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on July 15, 2015
I've been using Sonicare brushes and brush-heads for a dozen years now and this is the first time (2014) I've experienced bad quality. Each of the two heads in the package (one I was using, the other - my son, in his identical E-series) experienced the same problem: only a couple of months into using it, the brush started making a strong noise and the vibration weakened significantly, to the point where it wasn't cleaning at all. I looked carefully at the brush and noticed that the base of the head, which contains a couple of rare-earth magnets, seated on a steel plate, had become loose and was hanging on the plastic tab that protrudes from a hole in the plate (see accompanying pictures). The exact same problem on each brush-head, a clear sign of poor design and execution.

I went ahead and fixed the brush-head by separating the plate from the base of the head, and the magnets - from the plate, and gluing them with superglue, and now the brush is working just fine. But why should one have to do that?

Apparently, Philips is outsourcing not only the manufacture but also the design of those, in which case one has to ask themselves why not get an aftermarket replacement (like - it might not be any better but at least it would be cheaper.
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on June 19, 2017
I have tried "knock off" versions of these and I find those to vibrate much less vigorously than the brand name ones. THESE seem to be brand name ones but they (or at least the one I have tried) seem to have the same problem. I don't know what the explanation is. I have loosened the thing on top, and it makes more noise but it gets me about half way to the performance I am used to.
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on March 23, 2015
This would be a 5 star as I really like the toothbrush itself. The problem is that when I finally got around to using the brush head replacements, 2 of them broke within a month. On one the glue holding the magnets in place failed and on the second one the screw cap was cracked. Both of these result in an incredibly loud brushing experience as well as the brush not really cleaning your teeth. Thankfully one of the three brush heads has survived the "3 month lifetime."

I honestly am not sure if I will buy from here again.
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on September 8, 2015
Bought replacements partially for new bristles and partially because the center part was vibrating in a very noisy kind of way. The replacements worked for a month or two, but started vibrating like the original. The center part (black/magnetic part at bottom of picture) doesn't quite sit right on the inside of the handle/motor, so the vibrations shift the magnet and cause a vibrating kind of rattly noise. I tried adding a thin piece of plastic sheet (a circular disc cut from the packaging on a plain toothbrush,) but that messed-up the vibration of the bristles.

Philips needs to rethink how the magnetic center part contacts the inside of the grip & vibrating motor so it'll keep transferring the vibrations to the bristles, but while fixing the annoying rattling sound.
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on December 1, 2013
Philips is an annoying company with a functionally useful product. That is, the basic operation of the Philips is unequaled. These brushes do the job, of course, and though overpriced, it's hard to find them for less. Where Philips pushes my buttons, is in the model choices. The E series is outdated, but the newer designs, though improved in terms of being sealed heads, offer all kinds of unnecessary whistles and bells, at highly inflated prices. Alternatively, should you then decide to replace your old/dead one with the same E series non-sealed head model, you'll find a dumbed down, bulkier unit than your original, cheaply constructed. They seem much more dedicated to gouging you in the upgrade, than merely making a better model, and charging a fair premium for it. Does this seem like quibbling? Do you think it should cost you $200+ to brush your teeth effectively. Your choice..
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on April 25, 2014
I've bought Sonic-brand Replacement Brush Heads for years, but I decided recently to save some money and buy the generic brush heads sold at Walmart. I was excited to save at least $10 on the 2-brush head set, but unfortunately, I've experienced two serious problems with these non-name brand heads. First, when you're rinsing out the cups that holds the brushes, and then screw the entire head back on, the brush doesn't always end up at the front of the base, which is important when you use the off/on button and when you try to hold it upright in your hand. (The brush is designed to fit your hand only when it faces directly forward.) The only solution for this problem is to screw the whole replacement head unit on until it's almost but not entirely tight, then move the smaller part at the top of the cup until it aligns with the front, then tighten the whole thing.

The second problem is that the brush itself doesn't seem to vibrate as vigorously as the brand-name replacement does,
and, at the same time, it's much noisier.
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on November 11, 2015
I've found that, over time, the shiny coating on the head magnets disappears and then the magnets corrode swiftly.
I counter this by removing & rinsing the head (and body) and twisting the head magnets on a towel 6-8 times.
Also, the magnets sometimes come loose, they just vibrate off.
A bit of JB Weld fixes that. Be aware that JB Weld is ferrous and will wrap around the magnets so use it sparingly
or you'll end up with an unusable lump.
That said, these failure modes may be a form of planned obsolescence and could be designed out but, I have to say,
I've kept some heads working far longer than I probably should have ... I have time.
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on March 2, 2014
These work great, but wear out fairly quickly and are expensive to replace. They're also tough to clean- after just a week or two of regular use, black sludge starts to build up inside of them, especially in the threads of the collar. You can wipe some of it off, but for the most part you just have to pretend that you don't know it's there. Blech. I recommend removing the brush head after every use so it dries thoroughly.

Also, I deducted one star because the quality control seems poor. Other reviewers have claimed they received knockoffs- I don't if that's the case, or if there are just duds. One brush head I received seemed outright broken- the head flopped from side to side and barely vibrated. The other was so stiff that it was too noisy and painful to use. I know that neither of these are normal, since the original brush heads worked fine, and the replacements I received in the "frustration-free packaging" version also seemed fine.
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on July 12, 2015
These heads kinda suck. They are perfect as replacement heads for the crappy heads that originally came with your electronic brush but have much to be desired from a regular toothbrush.

I use these as bases for a Frankenstein brush that I make. You can pull the plastic tip off with pliers... this exposes a metal tang that the plastic was molded to. You can heat up this tang using a heat gun. Cut off the tip of a decent toothbrush, like an Oral-B pro, and insert the heated tang into the tip of the Oral-B. Let it cool and viola, you have a decent electric toothbrush.

Seems to last a lot longer as a Frankenstein, by the way.
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on March 11, 2010
I've been using the Sonicare for many, many years, probably 15 years, when they first came out. I have the Advance handle and Philips no longer makes replacement heads for the Advance handles but instead has a slightly different head called "e-series" that is supposed to fit the Advance handle. I ordered the three pack of the "e-series" and it does fit the original Advance handle but be advised that he makes a louder noise when in use. Apparently, the magnets on the "e-series' don't match what was originally designed for the Advance handles. I called Philips and demonstrated the noise difference over the phone to the technician and even she could tell the significant difference in noise. It's not unbareable by any stretch but is not as comfortable as using the old replacement heads. The technician did not know about the difference in noise, checked with others and then got back to me that, yes, there is a difference in noise. Philips should tell the user about this difference. It's no big deal, but should be disclosed.

What I found interesting also is that the new package says to replace the heads "every 3 months." The old packaging said "every 6 months." When I asked the technician about this and asked if this meant that the new heads were not made as well as the old heads and was this part of the American corporate conspiracy to have consumers buy more and spend more, she said they changed the recommendation on the advice of "dental professionals." Whether these "dental professionals" are part of the conspiracy, I do not know. Whether the new heads are not as well built as the old, I also don't know. But in any event, since I've been using the Sonicare for the past 15 years or so I've changed heads every six months or so and my teeth have not fallen out and I've had no complaints from my dentist. I guess I'll update this review four months from now and advise whether my teeth have fallen out and are full of cavities all because I didn't change the replacement head after three months.

But to Philips credit, at least they didn't simply stop making a head to fit the Advance handle and thereby force the consumer to buy a new handle for the new heads. The "e-series" does fit, albeit not perfectly.

Stay tuned.
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