Customer Reviews: Philips ActionFit SHQ3000/28 Earhook Headphones Tuned for Sports (Discontinued by Manufacturer)
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on September 3, 2011
I run. I sweat. I am not being paid by Philips corporate headquarters to write this review. I too have spent somewhere in the hundreds trying to find that perfect, doesn't slide out of my ear after a mile, with good sound quality headphone. Well sadly enough, these are not it. The sound is embarrassing (which is not why I bought them), the headphones start to slide as soon as you are ready to run some distance, and you might be thinking: How do a pair of headphones slide when they are ear clipped on? Low and behold, this set has managed to do so. And once they have started to slip, it's's all over. In my experience, there is no way to get them comfortably back on, even if you have dried them. The sound is even worse than before if I even bother to dry them mid-run, they wont fit snug again in my ear if they have to be taken off mid-run, and they have this ridiculously long cord, long enough to hang myself out of frustration. I always knew Philips made crap electronics, but I was willing to try anything, I have about ten or fifteen pairs and they are all lame. The best pair I have had, have been a Sony pair, that were not even sports edition, or waterproof, or anything (they were however expensive). If you are considering buying this product, I would keep looking, there are better choices out there, although more expensive....consider what you will spend on this pair and then another pair, and spend about that amount to begin with. Or just by a pair of cheapo Skull Candy headphones, they are about as sport friendly as these. Good luck. Sorry Philips, I had to tell the truth.
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on April 21, 2012
I have tried a plethora of headphones for use when I am training, and due to my stupidly small ears, they all have fallen off. I tried buds but had the same problem. The Philips ActionFit stayed on and to date, have not fallen off once whilst training. I do body weight training ie squats push ups etc so am moving around a lot. They also keep the music in my ears and the surrounding noise out! I quite literally have to warn my partner I have them in so he knows I am not ignoring him and will have to wave any severed limbs in front of me as screaming wont work (to date that happily has not had to happen).

The other great plus is that they cannot be heard by people around me so I can happily play my insane training music at full pelt and my partner can still work on his 'puter in the same room without being disturbed. Let's face it the Prodigy at number 11 (spinal tap reference there) would put anyone off their work!

All in all they ticked every box and more. . . including the girlie stance of . . and they are a nice colour!

I would very happily recommend these to all the small eared massive (ooh an oxymoron for you there) and with that in mind you normal eared types would DEFO have no problem with them!

Hope this helps.
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on April 10, 2012
I have spent countless dollars searching for the perfect headphones that produce good sound, and do not slide out of my ears when running. I typically do not spend too much (no more than $50) because I am tough on them during my workouts. In the past, Phillips has been my go to because I finally found a product that met my criteria. This time, however, when purchasing a new pair of headphones, I looked for Phillips, but decided to try these because they are waterproof/washable. I was extremely disappointed in these headphones, and would NEVER use them again even if they were free!! If you are looking for a good pair of headphones, stick with Phillips 8000 series, these were a major letdown. The sound is horrible and they slip out of my ears with just a few strides into my run. Save yourself the money, and do not purchase these. I am very disappointed in Phillips, especially considering these were the "Action Fit" style, so I thought they would exceed my expectations. Not the case here.
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Update #1: April 10th, 2013
I have now had these headphones for over a year and they still work great! I have noticed that the cord does tend to tangle a bit. One fix for that is the hold the headphones with you phone attached and let the phone spin around until all the tension is back to normal.

The sound quality has not declined since the original testing. The bass is still well defined however the highs are a little harsh once the volume gets turned up. I have noticed that (at least in my ears) wearing these for a few hours causes a slight discomfort in my ear. I would not suggest wearing these for more than an hour or two. They block out noise very well at the gym which is a great plus.

Overall, i still recommend them and i have purchased a pair for a gift.
Original Review
I bought these headphones to wear into the gym. The headphones that came with my iPhone are okay quality, but they fall out very easily when they're in your ears. These however stay in your ears very well and they have a surprising level of bass. As for the highs, they're a little harsh when you turn up the volume.

One of my favorite things about this pair of headphones is the water repellency. When you're finished working out, you can run these under the sink and wash them! That is great for for reducing bacterial growth .

Highly recommended
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on February 26, 2012
Ah, finally I've found a great set of earbuds that stay in the ear instead of falling out while I work out or run. The search has been super frustrating. I'll summarize with bullet points since nobody wants to read a freakin' novel. :p

People, be WARY of reviews that give these earbuds 1 star because it's definitely NOT deserving of that rating. Check reviews from actual VERIFIED buyers of the item, otherwise anyone can just make some stupid review to trash a product. If you check verified buyers of these earbuds, most really like it. That is all. Now you know, and knowing is half the battle. G...I...Joe!!!!

1) Great fit in ear and the earhook is perfect! It keeps the ear buds in place.
2) Nice bright red color and style. Hehe, you might trick others in thinking you have the expensive Dre beats earbuds.
3) Water resistant so sweat all you want!
4) The cable is symmetrical, which is great! I hate those annoying uneven cables.
5) Less than $20. Has clip that's nice to keep the cable in check.
6) The sound isn't as bad as people say. Want more bass? Just tug the buds a bit.


1) No volume/play/mic feature so you'll have to change songs on your phone or iPod. Philips makes a model with that feature so I'd get that for convenience (about $30.00).

2) It's difficult to put the earbuds on with one hand since you have to bend the earhook a bit to get it over your ear. You may not like the in-ear style, but you'll get used to it after a little time. It isolates the sound, fits snug, and less likely the fall out, and the earhooks keeps it all in place extremely well!

Overall, an excellent choice for runners, heavy sweaters, or anyone who can't stand having to adjust his/her headphones every 2 minutes. I've tried a bunch of headphones and these are the best. Again, it's just lacking that volume/play button, but otherwise fantastic headphones.
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on December 3, 2012
I am an avid cyclist and love riding the bike paths in rural areas. I love taking in the views while listening to my favorite music which inspires me to ride harder. I have tried ear-buds and I have a problem with them falling out and it is not easy getting them back in while pedaling a bike. These are perfect for me, small, lightweight, and waterproof for when I am sweating heavily on very hot Iowa summer days. I would like to warn you that they tell you that it has different size ear to give you a perfect fit but it comes with the two medium caps installed but there is only one small and one large ear cap included. I was lucky that the medium fit me so I am happy.

As an Amazon Prime Member and this item qualified for free two day shipping but when I purchased mine it also qualified for free one day shipping if you used a discover card for the purchase. I ordered mine and used my Discover card and it arrived the next day just as advertised at no cost to me. The package was in perfect shape.
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on February 19, 2013
By far the most comfortable sport earbuds I've ever owned. However, that comes at a cost. It seems I can never quite get the plastic inserts snug to where I can hear the bass levels in most songs. Everyone's ears are different, though, so I can't really blame the design.
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on July 7, 2013
3.5 stars is probably more accurate, but I'm rounding up. Overall, I am happy with these headphones. They are worlds better than the standard ones that come free with most devices. I appreciate that I can clean them by running the part that goes in your ear under running water, without risking ruining the electronics. I do find that the earhooks are a little large for my ears. My ears are normal-large for a woman, but I am assuming maybe they are made mostly for men. They are adjustable, which is awesome, but they tend to unadjust themselves when I am not wearing them. I have to go through the process of adjusting them and getting them set up before every use. This is not an especially arduous task, it probably takes a minute or two at the most. Still, I'd love to be able to just take a pair of headphones out of my bag while I'm walking and not need to stop and fuss with them before they will stay on my ears. It also takes a little while to get them secured on my ears. Again, this is nothing major, but it's annoying enough that I hate taking one off if someone say, approaches me to ask for directions, or take a phone call, etc.
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on March 18, 2011
I was looking for a product that would stay in place while training for a marathon. 400 combined miles later, these worked great! I had no issues with comfort or fit. As for the sound, I couldn't imagine much more for the price. The bass is lacking as stated in other reviews, but I wasn't expecting much. However, the product refers to "bass pumping stereo sound" so I can see how the bass output is disappointing. The plastic case is pretty cheap and worthless. I got what I wanted from these though.
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on February 28, 2013
The adjustable feature captured my attention...but is didn't do anything for me. In addition the positioning of the ear buds is such that I get minimal sound in my ear. Maybe for soneone else BUT NOT FOR ME.
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