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on December 28, 2015
If you've read a few reviews of the CrystalVision Ultra's, this will be a similar story.

I ordered a set of H7's and 9004's in CrystalVision for two different vehicles. My car uses the H7's. After installing them on July 10, 2015, I made it to today, Dec 28, 2015, before one of the H7's burned-out. At approximately 5.5 months, and 1.5 hrs driving per day, every day (perhaps a little high of an estimate), that's 253 hrs before burn-out. I had hoped for a year, but in truth, it's not unexpected.

I don't have the packaging in front me, so perhaps someone else can check, but the nominal life of these bulbs was printed on the back of the packaging I received and it wasn't very long, something like 175 or 250 hours.

Some points about these bulbs:

* While they aren't HID, I agree with the reviews that they are noticeably whiter than stock halogens - really no yellow tint to them.
* They are definitely much brighter than stock H7's.
* They are well made.

Keep in mind that to make a bulb whiter and brighter, there's only so much you can do if you remain with a set bulb size and halogen gas. I had some OEM halogens last 10 years (120,000+ miles) until I finally gave-up waiting for one to burn-out, and then bought some Silverstars. Guess what -- the Silverstars burned-out in a couple of years. It's just a trade-off.

Another interesting point: halogens lose their brightness over time. So, if you compared a new stock bulb to an old stock bulb, the old bulb will start loosing some brightness after a year of so. The point here is any new bulb will look brighter, just like any new tire will be better, etc.

I give the Philips CV a solid 4 stars, because it does what it's designed to do, and does it well. Packaging description may vary over time, but if you go with these bulbs, assume they will be a regular maintenance item. If you check the price of HID (that is, to do it properly with the correct projectors, ballast, and bulbs, and cabling to the car's logic, if applicable) versus purchasing these once or twice a year, there is value in going with the CrystalVision. That said, I think I'm going to try the OSRAM - Night Breaker Unlimited H7 Automotive Halogen Bulbs H7 (Pair) which is likely about the same of the Philips CrystalVision, but worth a try.

UPDATE - Oct 2017:
I've since tried the SYLVANIA H7 SilverStar zXe High Performance Halogen Headlight Bulb, (Contains 2 Bulbs) and the Osram Night Breaker Unlimited Halogen Headlamp Bulb Hcb +110% More Light And +20% Whiter. There is very little performance difference between these two brands and the Phillips CrystalVision. The coating varies, sometimes covering the whole bulb, and sometimes with a middle band of no coating, but the actual color and brightness is just about identical.

I still run headlights day and night, so I'm going thru bulbs faster than many of you. I found that a given bulb may burn out in as little as 6 months, or make it to almost a year. I think I have to give the Osram's an edge for life, as I've had to change them less often, perhaps around 9 months per bulb. The Phillips were about 6-8 months, and the Silverstars seemed to be just about 6 months. Note that lightbulbs are made in different countries, and in different production runs, so you really have to try a brand over time to get an idea of ongoing performance. I'd be happy with any of these bulbs, from a color & brightness perspective.

Prices can really vary, however, and so check out all the brands when ready to buy. Right now, Osram is my favorite due to what seems like a little bump in life, and therefore overall value, but Phillips is very close, and I'd like to try them again.
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on December 8, 2013
Bottom line first, RECOMMEND HIGHLY - I bought aftermarket Fog Light Kit to match the OEM Fog Light option for my VW Jetta Sportwagen TDI. I installed them; they fit and looked great and a lot cheaper than factory option, but the KIT came with cheap bulbs, one burned out in an hour of use. So....

I bought the Philips H7 Crystal Vision bulbs and have had them coming up on TWO YEARS... Love them. I also took pictures of my Fog lights with the original bulb at night right after I installed them with the bulbs they came with, and then I took picture, same place at night, after I replace the bulbs with the Philips CrystalVision Ulta, no doubt brighter, whiter, more penetrating straight ahead and as good or better side illumination. Better all around plus long lasting, what more could you ask for.

Although I have had them for almost two years I admit I hardly use them, may be a few hours of use. However I am glad to have them now. Although we have FOG today after a cold front that made national news, it is not typically foggy here, but I just moved into a neighborhood that has a labyrinth of turns that are not well lighted. I now use the fog lights to illuminate the corners and turns. Love it.


- Stick with NAME BRAND, Like Philips.
- Stick with standard Watts, aka 55 watts for an H7.
- Don't go for SUPER bright higher watt lights, they burn out faster and are illegal!!
- You are NOT an off road vehicle and there are laws that limit how bright road vehicle lights can be.
- Repeat higher watt lights or ones claiming to be way more powerful WILL BURN OUT VERY FAST!!
- No matter how bright your FOG light are, YOU CAN'T SEE THROUGH FOG.
- Fog lights are more for others to see you than you to drive like an idiot in limited visibility.
- DON'T SPEND more than $10 to $12 or so per bulb; bulbs costing $20 or more are a waste of money.
- LAST forget BLUE TINT, trying to look like FAKE High-intensity discharge lamps (HID lamps), that is silly.

Bottom line recommend these, they have proven to be long lasting and useful. These are a good value and mail order saves a bunch over the Auto Part stores that charge way too much. My budget was to spend less the least amount while getting premium quality. I think these fit that bill.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon November 22, 2012
I've tried several brands of headlight bulbs over the past few years... Sylvania Silverstars, Philips NightGuides, GE Sport Nighthawks, and now the Philips CrystalVision Ultras... and I can say without a shadow of a doubt, these bulbs are, by far, the most recent I've tried. Hahahah. In other words, they don't stand out as anything special. The bright, white output from these bulbs is very good, but it looks about the same as all the other bulbs I've tried in the $25-$35 price range.

These bulbs do not have any blue in them whatsoever, so as far as the "Xenon look" goes, don't let the packaging deceive you into thinking you're getting anything special. The color from these bulbs is not a cool white like a high-end HID headlight -- it is warm white like a halogen bulb, although definitely not as yellow as cheap bulbs often are. But, because a pair of these bulbs is currently priced about $10 less than comparable GE Nighthawk Sports, the CrystalVision Ultra bulbs are a better value.

I would have given this product five stars simply for being a good product, but I am revoking two stars to punish Philips for false advertising. In the product description, they state both "Color Temperature Of Up To 4,000 Kelvin" and "Extreme Blue/White Light". Yes, it does burn around 4,000K, but 4,000K is still within the yellowish-white color range.

UPDATE JANUARY, 2014 : The first bulb burned out after exactly one year (literally 365 days), and the second one followed six weeks later. My Philips NightGuides lasted 21 months, so that's the bulb I'm going back to.

SUMMARY: Because this product's description is blatantly deceiving, and because the bulbs seem to have a relatively short lifespan, I cannot rate this product any better than two stars.
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on September 17, 2013
I purchased these in almost exactly 1 year ago. One of the bulbs burned out at about 11 months.
I thought that this was early for a bulb to go out, so I wrote Philips about it.
I discovered that there is NO warranty for this item. This was the response I received from Phillips North America:

**Automotive bulbs do not have a set warranty due to many reasons why a bulb may burn out. The top four reasons are weather conditions, road conditions, use and electrical system of the vehicle.
We will not be able to send a replacement bulb to you.

Best Regards,
Philips Automotive Lighting North America**

Let see...I live in California, and we are in a drought. Not sure how weather would affect a bulb. Road conditions? What exactly does that mean? If you go over a pot hole you may burn out a bulb? Use...so if I actually dare to USE the bulb it may burn out? Really?? Electrical system is the only one I can even partially see as a reason, however the other bulb is working just fine.

So, long story short, stay away from this product if you live anywhere where there is "weather", you dare to drive on a road, your car has an electrical system, or you dare to turn on your headlights.
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on August 15, 2012
I have no prior experience with the H7 bulb size or Philips, but am hoping these last at least a couple years. I will update if/when they burnout on me. But as of now theyre definitely 5 stars!!
Visually they do look great. They are brighter, whiter and the blue tip gives them some depth.

Im only using one of these on the highbeam of my Honda CBR600. If i rode my bike at night id definitely use this bulb for my low also, because it is so bright. (Pic above)
review image review image
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on July 15, 2014
I bought this to replace the standard bulbs (Philips H7 Standard Headlight Bulb, Pack of 1)I had on my low beams. These are slightly brighter and whiter than the standard fitment, but nothing to write home about. My car has projector headlights and the difference isn't much and I still find these yellow, not perfectly white or blueish, albeit definitely brighter and lighter yellow.

According to Philips specifications, life time of this bulb is B3/Tc = 200/400. B3 means time at which 3% of bulbs have failed, i.e. 200 hours and Tc means around 63.2% of bulbs have failed by 400 hours. So if you drive 1 hour on an average per day using the headlight, it should last around 6-7 months or so. The standard bulbs have approximately 750 hours of lifetime, so definitely should last 3-4 times these, i.e couple of years easily. All the 1 star reviews mentioning that this bulb is yellow is true.

The difference in price isn't much, $15 for standard vs. $25 for these, but you have to replace them around 3-4 times during the life of a standard bulb and now its $15 vs. $75-100. Save your money and just buy regular bulbs, they last longer and pretty much same visibility too. I went for style over substance and don't make the same mistake.
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on December 7, 2015
Bought and replaced in November of 2014, and it is already blown out.
-- From a lighting perspective I could tell no difference between original lights.
-- Was an easy install
-- Least expensive alternative I found last year.
Lasted 1 year ( about 10k miles) of which about 1/2 were driven at night.
So doing some basic math 5000 miles at an average of 40 miles per hour. Light lasted approximately 125 hours. Not good enough for me.
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on January 10, 2015
I just purchased this product and installed it in my 2013 Genesis coupe 2.0t base model for the projector headlights. I am giving this 2 stars because it IS slightly brighter than the OEM. It gives off about 10% more light than the OEM headlight bulb. However, this receives no more than 2 stars because it does NOT give off "white" light as it says it does. It is SLIGHTLY whiter than the OEM but not noticeable enough to say it is white. The packaging boasts white xenon look or "blue/white" so I even tried putting it as the DRL and it was the same color as the OEM h7 bulb, only brighter. I only tried this product because of the good price for it. If you are looking for a "white" halogen light bulb for headlights, this is NOT it. If you want a decent upgrade from your OEM for more light output while not breaking your wallet, go for this product.
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on April 9, 2013
Installed in my low beams on my 2007 Mazda 3. Brighter, crisper, whiter output compared to OEM bulbs and cheaper in cost compared to Silverstars. Installed 10/31/12 and 1 bulb burned out on 4/8/13. Basically only lasted 5 months. Observed precautions to not touch the bulb lens when installing. I turn my headlights on almost every time I drive the car (which is at least 2 times a day) so I imagine that would affect longevity but under 6 months of life is not acceptable to me. My car still had the original headlights installed when I replaced them in October and they were both still functional.

IMO this is pretty typical of higher output "halogen" bulbs as I have experienced this with Silverstars and PIAA's in the past on multiple vehicles lasting around 6 months before one or both bulbs fail.
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on August 2, 2015
I saw this and i was blown away by the idea but as it turns out this bulbs DOES NOT work as advertised. I bought H7 ones from Amazon and i installed it very easily this afternoon and i was so excited to try them in the dark, when i did it was just a very bright yellow bulb. Its not bad by any means but it just doesnt look like xenon at all if you have a 3000k old bulb i highly recommend this for you because it will be a very satisfying upgrade but my bulbs are new and already have that 3800k look so this is not worth the money for me. Note: its not that bad it looks cool but its not that white that i was looking for. If you're like me try the Dimond ones from Philips they say its 5000k
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