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on May 12, 2014
I use my mp3 player as a replacement to using my cell phone during workouts. I like these kind of players because they are small and less expensive if they get damaged from sweat or impact during a workout.

Long battery life
Headphones stay firmly connected

Cons: (a lot)
The shuffle feature on the mp3 player doesn't really shuffle. When you click shuffle you get a random order of songs on your player but everytime you hit shufffle you get the same order. So dumb. I have about 60 songs that I like for workouts and I have to listen to the same 15 at the top of the shuffle list. Shuffle list never regenerates to new order. How lazy could the programmers be. My portable CD player from the 90s would shuffle songs, what the heck guys.

The interface is SLOW. If you want to switch a song it takes a couple seconds for the player to turn on, you click the next button, and for some reason they programmed for the songs to fade out, and the new song to fade in, kind of worthless when I want a new song. So if you wanted to flick through 3 or 4 songs it takes about 15 seconds to do something that should take 2. Doing anything on this player has a ton of lag and is super slow.

Just a horrible mp3 player for working out. I would go with the Sansa, I had that until I lost it. The only bad thing about the Sansa is I noticed the headphone connection getting a little corroded maybe from the sweat. However the Sansa skipped songs fast, browsed through the menus fast and the shuffle function worked.
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on June 12, 2014
I bought this player to replace my old Raga which has disappeared & which worked great. This model has many flaws & features that made the old model suit my needs are gone. The time it takes the Raga to update after turning it on is over 70 seconds & it frequently turns off while using after skipping songs in shuffle mode. If I play it in shuffle it always plays the same first song ( from the alphabetical song list) & skipping it risks having the player turn off after 2 songs requiring a 70+ sec wait to play again. Wait time between songs has increased, making multi-movement classical music irritating ( cuts played alphabetically anyway unless in album mode). In Artist mode all songs are alphabetical instead of arranging them by album. The volume does not seem to increase from factory setting after turning on the player. These are just the major flaws. When I contacted Philips I found the warranty is only good for seven days after shipping from Singapore & I would have to bring the device to their location in Singapore to check malfunctions. I have enjoyed Philips products in the past but this one makes Coby products seem top-notch. I would not recommend this product to anyone & I if the quality of Philips products has declined this badly I will think twice before considering purchasing any of their other products.
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on October 2, 2016
Do NOT waste your money. I bought this device to listen to audiobooks from audible. However audible only works with firmware 1.17. This was shipped with 1.11, so you have to install Songbird (philips media player) to update the firmware. I install songbird, It errors and freezes the first time. Restart computer, throws a cannot connect to network error in not allowing me to update firmware. Go online, find that you can also have songbird repair the device which would update the firmware also. So I go through the process of connecting and holding down the volume + button etc etc only to have it throw the exact same network error. Yes my computer is connected to the net, as it can open its advertising webpages inside songbird. Its SOOO good to know that I can get help with my Philips Norelco while suffering with your MP3 player that is causing me such pain.
Since its too late to return this and get my money back, I will try and call their customer service number for assistance.
The problem is, for something THIS simple, I shouldnt have to go through these hoops, or have such difficulties updating a device. Stay away.
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on October 11, 2014
good things:
1. good volume (I originally got the SanDisk, but its volume was horribly low). I bike everywhere listening to audiobooks, so I need a good, clear volume since cars, wind are aways creating a big noise background, but this device's volume delivers.
2. small, light, so you don't even need pockets to carry it, just dangling it off its cord for carrying (causes no damage) is OK.
3. the USB connection is the standard 2 conn, so even if you loose its connecting cord, you can use another no need to go buy a specific Phillips GoGear one (SanDisk was not like this)

bad things:
1. each time you turn it on, it takes over 1 minute to start. For the 1min you get the message "Updating" with a circling dotted thingie beneath.
2. , if you turn it off on FMRadio mode, it does not re-turn on in this mode, always goes to the Music folder. If you leave off at a song, turning it back on will not return where you left off, but you need to find your way back again. It's as if turning it off induces amnesia :-)
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on November 18, 2014
I've owned both the older generation Phillips Go Gear and this newer one (bought to replace my older one) and I don't know why Phillips changed anything about the older one, but the changes ruined everything that I liked about it.

-It's durable.
-Long battery life.

-The shuffle feature isn't random at all, you have to listen to the same songs over and over in the same order each time you start the stupid MP3 player. Grrr...
-You have to double click between each song and there is a fade between songs. Doing anything on it is like trying to watch porn on a dial up modem! So frustrating!
-It takes FOREVER for it to update when you turn it on, so by the time the damn thing is ready to start playing music (you know the same damn music you heard on the shuffle LAST time) you are already up on the freeway and listening to the radio.

Sorry Phillips. You lost me as a customer when your lazy ass programmers screwed with a good thing and changed this MP3 player from its original model.
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on March 16, 2014
This little mp3 player is very easy to use...just plugged it in my windows media and there you have it. Practically no instructions needed. Works great for me. Only drawback is it takes a bit to load every time you turn it on and the volume only reaches to 20 and would not go up further and a message would flash long hours and high volume damage hearing. Were you to use the earphones that it came with, you'd try to turn up the volume too. Lucky for me, I have an old pair laying around. Much better sound. If you're using it just for music, then it works great and the price is very nice too for a 4 gig. At the time of this review, bought the product for 19.99.I agree that the songbird is a bit complicated that's why I didn't bother with it. It works just as well with the windows media - just drag and drop and sync. I find it does play from the last song --after turning it on and its done updating, the music icon should pop up. Press the play button once, and the last song played should come up on pause, and then just press play again and there you have it. Did I mention its got great battery life. Also, the charge and play function is very nice.
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on June 11, 2016
WOW NELLIE! This super deluxe mp3 player is a box of chocolates and more! Easy to use...inexpensive...holds a ton of music...reliable! Have had one for two yrs now and still going strong, while other more expensive players bit the dust long before! Even bought one for my Godson, he loves it btw! Battery lasts forever, only an occasional charge is necessary....one con, no clip, so just pop it in my gym shorts and slip the headset cable under my shirt ..works good... def worth the price and highly recommended! Get one!
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on April 28, 2015
Great, cheap little player!! It is exactly what i was looking for, i have not really explored any of the extra functions but this player is excellent for what i needed. I was looking for a cheap simple player that plays music and has a user freindly display. I have tried other cheap off brands and they are cheaply constructed and with normal wear and tear typically last a few weeks and then buttons break or screen freezes. I have had phillips players before and always liked them and i do not like the ipods at all so I decided to try this one and i am completly satisfied for the price it is a great little player.
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on August 1, 2015
I love the Phillips players, as they directly address audible.com, but I may also directly put in MP3s that I have from other sources. They plug into my car stereo, but best in my truck surround sound stereo system. I have a little thing my son got me which surprisingly does a good job with sounds, for listening while at home; I do like to put one of those o (audiobooks) when working on projects around the house. I have found the Phillips to work so well, that I have a variety of versions of the
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on April 12, 2014
I own and enjoy the earlier version of the Raga (you can tell the difference by where the lock button is.. ). This newer version is simply terrible. The firmware "update" actually made the player entirely unusable. Imagine a 1-2 second delay every time you press a button. Imagine how terrible that would be if you were on a run, at the gym, working in the yard.. I cant even begin to note all of the problems the new firmware created. I even contacted philips tech and they didnt have a solution for it. In the end, Im thankful I bought it on Amazon since I was able to return it.
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