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on September 23, 2015
Two times I ordered the HQ9 heads to match the heads on my shaver. Two times the box showed the matching heads but contained heads that did not match. See pictures.

The HQ9 heads are "triple track heads" the ones in the box are single track dual precision heads. I hate to say this but I guess I will have to search elsewhere.
Sorry buyer beware
review image review image review image
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on December 14, 2015
Purchased these replacement heads in October to replace original heads bought with razor years ago. Followed instructions to replace blades. Easy to do since when cleaning original blades, i took them out to clean them. The reason for getting new heads was because I was not getting a close shave, so figured time to finally replace them. After replacing the heads, I shaved and immediately noticed that they weren't cutting very well. Viewed the previous comments which state that it takes a little while (week or so) for the blades to get acclimated to your face. Well its been two months. Almost seems like only one blade is cutting and takes longer to shave. Especially if i don't shave for a couple of days, then it takes twice as long and usually have to clean up with a disposable. Finally looked on line and found the Phillips Norelco 4100 Model AT810 and purchased it today as a Christmas present for me. I am waiting for it to be shipped and to arrive. Hopefully it will work much better. These are the replacement heads recommended for the Norelco 9170XL I have. The power for the razor still runs good, just the blades won't cut worth a crap. Don't waste your money on these replacement blades. I paid 29.97 for the replacement heads and got the new razor for 59.79. I went to the on-line chat for Amazon and the person on the other line was very helpful. I asked for a refund and told him that the blades didn't cut worth a crap and it has force me to buy a new razor. He was nice enough to refund my money for the blades even though the return window for returning this item expired 26 days ago. So I am basically getting this new razor for about $30.00.
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on April 3, 2014
Unless you own some top of the line foil razor that costs several hundred dollars and is made in Germany, these will have to do. These heads are compatible with several different Norelco models. These fit perfectly in my razor. I have been using the original head/blades since I bought the razor over 3 years ago. I have never been able to have ANY electric razor give me an extremely close/clean shave. I use the electric razor to get the primary hair down to a light stubble and then I use a conventional razor to finish up and leave the face ultra smooth. I don't think any Norelco razor will give you a barber shop type shave. I always make sure I maintain the head/blade assembly. I clean them regularly with alcohol and add a drop of razor oil to each blade assembly. I have never really understood the Norelco's floating head assembly. Why is the floating head concept supposed to be so great? I find that a static or non-moving head does a much better job at shaving. I'm sure that this head/blade assembly will last me until the razor batteries die. They can be replaced but by then I will probably just buy a new razor. Foil razors are the best, but they are expensive for the good ones and the replacement parts are expensive. Most electric razors from any brand are made in Asia today. If you really look hard, you can find ones made in Germany or Switzerland.
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on May 30, 2014
I have a Norelco razor that I bought about a year ago and it came with the HQ9 heads. I bought these so I would have a replacement when I needed it. Norelco recommends changing heads once a year but I have gone years and years without changing heads in the past. When I finally do, I realize how much better the shaver works with new heads. I also bought a razor with the HQ8 head and I like it very much but still prefer the one with the HQ9. I have used Norelco razors for about 60 years. I believe the HQ9 gives me the closest and most comfortable shave of all the heads I have used. I also have an old razor with the HQ56 head. I have had it so long that I have replaced the batteries about 4 times and I think the motor brushes are wearing out. It was an excellent razor. I have replaced the heads on it about three times but the current ones are so old that I can't fairly compare them to the heads on the two newest razors. I do plan to put a new set of HQ56 heads on it to make a fair comparison.
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on September 1, 2016
Like many other people, I vacillated between purchasing new shaver heads or just buying a new shaver. I just bought a new shaver for a gift that cost about half of what these heads cost! But in the end I bought these for my 9160xl that has been a great shaver since its purchase in 2007. I think this is the second set of replacement heads in that nine year period! My shaver was getting a bit noisier recently and I noticed I had to make more passes while shaving to do the same job. I thought maybe the motor was to blame but I was wrong as when I put in these new blades and foils, the shaver immediately quieted down and my shave was very quickly done. Noticed the new blades were a bit harsh on my skin, but then I remembered that it takes around three weeks for the blades to break in to a persons face. Even though my skin was a bit irritated, the shave itself was extremely close and blade smooth. Norelco is the best shaver for me, with these blades also being the best for me (I've tried hq8, comfort cut, and hq56 super lift and cut, to mention only some).
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on February 9, 2014
Have been using Philips/Norelco for long (nearly 15 yrs) and cannot seem to live w/o them now; I feel them better than even razor blade shaving. But recently Philips/Norelco have changed their design and not sure of the new models, seem to make more noise and are pricy even more and do not know how reliable they are, the older models are good and I go look for them in Internet. Wanted to look for Braun/Panasonic shavers but still managing to repair/replace my older models of Philips shavers so continuing with them and so buying these heads. This one with the 3 cutting rings are good. Since these heads are very expensive, now I am resorting to buying old model shavers that come on offer that have these heads so we can use these Heads and other spares as needed at a much lower total cost of ownership (I have experienced the motor spindle spoiled two times and have replaced it myself, another instance had battery go off and then a charger died). All in all good product, wish Philips/Norelco will bring back older better models though with this kind of cutting heads.

2nd review on 2017-08-14:
I had given 4 star before but on my subsequent buy, the box was HQ9 but the cutter inside is single tracked only unlike HQ9 that is tripple tracked, so its cheating and the packaging said Made in China so wonder China always comes with such cheating business only, going to return to Amazon. And resuced it to 1 star rating, would have preferred 0 star if it were there for such cheating business. And subsequently I ordered 2 more pcs to keep spare but now will probably cancel those orders!
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on February 8, 2016
A reasonable price for a needed product that is suggested to be replaced every year. Since I use my old Norelco 8420 to also keep my head cut close and looking good, as well as my chin, I suspect that once every 12-18 months is not too much to mind. But when the replacement heads start costing about half of a new shaver then I start to think the economics are working against replacement heads. This price and quick delivery provide the incentive to go another year (or two) before I have to think about this again.
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on May 29, 2015
After reading the reviews of the new Norelco's that are made in China, I decided to keep my 15 year old Norelco Speed-XL 8140XL. It still holds a charge for about 2-3 weeks of use. It just needed new heads. I had reservations about ordering these heads, but I was delighted to find that the heads are made in the Netherlands. They fit perfectly. This item includes only the 3 HQ9 heads, not the head assembly into which they mount. I should be set for several years. Thanks Norelco for not outsourcing everything to China.
Norelco, If you were smart, you'd bring back all of your products manufacturing back to the Netherlands. Your loyal customers will pay more if you don't send it to China and cheapen the product. Don't follow the lemmings over the cliff of quick profits.
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on May 27, 2009
Philips Norelco HQ9 SpeedXL Replacement Heads
I've been using Norelco rotary electric shavers all my life and this is the first time I've ever purchased replacement heads. What a surprise to find out it's just like getting a brand new shaver! My old Norelco was not performing as well as it used to and I wondered if it was time to upgrade to something "better" - whatever that might be. I decided just to save some bucks and try replacing the heads (just like they advise). Suddenly, all the little complaints I had about the performance of my old Norelco disappeared. I had a new shaver with the top notch performance I used to get. Try replacing the heads before you fork out big bucks for all the fancy, non-esssential "features" they now build into high priced electric shavers.
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on May 8, 2015
I have an 8251 XL razor. It is probably 10+ years old, and was still using the original blades. I use it probably 3 -5 times a week; I do blade shave some days depending on my schedule and my ambition. These replacements were delivered in a couple of days. It took literally, like a minute to replace in the razor. Once you see what is shipped, it's pretty intuitive how to replace. You just twist the clip holding the 3 heads in place counter clockwise... replace the heads... put the clip back in place.

I am definitely getting a closer shave in probably 2/3 the time and with more comfort. Would have - should have replaced these sooner if I had known it would be that painless. Don't hesitate. I'm good for another several years, now.
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