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on July 12, 2016
I bought these in May 2012. For 4 years now they've been taken in and out, switched to different cars, tossed not entirely gently into the back window ledge, cords tugged/pulled/yanked on....and they are still working great. My first problem finally came up- my 2 year old yanked on the cord connecting the screens hard enough to break off the metal part that plugs in. It was easy enough to find a replacement cord for a dollar on Amazon.

April 2017: STILL working. The latch that holds the DVD player shut is starting to give out. We wrap a rubber band around the screen to hold it closed. This issue is more than likely caused by the 5 years of rough use. These things just won't die....
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on February 3, 2017
Gets everyone through those long trips. Kids love it. Would buy again. I don't know what these 1 star people are doing, but this shit is awesome. Plug it in, strap the screen to the seat and go. We went to Maine, got stuck in NY traffic (of course). Kids were pleasant as pie and so were my husband and I (That rhymed). We rocked out to some Queen in the front seat and the kids watched Ruby and Max in the back and ate their goldfish, life is good yo.
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I had to return them. I've never had an issue with Phillips before so I was so pissed off. It began to freeze then play then freeze than play. Then it would freeze for longer periods of time. It happened with any DVD I tried. I even tried the same DVDs in my home DVD player to be sure. And there was no issue. Only in this player. This was DAY one out of the box!
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on July 11, 2016
Giving 4 stars for now, will update if anything changes. Everything is working well and easy to control. Audio and Video work great. I do wish there was a remote to control from the front seat, but for now I have the main DVD player in the front and the 2nd in the back with our child. Works OK for long trips as I can control from the passengers' seat. I do wish there was a way to control volume on the 2nd screen from either the main screen or a remote because some DVDs are louder than others and I have to reach to the back seat (daughter is still rear-facing) to turn the volume down. I had a hard time choosing a portable DVD player because reviews seem very mixed, but this was a good choice. I would recommend.
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on June 20, 2010
Just tested the DVD players on a two hour ride. Works perfectly and easy to set up. I like the fact that that the player remembers where it left off so you don't have to restart the movie from the beginning. The units can be powered either by cigarette lighter (both players) or wall outlet (for one player). And the straps for the vehicle head rests work just fine. Overall, I am pleased with this product.
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on August 2, 2013
I looked long and hard for a dual screen portable DVD player for my car in preparation for a long car trip before I finally settled on this one. They all seem to have the same problem of working for awhile and then not working. I bought this at the end of May. It worked great for about a month and a half. At the end of July, it started stopping play, acting like it couldn't find where the video was tracking, and then picking back up. At first, it was minor glitching, and would only start up after about an hour of play. Now it is doing it all the time, and in fact, even restarting the video altogether. It will play for a minute, lose its place, start up again, play for 5 minutes, lose its place, start up again, play for a minute, stop, play for 10 minutes, stop....start over. My kids (5 and 3), apparently, have decided that having a glitchy TV in the car is better than no TV at all on our longer drives (we are in the car an hour or more every few weeks), so they are dealing with it, but I can only hear the broken beginning of Toy Story 2 so many times before I go crazy.
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on November 22, 2013
These are great. We have had them for about a year now and have had no problems with the set. They are very easy to install. They strap around the back of any seat and you simply plug the cord into the cigarette lighter. The only thing I don't like (and it's definitely not a deal breaker) is that the cord has to be strung across the two tvs and through the middle of the front seats. We travel often using rental cars and always take these with us, or switch them between mine and my husband's vehicle. If they stayed in one car you could run them under the seat and have less of a mess since there is plenty of cord without it being stretched tight. Also, we live in Arizona and these tvs spent the entire summer in the cars without a problem. I'm sure it's not recommended to leave them in extreme heat, but they have been very durable for us. Crisp picture, great sound, easy for my 7 year old to use.
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on September 13, 2012
My husband and I ordered these for our kids for when we travel or go on day trips. We ordered this product in July, but didnt recieve it until close to August. About the middle of the month of August, we noticed that the players would come on and then cut out. Now they dont even come on AT ALL! Before purchasing these, I read the reviews and the reviews is what sold me on on buying these portable DVDs ( because this product didnt have very many bad reviews ). If I would have known that these werent going to work that well or last for a long period of time,or that I would not be able to return them ( We are stationed in Germany and by the time we got them shipped here, put them in our car, and used them for about 2 weeks, it was over the 30 day return peorid ) I would have never spent my husbands hard earned money on them. What a WASTE! So dissapointed...and my kids are too because now they can no longer watch movies in the car as we take trips! Dont recommend this product to anyone. Not for the price and the amount of time we got to actually use them! :(
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on April 5, 2011
I bought these to replace a JVC model that was stolen. They work fine and it's nice to have the dual screens because I travel with multiple children a lot. I have had a couple of issues with them however...
- They tend to freeze up. The kids will be watching and then a blue screen will come on out of the blue and it says "reading" at the top. This last a few second and then usually the movie comes back on. oh and it usually only happens for the first 10 minutes or so
- No remote. It's not a huge deal but it is kind of a pain when the movie is over, I'm still driving and my 3 year old can't reach the play button.
- Chords chords everywhere. Again not a huge problem but I am not lucky enough to have a power outlet in the backseat of my van so I have a chord running next to the driver seat and if I set anything on it, it gets pulled out and the unit shuts off. Also there is a chord running across the back of the seats connected the two screens.

None of these are a real big deal, and for the price I paid, ($55 on Amazon)I would definitely purchase these again. They are easy to set up and you can easily switch DVD's while they are still mounted to the headrest. I can reach the play button on the front of the main screen from the driver's seat when it is mounted on the passenger seat so that is helpful.

Ultimately, if you are limited on cash, or just like a good deal, and are ok with a few very minor glitches I would recommend this product. But if you have the extra money or really like everything to be perfect maybe keep shopping around.
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on April 29, 2016
I was not impressed with this item. It was a new item that was damaged and did not work and looked like someone put a used one in a new damaged box. I do not recommend this item to any one and nor do I recommend the supplier. First screen would start and then would glitch up and then the second one would not work at all.
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