Customer Reviews: Phobia [Revised]
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on August 8, 2006
Well, just two years after "We Are Not Alone" pushed Breaking Benjamin into the mainstream, the boys are back with a new album, "Phobia." The third album in a band's career always seems to be a special one, and with Breaking Benjamin, this is no exception. Each album from these guys has been exceptional, and fellow fans will be happy to notice that the cycle hasn't been broken. Those who love the familiar Breaking Benajmin sound will love this album instantly, and those looking for a stronger effort than ever before, will be pleased as well.

I have to say that, honestly, I loved this album from the first listen. Beginning with an intro and the first single, "Diary Of Jane," fans of "We Are Not Alone" will be sucked in by the dark nature of the songs. Most of the material here is amongst Breaking Benjamin's heaviest, save for the obligatory ballad, "Here We Are." Frontman Ben Burley's voice has changed up a bit from the sound we are used to. Instead of mumbling or yelling the majority of the vocal parts, he has comfortably settled into a great singing voice, which makes these songs sound even better than much of what the band has recorded in the past. Old school fans will appreciate the inclusion of "Topless" here, but the true standout would have to be the dramatic "Dance With The Devil."

"Phobia" is an easy listen, in that it showcases a great band at their best and that each song is just as strong as the one before it. Honestly, there is not one bad thing I can say about this album. All fans of Breaking Benjamin, past, present or future, will find plenty to dig here. If you've followed the band this far and you don't like this album, there is simply something wrong with you.
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on May 15, 2007
I ran accross this at the store the other day and forgot that it had come out. If you don't already own the CD, then this is the edition to buy. If you own it, then you should replace it with this one. It has all the songs of the origninal Phobia and the enhanced protion of the CD. Also included it the bonus Diary of Jane Acoustic track on the CD portion, similar to what they did with "We are not Alone" adding rain 2005 on re-release. But, the kicker is a full 60 minute concert DVD of the tour only available with this set. It was the live recording of the concert in their hometown of Bethleham, Pennsylvania. They play a great show, decent camera work and great audio. I was suprised they did not play the song "rain" as an encoure or even during the set, but that's ok, still a great DVD. I hope this is a prelude to a seperate DVD. Anyway, well worth the 2-3 dollars more this may run than the single CD copy.
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on August 8, 2006
This is a great album. After two great albums in "Saturate" and "We Are Not Alone" BB come back with another great album. Phobia starts off strong, then goes into a little slump but once you make it past there the album ends strong. Here is what I mean:

"The Diary of Jane" 10/10- Great song, when I heard this song first I knew this album would be good.

"Breath" 10/10- This song reminds me of something I'd sing to somebody who has turned me down 100 times.

"You" 8/10- pretty good tune, nothing too special, but good nonetheless

"Evil Angel" 8/10- Same as "You"

"Until The End" 10/10- This is a good song with a nice little guitar solo. Defently a highlight.

"Dance With The Devil" 7/10- see "You"

"Topless" 3/10- I can't get into this song. Love the riff though...

"Here We Are" 9/10- Good song.

"Unknown Soldier" 12/10- This song absolutly blew me away when I heard it. I love this song. It's my favorite of the album.

"Had Enough" 10/10- Great song. I love the chorus.

"You Fight Me" 10/10- Great way to end an album (excluding the "Outro").

Do not be afraid to buy Phobia. It is just as good, if not better, than BB other albums.
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VINE VOICEon September 4, 2006
Yeah. Just keep telling yourself that. But Breaking Benjamin's latest is ALL about the fear. From the paranoia intro of sounding lost in an airport, to each and every song's desperation-as-relationships theme, and ending with a song where Burnley laments "Can't we live a life of peace and happiness? I don't think so," "Phobia" is relentlessly bleak. It is also BB's best album yet. Guitars crunch, melodies soar and Ben Burnley roars. This is also an album that shows personality, as dark as that may be.

But personality is a trait sorely lacking in a great deal of current metal. Too many bands opt for faceless angst without giving any genuine voice to the anger, content to merely play faster than light speed and sing like Cookie Monsters. "Phobia" is not that disc. You'll be singing along with the hooks on "Diary Of Jane" while the weirdly engaging death wish "Evil Angel" will lure you in, in its own perverse way. It's been a long time since I have held any kind of excitement for a rock band, but "Phobia" gives me hope.
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on March 23, 2007
In this release, you will get Breaking Benjamin's "Phobia" CD (which is an excellent rock CD) and the band's first ever LIVE- The Homecoming DVD filmed in their hometown of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania at Stabler Arena. The "Phobia" CD has Breaking Benjamin's two rock radio hits "The Diary of Jane" and "Breath" and the DVD includes all of their hits from their "Phobia", "We Are Not Alone" and "Saturate" CD's. The DVD portion was available to watch on HDNET TV in early March. Any fan of the band or for anyone who has been to one of their live shows needs to pick this release up!
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on August 18, 2007
Only two years after Breaking Benjamin's platinum selling album "We Are Not Alone", the boys from Pennsylvania are back with an even bigger punch.

After hearing the first single "The Diary of Jane", my anxiety for this album grew each day. After finally getting it and throwing it into the CD player, the smile on my face grew bigger with each track. Not only do they still have that raw sound that they're famous for, but the material has certainly taken several steps forward.

Every single song on this album has been polished and perfected. The raw emotion that spills out of Ben Burnley's voice is amazing. It is a rare thing to find such a hard-hitting rock band with a lead-vocalist that can make pure emotion sound so beautiful. Add that to the amazing riffs performed by Aaron Fink, "Phobia" is nothing to be scared of, besides the fact that it will spend a lot of time in the CD player. Truly, Breaking Benjamin has done something more than just write an album; they've come up with a flawless and addictive piece of work that is original and sounds amazing. It is rare to have those two things in the current rock world. But thankfully, these boys have it.

This album really is something to behold. You can listen to it anytime and enjoy it. I'd suggest some standout tracks, but I can honestly say every song stands on its own... and then some. So whether you've recently stumbled upon BB or you have been a fan from the beginning, there's nothing you won't like about this album. Polished and perfected, "Phobia" is an album that has it all. Don't be scared.
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on April 18, 2007
This is one of my favorite albums of all time...seriously. I listen to classic rock, hard rock, alternative, progressive, and some country. If you like anything around the genres of melodic hard rock or progressive rock, you'll probably love it too. It has a bit of a dark flavor to it (similar to Staind or Three Days Grace), but it moves along very smoothly without excessive gravel (there's a little here and there for effect...nicely done).

Now the DVD. First, it's very well done audiowise and visually. The camera work is nice with good editing. The audio is good. The musicianship is excellent. But, the singing is somewhat of a dissapointment. Sadly, much of it is a little flat. I would also complain just a bit about the lighting on the singer's (Ben's) face. In addition to hiding his eyes, it almost makes him seem unenthusiastic. But, for the encore songs, they made it better (as if they realized they messed up for the first 40 minutes). I'm a little suprised the group, specifically the main guy (I've heard he is very particular) was OK with releasing this with the flaws I mentioned. I still enjoyed the performance, but it could have been oh so good.
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on June 23, 2016
Breaking Benjamin Phobia CD is my second BB CD I am reviewing, I got hook on them because of their CD Dark Before Dawn I got for Christmas. If you take out the intro and exit you have 11 songs on the CD, I personally enjoy the whole CD music wise, but had an issue with the lyrics on one song. I saw a pattern in the lyrics all threw the CD by the singer of pain, anger, hurt, sorrow, sadness so forth. I will give you a basic run down of how I saw the lyrics song by song, track 2 was the hit single The Diary of Jane expressing pain, hurt, from heartache as you try and find your way back. Track 3 expresses even more pain, hurt, sadness for both parties where if he stayed he would be the death of the other party, track 4 is where he express blame for the other person for making him feel like he is in hell and lying to himself. Track 5 is a good music riff but the lyrics I just can't seem to get into even though I understand the feeling of giving up at times in your life, track 6 is an amazing song with great lyrics where no matter how much pain, sorrow going on in your life always keep on fighting "Until The End." Track 7 is a good song for good verses evil "Don't look Him in the Eyes" Metaphor for don't do it give him power over you, track 8 express anger, frustration towards whoever hurt the singer in real life. Track 9 is another uplifting song like Until The End where you pick yourself up off one path to get on home to where you belong and are loved, track 10 is a song about trying to deal with what you have done in the past and wishing you could go back and fix the issue or least go along a different reality. Track 11 is a song about being consumed by one main thing like you turn to greed and someone has to put you out of your misery so "Heaven Help You." Track 12 is though to interrupt but I see it as you take me on I am ready for whatever outcome comes because I am at peace with myself. In closing you have a great hard rock music CD with a band I believe will be here for a long time to come, you hear in the lyrics what we all feel threw out our lives here on earth pain, heartache, sorrow, anger so forth. This band I can see why their fans love their music so much because they can relate to the lyrics that the singer sings about as I can also relate song by song and I will keep on listening to all their music CD by CD until have the whole set.
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on March 9, 2015
I recently purchased the "Phobia" (Explicit Version) Album by Breaking Benjamin. I had heard a few of the songs from the album while watching some online videos, and the more I heard these particular songs played the more appealing they became! So I took a serious look at the album, and ultimately decided to buy it, because for the most part I really enjoyed what I heard.

I bought the album as a digital download, and the sound quality is excellent.

Thus far my favorite tracks would probably be:

1. You
2. Dance With The Devil
3. You Fight Me
4. Had Enough

But I have a feeling I will enjoy the remaining songs as well, as I really appreciate the overall sound and style of the album.
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on August 9, 2006
To start off, I am a huge fan of breaking benjamin. Ive been anticipating this album since i got we are not alone. I was drawn into them by their fast catchy rythems, and just their awesome sound. When i got phobia and listned to it, i imediatly picked up the different sound and beat. Dissapointing at first due to its new sound, but those catchy fast beats and harder sounds were the reason why I and other big fans fell in love with them...i just needed to adapt. After a few listens of the album...i loved it. This isnt so much mainstream...because none of these songs accept "here we are" i have really heard on the radio. Every song on this album has its own story to tell and are awesome...and heres why -

Intro - I personally enjoy intros and outros, so i got a kick out of this....and for all those that do not know what this intro means, well as what you can hear with the airport sounds, it deals with bens huge fear of flying...hence the name phobia also.

The Diary of Jane - An awesome single from the band, reminds me of so cold and is as good as so cold. One of the faster songs on this album and just gets better every time you listen to it.

Breath - Possibly the next single for this band. A huge stand out for me, bens voice and the guitars, bass, and drums all fit in amazing. This song just gives you a great feeling inside.

You - My personal favorite. This song is slower, darker, and just very catchy. The guitar is awesome in this song, just gives you the chills listening to it.

Evil Angel - Many people love this song, i enjoy it as well. Just has a strong feeling to it as well. The guitar work is also very well done in this song and bens voice is phenominal too.

Until the End - people think this song is kind of poppy, it really isnt. Its just happier, the most joyful song in this album lol. The lyrics are awesome in this song...many people can relate to it.

Dance with the devil - one of these special songs that strike you at a slower just love it even more every time you listen to it. Very powerful guitar and drums. The piano adds an darker feel to the song as well.

Topless - This song was added due to the amount of requests by the b.b fan basis. I love this song...reminds me of the saturate days. One of the heavier songs on this album and a great head banger.

Here We Are - the most mainstream song by breaking benjamin. This doesnt make it a bad song...just sounds something like nickelback would make. I really enjoy this song though...Aaron has a sweet guitar solo in this also.

Unknown soldier - Another ballad, but not mainstream. A really awesome song and shows another side of breaking benjamin. I could see this song being used in the halo 3 soundtrack.

Had Enough - A huge stand out for me, reminds me a bit of breaking benjamins old sound. The lyrics and beat just never cease to amaze me.

You Fight Me - Breaking Benjamin took a risk with this song, a completly different sound....but this song rocks hard, its another one of those heavier songs on this album and its just fun to listen to.

Outro - already explained with the intro lol.

Diary of jane acoustic (bonus) - This song, i dont think is sold with the online order in amazon, but its a bonus for only the first pressing. This song is a beautiful acoustic version of diary of jane...very well done.

A very well done cd, unique but awesome. Amazing job Breaking Benjamin.
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