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on March 18, 2015
Four years after buying it the battery is almost dead. This is my third Philips/Norelco beard trimmer. They've all been good units that last about 10 years providing you replace the rechargeable battery at mid-life. (Eventually the blades get dull or the motor bearings seize up.)

Earlier models could be opened easily. With some basic soldering skills this made it relatively easy to replace the original NiCad or NiMH AA battery with a new one. But this model can't be opened, at least not without breaking the housing. As a result I have no choice but to add it to land fill. Shame on you Philips.
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on August 8, 2013
I've had this trimmer for about 2 years.

First off, the trimmer takes forever to cut through hair, as it has a very low RPM motor compared to the old cheapo one I had, and is in slow motion compared to my Panasonic Arc4 razor. As a dedicated stubble trimmer it gets 3/5 stars. It does the job, but not that closely, and not fast.

Secondly the adjustable guard is extremely poorly designed. It only guards on the top and back, leaving the front section where the blades are completely exposed. This means all it takes is one slight tip of the trimmer to buzz a chunk of your eyebrow/beard out. Guess how I found that one out?

Additionally the guard is thick but widely spaced, so hair tends to lay flat in between the tines and not reach the trimmer, even if it is longer than the guard is tall. You can't "comb" up the hair with the guard without risking buzzing a chunk out as previously mentioned.
For grooming anything longer than stubble it gets 1/5 stars.

It's nice that it's wireless, but I use it 2 or 3 times and need to recharge it again. Overall I'm very underwhelmed with this trimmer and now I'm just waiting for it to die so I can find something better. Not recommended.
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on November 26, 2013
Excellent trimmer, mediocer battery, poor battery management circuitry.

The Trimmer:
I have sensitive skin. After trying The Art of Shaving advice and many iterations of blades and products, as well as electric shavers, I gave up on close shaving and have stuck with stubble trimming. I had been using a cheap hair trimmer from a B&M store, whose battery had lost a great deal of capacity over time - I still have this trimmer, and its battery lasts for minutes after extended charging. This trimmer (QT4022) is a vast improvement over that method.

I find the adjustable guard works well for me, but I have used it in a limited capacity. Usually, I set the guard to minimum, and use the trimmer upside-down without the guard for a very close stubble trim. If I spend enough time, I can approximate a quick electric razor shave (I have one of mid tier quality to compare against). The guard has always stayed locked on the level I set it to, and when I've used it to attempt to keep a certain length of hair, it's worked.

I was initially surprised by the slower speed of the blades, but the unit works fine for me, and have given me the best stubble trim I've experienced thus far.

I believe the claims about wash-ability (I rinse the unit regularly), and the blades seem to be as sharp now (without maintenance) as when I bought the unit. I like the ergonomics of the whole thing, and the materials chosen (slick plastic front, grippy material back). I find this unit easy to clean, and I've used it regularly for some months now.

The Battery:
I'm guessing that the battery chemistry used here was chosen to reduce price. When the trimmer was new, the battery allowed me to go more than one trim on a single full charge (~15-20min each session for full face, front/back of the neck). Over time, however, this capacity has been reduced, due to my arguable miss-use of shaving with the trimmer plugged in to the wall.

The Battery Circuitry:
The battery management circuitry is apparently not designed to preserve the battery life for plugged-in use. My battery is now entirely inoperable - after leaving the unit plugged in for 8+ hours, the battery powers the trimmer for <1 second.

The LED lighting that shows when the unit is plugged in, charging, and charged is a nice touch. The power adapter is well designed - it doesn't extend horizontally, allowing it to fit in recessed or flush-set sockets. The adapter also feels like a quality built part, and doesn't seem to emit any hum.

I recommend this trimmer, but caution you to consider your use model - I've lost my ability to use this trimmer without a wall socket.
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on August 1, 2013
August 1st, 2013
In the last 8 years I've used different Wahl eletric razors. I'm from Brazil and Philips products here are pretty expensive. A friend travelled to US so I asked him to bring me the QT4022. I must say I'm impressed with the quality of this product, especially considering it's cost. I use it to maintain my stubble and even for body grooming (not design for it but gives good results).

-You can lock the lenght from 0,5 to 10 millimeters (the product description says 1 to 10 but it's not) with increments of 0,5 millimeters, giving you a wide range of lenght choices.
-The razor blades are very sharp and accurate, you won't have to shave the same area over and over again.
-Comfortable in the hand and not heavy.
-Skin friendly (no skin irritations at all)

-No travel bag

I've been using it for over a month in a weekly base and I'm loving it. I definately reccomend it. It's a low cost and high quality product.
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on June 1, 2012
I always wanted a machine that will give me that 5 o'clock shadow look. This machine did the trick. I use a razor to fix the edges of my beard, and then run this machine on the lowest setting over my beard for that great 5 o'clock shadow look. Cleaning it is a breeze. I just run it under the fountain for about five seconds. Also, a great feature to this machine is that you can run it on a dead battery as long as you have it plugged in. Many similar machines require you to have a full charge in order to use it, but not this one!!!! Great buy!!!
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on October 21, 2013
I think this designs merely for stubble and do it really well. as I am very sensitive about the size of them and my workplace has rigorous rules about beard, this machine passed my expectations well. 0.5 cm arrangements are precise enough and working is pretty easy. the main disadvantage is about lack of the battery alarm about power and when this fully charged. this is important when consider that fully-charging and stay in the power cause broken in the battery. so I take out one star and rank it with four stars. the price is another advantage compare with the function
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on February 4, 2015
Excellent--I don't have a lot of hair left, but for the sides and back, it shaves pretty close and painlessly and adjusts easily. Easy to clean and just toss back into drawer. Has survived drops to floor. Battery lasts longer than I expected between charges, although I wish it was a lithium battery and then I wouldn't be so inclined to run it down before recharging. Haven't tried it in the shower, but I trust Norelco enough to think it'd be fine. Got two for my fully hairy teen age sons also and no complaints there.
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on April 22, 2013
I like this overall. If it cost more money, it would get only 3 stars instead of 4.

The size adjustment knob is great, but you have to be very careful to keep the guide flat against the contours and not angle the cutting edge towards the skin, or you'll make a noticeable gouge in your stubble.

Note that, unlike hair trimmers, you can't use this without the guide to get a really close cut, since the cutting teeth are pointed rather than squared.

The one I received is a dark navy blue in color, not the red shown in the photo, which is good, because I keep it in a drawer, and the shape of the thing looks less like a battery-powered 'massager' when it's in dark blue.
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on November 25, 2012
This trimmer is great for playing with stubble and varying the length to emphasize the jaw or neckline. It goes from just less than close shaved (still a millimeter of stubble) to quite long. I like it because I can trim the grey ends off and my stubble looks darker. Nice for fading effects from jawline upward, lots of things you can do. Seems to hold a charge a long, long time, although I don't use it every single day. The charger plug is kind of awkward, like an old fashion flip-phone charger that takes some concentration to get into place.
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on January 28, 2013
If you are trying this as your first foray into beard trimming for a stubble look instead of having to use a razor (like me) look elsewhere. I figured it was cheap enough to try but this product is not very good on a beard of any length. It actually feels just like the awful trimmers that norelco sticks on the back of its electric shavers. The motor is really lacking. I will use this now for sideburns only I guess. But for $15, its worth it for sideburns only if you don't have any other way of managing your sideburns. If you are looking for a replacement for shaving, I would go with a more powerful trimmer.
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