Customer Reviews: Philips DS1155 Charging Speaker Dock for iPhone 5/iPod with Lightning Dock
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on September 5, 2013
I usually don't write reviews, but all the bad reviews for this dock really irk me and almost made me not buy it. I usually buy everything at Amazon, but because of the bad reviews I picked one up at a local store this time so I could easily return it if needed...

Well I won't be returning this because of the following reasons:

1. The sound is superb! It's no home stereo unit, but for my bedroom it sounds great, very loud and clear, nearly as good as wife's Beats Audio Pill.
* I've had no problems with garbled or mixed sounds from both speakers as other reviewers have mentioned. I don't know, maybe they need to change some setting on their phone???

2. I can ditch my old alarm clock. The iPhone alarms are so much better than any regular alarm clocks anyway, even if this had one built in, I wouldn't use it. I just tell Siri what time to wake me up and she does, every morning, no problem!
* Reviews saying this can't be used as an alarm clock are wrong, it CAN! When the phone is docked, the alarm on your phone will still work just fine.

3. The clock display DOES sync the time with the iPhone, and is clearly visible day and night from anywhere in my room (12x14 with 1 window).
* If you have a large room or lots of bright windows with light coming in or bad eyes, maybe not, but then if I'm awake and out of bed, I always have my phone on me to check the time anyway.

4. My phone docks and connects smoothly and easily with my case on. (a simple plastic case that doesn't cover the bottom speakers or port)
* Don't listen to other reviews that say "can't dock with ANY case", just because their cases don't fit, how absurd!

5. The unit is very well built, nice modern looking on my nightstand, wood design on top with controls for brightness and volume. Frees up our other chargers to use elsewhere in home and office.

Overall, this device satisfies everything I wanted in my nightstand dock. I would highly recommend it!
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on February 27, 2013
- Actually an existent Lightning Dock! Woohoo!
- Surprisingly good sound for a product of this size and price point
- Nice size & appearance
- Nightlight is a nice idea
- Auto-syncing clock

- Digital clock too small for those of us that need corrective lenses and don't have them on at night
- Most importantly, you can't use this as an alarm clock. If I set my iPhone for an alarm more than 15 minutes in the future, the dock goes to sleep and does not wake up for the alarm. The alarm sound plays through the iPhone speaker only... which of course is now muffled by sitting on the dock. If I set an alarm for less than 15 minutes in the future, it plays on *both* the dock and iPhone speaker, but desynced from each other so it sounds like a garbled mess. Totally unusable in this regard. There is a forum post on Philips's website started by another person with the same problem, and their response is "it's not designed for that". Who in their right mind doesn't think that this device shouldn't be able to be an alarm clock?? They also suggested using their app that offers an alarm setting -- which, while clumsy, admittedly works -- but suffers the same limitations as other (more well-designed) iOS apps in that background alarms are limited to 30 seconds in length (which ain't gonna wake me up).

Sorry Philips, you screwed this one up. It's going back until you can make it function as an alarm clock. Otherwise it's just an expensive dock that offers (admittedly decent) sound in a place I don't otherwise need it. Ugh.
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on March 26, 2013
I am fairly happy with this dock. I had a sony for my prior iPhone, but since getting the iPhone 5 never had a good option to charge the phone over night. The plusses, it is attractive, it sounds good, it is compact, the time syncs with the iPhone so it's always right, it is not too bright and the light is adjustable. The negatives, the clock is not readable during the day, it looks like an older digital clock. However, at night it is very easy to read. I do keep it on the nightstand by my head so maybe I could not read across the room, but I wanted something next to me. The extra charging port on the back is not strong enough to charge my iPad which is a definite negative, it would have been nice to charge both with the same device. As to connecting with a case on it depends. It works with a case that I have that is mostly open on the bottom. Another case that I use most of the time that just has an opening at the port it won't connect. So if your case is open over the speakers I think it will work, but not if the case covers the speakers. I have a new case coming (a Kickstarter project) that is open over the speakers so I am optimistic that it will work with it. So I am thrilled I have this option now even though not perfect.
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on September 26, 2014
I've had this for a year and a half now and it's still working fabulously. I actually like this even more after upgrading to iPhone6 because the larger phone looks a lot nicer on it :)

The display is fairly dim, but you can see it clearly in a very dark room if you aren't too far away (the product picture is a little deceiving in that regard). This is perfect for insomniacs like me that need very dark rooms in order to get sleep!

The sound is great for music or audiobooks and it makes your morning alarm a lot louder- I haven't slept through my alarm since I bought this dock!

If you use a slim case or a jelly case, you shouldn't have any problems docking. If you're using a big chunky case like OtterBox (or something similar), you will have to take your phone out of the case in order to dock.
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on February 24, 2014
Very attractive and sleek to look at, but it does not work with my iPhone case (the leather one made by Apple), which is actually pretty thin compared to most cases. Bad design. I'm not going to remove the case every night before charging my phone. Returned to Amazon....
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on June 13, 2014
I had the same device for my iPhone four. The previous version was much better quality. This time around they have a little wood sticker on the part with the buttons and the buttons don't work very easily. That being said, it's still my favorite device for the phone. It charges the phone all night long and the phone automatically sends the time to the clock and plays any and all music, sounds, alarms through the speaker of this device. Had I never have the previous, better quality version, I would probably absolutely love this one. It's definitely worth the money for its function.
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on October 2, 2013
This was a gift for my daughter and it does everything we needed it to do. wakes her up, she can listen to her music, but best of all, it keeps it out of her hands which prevents her from being interrupted by tweets and texts!!
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on January 3, 2014
This speaker dock is exactly what it is, only a dock. However this feature is exactly what I've been looking for to replace my daughter's old alarm clock/dock . With her old clock, she always had issues setting the alarm to go off by using music from her iPod. With the Philips doc, they've eliminated the alarm clock feature from the dock so you can use the built in alarm found on every iPhone or iPod touch. Now setting up her alarm is a snap and it works every time.

As far as sound goes, this is a huge upgrade from her previous iHome alarm clock dock. The clarity is exactly what you would expect from Philips. For it's size, it really does a nice job filling the room. Low end bass is not as pronounced as some other dock's I've listened to but for the price, this dock does the job.
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on July 18, 2014
Good enough speakers for pushing sound out in the room. Biggest thumbs up goes to the clock feature and being able to adjust the brightness of the numbers. I never wanted an alarm clock in the bedroom before because the numbers would be so bright that it would light up the whole room, and I would never get to sleep. This clock goes right by my head on the nightstand and I have no trouble at all!

As for the alarm sounds that everyone complains about...when my alarm goes off in the morning, it takes the speaker system about 5 seconds to register and push the sound through the speakers. But this doesn't bother me, because I'm a light sleeper and wake at any sound, so when my alarm goes off with the vibrate, I hear the vibration first and wake up.
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on December 27, 2013
This is a perfect little device for the bedroom. For my use, I cannot think of a single con, so here is my list of pros:
- Place to put my iPhone at night so it is charging all night.
- Large clock display that is always synchronized to my iPhone.
- Nice sounding speaker. It will not blow you away, but perfect for the bedroom.
- USB port in the back. I have a battery case that came with a Micro USB cable to charge it. So at night I am normally charging my iPhone in the dock and the case via the Micro USB cable plugged into the back of the dock.
- Very simple to use. Plug your iPhone into the dock and that is it. No bluetooth to configure. Really nothing to configure at all. It was refreshing to be able to unbox this device, plug it in, stick my iPhone in the dock and I was done.

Obviously, based on the other reviews, this device is not for everyone. But if you want a very simple to use charging speaker dock with a clock, I would highly recommend it.
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