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This is a great product. I just ordered another one. I gambled that this was a screw in assembly. Originally I was wondering if it had wires on the back side. So now you know that it screws into a normal light socket. I am using this quad socket in my attic to improve the lighting effectiveness. There isn't much of a way to elaborate except to say the construction seems solid. The packaging is very good and the price is reasonable. Just to repeat, the part of the picture you cannot see is a standard screw just like the base of a standard incandescent bulb. So you can just screw this into a standard light socket and it converts a single socket into a quad socket. Obviously it will take up a fair amount of space when the four bulbs are screwed in, so take that into consideration. I tried to screw 4 flood lights into the fixture and I was only able to screw in two of the four. I used two regular light bulbs and two flood lights.
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on March 7, 2013
This part is marketed by Westcott under their "Photo Basics" line and came in a small plain white cardbord box with only a sticker identifying the box as the "Photo Basics 413 4-Socket Adapter New." There was no documentation or instructions (not that any would be needed). The actual part does not have any name, numbers, or brand markings and would appear (by on-line photos only) to be the same exact part that is sold everywhere - including MANY Chinese e-bay sources. But, regardless, with Westcott putting their name on it (perhaps only in marketing and on the box) one would believe the quality would meet some reasonable standard.

With that said, I was very happy with the part - while it appears to be entirely plastic (besides, of course, the screws, wires & contacts) the overall quality appears to be very good. Everything fits together well, aesthetically it looks good and it works as it should. For my use with CFLs I think the part is ideal (no idea how the plastic would hold up to hot tungsten lights). Add an inexpensive Home Depot Clamp Light, an umbrella and umbrella holder and one has (almost) a poor man's Spiderlite :-) I would have NO hesitation to recommend or buy another (which I will).
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on September 20, 2012
We use soft box lighting in both the studio and on location. We always use CFLs/LEDs because of their low power draw. But, we also need a lot of light much of the time and single CFLs and LEDs only crank out so many lumens. But, FOUR CFLs or LEDs frequently get the job done and that brings the need for this device. Some of these adapters on the market are pure junk, but this one is of good quality.
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on December 18, 2013
I can believe that other reviewers had these sockets fail if they used traditional incandescent bulbs in it. The heat from those bulbs would undoubtedly take its toll on the plastic, making it brittle. If you want to use incandescents, buy a more expensive UL-Listed unit that has ceramic sockets (I've seen them elsewhere, not on Amazon). Otherwise, use CFL (spiral) bulbs in this one to keep the heat down (and pay attention to it, as I will mine). It is not UL listed, I suspect, because it cannot handle the heat generated by incandescents. Oh, I should mention mine is working just fine initally; I'm using 4 ordinary 27W CFL (spiral) lamps in a ceiling fixture.
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on March 17, 2014
Let one bulb become 4! I can't afford a big fancy softbox but I also cannot afford low light with the camera I have. This really is a great way to make light.

Funny story, my neighbor's (behind me) son was going around stealing light bulbs one night, not the first time though. Well he happened upon my back porch the first night I was testing out the first socket adapter I ordered, along with my other umbrella lights and a giant reflector. Poor kid probably never heard the end of it because for a solid 2-3 weeks after that in the evening time I had this bad boy in my back door (where he couldn't steal it) with the reflector leaning against it, shining the light all over the back of their house. It was like the sun came back out. Very satisfying. Bad day (and weeks) for a thief.
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on July 23, 2012
I can't find anything "cheap" about this product. The construction of the two I've bought was solid. The 4 lamp sockets are plastic but they work fine with my bulbs. I've used 2 of these in table lamps with 4 Phillips 60W (equivalent) LED bulbs. I used a porcelain socket extender to raise the base above the bend in the harp. This arrangement replaced 2 CFL's, draws less power, and puts out more light. My goal is to replace the CFL's that were shoved down our throats by lawyers that don't know the difference between real technology and their backsides.
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on June 9, 2014
Although packaged well and showing no sign of shipping damage, one of the sockets was not attached to the base because the screw was either too short had been overtightened and stripped its hole. It is not easy to disassemble the socket to replace the screw but I was able to use methacrylate plastic cement to re-attach the socket but this was extra trouble I had not expected. The overall quality is fair---for example, the plastic sockets have only a small strip of metal to contact the screw contact of the lamp rather than a full metal female threaded contact. For low wattage, light weight compact fluorescents the fixture is adequate. But handle delicately and maybe avoid heavy LED lamps.
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on August 22, 2012
Ordered a cheap continuous light kit, but the stand-alone kit didn't produce enough light. Someone who ordered a very similar kit to mine suggested this adapter with 4 white light bulbs and it made a huge difference. Item was packaged well, all sockets work, I use these bulbs with this adapter and can shoot at a fast enough shutter speed I don't need to use a tripod even when no other light sources are on in the room and it's night time. This little gizmo saved my continuous lighting kit from being sent back. I also don't need to use my speedlite with this like I did with the stock continuous lighting kit. This much light does give off a good deal of heat, but it's tolerable.
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on November 13, 2014
I've had my 413 4-Socket Adapter for only a few days, and I can say I am very happy with it. Even though it says it is only for fluorescent lamps, I am using it with 4 LED lamps. The LED lamps consume low wattage, and do not get very warm, so I'm assuming that the limitation for fluorescent "only" lamps was determined prior to the time that LED lamps were more practically available???? <===my assumption only; please don't take my word as an endorsement of safety. I have had the fixture with the 4 socket adapter energized for hours ... perhaps 4 hours at a time, and all seems to be well.
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on April 22, 2014
My plants and herbs love this! 4x 60w cfls (200w equivalent, 91 cri, 2800 lumens each). No excessive heat but perfect amount, not worried one bit. Nicely put together and feels solid to me. Better than average airflow in my environment for your reference.
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