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on May 25, 2015
Purchased about a month ago and wanted to give it some time before reviewing. There are "warnings" regarding possible side effects when starting use with this as with many things. I always assume I will not be one of the people experiencing them because I go into whatever with a very positive attitude.

I use this Mon-Fri (as long as I remember) at work. I am in an office with no direct outside light and because I do a lot of design work, I do not have the office overhead light on but rather use a combination of three lamps--in other words, a more moderate light situation than most offices with the glaring flouresants. Although the lighting has been much easier on my eyes, I also began experiencing issues with my sleep patterns and suspected the low light was adding to the problem.

So first week, I was shocked I did experience side-effects. I was on the lowest setting but I still felt a little light-headed and kind of queasy. Since I knew it was a possibility and that the manufacturer advised it would go away after the first week or so, I pressed through. Second week, not as bad and third week negative side effects gone. AND the addition of some very positive ones. This was all a part of me getting more aware and proactive about my sleep so about the same time I got this I added Twilight (for Android) to my G-2 phone and F.lux to my laptop.
The combined effect has been wonderful. I now get sleepy earlier at night helping me get into bed in time for 8 hours and still up early (6-6:30) to utilize my most productive time of day-morning.

My sleep has been better and I am ready to be awake earlier. Throughout the day my energy level is much better. Last fall, after about 6 months working in this low light environment, I began to have a serious lack of energy. Arriving home at night fixing a meal was about all the energy I had. In the past weeks this has been steadily changing. This past Saturday I was active from rising to bedtime and only felt the natural need to rest not the exhausted feeling I've had. So while purchasing and using this has combined with some other steps I have taken, I believe this little blue light gets the lion's share of the credit for what I believe is just the beginning of a much healthier me.

As for product details, it's compact, light-weight and easy to use. The battery is a nice feature allowing for placement without being limited to the nearest plug. I have yet to go beyond the second level of light (there are four). When I first turn it on, it does "smack you in the face," but I do as instructed and have an overhead light on as well. Once I get it positioned I am aware of it at first, then I "forget" it ... to the end I am usually going for 20 minutes a side (you place it so it shines on the side of your face) and will all of a sudden "remember" it, look over and I'm already into 30 or sometimes 40 minutes on that one side.

Yep, I am very happy with my purchase and glad I added this to my wellness items.
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on December 10, 2015
i have had this light for only a few weeks. I have previously used a 10000lux light for my winter blues. I like this model better so far (it seems to work equivalently for me). It is small, light, and with a rechargeable battery - portable!!

As I am a nurse and move to different areas to chart or take a break, this is a huge bonus for me. I actually use this every day because it's portability makes it not cumbersome.
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on November 20, 2015
I love this little light box. I feel more energized after sitting next to it and my body actually seems surprised and slightly confused when I look out and see a rainy overcast sky. It does the trick for me. I wish I had gotten one of these years ago. I use it for the full hour at the highest brightness and never have any jitters, headaches, or anything some of the other reviewers claim. I carry it with me from room to room if I'm on the move and it's super small and easy to fit anywhere. I didn't give a fifth star because the battery only lasts one hour and then it's completely dead. I have to remember to charge it every night. Otherwise I love it.
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on December 22, 2014
What I specifically like:

1) The light is BRIGHT. So bright that it is uncomfortable to look directly at it. The instructions say one does not need to look directly into the light to receive benefit, it can remain in ones peripheral vision.
2) The housing is very well machined and feels high quality. A lot of thought and care has been put into this product.
3) My wife is sure that the light increases her energy levels when used in the morning. It helps her not want to go back to bed when she gets up early in the morning.
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on November 12, 2015
I suffer from Bipolar depression and reverse seasonal depression disorder .... this is a wonderful product to give yourself the effect of natural sky light. It helps my depression and lifts my mood. I was not disappointed. Easy to use.
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on November 24, 2015
I felt like the light therapy itself actually helped me out. Maybe it is placebo effect, but I'm all for it if it makes life better for anyone.

I used it. I took it to work with me. I seemed to notice a difference in my mood and energy levels particularly in the middle of the day when I normally felt a slump. I did not experience headaches or have any other problems with it like some users.

The problem I DO have with it is that it doesn't hold a charge. I couldn't find anything about how long a charge was supposed to last, but I left it plugged it overnight and turned it on this morning only to have it run out of juice after less than an hour. I realize I'm only supposed to use it for 20-30 minutes a day but it seems a little silly for something to be labeled as portable that can only be used twice before needed a charge and I just can't give it more stars because of that.

UPDATE 1/20/2016: After using the light for a few weeks, I definitely noticed my energy increased. Perhaps having a light shining in my face for 30 minutes every morning woke me up faster, but I felt more alert earlier in the day than usual. I also noticed that I didn't feel like I needed some caffeine around 3:00 pm like I usually do. After using the light for a few weeks, I just kind of stopped because I'm terrible at consistency. One thing I noticed when I stopped using the light was that my need for a pick-me-up coffee around 3 pm returned. I have also noticed that I can't use this after noon because I'll have trouble sleeping at night.

Overall, I think it helped with my sad... at least the fatigue part. It is still cold and dreary where I live, but I'm not struggling as hard this year as I have in years past. At the very least, it has improved my mood and energy. To date, I have no experienced any headaches and the unit is still performing as expected. I am changing my review from 3 stars to 4 stars because while I'm still displeased with use time, I'm very happy with the overall effect it has had on me.
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on January 27, 2015
Living in NW Montana, halfway between Hope(Idaho) and Paradise (MT), our winters are long and full of overcast when it's not snowing...I am a Leo who loves sunshine, my husband prefers living in a cave, and we both notice a vast improvement in moods with a short session during breakfast in the morning. Portable, rechargeable, it's my go-to depression lifter whenever I feel the black cloud of boo-hoo encroaching on my day.
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on March 1, 2016
easy to use and adjustable intensity. so easy to pack for a trip compared to the very large and expensive therapy lights. I am taking a depression recovery class from Dr. Neil Nedly and this is the type he uses for his patients who come to his inpatient 10 day treatment for depression and recovery.
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on December 29, 2016
This is a wonderful product. It was recommended as part of a treatment approach for anxiety and depression. I also have seasonal affect disorder. It's definitely a mood lifter and gives you energy. At first I had the placement incorrect which did cause some eye strain and slight headache. I moved it to the 10 o'clock or 2 o'clock position at arms length and it subsided. Definitely recommend starting at 15 or 20 minutes for several weeks until you get used to using it. I can tell a difference between days I use it and those I don't. Found best results when I use it right away after getting up in the morning. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
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on November 7, 2015
I was prescribed this box by my sleep doctor for severe chronic insomnia, sleep architecture disorder, and circadian rhythm disorder. I can't attest to whether or not it could have helped any of these disorders because I had to return it after using it only a few weeks. The product works as described, however it gave me horrible migraines and nausea, two reported side effects of this product according to the insert. I have a chronic daily migraine disorder, so take this feedback with a grain of salt, however it should be noted that the migraines it gave me were very different from the migraines I have been experiencing for over 30 years and the nausea was above and beyond the nausea I experience from the daily migraines. Blue light is a known migraine trigger but not one I was aware of when I ordered it (and apparently neither was my physician). The nausea and new migraine ceased when I stopped treatment and returned the product. I'm giving it 4 stars because it appears to be a quality product and operated as promised, but I did want to make note of my side effects in case any other migraine sufferers inquire about it.
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