, but if you are desparate for as much visibility as possible (as I am) but unwilling to invest in good HID headlights, you buy bulbs like these and polish the covers frequently.

If you test the wild claims of improved illumination that all the manufacturers publish, you find that any new standard halogens are significantly brighter than the 4 to 8 year-old halogens that you are replacing. If you compare 'upgrade' headlights to brand new standard halogens, the difference is hardly noticable.
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on November 13, 2015
These are high quality bright bulbs. It made a significant difference in my visibility while driving at night in comparison to the OEM bulbs that came with my vehicle. Just make sure that you adjust them appropriately so that they do not shine the light too high specially if you use these on an SUV; that can be extremely distracting to other drivers.

The only downside with these bulbs (and the reason for the 4 stars) is that they only lasted 9 months or so before both going out a few weeks or so apart. My OEM bulbs lasted over 3 years and were not even dead when I took them out to replace with these.

I would still consider buying this product again; I just wish that they would last longer.
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on September 29, 2013
Like many other reviewers and purchasers, I spent a lot of time reading online about which bulb is the best and for what reasons (candlepowerforum - danielsternlighting -etc). After reading entirely too much I decided to buy a pair of these bulbs when they were on sale for ~$26 w/free s&h. I have a 2004 Dodge Ram and I had a pair of Sylvania Silverstar bulbs in it - these are an old pair of Silverstar bulbs stamped Nov 2005 for production date. Yes...Nov 2005 in a truck that is driven 1 hour to work 2-3 times a week and I leave for work at 4:30 am. Anyway, I expected to find that the Philips bulbs would be brighter than a 7+ year old pair of headlights. But to my surprise the bulbs did not appear to be any brighter when using either the high or the low beams. On a drive down the road the X-treme powers did appear to have a more focused beam. The width - spread did not appear any different. I also did not notice any difference in the illumination of objects down the road. Street signs did not appear to lit up as well, but in general the signs were lit up well enough that someone would not have to react at the last second. The X-treme power bulbs do have a more yellow look to them than the Silverstar bulbs. I did notice a cleaner cut off with the X-treme power bulbs and the Philips bulbs are much tougher than the Sylvania - thicker, larger, appear more rugged and sturdy.
I ended up placing the Silverstar bulb back in the truck and decided I will run the Silverstar bulbs until they finally fail. I did a second comparison on with these bulbs against the Sylvania Xtravisions in my 2001 Dodge Ram (also a 9007 bulb). The Xtravisions are about 6 months old and get the same drive time as listed above. I did a side by side comparison again and the X-treme Power bulbs are noticeably brighter than the Xtravisions. The X-treme Power bulbs also have a whiter appearance than the Xtravisions. As mentioned above, the Philips bulbs are noticeably larger and more rugged looking than the Sylvania bulbs. Again, the light was more focused with the X-treme Power (crisp cutoff - not as much noticed reflected glare). The X-treme Power bulbs may have outperformed the Xtravisions in distance - but there seemed to be no difference in side to side width.

Overall, if you are in need of a good set of headlights to replace an old OEM set or burned out set these would be a good bulb and likely an improvement over most other brands/models. In my opinion, these bulbs performed better than the Sylvania Xtravisions, and for that reason I left them in the second truck (2001 Dodge Ram) I tried them in. If you can purchase these on a good sale, they would be an even better buy. I will likely replace the Sylvania Silverstar bulbs in my 2004 Dodge Ram with another set of Silverstar bulbs - mostly for the 'whiter' light appearance as the Silverstar and X-treme power bulbs performed similarly - again in my opinion.
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on March 14, 2013
I highly doubt the '80%' improvement but these bulbs throw a good amount of very useful light up front.

My progression w/ H4 bulbs is quite a story. From OEM, PIAA Super Plasma GTX, PowerBulbs, Philips VisionPlus, Philips crystalvision, OSRAM, power2night, etc. I do a lot of long distance night driving and found these bulbs very good especially in rainy or wintry weather conditions.

I would highly recommend these bulbs. It also helps to clean the lenses of your old headlamps. You can wax or buff it to make it look like new and there are lens cleaning products out there from Mother's, Meguiars, etc.

Also, make sure you do not touch the bulb glass with bare hands when installing as the oil in your skin will stick on the glass and make it burn hotter. Use clean nitrile gloves.

UPDATE 10/16/2013

After 7 months, I plugged in the other bulb which I kept as a spare, and removed the non-Philips X-treme bulb as it was getting too dim. The XPS2 bulb installed months earlier has dimmed and turned more yellow-ish compared to the newly installed one but it is still very bright (both bulbs came from the same package). So now I have 2 of the same bulbs put on but one spot, passenger side, is significantly brighter.

In conclusion, all bulb filaments will eventually burn out (and burn out faster w/ DRL equipped vehicles). I'd buy this bulb again as replacement until a better one comes out.
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on January 16, 2013
I purchased these bulbs to try and improve the night visiblity from the weak stock Jeep headlamps. For thirty bucks, this was a no-brainer upgrade. These fit just fine in the 2013 Jeep Wrangler, despite it showing as not-compatible on Amazon. Install was easy. You can either pull down the front grill or you can move the obstructions behind the headlights and work from under the hood. I chose the latter. On the driver side you have to loosen one screw to move the horn; then the old bulb twists out and the new one pops right in. On the passenger side, you have to remove the air filter box and ducting, then move the fluid resevior. Not difficult but more involved than the drivers side.

I noticed a definite improvement after these bulbs were installed vs stock. I'd estimate about 30% improvement, and the light appears to be slightly whiter. If this didn't yield satisfactory results, I was considering upgrading the reflectors, bulbs, and wiring (for a cost of about 250 bucks.) I'm happy with this setup for the time-being.
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on June 12, 2014
Ok I have had these in my car for quite some time now and finally got around to writing a review about them. If I remember some one said that these bulbs had a sort life span. I have had mine for over a year now and they are both going strong maybe I just don't do as much night driving as the other reviewer.
They did make a difference in my night vision they are a bit whiter and shine a bit better then the oem replacement lights. The other issue I had was my lens were turning yellow. After I polished them out and restored them the lights seem to have a a decent difference. I am an older driver and have noticed my night vision is not as good as it used to be but these lights do help and make me feel a bit better about going out at night. Are they going to make a day and night difference no pun intended but no but I'll take what
ever advantage I can get for night time driving.
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on November 20, 2013
Made a huge difference from OEM. This was on a 2009 Suzuki Grand Vitara, the OEM bulbs got so dim that a police officer asked if I had my headlights on at night. When I changed out to the factory bulbs they were both dark brown and both had a blister bubbling from from the glass.

If you notice your bulbs being dimmer than they should, don't wait till they burn out before replacing. I regret not changing mine sooner.

UPDATE: My two bulbs lasted between 17-22 months on a car whose bulbs are also used as DRL's
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