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on January 21, 2013
i bought this item after having bought a wired remote, not the best choice. i recently used this to take night shots of different locations during the winter. about 9 degrees Fahrenheit. for those of you who know night photography, it is time conscious and consuming a single image can take from 30 seconds to a few hours depending on what you want as an end result. so back to the beginning, it was VERY COLD out and i had the perfect area for shooting, but didnt want to freeze my butt off. so i set up my camera which i was surprised actually functioned in those cold conditions. sat in my car and used the remote from the warmth of my car to take 4 hours worth of photos (only 9 photos total) and the remote worked fantastically.
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on December 15, 2012
This inexpensive replacement for Nikon's ML-L3 wireless remote has been great for use with a D3200, working with the camera right out of the box. Its 16' range is mostly accurate, but it fires consistantly from 13', and with its $7 pricetag, I have no complaints.
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on February 3, 2015
I bought this because I need to add $6 to for free shipping. I did read those one star reviews before I buy it and just hope for a luck. Yes, it is a five star buy!

OK, as far as I read, those one star reviews have 3 reasons: 1, not working; 2, it delays and 3, it doesn't work at distance.

Here I'm telling you my story: when I received it, it didn't work either. I thought, oops, I had it too. However when I read the D7000 camera manual, I figured out it was my problem.

(1) to make it work, the camera has to dial to "remote" mode. On D7000, it's beside the "self-timer". If it's not on that position, it won't work, of course.
(2) in "MENU", the remote has 3 options: (a) 2s delay; (b) quick release and (c) mirror-up-then-shut; It has to be on quick release mode to avoid delay. However, even on quick release, it will delay, why? because it will adjust the focus before it shots. So, for real quick shot, the camera has to be on "manual focus" mode. But I don't think the focusing time bothers.
(3) I'm writing this after I tested the distance. It works fine beyond 25 feet both from the front and from the back. My room size is only that large and can't go further. I'll try it out door in the spring or summer. But I don't think you need that far.

Anyway, if yours doesn't work or has the issue some people said, read the camera manual first and set it up correctly.

This item only sends a signal to the camera to shot. As long as the camera receives its signal, all the issues should come from camera and not from this item.

Hope this helps.
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on August 23, 2014
This is what I wanted! Finally! Oh, and it took me a little while to get set up correctly. It's super easy now, but not as easy as people online would make it seem. After assigning self-timer or release to your FN button (front of camera - instructions for this are fairly easy to find online with a Google search), you must then hit the button and select the timer mode. Press the "i" button (after hitting the FN button) to select a different release mode. Instead of the icon for the timer (looks like a clock) or the 's' (release mode), select that item (use the LCD preview) and select the icon for the remote (looks like the remote - may be selected with a 2 second delay). Even if you depress the shutter release on the camera, the shutter will not release until you hit the button on the remote line-of-sight to the IR receiver on the front of the camera. You should now be able to use the remote. Verify that the release mode is set to the remote each time you turn the camera on or off, as this may be reset.
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on July 10, 2017
have about half a dozen them; junk, some work sometimes, some not at all. Save the battery and through them out. Better yet ask for a refund though I doubt you'll get one from a vendor of this quality. Best of all DON'T ORDER THIS PIECES OF TRASH. Yes, I know they are about a $1.00 a piece but if you can't make it work for that price don't ruin your reputation selling that kind of crap. Amazon should eliminate these kind of retailers and not allow them to sell their products though Amazon. Develop an alog that works off reviews like this and picks out the the swindlers.
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on January 31, 2014
If your camera allows you to use a remote shutter release (I'm using it on a Nikon D5200 Digital SLR) this is a great little device for very little cost that works like a charm. No more setting the timer on the camera and then running to include yourself in the picture. The Photive PHML-L3 fits in the palm of your hand so it is easy to conceal and it will activate the shutter at whatever delay you set on the camera timer. I generally use a 2 second delay since everyone is already in position when I trigger it. I simply give the word and then no one has to hold a smile for very long wondering when the shutter is going to release. It is also handy when you use a tripod for things like time exposures and you want to make sure you don't jiggle the camera by pushing the shutter release. I've used it up to a distance of about 12 - 15' without a problem and would highly recommend you have something like this in your camera bag.
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on November 8, 2013
EDIT to original review:
used it for a few days and ran into the same problems that made me skeptical. I press and press and press that danged button and get it to fire only once in a while. Super frustrating and not worth the savings. Buy the name brand. However, you can find it much cheaper than on Amazon (sorry Amazon...I'm a huge fan but some of your items are much more than they need to be), B&H or Adorama have better pricing. I have returned this product...was going to try a replacement...just to see if I had a defective unit (yeah...I said that) but was only able to return it...so off to Adorama!!

Original review:
So...mine just arrived. I'll admit I was slightly skeptical from the bad reviews.

Here's exactly what I did:
-Opened the box, read the instructions.
-Got my camera manual out and read the section on Remote Control.
-Followed the instructions on both.

Within 2-3 minutes I was using my remote without any issues.

Why only 4 stars? I'm pretty critical. If something doesn't really tickle my fancy (or what have you), I'll rate it accordingly. Just slightly slow and you have to be sure to point it directly at your IR sensor. But for $8!??!?! Yeah...definitely worth a shot.
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on September 11, 2013
This arrived in a small package with quick set up instructions. It took longer to find the right dial on my camera for the wireless remote, then it did to hold down the shutter release button and link it with my camera. I tested its range. About 10ft from the infrared sensor for pairing. At least for me, it had a wide degree range almost a complete 180 degree, so I was able to stand almost completely to the parallel with the camera still capturing the picture. Both range and distance means no capturing of your shadow especially at those perfect times of the day.
Simple button battery, means it will have a long life and not expensive to replace. Durable material and the click is a hard plastic, so it won't wear too badly overtime. It is a small device. My worry is I'll misplace it, but if fits easily enough into my bag's camera slots for SD cards. For the price pick up two, if you're like me and misplace stuff.
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on May 23, 2014
I just decided to do serious photography and I am using the entry Nikon D3200.

The obvious use is for when everyone wants to be in the group picture. You position your camera on a tripod, table , or other support, hop in the group, and click! No more drawing the short straw ...but that's not all.

When I use my tripod for anything slower than 1/60 I feel like the camera still notices the tiny vibration of my finger on the shutter... This little thing is just what I needed to eliminate the extra camera shake!

I highly recommend this to any camera owner who wants to be in the group picture, but most importantly to anyone who's serious about sharpness.

- Very small
- Works from any position I've tried (but I guess that might vary with another camera's reception)
- Does the job!

- A little slippery. You get used to it pretty fast though
- Might need to be pressed a little firmly
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on May 26, 2017
This is a staple with my rig. If you are even semi-serious about taking pictures you should get one of these to add to your arsenal.
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