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Price:$48.00 - $129.99
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on February 6, 2014
This was purchased hoping that it would be loud enough to enjoy music outside. It is in the right circumstance. Like a quiet backyard, strolling through the woods on a nice path but it's not loud enough for the beach, anything near even slowly moving water, cycling, anything near road noise or even really gusty wind. It feels great, study, well made and I like the color options. Indoors at hotels or hostel it performs really well. That's probably where it shines the most for us. We could just listen to via our iPhone speakers but both of us really enjoy a fuller sound than that provides even with a cup. I haven't had any problems with syncing or controls but sometimes it falters and missing a second or two of playing. Although the clip didn't break or anything I replaced it with better made one just because the one that came with it didn't feel high quality and I was afraid it might fail while I was hiking. This is larger than you might realize. It's not small enough that you could clip it to the front of your backpack since it would constantly be in the way and banging into you. That's more how I had hoped to attach it. The first time we used it I tried clipping it to the back of my pack which meant he could hear it great but I hardly could so when we took a break I tried it in one the side net pouches and that was a lot better for me. It's larger than I might have chosen since I do a lot of extended travel and it takes up more of my pack than I would like but other than this and a kindle I pack super light so I figure I deserve it. We use a solar charger which is a pain but since we carry that more for our iPhones and camera batteries I don't count that as unnecessary weight. Over all even thought it's not quite what I thought it would be I love it and have been using it regularly. Most things get left behind at home when you're going backpacking for a month, you need to leave as much behind as possible but this is one luxury I really enjoy.
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on January 9, 2014
When I initially bought this product, I was happy with its performance. Recently (within 9 months of purchase), it quit working properly. It would shut off randomly without warning, and the mini usb plug stopped working so that it would no longer charge. So I called Amazon and they directed me to Philips. I called Philips and they said they would replace the item upon receipt of my proof of purchase. I downloaded a receipt from Amazon and emailed it to them. They didn't like that receipt, so sent me garbled instructions on how to provide them with a screen shot, which I did. They then wrote back saying they would not warranty the item after all because "Amazon Export Sales, Inc. is not an authorized seller of Philips products." No dispute that the product is Philips. No dispute that the product is defective. They refuse to stand behind it because I purchased it from a seller that they claim (a claim I find very suspicious) is not "authorized" to sell their product.

I find this to be a very pathetic response to a reasonable request.

Therefore, I warn anyone - beware of Philips customer service and their substandard products. Were it not for the customer care I received from Amazon, I would be out of pocket for a product that doesn't work anymore.
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on August 27, 2013
These little speakers do the trick. It combines a pretty rugged casing with decent sound. Great for traveling because it won't get damaged if dropped they come in many colors too. There is 1 button, volume wheel and a motion sensor that provide play, pause, and skip forward/backward which is neat but can be a hinderance sometimes. The battery lasts a long time too.

The sound is good but some people will always complain about sound in some way. Anything ruggedized has to be designed with shook-proofing and sealing which can hinder sound. Also, the size of the speaker cones limit the amount of bass it can produce. Finally, the thing runs on batteries and is about 8 inches long so there isn't a high amount of power running through it. The sound is good given these restraints.

Splash-proof (not completely waterproof)
Battery life
motion control

motion control (sometimes)
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on February 20, 2014
Ok I love this guy, great sound and base and easy to use. The touch button setup is interesting and can be a bit confusing if you accidently hit it (took me awhile to go back to English). The language matters because it talks to you saying weither or not it's paired etc. The only complaint is it seems to have only 2 battery notification settings. "Plenty of battery life remaining" and "Half way on battery". I use this for 30 mins a day daily during workouts and it lasts weeks for me. However one day it will say hald way, the next day it will just power off. I wish it would tell me 1/4 left or something so I would have charged it, but otherwise this is great.
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on September 8, 2014
I just bought this speaker because I need a way to play some music at the beginning of my classes. It's a fun way to welcome the students and when I turn it off, it also signals that class is about to begin.

I chose this model because it met my price point. I wasn't interested in the lowest priced speakers, I was afraid I wouldn't get much more than my iPad/iPhone could already give me. Yet, I didn't need a $300 speaker system, either.

I am very satisfied with my purchase. Just last night we took this out into our lawn and were listening to Sirius/XM Radio while having an adult beverage. It was really nice to have some treble and lots of base -- sure did beat the socks off my iPad speakers! And portable, too! Battery lasts quite a while, as well.

Sturdy, priced fairly, and good quality. I love it!
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on July 2, 2014
We own several portable music players, in addition to another outdoor rugged bluetooth player.

This speaker is extremely loud and has a lot of bass and great dynamic range. I have used some cheap home theater systems that lack similar richness in sound. The battery appears to last quite a while, and the reception is a lot better than our other bluetooth speakers.

The most annoying feature of this speaker is the smart sensor. I think it should be renamed the dumb sensor. Any disruptions of lighting, solar flares, planet alignment, horoscope readings, etc. will make the sensor randomly advance songs. I have been told you can turn this feature suggest doing this after you open the package.
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on January 27, 2014
I got these as part of a lightning deal for $50. Was going to give them to my GF's friend but she liked the color so much we kept them for ourselves. The water resistant feature is great for bringing to the beach, had a jambox before but didn't bring that anywhere close to the beach. Being able to change the tracks by waving your hand is a decent feature but I don't use it that often. I do like the ability to change the volume with the dial on the left side, see amazon's picture. Sound is decent for the device's size. We've take the speakers to the beach a few times and they are great for drowning out the other beachgoers on a crowded beach day.
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on April 10, 2014
But does the job. The hand gesture feature is both a blessing and a curse, have used it many times to skip songs when my hands are wet (washing dishes, the car, or taking a shower) and I can't touch my phone, but have also accidentally stopped a jam session or switch songs, which can be kind of annoying. I've dropped it several times and still working well. The ONE on/off/language/battery can be a little tricky, but you just have to have patience and play with it a bit to get the hang of it. Hold it down to turn off. Press once to hear battery level. Hold shortly for language options, but don't press until you hear the english otherwise you'll be stuck with something else.
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on February 4, 2014
I absolutely loved mine. Love that i can take it anywhere, and the sound is excellent. Enjoyed it for a while, then after about 2 months,it started to shut off automatically. I'd set it up again, and it would play again. Then after awhile it would keep shutting down every time i tried to restart it. Then it will work, then it will start shutting down again. It became so unreliable, that i rendered it useless. Very disappointed! Before the failure, I bought another one for a gift, I thought it was that great... need to find out if that one is still working.
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on March 2, 2015
This is a fun little portable bluetooth speaker that you can bring with you just about anywhere you go to give you a fuller sound when you're playing your bluetooth device (wired line-in capable as well). You won't get much bass response out of it and the line-in jack is a bit of a pain to get to and use. Overall, I recommend it if you don't want to spend too much money, but beware of it's limitations. The higher priced portable speakers will give you better audio resolution and a higher volume output. I would call this a great entry-level portable speaker.
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