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on November 15, 2014
This is the best electric shaver I have used. My review will be based on comparisons to the electric shaver this Philips Norelco 9300 unit has replaced, which is the Braun Series 7. This review has three components; Shaver Review, Cleaning Unit Review and 9300 Shaving Technique Tips

Shaver Review:
Bottom Line:
This Philips Norelco 9300 shaves much closer and much more thoroughly than the Braun Series 7 model. Note that I'll occasionally use the abbreviation PN to represent Phillips Norelco.

I was satisfied with the closeness of the shave provided by the Braun Series 7, but the Braun unit missed too many hairs on the neck and jawline areas. Too many missed hairs motivated the search for a more thorough electric shave. Upon first use of the 9300, I immediately noticed that not only does the PN 9300 shave much closer, but it also shaves much more thoroughly on the neck and jawline areas. The number of missed hairs on the neck region for the 9300 is very close to what you would achieve with a traditional razor. I had been using the Braun series 7 for several years and was not used to the closeness of shave provided by the PN 9300. The 9300 shaves so close that it feels like shaving with a razor, when compared to the Braun series 7. Yes, you can also achieve razor-like burn on your lower neck with the 9300 if you apply too much pressure to the shaving head and do not keep the shaver head in constant motion. I'll further discuss PN 9300 shaving technique tips down below.

So, yes, the PN 9300 shaves very close and is very thorough. I give the shaver itself 4.5 stars. The missing half star is due to the fact that you have to manually disconnect the shaving head assembly and then attach the included sideburns trimmer each time you want to trim your sideburns. This may seem like a small thing, but repeated, daily motions consume time and provide opportunities for breakage. I don't trust plastic parts holding up to the daily wear and tear of being snapped into and out of place over and over. I have a separate small, Philips Norelco hair trimmer that I use for the sideburns trimming job. However, don't let that design aspect deter you from experiencing this very effective electric shaver.

If you're looking to try an electric shaver for the first time, then let this be the model you choose. Yes, old fashioned razors still provide the closest, most thorough shave, but the savings provided by an electric shaver in terms of reduced shaving time, no mess to clean up, no more facial cuts and no more razor/shaving creme purchasing vastly outweigh the very minor trade-off in shaving performance. I haven't cut my face while shaving in many years and never plan on doing so again. To me, razors are old technology similar to vinyl records and leeches. After five weeks of PN 9300 ownership, I'm very satisfied with the shaving performance. And yes, you do need to follow the 30 day skin-adjustment period rule when switching from razors to electric shavers before passing judgement on an electric shaver.

If you're looking to upgrade from another electric shaver model, go with the Philips Norelco 9300 shaver. You won't be disappointed. I had thought foil-based electric shavers were the best, but was mistaken. The flexibility, articulation and degrees of freedom engineered into the PN 9300 shaving heads provide the closest and most thorough electric shave I've been able to get. The Braun Series 7 just doesn't have enough flexibility and articulation built into the shaving head to do a thorough job of shaving all of the hairs on your neck. I didn't realize I was walking around for years with a not so close AND not so thorough Braun Series 7 shave until I tried the Philips 9300. The Philips unit is also much quieter than the the Braun unit. The Philips emits a light, whirring sound whereas the Braun emits a louder, higher-pitched buzz. The first time I turned on the PN 9300 I wasn't sure the thing was actually on. Yes, it's relatively quiet. Both units feel well-balanced in the hand and of high quality.

Cleaning Unit Review: (updated 12-31-2016)
*Begin Update-I give the 9300 cleaning unit 1.0 star. I've come to the conclusion that the cleaning unit is completely optional (i.e. unnecessary) as I end up cleaning the shaving head by removing the head cover and then running the heads under water. For me, the cleaning unit now simply functions as a stand and charger. The only way to remove the large amount of hair that accumulates behind the shaving head is to remove the shaving head cover from the shaver and empty the hair. The cleaning unit just rinses the surface of the heads and has no effect on the hair that has accumulated behind the shaving head. I haven't noticed any change in shaving performance since rinsing with water. The replacement head instructions also indicated to simply remove the head and run them under water. I've said so long to 4 hour cleaning cycles and the never ending replacement of cleaning fluid. End Update 12-31-2016*

Original cleaning unit review
The Philips cleaning unit works well, but it takes a full 4 hours and 10 minutes to clean, lubricate, dry and charge the shaver. It takes 10 minutes to clean and lubricate and then almost 4 hours of drying time followed by a short period of charging. What happens if you remove the shaver from the cleaning unit before the 4 hour drying time has elapsed? Well, the shaving heads are still wet from the cleaning fluid. I prefer a dry shave, so this is somewhat annoying. The Braun cleaning unit is designed better in terms of ease of use and it also provides a much shorter drying time. The benefits of the cleaning unit include convenience and time savings. One simply presses a button to perform a cleaning, lubricating, drying and charging cycle. I think Philips should aim for a 1/2 hour cycle time for the next version of this cleaning unit. 4 hours of drying time? Really?

I don't leave the cleaning unit constantly plugged in with the shaver in charging mode as I'm concerned about over-charging the battery, however, the 4 hour 10 minute cleaning and drying time isn't that big a deal as you can simply start a cycle when you get home from work. 4 hours later, I unplug the cleaning unit and the shaver is clean, lubricated, dry and ready to go in the morning. I use the cleaning unit about every other day. My cleaning unit functioned as described in the manual for the first several weeks of ownership. The cleaning unit would run a ten minute clean/lubricate cycle and then go into drying mode for approximately four hours, then charge mode. The cleaning unit stopped operating in this manner near the fourth or fifth week of ownership and began to continuously switch back and forth between cleaning for ten minutes and then drying for ten minutes and then back to cleaning for ten minutes, etc... for hours on end. I contacted Philips tech support concerning this behavior and a replacement cleaning unit has been received. I had to contact Philips support three times before the replacement was actually sent, so be prepared to followup as needed. The replacement cleaning unit I received is of a newer design as evidenced by the ring of clear plastic around the top of the cleaning cartridge housing. My original cleaning unit did not have this ring of clear plastic, so I'll assume that the original unit was of an older design. The replacement cleaning unit is working well and also comes with dashed lines that light up around the top of the cleaning cartridge housing to indicate where the unit is within a given clean/lubricate, dry, charge cycle. In any event, in case your cleaning unit malfunctions, save your order confirmation email as proof of purchase.

Both the Braun and Philips cleaning units use 170 milliliter (ml) plastic reservoirs of cleaning fluid. Since both brands chose to use the same exact volume, I suspect competitive parity was the goal. This cleaning fluid seems to evaporate over time and needs to be periodically replaced. Yes, cleaning fluid replacement is a recurring revenue stream for both companies. The Braun unit uses a sensor to measure cleaning fluid level and is set to prompt the user to replace the cleaning fluid when a low fluid level is reached. The Philips cleaning unit claims to sense when the cleaning cartridge filter is full and prompts the user to replace the cleaning cartridge at this time. I'll be monitoring whether this is indeed the case or if perhaps the fluid level is simply being measured. In any event, I've noticed similar cleaning fluid replacement rates between the Braun and Philips units. Philips claims each cleaning fluid container can last up to 2 months, which may mean the replacement time is dependent on how thick ones beard is, how frequently one shaves and how frequently one uses the cleaning unit. I'll experiment with this to determine what the Philips cleaning unit is actually sensing inside the cleaning cartridge. **Update**. I've determined that the Philips Norelco cleaning unit simply measures the level of the cleaning fluid remaining in the cartridge rather than sensing the condition of the "filter" inside the cartridge. When the cleaning unit indicated that the cleaning cartridge needed to be replaced, I added a small amount of water to the old cleaning cartridge and reinserted it into the cleaning unit. Sure enough, the cleaning unit operated as designed. Don't use water long-term, however, as this may not lubricate properly. This information suggests limiting the evaporation of the cleaning fluid from the cartridge will extend the life of the cleaning cartridge. I'll try removing and covering the cleaning cartridge when it's not in use to see if this helps extend the life.

It's also worth noting that the Braun cleaning fluid is alcohol-based, which may mean the Braun cleaning fluid disinfects the shaver as well whereas the Philips cleaning fluid is "alcohol free" and may simply clean without disinfecting. The Philips cleaning fluid lubricates as well, whereas the Braun unit includes a separate small container of oil to be occasionally manually applied for lubrication purposes. Also, the Philips cleaning unit is much more quiet than the Braun cleaning unit, which emits a fairly loud buzz, but nothing unbearable.

As far as long-term maintenance goes, the Philips 9300 will require more manual cleaning time due to the more complex design of the rotary shaving heads. By long-term maintenance, I mean removal of the three shaving heads from the shaver assembly for a more thorough hair removal and cleaning. A thorough cleaning of the Braun shaving head is simple, fast and easy to do with the included hair removal brush. It would have been nice had Philips included a similar hair removal brush. The PN 9300 includes a shaving head removal tool (it's the orange plastic part, so don't throw it out!) and Philips notes that each of the 3 shaving heads must be placed back in the original location from which each was removed (maintain cutter/comb pairing) for optimal shaver performance. In other words, clean one Philips shaving head at a time. It took about 15 minutes to perform the thorough shaving head cleaning on the Philips unit the first time through. That time will dramatically decrease with familiarity. Yes, the very flexible PN 9300 shaving head design is more complex than the Braun head and thus requires more disassembling/reassembling time. A thorough cleaning of the Braun shaving head takes about one minute. For the Braun unit, I performed this more thorough cleaning each time the cleaning fluid was replaced. I'll likely follow the same more thorough cleaning schedule with the PN 9300. You'll find a decent amount of hair building up inside the PN 9300 shaving head assembly, so I'd perform the more thorough cleaning at least every three months or so.

Shaving Technique Tips when using the Philips Norelco 9300:
1. Maintain constant circular motion. Always keep the shaver heads moving in a circular path via a series of overlapping circles. One can alternate between using clockwise (CW) or counterclockwise (CCW) circles. Either direction works fine, but I notice a mixture of using both CW and CCW circles maximizes shaving performance since the direction of hair growth can vary. The size (diameter) of your circles can be roughly the same size (or smaller but not larger) as the size of the circle that encompasses all three shaving heads. To achieve more precision near the sideburns, aim one of the three shaving heads at the targeted area and use very small diameter circles to approximate a straight edge. Adjust circle size and direction as needed using your eyes and ears to monitor shaving effectiveness. Over time, you'll come to notice a different sound being emitted when hairs are actually being shaved.

2. To shave the upper and lower lip areas, reverse pucker, as in pull your lips in on themselves, and then glide the shaving head left and right in a circular motion. The reverse pucker (pursed lips) essentially creates a single, larger skin surface roughly equivalent to one of your cheek areas. Think of the area extending from under your nose to the bottom of your chin as a single surface similar to a cheek. Move the shaver over this area as if the lips did not exist. This allows you to use the same circular shaving technique on the lip area as is used on the cheek area. In order to shave the hard-to-reach hairs under your nose, aim one of the three shaving heads at those hairs and use very small diameter circles to catch them with your one chosen shaving head.

3. For the lower neck area, use a very light pressure on the shaver head while keeping it moving in constant circular motion. The pressure being applied to the shaver head has a big effect on lower neck area skin irritation, whereas pressure applied doesn't seem to matter on the cheek, lip or upper neck areas. I haven't experienced any skin irritation in those areas, regardless of the pressure being applied. Don't let the shaving heads remain stationary in the same area of lower neck skin for very long or you will experience razor burn/skin irritation. Yes, it shaves that close. Also, I find that keeping the skin loose on the lower neck, rather than pointing the chin up to tighten the lower neck skin, helps prevent razor burn. You can also experiment with using the three different shaving head rotation speeds (rpm) on the lower neck area. Lower rotation speeds allow for more pressure to be applied and vice versa. When shaving the lower neck area you should basically be aware of the pressure being applied to the shaving head, the tightness of skin on the neck and the shaver rotation speed being used. Adjust any of those variables as needed to achieve a close, thorough, irritation-free lower neck shave.
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on December 7, 2015
I have used Norelco shavers for 30+ years and have always loved them. I use one at home, one for travel and one in my car - so you can imagine I've bought a few of these products, even before Philips bought them out. I discovered that there is a difference in the cheapest versions and the top of the line - primarily in the quality of the shaving heads. So, I was willing to fork out the money for the 9300 when my last home shaver needed replacing. As to the shaver itself - it's great. My shave is as close as a blade - especially if I use a shaving gel (though I don't usually take the time to do that on busy mornings). The one big disappointment is the cleaning system. I've only had the unit for a little over a month and the light came on to replace the (expensive) cleaning fluid cartridge. On top of that, there were a couple times that I pulled my shaver from the cleaning unit and the cleaning fluid was in the head when I started to shave. So, I reread the instructions. Turns out that I'm supposed to run the shaver head while under the tap "for "a few minutes" (do you know how long that is). Then I'm supposed to remove the blade assembly and clean the insides of the shaving head. Then I'm supposed to let it "completely dry" before reassembling the shaver head. Now we can put it in the "Smart-Clean" system and push the handy clean button. I find this process completely useless. Who has the time for all this. I thought the cleaning system was supposed to do all this for me, saving me time and "extending the life of the blades." In addition, when I changed the cleaning fluid for a new one, there was blue cleaning fluid inside the Smart-Clean system and even under the unit - obviously something is leaking. I have light beard - and there was not much in the bottom of the original cleaning unit that I replaced. My recommendation: Buy the comparable shaver model and forget the Smart-Clean system. It's a waste of money, from my perspective. Perhaps I have a defective unit - I'm trying to reach Philips-Norelco to see what they have to say, but I haven't been very impressed when I called them about how long I can store the 3-unit replacement fluids. When the rep said, "One month." this made no sense with 3 of them in the box. I will write a revision if I find that all this trouble was because of a defective Smart-Clean unit. However, if the instructions are right, that you have to clean and dry the heads each time BEFORE you clean and dry the shaver with the Smart-Clean system, then I'm still disappointed. My advice - get the great shaver without the cleaning unit.
UPDATE: Norelco came through with a new "Smart-Clean" unit. It is obviously a newer version and it works perfectly! I waited to write this update to be sure. It worked as advertised for 3 months, then the icon told me I needed to change the solution. I reinstalled a new cleaning solution and everything works great again. Also - there is no need to "double clean" the razor with water before you clean it with the "Smart-Clean" unit. I've checked the razor head a few times after the unit finished its cycle, and it did a great job. I'm raising my rating to 4-stars. If I hadn't had a bad experience with the first cleaning unit, and the instruction manual was less conflicting, I'd give it a five!
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on February 19, 2016
The first thing I noticed about this razor is it is not giving me as close a shave as my old $30 razor was giving me. In fact, to shave up close to my side burns I need to get out a separate beard trimmer to get close enough. Otherwise, it leaves a very seeable amount of stubble.

The second thing I noticed is the battery doesn;t seem to last for all that many shaves. I believe the website said 50 shaves between charging, which would be once every two months (approximately). So far, since buying it about two months ago, I've had to charge it three times.

And the worst part is, it loses its charge without warning. And when it loses its charge, you can't shave. Even plugged in, you can't shave. You have to wait for it to get enough juice in order to shave again (which is what I'm doing now while I write this review).

Overall, I am very disappointed in this product. I thought when I paid almost $200 for something I used to only pay around $30 for, I would get something really superior. This has not been that, and I am extremely disappointed in this product.
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on March 13, 2017
I tested my Norelco 9300 side by side with another $200 Braun Series 7 razor and initially found that the Norelco provided a slightly closer shave with less skin irritation. But within 4-5 weeks the razor developed the same squealing noise you read about in other reviews. It turns out that the cheap orange plastic blade retaining rings are a very poor design and don't hold up. They quickly wear loose resulting in the blades floating loosely and noisily beneath the shaving screen. I reinstalled the retaining rings multiple times before finally calling Customer Service. CS did send me replacement rings initially. But I have gone through the replacement rings at a rate of about 1 every six weeks. When I called CS back to see if there was a more "permanent" fix I was told to spend $50 on a new replacement head because Norelco considered the replacement head a "wearable" part that was not covered under warranty after only 4 months use. I couldn't believe that a $200 razor would require a $50 replacement part every 4 months. I asked to speak to a Supervisor and was told one would call me back. But no call backs, no response. I wish Norelco would issue a product recall or start making the retaining rings out of metal instead of cheap plastic. You will note many reviews describing the same problem. My first shaves were very good. But a cheap piece of plastic causes problem after problem. At the rate I'm going I'll be spending $60/yr just replacing the plastic retaining rings.
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on April 30, 2016
I routinely shave with a double edge razor for a very clean, close shave. When I get tired of wet shaving, I switch to an electric shaver for several days. I have had a high-end Braun shaver and two Norelco rotary shavers. The Braun is a well-built shaver with a very good cleaning system, but I do get a better shave with a rotary. My last Norelco (AT830) provided an acceptable shave for an electric, but I like a closer shave. My latest Norelco (S9311) delivers an impressively close shave. Close enough that I may switch to my Norelco for my shaving routine. I have been using it for 3 weeks and it satisfies. The Norelco cleaning system is quieter than the Braun system, but the Braun system flushes the shave head with an alcohol based cleaning fluid.. The Norelco cleaning system floods the shave head without alcohol, and it's difficult to determine the effectiveness of the cleaning. Although there are some complaints about the Norelco cleaning system, mine is still working well. Even if this shaver had no cleaning system, I would purchase this shaver for its close shave. My neck is usually sensitive, but I am able to get a close shave along my jawline and neck without any irritation. The Norelco S9311 is an excellent shaver at a reasonable price, and I would not hesitate to recommend it to a friend. I will update this review as necessary.
UPDATE May 30: I have been using the cleaning system at least twice a week for a month, and it works well. The cleaner actually operates the razor during some of the cleaning operation, and flushes the shaver head. The cutters are very clean after a month of use. I still think this is a great shaver.
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on August 11, 2016
I bought this razor for my grandpa who is going blind. He used it a few times and the head fell apart. It is brand new and in pieces. It's been over 30 days but less than 45 and I can not return it. So here I sit with a $200+ razor in pieces and my grandpa doesn't have one that works. What do I do now?
He has owned Philips Norelco razors for years and loved them; but the 8000 series is no longer available. The 9000 just costs more and falls apart....not impressed!
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on March 2, 2017
Review written by my husband. I love and I hate this shaver. Unfortunately, the hate outweighs the love - by a very wide margin. It does provide an excellent shave. The shaver blades do not last a year but do last sufficiently long, usually about 9 months for me, and longer than my old shaver's blades lasted. I no longer or very rarely use the smart cleaning system as I don't like having to spend the money on the cleaning fluid and using the system requires the fluid to be changed way too frequently (cleaning the shaver in the fluid once per week - I had to change the fluid every 4 - 8 weeks). Unlike other reviewers who claim how hard it is to manually clean, after every shave, I pop the blade assembly off the head, use a brush to brush out the shavings, drop the blade assembly a few times on the countertop to knock out some more shaving, and then put it back together - quick, simple, easy. Maybe once every six months or so, I'll take the blades apart for a more through manual cleaning - again, not too terribly hard to do. What I absolutely hate: the shaver head is the big plastic head that plugs into the shaver body/handle/motor (the blade assembly mounts on top of the shaver head). As I am shaving and moving over the contours of my face, the shaver head, in its entirety, will pop off, hit the floor, pop the blade assembly off, and spill the shavings all over the floor. The first time this happened was after I had been using the saver for a few months (and after I bought a second one to use on my disabled daughter's legs; and to have as a backup). Unfortunately, each time it pops off, the plastic where the head and body connect deteriorates a little such that the head will pop off a little easier next time. Now, a year and a half later, the shaver head pops off more than it is on. I am at a point where I am seriously considering super gluing the head assembly onto the body - I just don't know if the glue will gum up anything else causing the shaver to stop functioning. Either way, I spent a ton of money for two shavers (as mentioned - the second was for my disabled daughter but also to act as a backup for my shaver) and both fall apart constantly while trying to shave.
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on November 3, 2016
This shaver has very large flexible heads which move to contact the contours of your face more closely than the cheaper Norelco shavers. The cleaning bath which comes with it is very useful and quiet to clean and condition the heads after each shave. I use a gel and this shaver handles that smoothly. The 3 speed option is nice too and I am now able to see what I need exactly for comfort. This shaver is the quietest by far that I've seen and sounds like quality. I would highly recommend this shaver if you are currently using any other electric razor. This is the Cadillac of shavers. And it's worth the money.
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on April 28, 2017
Have had this razor now for about 6 months I think. I have been a $30-45 electric Remington dry razor guys for 25 years before this and thought I would try spending more for a "quality" razor that also does water/shaving cream shaving. Build quality is pretty good but the shave is no better than my old cheapo that would last 5-10 years. I have thick beard/neck hair so I put razors to the test. I have had good wet shaves and horrible wet shaves with this. All were with full charge and same shave gel so I am not sure what the difference was but probably will not wet shave again for a while at this point. All in all probably won't buy another fancy razor like this. The cleaning seems to work as advertised and does a good job and I like it as a charge base vs a cord. I am a little bummed because I was excited after reading all the rave reviews on it.
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on June 9, 2016
This Shaver gives a nice, clean shave - but unless price is not a factor, you'll just be as well off with one of the 6000-series Norelcos.

I purchased this to replace a Norelco 6500 (Model 1160x), which in my opinion, was the best shaver I ever had before this one.

The 1160x didn't really need a total replacement - Philips Norelcos can last for years, I only needed to swap the head since my girlfriend broke a piece of it whilst cleaning it (not entirely sure how she managed this incredible feat), but since I'd owned it for a few years, I decided to do a total replacement just to see if, maybe, there's something in the way of new technology that I'm missing out on.

So, here we are - a Norelco with its own cleaning system and plenty of lights to show you how advanced it is.

-Nice, clean shave - but I was a little underwhelmed.
-Unlike my 6000-series 1160x, this baby can be charged either on the stand, or directly on the shaver itself (which is a good thing for traveling - you really do not want to drag that stand with you on trips)
-The shaving speed can actually be adjusted
-The battery indicator actually shows different levels of battery power left - not simply "full/good" vs "Plug-me-in-NOW!"
-You can still wash it under running water, but it's good to know that the cleaning system can do the work for you if you're feeling lazy
-The traveling pouch is actually a sturdy, solid case - not the cheap fabric some of the 6000-series Norelcos come with.
-The head is actually interchangeable with other Norelcos (in particular, my 6000-series one). This wouldn't make a difference to a lot of people, but I feel empowered knowing that I can just stick this head on my cheaper 6000-series shaver when traveling, if I don't want to carry this guy.

-The cleaning system doesn't seem to work as I think it should. The cleaning solution helps keep your shaver feeling "fresh" - but if you're not used to a Wet Shave, this "wetness" can actually give you a slightly painful shave due to the pinching of wet beard. I rarely do wet shaves - I prefer dry shaves - so I have to allow the head of the Shaver to be completely dry before using it - which is where two problems come in.
a) The drying part seems not to be working on mine. Even though the cleaning cycle indicates completion, I can still feel wetness on my Shaver
b) The cleaning still left hair in the head. It seems kinda pointless if I have to run it manually under water to remove the hair (I asked for a replacement to be sure it's not a defective piece - hence the minus one star). I will update this once I get a replacement that works as intended.

-The price. I really cannot tell the difference when shaving with this Shaver, vs the 6000-series shaver. It seems to be twice the price simply because of the cleaning system.

All in all, if you want all the bells and whistles on top of a great shaver, buy this shaver - but if you don't care about the cleaning system that much, you're not missing out on anything if you just go with a higher-end 6000-series.
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