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on June 20, 2014
Machine is owned by a friend and I would give it 3 - 4 stars.
This prompted me ordering one from Prime deals that was advertised as Factory refurbished by Phillips.

Prime deal exhibited Terrible customer service. I am currently working on 2 months and many hours in attempt to resolve issues,
This is the first negative review I have posted in over a decade of Amazon purchases, also the first issue I have had with customer service in that time period.

Received unit and the Coffee Bean Hopper would not seal and popped out if seal was attempted. The spent coffee bin was also ill fitting.
I had contacted Prime Deal
When finally contacted they suggested I refer my call to Seattle Coffee Gear the units refurbisher.
The selling and advertising point for this unit that is was manufacturer refurbished by Phillips and warranted as such. The unit was not as advertised and nor adequately refurbished.
Prime deal suggested I contact the refurbisher (Seattle Coffee Gear, not Phillips)
Seattle coffee gear was taken somewhat off guard and suggested that I contact the seller for a return.
After many attempts by [phone to no avail and many e-mails return was authorized.
I had requested refund of shipping costs as well. This was reasonable as the defect was on their end and misrepresented. This wasnot a case of buyers remorse or issue on consumers end.
The product was not servicible and not as advertised.
The company had declined this request as has Amazon declined to get involved with a Marketplace seller's policy.
I am now out 60 dollars for shipping and return shipping without any product to show for it.

Please be careful if considering this seller. I have given them ample opportunity to step up to the plate and do the right thing and they have not.

Issues may arise in any transaction. That is not a big deal. What distinguishes a company from another is how they attempt to resolve he situation.
Prime deal did not demonstrate a commitment to customer service.
Almost more disappointing was Amazon's laisse faire attitude

Now back to the machine
Good value for the price.
Cons may include small water supply and lack of customization.
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on May 5, 2015
I'm giving it a second star because during the 1 1/2 years it worked (about 2-3 cups a day), it was nice. I purchased the stainless steel model in late '13 here at Amazon.

A couple of days ago, after completing the scheduled de-scaling, it suddenly stopped working: halfway through the brewing process, when water is piped over the ground coffee "cake", it would no longer finish pumping it through, instead abort & eject the remaining water through the steam wand. I have since run the de-scaling process again twice, it completes without fail or error message, but no matter.

This thing will simply no longer brew a single cup of espresso, and of course it's out of warranty after this time. It's not worth my money and especially time to go through a lengthy, paid repair process so I'll chalk it up to an expensive lesson in never buying Philips/Saeco again. Of course I had just ordered more consumables just before finding out that the scheduled maintenance has had the opposite effect. Hopefully I'll be able to return these to Amazon (unopened).

Time to try and find something a little more durable & reliable. Maybe a french press? At least it's unlikely to have bizarre pump or other mechanical problems after a random amount of time, even when following the scheduled maintenance, using their recommended filters and no excessive usage...
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on February 20, 2014
I purchased this item in Jan 2014 and was really looking forward to a great cup of espresso. We have had it for three weeks now and in the beginning it seemed to work fine. Right now it only makes a VERY weak espresso. We cannot get it to make a good cup. The beans somehow are not entering the grinding chute. You can hear the grinder, but it sounds like it is just running without any beans in it. We're very disappointed and will be sending it back. :-(

The things we liked:
Front filling of water
Front removal of grounds
Compact size
Ease of set-up

Things we didn't like in addition to above:
The way to make a cup from ground coffee is not very well designed
It seems to use an inordinate amount of water to rinse and clean the unit
Water container is too small
Coffee grinds container is too small
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on December 2, 2013
When the unit arrived we noticed that the water drawer did not fit flush with the body of the machine - We decided to ignore it, thinking that it was an imperfection that we could live with (bad move). We love coffee and have had 2 previous Saeco machines that bit the dust over many years - they made excellent coffee by the espresso method - and we were now desperate. We had packed up our old Saeco and now we didn't have a coffee maker and won't settle for the usual including those 1 dose machines (yech) - The coffee of our new Syntia was hot and very good and so we were happy with our choice - However, the "minor imperfection" was not so minor - a few days later we noticed a large puddle of water on the floor - we thought that it was our fault; that we hadn't been careful replacing the water drawer after filling it up. About a week later it happened again, then again and then this weekend- again. Not good for the hardwood floor! By now we were both convinced that neither one of us were to blame - what was happening is that the "minor imperfection" allowed the vibrations during the operation of the coffee maker to slowly disconnect the water drawer from the machine in a manner that allowed water to leak out without shutting off the connector from the drawer.
Of course we came to this conclusion after 5 weeks, one week after the Amazon warranty ends. However, after explaining this long story to one of their representatives - they agreed to take it back and supply us with a new one - we still wanted another Saeco Syntia - one that worked of course. i am especially grateful since i have had to deal with Saeco service in the past with our other 2 machines - the last one after many years was no longer making coffee that was of satisfying temperature - Saeco service is surprisingly accessible by phone but unfortunately not very helpful - lukewarm coffee according to them is within specifications - so why after all of this do i just want a replacement?
They make excellent coffee - and this unit makes excellent hot coffee with a great crema. We have tried other manufacturers and they are not as good. The Syntia is much smaller than our previous models and take up much less room on the counter, but as others have pointed out, as a consequence, the downside is that both the water and grounds drawers have a smaller capacity - this is not a problem for us - we just fill it with water and empty the grounds drawer when we shut it down each day - i am not sure but i think that the water capacity is at least 4 full cups of coffee (much more with espresso) and probably more. we never make cappuccino so i can't comment about that process
Overall, it looks great and if it isn't defective, i can recommend it highly
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on January 29, 2014
Have had other semi auto espresso machines in the past and stepped up to this model at Christmas. It took a long time to get the water primed properly and the system had to run maybe a dozen pucks before it really started to settle in on espresso that is loaded with crema, and all the awesome flavors of a good espresso. The instruction note this need to "teach" it what your patterns are so we were patient for for the first few shots. Only knocking off 1 star because the water reservoir is fairly small and at the pace we use it, 5-7 shots a day, we refil ever other day it seems. Truly automatic, fast heating, just add water, beans, and toss the pucks. It will make one shot after another, steam milk in a hurry and clean itself and go into standby when you are done.

I use the bypass feature for decaf and it works really well.

Highly recommend.
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on January 5, 2017
I love this coffee maker. It brews the perfect cup of coffee every time. Easy to re-fill the beans and operate. The key to this machine is to clean it regularly and properly. This will ensure best functionality and coffee taste. The one I ordered didn't come with the cleaning supplies recommended for maintenance, but they were easy to purchase separately.

Pros: fast, easy and great coffee
Cons: water can overflow pretty easily from drainage tray.
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on June 18, 2013
Believe it or not, the machine on my kitchen counter is number 3. Number 1 died do to circuitry problems. Whatever you do, do not plug this machine into the wall if the switch is on!!! Make sure it's off, then plug it in, and then turn it on. Again, don't hot plug this machine. Number 2 never got past the initial priming step, so I returned it. This problem was brought up by many other reviewers on here. Number 3 is working thank Allah :-)
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on February 13, 2014
This is our second Saeco automatic espresso machine. I like that I can get that perfect cup of espresso/coffee EVERY time once the setting has been made. I don't like that it has a smaller water reservoir which needs constant replenishing for the few beverages that my husband & I make every day. It could also use a larger bean hopper. I do, however, like that I will be able to bypass the hopper with ground decaf for my"no lead" friends. Other than a few inconveniences, this is a solid machine which we expect to use for many years.
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on June 9, 2014
We bought this device as a replacement for a "full bells and whistles" machine we bought in Europe and used in Australia. The voltage thing killed us and we didn't have enough budget to fully replace it. To be honest I prefer spending the 3 minutes it takes to build my own Latte and am even trying to do the foam art... to mixed successes. This machine is solid. It is designed well and aside from our desire to move back up to a full bells and whistles version it will probably last us years.
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on February 16, 2012
i thought it was odd when this showed up at my doors in the original box with only sticker with my name/address,no amazon box, i would expect more protection with expensive and delicate product like this

its been over two months since i've had this machine and i have to say that im very pleased with it. i use it couple times a day and my wife another 10 times a day =] it produces excellent espresso, great crema, milk steamer want is easy to clean, and in general its very user friendly, super easy to use, looks great, doesnt take too much room like other machines. the only thing i would like to see is a gauge or at least a small window to see the level of water in the tank w/o actually opening it but overall 5 stars.
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