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on May 3, 2017
I discovered this beauty of a device in my last year of college and I haven't looked back over the past 6 years. Are you looking for the final solution to all you pubic hair manscaping needs? Look no further.

PUBES - The trimmer side is great for general pubic hair upkeep. Simply adjust the height (1, 2, 3, 4 , or 5) and you can turn your man tuft into a nicely manicured lawn. Have a significant other that likes your naughty bits to be nice as smooth? The shaving head provides a shave almost as smooth as shaving with a razor. If you need look like a naked mole rat for a special occasion, I would recommend using the shaving head the DAY of. Your genitals will look and feel silky smooth. However the hair will grow in more quickly than a traditional razor shave. Bonus over shaving -- There's NO itching and NO ingrown hairs with the bodygroomer.

SCROTUM - The shaving head also does a phenomenal job with the coin purse. Simply grasp your scrotum so your balls are gently squeezing against your scrotum and stretching it taut. Go slow with the shaving head and complete the scrotum in sections, before you know it you'll have a silky smooth nut sac, not some sad wrinkly pouch with awkward 3 inch hairs shooting everywhere.

GOOCH/BUTT - This device will also easily trim or shave the gooch or butt crack. Simply squat down so your cheeks are spread nice and wide and trim away. Would recommend showering before saving this area (for hygienic reasons). In all honestly I'd recommend a dedicated butt shaver again for hygienic reasons. For those that wish to enjoy these special pleasures this is a must have device.

OTHER -- This goes without being said. If this thing can handle the nether region, I've also used it for the chest and armpits with phenomenal success.

PRODUCT/UPKEEP - I believe Norelco recommends buying new shaver heads every 6 months. I have spaced it out to about every year or two and it works just fine. I'm not so hairy, so maybe hairier men might need to replace more often. My battery doesn't last long if I leave it off the charging cradle, but so long as you always leave it on the cradle I can get through a rigorous trimming/shaving session in one battery (again been using the same trimmer for 6 years).

Bottom Line: If you're at all serious about regularly trimming or shaving anything below the belt this is your product. It also is great with all other forms of body hair men traditionally shave.
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on December 21, 2016
Ordered this under my wife's acct name, but I assure you I'm a guy who has been using this thing. So let me set the back story a little bit leading up to this purchase. I'm a guy who doesn't like shaving my "nether" regions, but I'm married to a woman who wants my "nether" regions shaved. I had been using a really basic trimmer to get the job done... you know one of those cheapo pharmacy neck/beard trimmers. Well, I only ever ended up shaving down there about 2 - 3 times a year max, much to my wife's disappointment. There were many reasons I chose to shave down there as little as possible. First and foremost, I liked to call the times I would shave "There Will Be Blood", after the popular movie. No matter what, I would end up nicking myself somewhere in a region where you particularly don't ever want to see blood, this was terrifying. In fact, I typically tended to NOT use the trimmers on my scrotum and just try to cut those uglies with a pair of scissors. This took a long time and didn't really eliminate the hairs, just made them a tad shorter. The taint never really ended up hairless either. Another problem with the old trimmers is that they would get incredibly hot and the metal would burn my skin. I guess to look on the bright side, now I could cauterize the open wounds the trimmers had originally caused. Needless to say it was all a horrible experience and I ended up having hair more often and in more places than my wife wished.

My brother, whom I assumed was having the same types of problems, did quite a bit of searching and reviewing for a good body hair trimmer. He ended up finding this product and decided to purchase it. Fast forward 3 months. I asked my brother how his new body trimmer had been working and he said it was great... no nicks, no problems, no hairs (yes he showed me, and I have to say it was quite handsome). So I straightway purchased this amazing device on Amazon and have been very pleased. I was able to shave my entire "nether" regions with ease. I'll have to admit I was very cautious and scared to shave my scrotum (I'd never properly done it before without problems), but I was able to glide over those bad boys with ease, no pain, no nicks, no hair! Also, the trimmer did not heat up after extended use, so it was comfortable on my skin the entire time. I felt like a new man. I'm happy and most importantly the wife is too!
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on December 9, 2016
The close shaver and end trimmer both work well, though the battery life tends to drop off more quickly than I'd like. If you want to use it more than 10-12 minutes you'll see noticeable slowdown.

The charger's cord is a bit too long for my tastes so it occasionally gets caught up in other sink items, but that's a minor gripe. The base holds the device off the counter, and the unit has a soft green LED that glows while charging.

The trimmer has worked wonderfully in every application I've tried: head, around ears, neck/chin, armpits, chest, legs, groin. The adjustable attachment is great and since it stays attached to the main unit, it means not keeping up with various attachment sizes like other trimmers.

The shaver itself is magic, turning your sensitive underskin into a closely shorn wonderland of softness. It doesn't pull and snag hair like other trimmers I've tried, hasn't jammed or clogged itself after a year now, and in general is the best groin shaver I've tried.

However there's a more serious national health emergency involved with this product that must be addressed before you purchase. For the love of god, why are there trimmers on the shave head???

The shave head has two edge trimmers along both the long sides mere centimeters from the shaver. What this means is that any soft, innocent, trusting, unsuspicious crotchal flesh that wanders within striking range is treated to a diamondback snake-level bite of pain which has more than once drawn blood. Not a lot mind you, but enough to make your undercarriage gun shy of any well-wishing follicle hedger that comes a-knocking. The design is perplexing, as it puts the device's most storied and desirable feature a mosquito fart's distance away from what basically amounts to a circular saw. Now every time I need to trim the hedge, I spend most of it with my breath held in anxious reluctance.

I strongly urge all proponents of healthy twigs and berries to urge Philips Norelco to separate the silk-producing magic shaver from the alligator teeth of terror. It will make this product the best in its class.
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on January 9, 2011
I'm a guy. A guy that wondered for years how it was done. You know, how a man can have absolutely no hair down there (below the belt, above the knees). Did they use hair remover creams? Did they (gulp) wax? Did they pluck? Did they use electric clippers? Did they use a disposable razor? Electric shaver?

I'm also a guy that has tried his electric beard trimmer/shaver and the flip-up clippers on the back. It never turned out well. It was scary. I knicked myself every time I tried (drawing blood in the process). I liken my attempts to taking outdoor power-shears to tissue paper.

So, if your like me, you have hair you don't want down there. It makes you sweat and smell, and it's just plain ugly. Your skin in this region, however, is extremely soft and extremely thin. You've tried other methods and have given up every time (with fear of doing something horrible).

So imagine my surprise (and skepticism) when I happened upon this product on Amazon. I thought; yeah right, there is no way an electric anything could shave me down there without serious harm, rash, or worse. And then I read all the wonderful reviews on this product by other Amazon customers who came before me (my favorite thing about Amazon). After reading all the positive reviews I convinced myself to just try it; and write an honest review for all the skeptic guys out there (like me) that don't believe there really could be a device that could actually work for them.

My first experience:
I received my product quickly. According to the directions, it needed to be charged first - dang it! Fast forward one day; shaver fully charged. Before my shower, I sat down on my favorite throne (aka 'toilet') in the house (in my birthday suit), said a short prayer, built up my confidence, and gave it a shot. I took it slow at first, convinced it would end in disaster. And then, I couldn't believe my eyes... IT WORKED! Not a knick, not a rash - just smooth hairless skin. In fact, it worked so well, so fast, I couldn't stop myself. Which is why the top half of my thighs are also hairless now. To my surprise, to my bewilderment, this thing really works, and better than I imagined. IT REALLY DOES. The reviews on this product are TRUE! And yes, I shaved it ALL - the bolt, the nuts, the bag they came in. It's all hairless now, and its SMOOTH. Not even stubble left behind. It's as smooth as my face feels right after a good shave; smooth as a baby's bottom. It's an unusual feeling to have no hair down there, and I love it.

After 2 days:
Still hairless, still smooth (unlike my face which has stubble within hours of shaving). Still no rash (another surprise). I've noticed I haven't sweated as much down there, and there is no longer a yucky smell after a day of activity. In fact, it's been 2 days since my last shower, and I still actually feel kinda clean down there. Crazy, I know.

Guys, don't hesitate any longer on this purchase. JUST BUY IT. If your not satisfied, just return it. But really, EVERY MAN NEEDS THIS, PERIOD. I'm baffled that this thing isn't marketed more to men. More of us need to hear about this device. It should be taught about in school!

Anyways, I am so happy I took a chance on this product. I hope every guy out there gets one of these and has the same experience I have. What more can I say? I'll be confidently recommending this one to all my guy friends, including you guys.

I wrote my original review on this product in January 2011. I've now owned these for a total of 1 year, 8 months.

With exception to a shortened battery life (I have to recharge before use), it still operates and looks as good as the day I received it. I am extremely satisfied with this purchase and the price I paid. If you're looking for a quality, effective pair of "body" clippers; these are definately highly recommend by me.

I'm a very pleased, very impressed, and very satisfied customer.

Thanks Philips Norelco. We appreciate quality products at fair prices. Please keep it up and never give up on quality.

I hope this review gives you some insight and help with your choice, and a little knowledge from an unbiased owner. [...]

(Thanks for the questions, comments and votes fellow Amazon shoppers... keep them coming too!)
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on May 11, 2013
I shave my balls with one side and my face with the other. Its probably gross, and I don't care. It works well.
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on June 28, 2017
Updated below

Just received this today and immediately tackled my legs without water. First impression... I like it. It didn't give me silky smooth legs, more like the tiny almost-stubble you have half a day after shaving your legs, but then again, it might give a closer shave in the shower... it was a little rough on my skin unless I held it without an angle, but, again, that might not be the case in the shower.

Update: After a couple more tries trying to shave dry, I decided to return it. It was just too rough on my skin and I had purchased it to be able to shave out of the shower, so it was ultimately just not for me.
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on September 24, 2017
This is perfect. Can't say it wont cut you in those loose skin areas and if you aren't careful, but it's a great tool for manscaping. I've been searching for something that doesn't hack you up and this is great. With the razor aspect you really can achieve a close shave. The trimmers work great and don't require extreme care and caution. I had difficulty figuring out how it charges. You have to place the razor face down on the charger. I kept trying to charge with the face up and it wasn't charging. I ultimately figured it out. Probably a factor of not reading or looking at instructions, but just in-case you're looking for this tip as I might have had I not figured it out after a couple days...
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on June 13, 2017
I started cleaning up in various locations a long time ago, old school with a blade. The first few times down there produced some itchiness and tenderness but it only took a few times before all of that faded and I was able to get a really close shave with the razor. I purchased this after reading the reviews. I'm not sure what folks are doing but I don't know that I'll get much use out of it. I have to follow the Bodygroom up with a razor to finish and I don't think it's worth the effort. Won't throw it away as I can use the trimmer on other areas but again the razor, not so much.
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on September 26, 2017
It worked fine as a groomer, nothing special. However I encountered the same quality issues other reviewers had posted at the time. I have used it less than 10 times and the batteries are worthless. They warn you not to try to replace the batteries, just dispose of the shaver. The compartment is difficult to get to, and the size is slightly smaller that traditional rechargeable batteries. Also I dropped it once in the shower, from about three feet and the cheap plastic grooming guide broke and cannot be fixed or replaced. So I mostly could use it without the groomer. I am going to try other grooming products and razors before going back to Norelco.
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on October 11, 2017
The trimmer is excellent for maintaining a beard of various lengths and I’ve also found it great for armpits, arms, and legs. Also, common sense indicates that you should clean it after usage, don’t disrespect yourself.

The shaver could possibly be the best one on the market for the price. I’ve read other reviews of people warning not to use it dry on your privates and I have no idea what they’re talking about. Like with all razors, if you’re reckless then you’re guaranteed to knick yourself. I’ve used this thing wet and dry (preferably dry) and have flawlessly achieved smooth unharmed skin.

The battery is my only real complaint. Coincidentally, it stopped performing right after the warranty expired. Sometimes when I take it off the charging stand it won’t turn on, while other times it will have enough energy to take care of a few select areas. The trimmer seems to use a lot more energy than the shaver, so I’ve had to strategize which parts of my body I’ll shave first, given the almost certainty that when I switch to the trimmer I’ll only have seconds before it dies.

I can’t bring myself to buy a new one just because of a sketchy battery, it’s still a great functioning device when it wants to be. Despite this issue, I’d still recommend it. So enjoy your smooth silky skin but don’t act surprised if your battery conveniently dies right after the warranty expires.
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