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on November 2, 2011
This is a fun game. I've been playing it for a few weeks with my boys (5 & 3 year old). They really enjoy the animated TV series so we purchased the game as a reward for good behavior. My 5 year old has picked up the game mechanics quite well and even my 3 year old can play, although he frequently just runs into a corner/wall and doesn't help with objectives he still has a blast. Luckily because of the game machanics applied to player 2, player 2 is automatically dragged along with player 1 as player 1 progresses through objectives. I've found this to be especially helpful when I play with my 5 year old and it also allows a younger sibling to play along allowing them to be part of the action, while not disrupting gameplay and frustrating an older sibling.

-Cooperative play
-Player 1 centric (letting player 1 control pace and objectives)
-You don't die when you run out of health (you have to shake the control to 'revive')
-Simple controls
-Its Phineas and Ferb, duh

-None that I can think of

So far, great game.
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on April 23, 2014
My daughters and I have had a great time playing this game. We have had quite a few moments where we have been totally immersed and blown away by the gameplay and the laughs it has afforded us. In addition, we've had quite a few moments where we were able to bond over a game that we could be challenged by and yet still felt a level of confidence while playing.

My girls are between the ages 6 and 10, and enjoy many different game types.

The game was disappointingly short, however, it did afford them the ability to unlock things like gun sounds and types that gave them moments of added laughter. The game was by far lacking in challenge to an adult, but was sufficiently difficult enough for my 6 year old to get consistently perturbed.

If you are looking for a game that your (advanced gamer) 10 year old can play and enjoy, this is it. If you're looking for something that your (advanced gamer) 6 year old can play alone, this is the wrong game. I would recommend this game to people that enjoy a great game, a great series, and a great laugh, all coupled with a desire to experience a challenge.

Overall, the girls and I enjoyed this game. It helps to be a fan of the series, which we are definitely a huge Phineas and Ferb series family of fans.

Would I purchase the game for 10+ year olds, no. But it's definitely worth a look if you enjoy a family game and a challenge, coupled with a laugh.
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on April 9, 2013
This really is a great game, full of great graphics and put together very nicely. However, as others have stated, the game is very easy to get through and beat.

The game is broken into six worlds, each with 2-5 levels, requiring a somewhat linear progression through the game to acquire characters, weapons, prizes, etc. Very easy to navigate through but many of the levels will literally take only minutes to complete.

As a reference point, my 4-year old and I play a decent amount of PS3 games - mostly the Lego series (Batman, Batman 2, Indiana Jones, Lord of the RIngs, etc.) We can play a Lego game for weeks (we only play a few hours of PS3 per week) but had the Phineas and Ferb game completed in two nights with about 2 1/2 hours of gameplay. We went back through the game a second time to acquire the coins and prizes we missed, decked out the characters in various alternative costumes, and mastered each of the levels to the fullest extent. All in, including the second time through the game, we spent about 7 hours playing it.

I would easily give this game five stars if it had more levels, worlds and a tad more difficulty to it. With any luck we may see add-on's or a sequel to the game. It is, again, very well put together but don't expect to play this game for hours on end and have it still mesmerize you.
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on April 3, 2013
I was really impressed with how quickly my 3 (almost 4) y.o. son got the hang of this. The game is very entertaining. Some things were a little hard for him the first time through but nothing I couldn't do and nothing that diminished the enjoyment of the game. He has his favorite levels and loves to replay them.

The game holds true to the cartoon. Voice, music, sound, cut scenes and play are all done very well.

Some points during the game, if your character is trapped or out of health, you have to shake the controller to get back into the action. My son LOVED this!! The laughter and squealing was well worth it.
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on January 12, 2014
I got this game to play with my young child after we'd completed the Disney Universe game several times (we live in a very rainy area and video games are a great way to pass the time) and I was looking for something with similarly simple game mechanics and, since we love Phineas and Ferb, I had high hopes for this game. I can live with the bad graphics and the shoddy voice-over designs (ie: Phineas talking through a mission even if the characters selected for the level are Agent P and Ferb), but this game is INSANELY FRUSTRATING for the second player. The second player is completely tied to the first player - First player runs off a cliff? So does the second player. Second player makes a hard jump but first player doesn't? Both go back to the start of the level. What's worse is that if you play in single-player mode the automated second player can actually really mess up your game by jumping on clouds that disappear before you are there.
I'm not giving this one star only because my child loves playing this game and it's easy enough for her that she doesn't get ridiculously frustrated, but for me playing for more than 20 minutes with her is like chewing on aluminum foil.
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I don't own it, so I can't say for sure..but I am guessing this would be great for the Nintendo DS, since it's so quickly completed..
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on February 27, 2015
Got this for my son's 7th birthday. He loves the show and is competent, though with limited experience, at video games. He and his 4-year old brother are able to play it on their own. Sometimes we parents join in and it's plenty amusing for us too. It's not a long game, but there's plenty of re-playability, especially for kids. I think they're on their 3rd time through the whole game. Definitely one of his favorite birthday presents!
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on December 28, 2014
This game is very easy to play, especially if you (or your child) has any gaming experience at all. I played it with my 7-year old and she had no problems with the controls. We breezed through the game in less than 8 hours. There is also some good humor sprinkled throughout. For the price, it's good entertainment for both kids and adults.
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on January 1, 2016
My boys (7&10yrs old) received this game for Christmas and have been enjoying it. I find that they don't argue when they play this game like they do with a few other PS3 games when they get frustrated over what the other player is doing. It has a split screen so that might be a factor. They love the secret agents and silly weapon choices.
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on November 23, 2017
Infinite loop stuck trying to load a previously saved game. I've had to trash the game to avoid repeated frustration by my kid wanting to load his saved game from the first night he played through 3 levels.
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