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Style Name: Body|Change
Price:$59.95+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime
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on December 21, 2016
Ordered this under my wife's acct name, but I assure you I'm a guy who has been using this thing. So let me set the back story a little bit leading up to this purchase. I'm a guy who doesn't like shaving my "nether" regions, but I'm married to a woman who wants my "nether" regions shaved. I had been using a really basic trimmer to get the job done... you know one of those cheapo pharmacy neck/beard trimmers. Well, I only ever ended up shaving down there about 2 - 3 times a year max, much to my wife's disappointment. There were many reasons I chose to shave down there as little as possible. First and foremost, I liked to call the times I would shave "There Will Be Blood", after the popular movie. No matter what, I would end up nicking myself somewhere in a region where you particularly don't ever want to see blood, this was terrifying. In fact, I typically tended to NOT use the trimmers on my scrotum and just try to cut those uglies with a pair of scissors. This took a long time and didn't really eliminate the hairs, just made them a tad shorter. The taint never really ended up hairless either. Another problem with the old trimmers is that they would get incredibly hot and the metal would burn my skin. I guess to look on the bright side, now I could cauterize the open wounds the trimmers had originally caused. Needless to say it was all a horrible experience and I ended up having hair more often and in more places than my wife wished.

My brother, whom I assumed was having the same types of problems, did quite a bit of searching and reviewing for a good body hair trimmer. He ended up finding this product and decided to purchase it. Fast forward 3 months. I asked my brother how his new body trimmer had been working and he said it was great... no nicks, no problems, no hairs (yes he showed me, and I have to say it was quite handsome). So I straightway purchased this amazing device on Amazon and have been very pleased. I was able to shave my entire "nether" regions with ease. I'll have to admit I was very cautious and scared to shave my scrotum (I'd never properly done it before without problems), but I was able to glide over those bad boys with ease, no pain, no nicks, no hair! Also, the trimmer did not heat up after extended use, so it was comfortable on my skin the entire time. I felt like a new man. I'm happy and most importantly the wife is too!
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on November 25, 2016
This thing has really surprised me. It is fabulous.

I have one significant complaint although I would not hesitate to recommend this thing. The longest beard trim setting #5 is too short. And the shortest beard trim setting #1 is....too long. A cheaper machine I used to have, from Braun, was better at both of these. I would like to keep a slightly longer beard but this machine makes that pretty hard, unless you just go for the wooly mammoth look.

Everything else about this unit is great, I love it. Even the appearance and the way you just pop it into the charging base. It charges great and the motor is strong. It has versatile uses and so far has been very comfy to use ... everywhere. Of course, use caution, but I highly recommend this unit.

No one paid me anything or gave me any discounts. I just BOUGHT it. Good day.
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on May 11, 2013
I shave my balls with one side and my face with the other. Its probably gross, and I don't care. It works well.
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on August 19, 2013
I'm female. Even tho this is targeted at men I thought I'd try it. Love this product! Use it all over even on sensitive skin areas. I use it head to toe...never has "knicks" like past shavers I've had. Very glad I bought it!
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on January 17, 2017
the hordes of other reviewers said it was the rolls-royce of junk trimmers, so I decided to take the plunge about two months ago. now my junk is nice and trim. every nook and cranny gets a buzz, and i have never gotten bit by the blades. SAFE SACK APPROVED.. and the other side is good for trimming those overgrown caterpillars sitting right above your eye. i accidentally shaved my brows with the lowest setting, and i was still presentable in public. they were short, but they were still there.. spend the extra bucks.. get this one.
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on December 9, 2016
The close shaver and end trimmer both work well, though the battery life tends to drop off more quickly than I'd like. If you want to use it more than 10-12 minutes you'll see noticeable slowdown.

The charger's cord is a bit too long for my tastes so it occasionally gets caught up in other sink items, but that's a minor gripe. The base holds the device off the counter, and the unit has a soft green LED that glows while charging.

The trimmer has worked wonderfully in every application I've tried: head, around ears, neck/chin, armpits, chest, legs, groin. The adjustable attachment is great and since it stays attached to the main unit, it means not keeping up with various attachment sizes like other trimmers.

The shaver itself is magic, turning your sensitive underskin into a closely shorn wonderland of softness. It doesn't pull and snag hair like other trimmers I've tried, hasn't jammed or clogged itself after a year now, and in general is the best groin shaver I've tried.

However there's a more serious national health emergency involved with this product that must be addressed before you purchase. For the love of god, why are there trimmers on the shave head???

The shave head has two edge trimmers along both the long sides mere centimeters from the shaver. What this means is that any soft, innocent, trusting, unsuspicious crotchal flesh that wanders within striking range is treated to a diamondback snake-level bite of pain which has more than once drawn blood. Not a lot mind you, but enough to make your undercarriage gun shy of any well-wishing follicle hedger that comes a-knocking. The design is perplexing, as it puts the device's most storied and desirable feature a mosquito fart's distance away from what basically amounts to a circular saw. Now every time I need to trim the hedge, I spend most of it with my breath held in anxious reluctance.

I strongly urge all proponents of healthy twigs and berries to urge Philips Norelco to separate the silk-producing magic shaver from the alligator teeth of terror. It will make this product the best in its class.
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on March 11, 2015
I started shaving all of the hair on my body a couple of decades ago when I worked as a performer. I tried everything from epiladies, to waxes, to Nair... and I experienced all of the pain and torture involved with the use of each one. I no longer work as a performer, but my hair continues to grow back faster and thicker, so I finally resorted to hair clippers once every couple of months and decided that getting a close shave on my body was more trouble than it was worth.

After reading an article in a men's magazine, I decided to research a bit and it looked like plenty of guys recommended the Philips Bodygroom.
All I can say is, Wow!!! I wish I would have had this thing two decades ago. It took off the thick hair as fast as my regular clippers but without the random nicks/cuts that I've come to expect from the sharp edges of the Wahl clippers.

The smoother side of the Bodygroom allowed me to take care of my underarms and private areas quickly and painlessly... and without any blood associated with straight razors. Whew!

I still prefer my Norelco SensoTouch 3d for shaving my face... but the Bodygoom 7100 has won me over when it comes to transforming my winter Chewbacca coat to a smooth physique that allows me to stay MUCH cooler during the hot Texas summers.
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on October 18, 2016
I've owned the Philips Norelco BG2030, and BG2020. They were very good. This product is even better. The hair trimmer is great. Easy to adjust shave length. Even easier to clean. The foil shaver is fine and leaves very little hair behind--- enough to be comfortable.

Extra body hair on dudes is the worst. Hot women absolute hate mega hairy dudes. I hear them.

I use only two tools to keep the body hair trimmed, the first is this product for reachable, and sensitive areas. For the back, nothing worse than nasty back hair for that job I use the Bro Shaver. It's all you need guys.

For back and body hair I use the Bro Shaver. See picture.
Link: NEW! BRO SHAVER BACK HAIR SHAVER uses Refillable Standard Double Edge Safety Razor Blades Replaceable for Pennies, DIY, Stainless Steel Bolts, Compare to competitor baKblade
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on February 20, 2016
I purchased this product from Amazon in August 2015. Many of the reviews that I have read mention the poor battery life. The instructions that come with the unit are very clear that, once charged, you have to run the battery down to nothing before charging again. If you put the unit on to charge after each use, the battery memorizes that usage as the life of the battery, and will begin to only last as long as its usage. Norelco should use Lithium ion batteries which do not succumb to this "charge effect". Having to run the battery down before charging may cause an annoying shut down in the middle of use, but that will only happen once in a relatively long while, which can be tolerated. Overall, I find that following the directions ensures adequate battery life.
I have used this shaver exclusively for below the belt and in the shower with a shaving gel or soap. Using the foil part, I have been less than satisfied. Using the edge gives the closer shave, but I have gotten nicked even being very gentle. After use, out of the shower, dried off and in the light, I notice that it did not get everything and left the last few short, delicate hairs. Ok, but not ok. I have found that to get those, I needed to very carefully, and very slowly, dry shave, stretching the skin taut, and gently swiping with the edge rather than the foil. This method I use to get impeccably shaven, although carefully using the foil and edge in the shower with a gel or soap does an adequate job, just less well than cleaning up afterwards.
I find that this shaver gets the job done if I take the time and effort to be careful and precise. Given how much my partner absolutely loves the shaven effect, it is very worth it. I have not tried any other shavers, so I obviously can't compare. And I would never take a razor down there, even a cartridge razor, given the certainty of the accidents that would happen. I give it 4 stars because I would have liked to see a better shave from the use of the foil alone.
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on April 19, 2017
Ok first off let me tell you, I have used a million different shavers and this one is absolutely the best of the crop for anything below the neck and for clean lines on your face and under your neck.

It is great for chest, back, legs, balls, you name it.

No knicks, cuts, easy to use. Dry shave no irritation and I am super sensitive. But if you do get irritation the magic is simple: Aloe. Bumps will be gone in an hour.
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