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VINE VOICEon August 8, 2011
There is so much to like about Disney's Phineas and Ferb; the terrific characters, the clever storylines, and the amazing music. My family picked up the first CD, the subsequent Summer Belongs to You EP, and now this great collection which features music from the new 2nd Dimension movie.

The thing about most Phineas and Ferb music tracks is they are less than two minutes. Its good stuff... but short. As a result, both the first CD and this new collection feature more than twenty tracks.

The new collection includes music from PHINEAS AND FERB: ACROSS THE SECOND DIMENSION, in addition to some offerings from the recent season. Brand New Best Friend and Summer(Where Do We Begin?) are some of the highlights from the new movie, while Platypus Controlling Me is an excellent offering from one of the recent episodes.

Long story short, if you have Phin and Ferb fans in your house, this new collection is another homerun !
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on June 14, 2012
Cd is wonderful!!

Phineas & Ferb a great D series, tho not just for kids.
Full of Sarcasm, & Wit, only adults could understand, & get.

Swampy, from Ren & Stimpy fame, I think? & Provenmire from Family guy
Both Animated shows, not meant, nor intended for kids.
This show unlike the low brau humor of those other cartoon wrecks, Stinky whistles Happy joy joy, sadly not soo much. is far too intelligent, & some of the humor has little underground digs, at everything adults get, without the air sicky feeling you got from the writers other creations, that went belly up. Anyone recognize also from Ren & Stimpy it's log, by seeing the bill board in front of Evil Inc's. building it's Brick. Just a Swampy thang to do. He's just a Platterpus, they don't do much.

Even sardonic, such as Candace's Phycosis, not meant to entertain kids, yet uncovered by her younger brothers Phineas & Ferb.
Dr Doof- is a real mentally insecured man child, tho, not meant to be kiddy fare. In fact if this guy truly existed, I would be wary if my kid was around him, even tho they gave him a tween daughter, the man is clearly not just under the assumption, he's ev'al, he's a good enough role model for a petiphile, or pervert in some way, any how. We feel bad for his daughter Vanessa. Who just wants to be misunderstood, with a diff daddy. & Bust him, like poor Candace can't get over doing, to her most amazing, younger bros. If I was blessed with such talented, & caring bros, I would appreciate them, & almost everything they Ah, do???

So not entirely a kids show folks, & I love it. Loved animation all my life, & I would have loved to have done voice overs for cartoons, like the multi voice talents in the show.

Almost worked at a radio station tho, till the guy found out how young I really was, like Phineas is asked, as one of the on going gags through out the series : Aren't you a little too young, to work at a radio station?

Why, no, no I'm not...
But unlike Phineas, I was fired, before I got to start. Ambitious, only Phineas could get away with.
Like a one hit wonder in a day??

Hey Ferb, I know what we're gonna do today.

Was later made into a song, you can find it on this sound track, & it was soo much more catchier then Hap Joy Joy, or It's log, thank you Swamp man, & made it luckily into a catchier, catch phrase.

I love this series, from the same writers, diff perspective. To the well thought out musical numbers, also diff, & not going to make you want to pull out your Stinky whistle teeth, unless you like Back in Gimilstoop sung by Provmire as Dr. Doof...

Phineas & Ferb is a special treat for all. & the plethora of vocal talents, as I already told ya, is a real treat, to sit back & sing along to. Well most songs, released by Dis.
But no where, your average D show.

I recommend all the soundtracks, weather MP3, or good ol' CD, yes very much, still, my MP3 acts like Dr. Doof on Acid, so I stand by my CDs still, Oh yeah.

WARNING: The soundtrack has very catchy hooks, that lure you to sing along, with the multi talented cast of characters, ohh yes, you will be hit with Pro. Doof's singing-ator, weather it's good, or not, is up to your tone deaf mother, or maybe neighbor?

Thank you so much, for listening.
Whatcha doing, go now & buy this thingy, & the other thing-inators I told you about, from the Tristate area!
& get your own ideas, creative magic flowing, Ohh & have fun D--mit, that's an order!
Ohh, hello Perry.
Lov -BB
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on August 29, 2011
The CD "Phineas and Ferb Across the 1st and 2nd Dimensions" is the second compilation of music from Disney's Phineas and Ferb animated cartoon, now in it's third season on Disney XD. It contains 22 songs, most of them from the recently released "movie", "Phineas and Ferb Across the 2nd Dimension", and the extended episode "Rollercoaster - The Musical". (There is also a third compilation of Christmas music, but the songs on that CD aren't from the show, it's just the characters singing Christmas songs.) In addition to the 22 songs, if you boot up the CD, it also has a music video (the concluding song/scene from the movie), as well as a link to the Disney music store, and a link to register the CD.

If you're a P&F fan, you've undoubtedly aware of just how good many of the songs on the show are. Most of them are written by, paraphrasing their own words, "four over-40-year-old white guys" in less than an hour per song. The songs on the CD range from pop, heavy medal, 60's/70's rock, and several other genres I can't even describe. :-) While not every song is a winner, most are. The only fault is that most of them are only 60 to 90 seconds long, so just when you're starting to bounce along, they're over. But this a function of having to fit the songs into the show. As always the vocals and instrumentation are top notch. I really think that many of these songs, if rewritten slightly, lengthened, and recorded by "real" artists, would crack the top 40.

My favorites on the CD include "Everything is Better with Perry", "Mysterious Force", "Come Home Perry", "What'cha Doin' ", "Carpe Diem", and the extended version of "Perry the Platypus".

As an aside, I was a little disappointed that none of the songs from "Summer belongs to you" were included, although the songs from that extended episode are available as a digital download.

Overall this is a five-star effort and is in my player as I write this. Luckily my wife and kids also enjoy the music. To quote one of the characters from the show, "Phineas and Ferb Rock!"
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on January 28, 2016
Great CD! This one is simply a must-have for any hardcore P&F fan! Not only does it include all the songs from 'Dimension', it also has an array of songs from various episodes (Most notably songs from Roller Coaster the Musical). My 4 year old loves all the tracks and unlike some other Disney songs, these don't seem to get on your nerves after you've heard them a bazillion times.... Oh there you are, Perry!
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on September 14, 2011
This cd has all of the songs from the movie. One called mysterious force which could be from the movie but not sure where it came from. Also have some songs not released before by disney from the cartoon. You're not ferb,etc. There is a deluxe verison of this cd which has more songs from the cartoon series not released before. Not so bad a dad, spa day, anglet, evil love,when will he call me,candance party, gimme a grade, x-ray eyes,heboglobin highway, and watchin and waiting. I found out about the deluxe verison after getting this cd, and mainly got it for evil love.
I wish Disney would stop repeating some of the same phineas and ferb songs and release more songs they never have before on cd.
For example mom look, from the musical roller coaster of the series, and how about swinter? They can make another christmass cd and put it on the cd this time around. It makes sense considering that eposide of the series is on the christmass dvd.
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on September 4, 2011
My son started watching this show a couple months ago and I really tried not to watch it....fortunately for me I was completely unsuccessful. This show is hilarious and there are very few cartoons on TV today that I enjoy as an adult. One of the best parts of this show is the musical numbers.

The 2nd dimension movie had some great songs and it was nice that they included other songs from the regular episodes.

My favorites are Come Home Perry, Whacha Doing?, Everythings Better with Perry, and Summer (Where Do We Begin).

If your child loves the show you will not regret getting this album for them.
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on May 6, 2015
Face it, Phineas and Ferb is an amazingly clever show and the songs are absolutely first-rate. The whole family loves to listen to these in the car and we find ourselves quoting them all the time. I would recommend this to any one with kids or who just likes amazingly catchy, well-crafted music.
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on October 20, 2016
I love this CD it has all of my favorite songs from the 2D movie and even some extra songs (it seems) from the series!!! I love it and my kid loves it!! Beware... These songs are very catchy and will forever be stuck in your head!!! 😂
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on January 24, 2014
My grandson loves to watch Fhineas and Ferb on TV so I decided to purchase this so he could listen to their songs while in the car. My son says he insists on this being turned on as soon as the car starts.
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on November 27, 2013
Don't remember this one. There have been more Phineas and Ferb CDs including The Where's My Water PC and mobile games. I do not want to review an ancient copy.
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