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on July 14, 2011
This is our 2nd portable DVD player. I was hesitant to purchase one again after so many bad reviews of many different brands. I have delayed purchasing for about 6 months until I found this product. Our Kawasaki player stopped working well after 5 yrs of occasional use and little fingers touching the sensor many times. We use a portable DVD player for trips and sometimes at home.

I'm very pleased with this product. The price is excellent for the quality and screen size. I specifically wanted one that had an AV output to easily hookup to a hotel TV (this is when the remote comes in very handy) and had a memory function. We recently enjoyed a favorite DVD hooked up to our hotel room TV.

~ AV cords and remote, although we add an AV extension for hotel TVs.

~ Car charger and car headrest holder.
The elastic bottom part of the headrest holder somewhat covers the on/off button, eject button and stop start buttons though. But it's not too difficult to move. It's not a completely secure holder like the metal attachment kinds are, but it does the job pretty well. I added some masking tape around it to secure more for a long trip. If we used it continually I would opt for a better way to secure it or purchase a player that secured with metal brackets.

~It plays DVDs that I have created.
Note: I specifically won't buy Sony even though it is a quality brand because Sony doesn't allow you to play DVD/CDs that you have created.

~It's a lightweight compared to our old one and has the battery integrated within it.
I haven't used up the entire battery at one sitting yet. But we drove quite a few hours before we realized that the car charger hadn't been plugged in and it was still working well. Our old DVD player lasted a little over 2 hours, so we're glad to have this new one.

~It remembers where you left off - YES!
Finally this function is available - nothing is more frustrating to a kid than when you pull the car in for gas and the player has to restart the video, because you turn off the car.

~Everything else as far as I can tell functions well.
Headphones work well with it and the sound quality is pretty good as far as portable DVD players go. We hope it will last as many years as our old one.

UPDATE: It's been a year & it's been working great - road trips, airlines. Yay!
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on October 1, 2010
A decent player....you can't be expecting much with a portable DVD player..
Where it stands out?
1) It comes with a 110-240V charger - so that makes it really "portable"...I mean you use these not at your home but when you actually travel..
2) It can be made region free...so double points on portability!
Region free hack:
1. Turn on player.
2. Open disc tray.
3. Wait till 'Open' appears on screen
4. Type 9 6 5 3
5. Press up or down button to reach REGION option
6. Press OK button
7. Scroll UP/Down to TEST0 , press OK
8. Press setup again to exit

3) Battery life is longer
4) Gives you some extra inches of viewing than the rest
5) Plays both NTSC and PAL DVDs. I haven't tried that but the specification on Philips' site says
"Video disc playback system: NTSC, PAL"
Check it out: [...]

Though the caption says black color but the white looks smart...so I am happy with that.
Overall a decent player....serves the purpose for what it is meant for....please don't compare the sound or picture quality with a home theater or LCD....it's not that.
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on October 5, 2015
I was hoping for a lot better image quality out of a name-brand like Phillips (especially since it's one of the few companies still in the market,) but the image on the Philips PD9000/37 9-Inch LCD Portable DVD Player with 5 Hour Battery, White (Old Model) was just never bright or colorful enough to enjoy. The second you turn it on, you see a dull gray / washed-out blue Phillips logo, and it gets no better from there. The settings (which only include Brightness and Contrast) do little to bring any of the picture elements out, and detail in dark areas was difficult to see in the milky image even on animated content.

It didn't bother me that the screen has a matte finish layer (which generally does not give a screen image as much shine as a glossy front, although matte can make for better glare avoidance,) but buyers may want to know. Even with the matte finish, the image was totally blown out even on overcast days, unlike other DVD Players I've had owned. Viewing angles are pretty good left/right, a little less OK up/down but still acceptable. Resolution across the 9" screen is 640(w)x220(H)x3(RGB) according to the Phillips specs (information not included in the Amazon listing,) and although this unfortunately seems to be a standard resolution cheat in 9" low-resolution media devices (new DVD players and digital picture frames at this size frequently do not conform to even 480p,) you can really see the lacking vertical image quality when sharp text is on the screen.

Outside of the picture, the DVD player is quite heavy (2.1 lbs, as listed on Amazon,) and only the top is textured for grip; if you plan on using it in a car, that's less an issue (and there is a handy carseat-mount holster included in the package.) All of the embedded control buttons are intelligently laid out (and I like that the fast-forward buttons are placed far away from the chapter-skip buttons, as other players make it far too easy to slip a finger and hit the wrong button.) A remote control is included (handy, although the button layout isn't easy to maneuver by touch since it's 4x7 identical bubblewrap-style buttons,) as is both a Car and AC Power Adapter. Also handy is a composite-out video port (and the cable adapter is included.) Speakers are nice and loud, and headphone-out volume is acceptable (although I always prefer it be louder at max and able to be turned down, as some of my discs are at a lower volume.)

One laudable feature is the 5-hour battery. Phillips is not kidding on this point -- this DVD Player lasts a good long time on a single charge, I got through at least 5 episodes of TV before it ran down. The battery-status reminder is unfortunately pretty large on the screen when it finally does start flashing (and it shows up in two or three different stages, for dying and really dead battery, so it shows up to annoy a few times over the last hour of battery life.) Those who only use portable DVD players in the car may not value this feature as much, but I really loved the length of runtime on a charge.

Also worth complimenting is the fact that this DVD Player has a memory to remember the last place a disc was watched before being turned off, so that when you turn the player back on, it jumps right back to where you left off. Shockingly, many video player manufacturers do not bother with this feature (if it's not listed in the features, always ask!,) and it is tremendously helpful to not have to fast-forward back to the last bit you remember watching every time you turn the player off or leave your car. Unfortunately, this feature only works on regular DVD discs; using DivX or other video/audio files means starting over every time the power goes off.

Final complaint: the power light on the front of the player is far brighter than it needs to be, and I found it hugely distracting; I had to place a piece of tape over the light to keep it out of my eyes.

I'd love Phillips to fix its problems with an improved version of its 9" DVD Player, as there are some aspects of the generous features and button layout that are nearly recommendable. With the image quality as it is, however, and with some of the other issues pointed out, I had to send it back in frustration.
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on August 26, 2013
I purchased this portable DVD player for my daughter for her birthday! It worked perfectly for about 2 weeks and then would no longer charge! I requested to return the product and was told to do so! After paying $25 of my own money to pack and return the product, I received a call from the company saying that nothing was wrong with the product and that I wasn't using it correctly! Before they would send my product back to me, they told me that I would have to go online and give a 5 star rating. I reluctantly did this due to the fact I was uncomfortable giving a rating before making sure my product was in working order. However, that was the only way they would ship product back to me so I obliged!!! Upon receiving the product for the second time, the DVD player would charge, but the disc would not spin!!!! I immediately contacted customer service and was told that my 30 days for return had expired and that they would take a look at it, but I would have to absorb the costs to ship back and forth!!! I am not willing to sink any more money into this debacle!!! Worst customer service ever and I have a very sad 7 year old little girl. VERY FRUSTRATED CUSTOMER!!!!
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TOP 100 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon September 19, 2012
My film love is the European murder/police/procedurals, BBC, Norwegian, Danish, Scottish, they are all terrific. The problem is that most of the newer seres are not converted to Englsh. Thus I needed a Region Free Code Free Zone Free DVD Player. The Philips was recommended to me,and when I read the reviews I was convinced.

The DVD player came packaged perfectly. Attractive package and fairy easy to open. The directions for set-up and service were very explicit and easy to understand. I plugged the player in and the battery wasreadynsithin a few hours. Popped the DVDin and it started playing. The sound leves are easy to operate. the picture quality is superb, shsrp and clear.The pause button was a little more complicated, but I got the hangof it quite quickly. I have seen 3 DVD's in the past week, and the player has run perfectly. The portability is the biggest plus. I can take it anywhere. The DVD player is sturdy and attractive. This player will play any DVD ont any zone at anytime. Wish I had purchased one sooner.

Highly Recommended. prisrob 09-191-12

Philips Flexible Earhook Headphones SHS3200/28 (Black) (Replaces SHS3200/37)

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on May 2, 2016
I bought this mainly because this model faired the best with headphone sound...and when I got it and tried It out I was very pleased with the headphone sound...I don't use my very best headphones for a dvd player but slightly below that but a professional level...so that's what I was looking for and that's what I got because there are a lot of music of the rock variety that you need to listen to loud and closely...there's always box sets of videos that are of concerts and that's why I got this and my research paid off...I won't get into anything else about this like picture or ease of use but quickly it was very easy to use and the picture for the video I tried was very good...again it's only 9 inches but when you look at it in the dark and close up it's probably bigger than that If you were on a couch watching 25 inch screen but 3-5 feet away or more...everybody has a purpose for buying something maybe someone else will look for a reviewer to say what they thought about the headphone sound which is what I was looking for and found only 1 and he said it was great so I bought it in conjunction with rating for getting the highest headphone sound...it became a slam dunk.
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on May 22, 2016
I have one of these already so i know this is a good DVD player and very easy to make Region free with the following :
How to break region for Philips PD9000D/37
1. Turn on player.
2. Open disc tray.
3. Wait till 'Open' appears on screen
4. Type 9 6 5 3
5. Press up or down button to reach REGION option
6. Press OK button
7. Scroll UP/Down to TEST0 , press OK
8. Press setup again to exit
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on June 18, 2016
I've had this player for about 2 years now, having bought it specifically because it could be made multi-regional. Back in the 90's, the Family Channel played a tv series from Australia that I dearly loved, and I found the entire series on DVD--the catch, however, was it was in Australia's regional format, not the US, and the series had never been released in the US. At the same time, I found a miniseries that I had seen on Disney back in the early 90's, and--you guessed it--it was only in Britain's region, and had never been released in the US. Since I dearly loved both these series, I wanted to purchase these DVDs, but needed a player I could use to play them. So after doing some research, I decided to go for a portable player instead of a regular one.

In all honesty, I can't quite remember how I got it to be multi-regional, as I set it as soon as I got the player and haven't looked back since, but I can tell you that it works very well! I have since watched all 4 seasons of the McGregor saga and am starting into my Return to Treasure Island mini-series without a hitch!

I have used the player on the occasional trip and have no large complaints--it does its job well. The sound is a little tinny, but considering the age on this, I can forgive that, and it's not so bad if you are using it in the house and can hook up a pair of speakers to it. In short, I don't regret this purchase, and after 2 years, this little DVD player is still serving me well!
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on September 20, 2012
Easy to operate and worked pretty good until the speakers stopped working.
Could be a loose wire and not the fault with the make and model.
The only complain I have is it does'nt have a last memory feature.
If you open it by mistake and close the cover again, it start from the begining.

I returned the faulty unit and re-ordered another. It worked fine for about
3 months and the speaker stopped working again.
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on February 28, 2012
Had this just about one year. I thought the sound quality was decent, the picture quality good in both B&W and color (tho not exceptional), battery life good (at first), the remote worked well and I very much liked the ability to "program" it to be "region free" to watch any region DVD's. All things considerd I liked it except for the overly bright power light on the front.

And now: The screen no longer has any black after it's turned on; it's a gross shade of green (see photo) where blacks should be. This started a few months ago; switching it on/off used to fixed it. It's now "stuck" on the green background. Before it permanently changed to green, it sometimes had various shades of reds, greens, and browns instead of black. Sometimes while watching DVD's it'd suddenly change the black to something else. Tried resetting it to factory specs but that did nothing. It's also not tracking very well now and the battery life after a full charge is down to 1 1/2 to 2 hours.

It hasn't been abused or handled roughly; it should have lasted longer than a year.

Incidentally, I foolishly had bought another one (new of course). Plugged in the charger and it did nothing. Couldn't tell if it was even charging. When I turned it on (whether connected to the charger or not) all the "on" indicator did was blink. Once in a while, the screen would blink. Nothing happened when I put in a DVD. Except for the blinking power light, the thing was totally dead. Unfortunately, I had the thing so long I couldn't return it.
review image
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